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Risk Assessment Is an Integral Essay

… As such, during the year of the tsunami struck, General Motors overtook Toyota as the number 1 auto manufacturer in the world. The crisis in Japan, due to globalization helped the American auto industry while harming the Japanese economy. This same circumstance can occur with our company as well. Competitors will be quick to take advantage of the company's weakened state. As such, proper metrics should be put in place to allow for a continuation of operations in the event of a sudden disaster. This allows the company to better serve its customers while not relinquishing vital market share. As such, it will be important to have a comprehensive and crisis management plan to help protect constituents in the event of physical or personal lose.…. [read more]

Risk Assessment Document Term Paper

… Risk Assessment

In the past thirty years there has been a sharp increase about the potential dangerous impacts, which from inadequate information security. But the scale of the problem has increased faster than the commitment to fight it. In addition, the emphasis on hackers and viruses by the publishers of information has distorted the debate and diverted the awareness of senior management from the more basic need of information security. There seems to be a requirement for a greater concentration on technical solutions, and well publicized attacks on problems of internal information security. There is clearly a fundamental necessity to view information security for an organization-wide business, management and technology issue. Demands for effective security management come from perceived risk assessment, and that involves looking…. [read more]

Risk Assessment Report Assessment

… Risk Assessment Report of the Center for Disease Control (CDC)

Risk Assessment Report

This is a Risk Assessment Report formulated for the staff of the IT department of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) located at Atlanta, GA .The specific CDC department being targeted is Office of Surveillance, Epidemiology, and Laboratory Services (OSELS).Due to the major role played by the CDC in the regulating and advising the general United States citizens on matters of health, it became necessary for the CDC Atlanta, GA's Office of Surveillance, Epidemiology, and Laboratory Services (OSELS) to undergo a thorough Risk Assessment as it is considered best practise for the organization to provide the most updated health information to the U.S. citizens as well as the whole world.…. [read more]

Risk Assessment for Gfi Group Essay

… In a secure system, the official users of that system are still capable of doing whatever they need to do.

GFI Group, Inc. (GFI) can use secure crypto processors in order to influence physical security methods into shielding the security of the computer system. Cryptographic methods are something that does include transforming statistics, scrambling it so it turns out to be illegible during transmission. The envisioned receiver can unscramble the message, nevertheless eavesdroppers will not be able to do this. Encryption is utilized in order to protect your message so that others will not be able to use it. This can be done in numerous ways by swapping the characters around, substituting characters with others, and even eliminating characters from the communication. These have to…. [read more]

Chief Information Security Officer-Level Risk Case Study

… In addition, many hackers are adept at discovering the passwords of authorized users who choose passwords that are easy to guess or appear in dictionaries. The activities of hackers represent serious threats to the con-dentiality of information in computer systems. Many hackers have created copies of inadequately protected ?les and placed them in areas of the system where they can be accessed by unauthorized persons;

(2) Masqueraders. A masquerader is an authorized, or unauthorized, user of the system who has obtained the password of another user and thus gains access to ?les available to the other user by pretending to be the authorized user. Masqueraders are often able to read and copy con-dential ?les. Masquerading, therefore, can be de-ned as an attempt to gain access…. [read more]

Risk Assessment Safety and Health Term Paper

… Irritants in secondhand smoke increased chest colds, eye irritation, and respiratory illnesses in nonsmokers."

In this situation, it is naturally the duty of the employer to ensure that workplace is safe for non-smoking employees, because any danger to health due to smoking in cramped workplace would be treated as violation of Health and Safety guidelines. This may not be a very serious issue in buildings with proper ventilation and air system and which are spacious enough to allow non-smokers not to stay in close proximity of smokers but can certainly become a huge health risk if workplace is found to be unsafe.

Consumer Reports found that secondhand smoking was one of the leading causes of health injuries, "Human studies show that the carbon monoxide in…. [read more]

Risk Assessment at the Wal-Mart Term Paper

… The chart below indicates the structure and components of the risk assessment methodology.

Source: Stoneburner, Goguen, Feringa, 2002

Since the method is in fact developed for the IT systems, it would be applied to the case of Wal-Mart through adaptation of the specifics. In other words, while the nine steps are preserved, their particular applications and contents would differ based on the differences between IT and retail systems.

3.1. System characterization

Wal-Mart is the largest retailing company within both the United States as well as within the entire world, revealing a size larger than that of its primary competitors combined. The company employs more than 2 million staff members across the world and argues that it strives to create favorable and stimulating workplaces, to support…. [read more]

Risk Management Risk and Vulnerability Research Paper

… For example, for the risk analysis team set up for U.S.-VISIT, this information would be helpful in effectively allocating the required measures in place to avert any leakage of classified information. Finally, it is important for an organization to analyze its internal structures and operations with the aim to identify the measures laid out to prevent attackers and preparedness of the personnel and systems to possible attacks (Aven, 2008).

