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Risk Management Essay

… Initially, Facility A formed a team responsible for identifying risk assessment criteria. This team was then responsible for reviewing both patient files and environmental situations, thus, addressing both intrinsic and extrinsic factors. When a communication issue became apparent (stark reporting in the patient files), the team initiated interviews with witnesses and victims and implemented a more detailed standard for accident reporting.

Obviously, improvement on the plan is needed. Most importantly, a more thorough review of each patient' physical condition is needed to assess preventive needs. Also, additional education for the entire staff of Facility A regarding the risk and potential harm of falls needs to be implemented, and a complete and thorough means of assessment and communication plan needs to be developed and implemented.

References…. [read more]

Risk and Quality Management Assessment Essay

… , 2006). One study analyzed two wards that had implemented the Grol's five step implementation model for reducing falls with an aim of a reduction of thirty percent in fall incidence within a year (Semin-Goossens, van der Helm, & Bossuyt, 2003). Data on falls were extracted from nursing records and Incidence Report Forms (IRFs). Despite the implementation of quality management systems, the researchers found no durable decrease in monthly falls despite the use of a model-based procedure for implementing change nor did they observe any improvement in filling in IRFs. This makes the risk of falls a difficult factor to manage in a nursing setting.

Other research studies have provided similar results. Another evaluation of a quality improvement ad hoc multifaceted program was institutes in…. [read more]

Risk Factors That Increase STD Prevalence in Elderly Literature Review

… Risk factors that increase STD prevalence in elderly

There are two health conditions that are specifically bad in nature plus bring many other health disorders with them too. These are obesity and aging. As a person gets older, his bones, immunity system, heart, and muscles become weaker. The elders can easily catch infections that take longer to be treated. Hence the aged people are more prone to getting sexually transmitted diseases or commonly known as STDs. Given a weaker recovery and immunity system, the treatment becomes lengthy and painful. STDs among elders have increased over last few years and if not dealt properly, the occurrence of STDs will rise among the elders which will be more costly too. It is therefore necessary to develop STD…. [read more]

Risk Assessments for Falls Essay

… Risk Assessments for Falls Risk

One of the biggest threats to frail and infirm elderly individuals aged 65 years and older is falls. Whether at home or in a healthcare facility, a fall can easily result in a broken hip or other debilitating condition and many elderly people are incapable of recovering from these injuries. To gain some fresh insights in this area, this paper provides a reflection on the purpose and intent of the falls risk assessment followed by a discussion concerning how this assessment contributes to an individual's comprehensive health assessment. A discussion concerning three abnormal findings that can reasonably be expected when performing falls risk assessments is followed by an analysis of the actions that should be initiated for each one of…. [read more]

Risks for Falls Critical Analysis Term Paper

… Legal consequences not only cause temporary trauma but also has a long-term impact on the career of healthcare professionals. However, the research has also indicated that fear of legal outcomes also forces the health care professionals to exercise unnecessary CPGs for non-risk patients. The resultant is time taking and unnecessary practice of CPGs which results in demotivation. Lack of time has been identified as one of the substantial barriers for successful implementation of CPGs and unnecessary compliance would make the healthcare professionals to face this barrier indirectly. On the other hand, there is also a negative consequence of this fear. The demotivated staff may show reluctance to report the incidence of falls (Semin-Goossens et al., 2003). Cumulative outcomes of these researches have indicated that fear…. [read more]

Risk Analysis Research Paper

… ; savings for emergency management issues.

Loss of business policy rider important; keep all previous receipts to establish historical trending.

Most experts recommend a savings account aht will handle expenses for no less thatn 3-months, or at least allow owners to live during a disaster; FEMA and other Federal agencies often available to help employees.