Best risk management practices

Risk management, if carried out properly can help reduce the occurrence of undesirable events. This can be achieved through four distinct steps; prevention measures, preparedness, response and recovery (PPRR). The first two steps involve the steps the organization takes before a crisis happens to endeavor to prevent it from occurring in the…. [read more]

Risk Management Tools Term Paper

… Risk Management Tools

The IT environment is probably the most complex and rapidly developing field in the modern day society and it presents individuals and groups with numerous opportunities and challenges. But what is often overlooked is the fact that the IT sector in itself faces numerous risks, such as the possibility for an IT effort to exploit a vulnerability within the system or the risk that an IT effort would cause more harm and strains on the IT system.

In such a context then, the management of the IT risks is a crucial process which has to be completed by all parties. The specialized literature on the topic of IT risks is rather scarce, given the relative novelty of the topic, as well as…. [read more]

Information Technology (IT) Risk Assessment Term Paper

… Ford Motor Company Risk Assessment

Given the highly confidential nature of the content management, pricing, product, service, and distribution data delivered to Ford Motor Company locations and the applications for order status, online ordering, and quoting being central to the structure of the company, there are many business and security risks of propagating these tools to their dealers. This is exacerbated by the fact that today Ford Motor Company is actively trimming its dealer network and there are major risks associated with firing dealers while critical company information is ion the dealerships.

Security risks, internal risks of embezzlement and fraud, risks of valuable pricing and volume data being comprised, and the risks of a natural disaster all must specifically be planned for in any risk…. [read more]

Juvenile Risk Assessment Assessment

… Juvenile Justice

A comparison of the results obtained for each individual from the two different assessments.

Colleen M.: Washington State Juvenile Court Assessment

Criminal and Social History

Colleen M's criminal history began soon before her recent arrest. The individual is 15 years of age. Her criminal history, however, is relatively severe. The first charge on which Colleen was charged was involuntary manslaughter. Colleen doused her neighbor with a tub of pesticides, which severely burned the neighbor's skin and subsequently caused an allergic reaction that led to the death of the neighbor. The death was ruled an involuntary manslaughter and Colleen was adjudicated as a delinquent. Colleen continues to claim self-defense, as the neighbor had set fire to a scarecrow on her family house lawn.

However,…. [read more]

Enterprise-Wide Risk Assessment PhD Model Answer

… As the chapter dictates, it is indeed in the best interest of the supervisor to create an environment where trust can thrive and where all individuals feel as though they're part of an environment where there is a strong sense of trust moving back and forth. However, if a manager seeks to establish a more trusting work environment and does so while compromising key behavioral and technical monitoring aspects, then this could create a somewhat warped work environment.

Thus, it becomes the obligation of the manager to prioritize assets as best as he can, tackling on his particular system and data issues. Above all, it is important for such managers to be realistic. There's absolutely no way for a manager to monitor every single thing…. [read more]

Risk Management Essay

… Initially, Facility A formed a team responsible for identifying risk assessment criteria. This team was then responsible for reviewing both patient files and environmental situations, thus, addressing both intrinsic and extrinsic factors. When a communication issue became apparent (stark reporting in the patient files), the team initiated interviews with witnesses and victims and implemented a more detailed standard for accident reporting.

Obviously, improvement on the plan is needed. Most importantly, a more thorough review of each patient' physical condition is needed to assess preventive needs. Also, additional education for the entire staff of Facility A regarding the risk and potential harm of falls needs to be implemented, and a complete and thorough means of assessment and communication plan needs to be developed and implemented.

References…. [read more]

Risk Management What Is Risk? Essay

… " Compare and contrast the advantages and disadvantages of each approach. Respond to another student's post (ground students will discuss their positions).

The downside to the first approach is that there is a separation between the positive and negative aspects and that can be problematic because it can cause a disconnect between the good and bad things inherent to a single event. The upside is that here is a clear list of both the good and bad and allows for distinct analysis of all of the above…just not a combined approach that deals with it concurrently. The upsides/downsides of the second approach are inverted. Treating them together is more "big picture" but the size and scope of the individual upsides or downsides are perhaps not…. [read more]

Manage Project Risk Assessment Essay

… Building construction industry is one of the key industries that motivate the Australian economy. Apart from generating employment opportunities for nearly one million people in Australia, the building construction industry is also the fourth largest contributors to the Australian GDP (Gross Domestic Product). In 2009, building construction industry accounted to the 6.8% of the Australian GDP. Building construction industry is also one of the largest employers of labour in Australia. In 2009, there were 984,100 people working in the building construction industry representing 9.1% of the total workforce in Australia. (Australian Bureau of Statistics, 2010).