Conclusions - Once these risks have been identified and a written plan put into place, management of the risk falls into one of four major categories:

Avoidance -- Eliminate risk, not planning activities that could be risky, etc. Natural disasters cannot be avoided, but taking steps to ensure limits of water damage, power outages, etc. And manage the situation. Hazard prevention is making the equipment and property safe for continued…. [read more]

Risk Assessment for Gfi Group Essay

… In a secure system, the official users of that system are still capable of doing whatever they need to do.

GFI Group, Inc. (GFI) can use secure crypto processors in order to influence physical security methods into shielding the security of the computer system. Cryptographic methods are something that does include transforming statistics, scrambling it so it turns out to be illegible during transmission. The envisioned receiver can unscramble the message, nevertheless eavesdroppers will not be able to do this. Encryption is utilized in order to protect your message so that others will not be able to use it. This can be done in numerous ways by swapping the characters around, substituting characters with others, and even eliminating characters from the communication. These have to…. [read more]

Risk Factor Prevention Term Paper

… Risk Factor Prevention

Risk factor and population

The risk factor addressed in this paper is the use of Tobacco. Tobacco is a plant with a substance called nicotine tartrate. Tobacco can be chewed, smoked and snuffed. Tobacco is associated with the onset of the most heart and lung diseases such as heart attacks, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, lung cancer, mouth and larynx cancer among others. Tobacco being a health risk is propagated by its addictive substance nicotine (Derek Yach, 2000).

Current statistics in Cleveland indicate that the teenagers aged between 14-18 are more at risk of tobacco use and most of them are nicotine dependent especially those of minority groups (native Americans represented by 4% of the population, the blacks also at 4% and the…. [read more]

Prevention and Early Resolution of Workplace Conflict Capstone Project

… Prevention and Early Resolution of Workplace Conflict

To better understand the topic, this paper begins with an overview of the concept of workplace conflict. A discussion regarding workplace conflict prevention is then given. This is followed by a discussion of early detection of conflict in the workplace. Lastly, effective resolution of workplace conflict is presented.

In today's hyper-competitive, increasingly globalized business world, organizations have to operate as efficiently and effectively as possible. One of organization's most valuable resources to remain competitive is their human resources. In addition, organization's are increasingly turning towards teams to further facilitate productivity. When workplace conflict arises, it negatively affects morale and productivity. This can result in not only lost profits, for the organization, but in increased employee turnover, which further…. [read more]

Risk Management and Risk Assessment Term Paper

… Risk Management & Risk Assessment

Risk management needs to be understood from a variety of angles. Firstly, risk should be defined for its nature and effect upon not only the company, but also all possible stakeholders. Risk management procedures exist to protect both the workplace, the workforce, or the public. Risk to the corporation is anything endangering the vision, mission and profitability of the company. Secondly, risk to the workforce entails those risks that may result in injury or death to the employee, or that may lead to health or other physical hazards. Employees may also incur risks from non-physical sources such as long work hours or a highly stressful job situation, which could be brought about by a variety of factors. Thirdly, risks can…. [read more]

Risk Taking Sexuality of Adolescent Term Paper

… Risk-Taking Sexuality of Adolescents


A study conducted among 15-16-year-olds pupils in secondary schools in South Wales in 1993 showed that peer pressure led them to engage in sex, more strongly on males than females (Mellanby et al., 1993). It involved a representative sample consisting of 266 boys and 250 girls. Of this number, 37 or 14% of boys and 10 or 4% of girls came under peer pressure to have sex. About 34 or 13% of the boys and 56 or 22% of the girls surveyed were already in stable relationships and likely to be indulging in sex between themselves. Most of them preferred to obtain contraceptives from vending machines rather than the school nurse. This practice indicated that they wanted…. [read more]

Risk Assessment and Contingency Planning Essay

… Risk Assessment and Contingency Planning

Risk assessment is a common undertaking in many organizations where they look at the areas that need the allocation of resources most and allocate accordingly so as to have the maximum returns and help the organization recover from a downturn if there was any. These decisions to allocate are usually weighed since it is very crucial to have the correct decision on what to spend how much on. Through the risk assessment matrix the businesses will be able to achieve the following as Dan power, (2004) notes;

a) Be able to take note of the process and functions to be prioritized.