Despite the importance of the building construction sector for the Australian economy, the building construction is a risky industry, and is embedded with uncertainties due to the internal and external…. [read more]

Risk Criteria ID No Essay

… If Taste Inn wants to keep its public image strong, it must keep an eye on the quality of its raw material and the steps which are carried out until the final product is produced and is made ready for sale (Talbot & Jakeman 2009).

4. Technological advancement:

In addition to the quality of raw material and the final products, Taste Inn also faces a challenge from technological advancements in its industry. In order to maintain its position in the industry, it has to keep in touch with the latest technological trends which improve the efficiency of the production processes and help in controlling the costs of production. However, the costs of purchasing new machinery and plant also put negative pressures on the company's profit…. [read more]

Construction Project Risk Management Research Paper

… Construction Project Risk Management

Objective of this course work is to explore the strategy to be used for the risk identification and risk management within the construction project. The study discusses risk identification, risk management, data collection and risk analysis. The study uses a case study to demonstrate the importance of risk management within the construction industry. The findings of the case study reveal that risk plan is critical before the project implementation. The risk plan will be used to identify the known and unknown risks during the project lifecycle and the method to manage these risks. The study suggests for further research on the risk management procedure within a complex construction project.

Project Outline


: Risk Management Requirements in a Construction Project/sub-project

:Risk…. [read more]

Security Program Network Risk Assessment Term Paper

… ¶ … Security Program

Network risk assessment should include four phases: discovery, device profiling, scanning, and validation. During the first phase of the assessment, specific controls must be implemented to ensure that there is constant formal monitoring (by trained it staff) and self-monitoring (by all employees) for when and how an attack is likely to take place.

Device profiling requires an analysis of how attacks might occur, regarding the specific computer systems and hardware used by the organization. For example, in some organizations, classified research and development might be of greatest interest to hackers. In others, sensitive information about employees might be the priority. In organizations that use wireless technology, the security needs may be different than an organization where most data is still stored…. [read more]

Whs Risk and Management Practices the Company Essay

… WHS Risk and Management Practices

The company that is being examined is Rio Tinto PLC. They have operations around the globe that are focused on mining a number of precious metals including: bauxite, aluminum; copper, gold, silver, molybdenum diamonds, borates, salt, titanium dioxide feed stocks, purity iron, metal powders, zircon, rutile, thermal, coking coal, uranium and iron ore. The size of the firm is 77 thousand employees in 40 different countries. (Corporate Profile 2012)

They have strategic offices located in number of areas throughout the world to include: London, New York and Melbourne. The majority of the firm's operations are located in Australia and North America. However, they also have numerous assets in other regions such as: Africa, Asia, South America and Europe. (Corporate Profile…. [read more]

Community Outing Risk Report: Touring Essay

… In addition, there are benches throughout Old Mesilla, so that if a person becomes unable to carry on with the tour, there are logical places for resting. There is no special equipment needed for the tour, though the participants will be advised to wear comfortable walking shoes.

The risks associated with the location where the tour is occurring have previously been discussed. The most likely risks are also some of the risks that are most difficult to manage. For example, there is a relatively high risk that at least some members of the tour will be bit by some type of insect while on the tour. For the most part, insect bites are nothing more than an inconvenience. However, for some people, insect bites, particularly…. [read more]

Risk Analysis Research Paper

… A backup server is a necessity just in case there is damage to the main server.

What is considered an acceptable risk is different for each company. In order to know what is acceptable in terms of risk, the company must first perform the risk assessment to find out which threat poses the most risk and which poses the least. A company should always place a higher value on sensitive information as they do not want this to be leaked to the public. They should also place a higher risk on any assessment that could mean the loss of large sums of revenue. If a company can tolerate and easily recovery from a threat, it should more than likely be considered a lower risk and…. [read more]

Ukraine -- Country Risk Assessment Thesis

… Ukraine -- Country Risk Assessment

With the emergence of globalization, economic agents were presented with the opportunity of territorially expanding their operations into other regions. The endeavor allowed them increased access to resources, including all labor force, commodities, technologies and capital, but also a wider access to international consumer markets. The success of these global operations depended directly on the managerial abilities to assess the risks and opportunities in each country and adapt to the unique characteristics of each international market. The most important tool in this instance is given by the analysis of the country risk.

Theoretical Underpinnings

In a most simplistic formulation, the country risk can be defined as the totality of challenges faced when investing in a foreign country. There are five…. [read more]

Security Risk Analysis Essay

… Security Risk Assessment for Ajax

Organizational risks

Organizational risks are complex and as a result are difficult to foresee and eliminate than are technical risks. Organizational risks include a wide-ranging set of different kinds of risks, from legal liability to management mis-queues to budgetary risks. They also include the arena in which most risks are generated -- not simply for Ajax but in all fields: Human error. Managers who are responsible for assessing and reducing organizational risk must be as attentive as possible to the ways in which workers are likely to pose security risks whether in an intentional or accidental manner.