b) Pick out the possible hindrances that may come in the path of process and functions of the organization.…. [read more]

Risk Assessment: El Dorado Hills Assessment

… Risk Assessment: El Dorado Hills, California

El Dorado Hills, California, faces several risks that must be mitigated. The El Dorado Fire Department is one of the entities with the task of mitigating such risk, as it is an "all-risk" entity in the city. Increasingly, fire and police departments have integrated their services to best protect and serve the communities within which they function. This risk assessment is then focused upon determining the probability of certain risks, and to therefore be able to make recommendations regarding the measures that should be implemented to mitigate such risks. El Dorado Hill is subject to natural, chemical and man-made risks.

Natural risks include earthquakes, tornadoes, and the weather. The most significant natural risk is earthquakes. The estimated risk of…. [read more]

Risk and Insurance Term Paper

… Risk and Insurance

Over the last several years, Ann Taylor would face a number of different challenges. Where, the company would go from having a consistent amount of improving earnings, to having their bottom line face a number of different challenges going forward. This is problematic, because changes in the company's underlying business model mean that risks could be increasing. As result, their insurance needs are changing to reflect, the challenges that the company is facing. To fully understand the overall scope of these issues requires: identifying the company's risk exposures, the likely perils they could face and obvious hazards. Together, these different elements will provide the greatest insights, as to how these changes in earnings could have an impact upon their insurance needs.

Ann…. [read more]

Risks in Legalizing Marijuana Research Paper

… Risk of Legalizing Marijuana

On November 2, 2010, the California voters will have the opportunity to become the first state in the United States to legalize the sale and possession of marijuana. The California Secretary of State, Debra Bowen, declared that petitions gathered by the legalization backers totaled 694,248 signatures, which were over 161,000 more than needed.

What are the consequences behind the legalization? What are the issues being faced from the political, social, and law enforcement standpoint as well as the potential for abuse? This paper will examine the facts behind the legalization of marijuana and the possible outcome. This paper will attempt to show that legalization of marijuana does nothing in the way of benefitting society as a whole.

California is set to…. [read more]

Suicide Prevention an "Immense Need Essay

… isolation, and perceived stigmas against seeking mental health services. These issues are addressed in the consultation process. Barriers to accessing healthcare services are especially important. The presence of prevailing religious beliefs might also impact the type of suicide interventions that are recommended for the organization. For suicide intervention strategies to be meaningful, they must be rooted in the belief and value system of the target population. Walker, et al. (2006) stress the importance of recognizing and being sensitive to cultural nuances during the consultation procedure. There may, for example, be specific social stigmas against seeking mental health support or specific beliefs about suicide itself within a particular ethnic group. Individual differences in beliefs about death might also come into play.

A general framework for understanding…. [read more]

Suicide Risk Management at Veterans Essay

… The plain often entails the use of a defined crisis hotline, support persons, activities that offer the veteran comfort, identifying reasons for living, and contingency of accessing emergency rooms if preliminary efforts fail. These approaches are similar to the risk management approach used by the Northern California VA Hospital. This is because they all entail the identification of risk factors associated with causing suicidal thoughts or leading to attempted and full suicide. The methods also entail a lot of collaboration between the patient and their clinicians, clinician and other disciplines, and clinician and community.

Recommendations and Conclusion

This research identifies that a risk management plan must entail a comprehensive risk assessment approach to allow the creation of appropriate intervention plans. Risk assessment must include clinical…. [read more]

Health Prevention Planning Research Paper

… , 2011, p 36-40). This will help them discover any red flags and get them more aware of their health.

Secondary Level

Blood pressure issues may get worse for this demographic. Essentially, "blood-pressure would be checked in a patient with no symptoms of hypertension, and if elevated, a plan of treatment would be instituted. The goal was and is maintaining the patient's blood pressure within normal limits and hopefully minimizing the development of catastrophic complications such as stroke or myocardial infarction" (Dunphy et al., 2011, p 25). Again, blood pressure checks can be used by contacting the American Heart Association for getting the Check, Change, and Control program on board (American Heart Association, 2014). These individuals also spend a majority of their time at work,…. [read more]

Hospital Falls Fall Prevention Term Paper

… , 2006). However, implementing an intervention strategy to address the environmental conditions and the human conditions that can work to mitigate the risks associated with patient falls.

There have been many attempts to implement an evidence based approach to reduce the instances of falls that have shown to be successful in certain areas. For example, an evidence-based nursing guideline had been locally developed in 1993 to reduce fall incidence rates, creating a thirty percent reduction in the fall rate post-implementation (Semin-Goossens, van der Helm, & Bossuyt, 2003). However, the literature has produced many studies that have shown conflicting outcomes of interventions. Yet, in the studies that found positive outcomes, interventions have indicated that a fall-risk assessment on admission and reassessment after a fall additional supervision…. [read more]

Terrorism Prevention Identify Essay

… ¶ … Terrorism Prevention

Identify and define the two types of deterrence. Explain different categories of risk factors for crime and provide examples of factors within each category

The two main types of deterrence are general and specific deterrence. General deterrence is aimed at having an impact on more people and not just the offender Lab ()

The punishment that one person is given will hopefully be an example to other potential law violators. The main aim of general deterrence is preventing a criminal act in advance, and this fits well in primary crime prevention. Specific deterrence aims at ensuring that an offender does not commit a crime in the future. Using punishment as an experience would ensure that an offender is deterred from performing…. [read more]

Suicide Prevention Consultation Design: Case Essay


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Application of the Three Levels of Prevention Essay

… Community Health Advocacy

Three levels of prevention

The three levels of prevention, primary secondary and tertiary represent the different stages of disease, which they target. The primary prevention level is used to prevent the person from getting the disease. As argued by Ureda and Yates (2005), this is the true preventive strategy since it aims at preventing the occurrence of the disease. Primary prevention strategies reduce the incidence and prevalence of the disease by encouraging people to protect themselves from exposure to disease risk factors. A quintessential example given by Green (1971) is using sunscreen to protect from the ultraviolet rays of the sun as a prevention mechanism against skin cancer. Other forms of primary prevention include immunization, public health education through health promotion activities,…. [read more]

Bullying and Strategies for Prevention Nearly 30 Research Paper

… Bullying and Strategies for Prevention

Nearly 30% or approximately 5.7 million, of United States teenagers are estimated to have been involved in an incident of school related bullying either as the target, the bully or both. A recent national survey of students in grades 6 through ten reveal that nearly 13% of students reported bullying other children, 11% reported being victimized by bullies and an additional 6% indicated that they have been both the perpetrator and victim of bullying (Nansel, Overpeck, Pilla, Ruan, Simons-Morton, & Scheidt, 2001). Estimates indicate that once every seven seconds, a child is the victim of bullying in a United States school. 9% of all males and 7% of all females' ages 12-18, according to a study completed in 2001

reported…. [read more]

Adolescents or Children at Risk Term Paper


"Some adolescents are troubled and some get into trouble.

But the great majority (almost nine out of ten) do not

The bottom line is that good kids don't suddenly go bad in adolescence" - Laurence Steinberg and Ann Levine (20th century)

(Steinberg and Levine, as cited in Columbia World of Quotations, 1996).

Contemporary Issues and Concerns

Although adolescents may be "at risk" for a number of problems today, according to Laurence Steinberg, professor of psychology, and Ann Levine (Columbia World of Quotations, 1996), a U.S. author, most adolescents, in fact, nine out of ten, do not regulalry get into trouble. What constitutes a concern, albeit, is the one in ten "at risk" adolescent who may regularly subscribe to a number of the myriad…. [read more]

School Delinquency Prevention Program Term Paper

… 15), which are unique to all individuals.