Kahneman & Lovallo (1993) note that one of the repeated problems that manages make is to consider the risks that they face unique.…. [read more]

BP Deepwater Horizon Risk Essay

… Indeed, it simply moved as fast as it could with the drilling process while ignoring risk indicators such as equipment failures, mistakes, and missed warning signs.

Like its communication strategy, BP's risk strategy therefore also took a position second to its core growth strategy. This position is what Borison and Hamm (2010, p. 2) uses as the basis for their claim that the oil spill was not so much directly related to hazard, finance, or operations, but rather to strategy. BP's strategy was to grow as fast and profitably as possible. This strategy overshadowed all else, including the management of the risk that such a strategy would entail. Hence, the authors refer to the Deepwater Horizon event as a "white swan covered in crude oil"…. [read more]

Risk Management in Hedge Funds Dissertation

… To become shrewd to reach total reappearance of the location instructions of hedge funds which are less controlled than those of mutual funds. Ever since hedge funds are less controlled likened to mutual funds, this stresses that the hedge fund directors own superior info that about the marketplace and the obtainable advantage lessons than the even fund directors (Cottier, 2000). Because of the assignments instructions being freer, the hedge funds will be more reliant on a liquid market, where both buyers and sellars that are ready to purchase and sell at fair market value (Ineichen,2003).

Figure 2: Kinds of investment vehicles are investors looking at.

The hedge fund business began to rise in sometime around the mid-sixties when Fortune magazine tinted this new financial vehicle…. [read more]

Risk Management in Family Owned Term Paper

… The business suffers a lot if there is a clash between family members and no documents could be produced to solve it. In order for a family-owned business to run smoothly, it is exceedingly important to have all business agreements in black and white including the "buying and selling of shares, etc., salaries and retirement age, dividend policies, limitations on sale of stock, lines of authority, liability of stockholders or partners, job descriptions" ("Challenges in Managing,") etc.

Compensation Problems for Family Members

A family-owned business may also be at risk if the salaries, bonuses, benefits and reimbursements for uninvolved family members are not plainly described and defended. One of the examples could be a situation when business owners feel that giving their children equal remuneration…. [read more]

Threat Identification the Threats Research Paper

… The disadvantage of this approach is that it is expensive and requires the replication of the infrastructure.

Business threat 2: Information hacking

This is a business threat that targets information as a resource.

Failure scenario 1: Typical hacking incident involving attackers compromising a given serves and then disrupting applications and processes.

The business continuity strategy to avert such a system failure

Have a ready support to conduct the cleaning of the computers system, restore applications as well as process on the server (this strategy is relatively cheap).The company can also have redundant servers on standby.

Failure scenario 1: Worst case scenario involving the compromising of a server by attackers as well as the removing as well as alteration of highly sensitive data.

The business continuity…. [read more]

Risk Management Essay

… Contingency planning also seeks to protect livelihoods and reduce environmental damage. (Office of International Programs, 2013, paraphrased)

VIII. Risk Management in Justice and Security Organizations

The OECD reports a multi-layered approach to justice and security assistance is between and among the state at various levels in providing justice service delivery, the state in regulator the parameter for justice and security and ensuring accountability and non-state justice and security service providers and the users or recipients of justice and security. Justice and security sustainability in short-term responses has four primary aspects: (1) human capital; (2) financial; (3) cultural appropriateness; and (4) institutional structures and systems. Development programs in justice and security must be designed with realistic consideration of the capacity of the four primary factors. The…. [read more]

Organizational Assessment of CPS Assessment

… ¶ … environment of CDHS Colorado Division of Child Welfare. In addition to that, the internal assessment of CDHS Colorado Division of Child Welfare has also been done in the preceding paper. The paper also makes recommendations for the betterment of the considered organization.

CDHS Colorado Division of Child Welfare

The Colorado division of child welfare is a county administered system, which is supervised by the state. It is directed towards protecting the children from neglect and abuse and to help the families and the parents in taking good care of their children. This program represents the efforts of the government of Colorado to help the children who are placed out of their houses or those who are at a risk of being placed out…. [read more]

Risk Management in Banks: Reference to Indian Article Review

… Risk Management in Banks: Reference to Indian Banks Industry

"The Indian Financial System is tasting success of a decade of financial sector reforms. The economy is surging and has gathered the critical mass to convert it into a force to reckon with. The regulatory framework in India has sparked growth and key structural reforms have improved the asset quality and profitability of banks" (Agarwal & Sirohy, 2010).

The fact of the matter is this: the global market is fast integrating into a single stage for all markets though the spread if internet banking, a global banking system a highly likely possibility (Agarwal & Sirohy, 2010). In fact, internet banking is at the forefront of the global banking system, widening its expanse and possibly making it…. [read more]

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