Allow for Engagement with Schools

Given that the youth spend a significant number of hours and, probably years at school, then schools would, naturally, have a large extent of control on their behavior (Greenwood, 2008, p.16). However, as the author notes, schools are usually faced with, among others, challenges of insufficient resources, and lack of trained personnel, to handle cases of delinquency. Engaging with the schools found in an area would, therefore, assist the delinquent prevention program developers acquire the information that they would need to tailor their strategies, to ensure that they can adequately fill these gaps.

The Specific Qualities of a Good Delinquency Prevention Program

It is important to note, at this point, that, unlike the…. [read more]

Life Skills Training Prevention Program Essay

… However, for the students who received at least half of the preventive intervention, there were significant improvements and contrast in aggression in the duration of even one month or on delinquency and violence in the past year.

Botvin et al. (2006) concluded that the LST test was effective, not only in reducing tobacco, alcohol, and illicit drug use but also in preventing violence and delinquency:

LST students were less likely than students in the control group to argue or tell someone off, push or shove, and get into physical fights. They were also less likely than controls to engage in delinquent behaviors such as destroying property, shoplifting, stealing, taking something by force, or vandalizing a school or other building (p.406).

These are huge results!

Various…. [read more]

Health Risk Behaviors Drug Literature Review Chapter

… Similarly, O'Donnell and colleagues (2008) found that early alcohol use is relatively overlooked and few parents in that sample believed that their child might have had a drink. Greater15parental awareness occurred with older teenagers and in households that communicated more frequently.

Parental denial

Not only are parents unaware of their child's drinking they also seem to be in denial about their child's drinking and unwilling to accept the truth about their child's actions. Parents of teens are more than three times more likely to believe that their child's friends engage in substance use behaviors than they were to believe their own child engaged in these behaviors. Research has shown that parents are much more likely to believe that their children's peers drink and drive than…. [read more]

High Risk Family Type: Healthy Essay

… , 1992). Time effects included decreased symptoms, increased self-esteem and interpersonal adjustments. The role of an advanced pratice nurse in these programs is to help the patients overcome their distrust of healthcare service providers, to coordinate needed treatment and health needs. Working with this demographic requires a demonstration of trust and support, aspects that the disrupted family dynamic lacks. Creating a trusting relationship with the patient encourages them to return for future needs and thereby helps to control the cause of health neglect. An essential component of treating the homeless is to create a continuum of care that enables regular screening. This is the only way to accomplish the objectives established by Healthy People 2010.

The role of the advanced practice nurse as a case…. [read more]

Risk Communication and Its Importance Essay

… The security manager, after identifying and assessing the risk, the stage of communicating the risk follows. In the first phase, the manger has the duty to prepare the client for the report that they are about to release; especially when the information is shocking. Moreover, the security manager prepares the report which is to be delivered to the client. The security manager documents the report for reference, putting into consideration, the culture and experiences of the recipient organization. The report should not be doctored but should be sensitively worded. What one says and how they say it determines a lot the reaction of the recipient.

Second phase, after preparing the report and the audience, the second is reporting the findings from the report. In this,…. [read more]

Sport Stadium Risk Assessment Essay

… The threat level for each asset is then assigned.

A vulnerability assessment is then conducted to measure the level of visibility, or the awareness of the existence and visibility of the facility to the general public, the criticality, or usefulness to local population, economy, and government, and the population capacity, maximum number the stadium holds at a given time. The assessment also assesses for potential mass casualties within a one mile radius, loss outside the facility, presence of legal WMD, and availability of facility for ingress or egress of PTE. The consequence evaluation component analyzes for potential number of people who may need hospitalization and/or transport requirements. Calculations are made for the overall risk level for threat potential and the severity of the consequences of…. [read more]

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