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Robotic Surgery the 21st Century Essay

… , 2010).

What are the failsafe mechanisms that should be put into place regarding robotic surgery? Let us suppose that there is a critical surgery underway; the power is interrupted and before the backup generator kicks in, the robotic system is rebooted. Is damage done? By whom? An act of God revolving around the power? Additionally, if all the power went out, it would still be possible, perhaps not ideal, but possible for the surgeon to use manual intubation and old-fashioned techniques to complete the surgery and close the wound. What level of user competencies should be required regarding less than ideal conditions; or should the system provide its own backup power source?

On the legal side, there are even current law firms that claim…. [read more]

Robotic Surgery Research Paper

… Robotic Surgery

Technological advancements have changed the requirements and standards in the field of medical science and the human assistance during surgical procedures is overtaken by robotic-systems in modern era. The utilization of robots in surgical procedures has not only made these procedures easier, but it has also played its part in getting effective surgical outcomes. These robotic-surgical processes are considered highly efficacious by patients as these procedures indicate improvement with respect to traditional surgical procedures The installation and application of robotic systems require large amount of investments which has made these procedures quite expensive.

History of Robotic Surgery

Media Coverage

Positive Aspects

Negative Aspects

Public Perception and Acceptance


History of Robotic Surgery

Far-reaching developments in technology have led to the assistance provided by…. [read more]

Safe Patient Positioning Article

… Set the room's temperature for typical OBCAB at 72 degrees Fahrenheit and prepare heater blankets. For valves, set the room's temperature at 65 to 68 degrees Fahrenheit with heater blankets available for warming after the pump run. The patient should be secured in supine position with proper cushioning of pressure points. A lower extremity sleigh should be used to support patient laterally. Once successful intubation with a double lumen-tube endo-tracheal tube is accomplished, place a central venous pressure or pulmonary artery catheter and arterial blood pressure line. A Foley catheter and a nasogastric tube are inserted after the patient receives anesthesia. Finally, carefully place the R2 external defibrillator pads on the patient's chest before positioning the patient for the procedure.

Patient Positioning

Align the patient's…. [read more]

Informative Speech: Robotics in Medicine Research Paper

… "That means that younger doctors are not necessarily being trained to perform traditional open surgeries, still a crucial skill. In most other countries, which have not yet embraced robotics, surgeons are still performing traditional open surgery" (Pollard, "Watch").


Despite these concerns, the use of robotics in surgery will likely expand as the price of the technology continues to drop. Machines will grow more sophisticated and less cumbersome over time. The need for tele-medicine will likely further spur the use of robotic surgery and finally the desire of younger physicians themselves to use robotics will result in a shift in favor of these technologies. According to one urological surgeon: "We've found that younger surgeons who have experience with video games picked it up quicker than…. [read more]

Da Vinci Robot Essay

… ¶ … Da Vinci Robot is often regarded as the most well-known robotic surgery systems in the world. It is a robotic system that has its use specifically in minimally invasive surgery. Its role in minimally invasive surgery consists of the robot making a small opening in the patient's body decreasing downtime for the patient among other benefits. The process involves the surgeon who sits in a console inside the operating room and administers the surgical tools of the robot.

Process of Surgery for the Da Vinci Robot

Subsequently the patient has been anaesthetized, three openings are completed on the patient's body permitting the rods to go in. The surgeon has a screen he views a 3D image from that the camera transmits through the…. [read more]

Scleroderma, a Chronic, Systemic Disease That Effects Term Paper

… ¶ … scleroderma, a chronic, systemic disease that effects the lungs, skin, heart, gastrointestinal tract, kidney and musculoskeletal system. The article is a case report on a specific case dealing with achalasia due to scleroderma and multiple left lung hydatid cysts which the practicioners performed a thoracic epidural blockade in combination with general anesthesia with air-oxygen and sevoflurane without neuromuscular blockade and without intravenous opioids.

The surgical procedure involved using an epidural catheter prior to inducting anesthesia. After the surgery, the anesthesia was discontinued and twenty minutes later that patient began spontaneous breathing, responding to painful stimuli and to buck on the tube.

In general, it is found that scleroderma is a connective tissue disease and an autoimmune disorder which causes vascular damage, especially in…. [read more]

Capital Purchase, Costing Essay

… DaVinci has been programmed to do other things that include importing data from imaging devices and others devices in the operating room for information augmentation, and reducing the danger of occupational environmental hazards for both nurses and doctors, for instance, by removing the doctor from radiation exposure or other bio hazards that the doctor may encounter by sitting too close to the patient. Although most of this regards the surgeon, the nurse is freed in that she is able to relax some of her huge responsibly and focus on the tasks that are most important for her to accomplish.

The robots have their disadvantages. There are, firstly, hugely expensive with some hospital claiming that the step amount of expense invested in acquiring them and maintaining…. [read more]

Medical Robotics Essay

… C. Research Gaps

1. In spite of no evidence showing robotic surgery is better, prostrate removal via robot increased from 56% in 2006 to 76% in 2008 (Seaman, 2013). Research shows gaps in accessibility, indicating possible access to high volume hospitals.

2. Randomized clinical trials have shown that the robot can achieve better accuracy, but evidence of the use of a robot for total knee replacement is less clear (Davies, 2006).

3. Robot helpers promise sustainability and affordability without compromising quality of care, but there are barriers in how healthcare is funded (Staff, 2009).

4. Collaboration of an adaptive design is recommended because of limited available data for estimating appropriate sample size and allowing for increased sample size for desired power achievement and flexible strategy…. [read more]

Health Care Finance Essay

… Health Care Finance

There are a number of factors than at organization should consider with respect to the DaVinci robotic surgery system. The system is costly, and there is a fairly small body of evidence with regards to its effectiveness, so this is a decision that hospital management needs to take seriously.

Patient care is the primary objective of any health care facility. There are mixed views with respect to the DaVinci system. The company's fact sheet highlights benefits such as shorter hospital stays, less blood loss, fewer complications, less need for narcotics, faster recovery times and smaller incisions that deliver minimal scarring. All of these outcomes are positive for the patient. However, Aston (2012) notes that despite 4600 peer-reviewed studies on the system, there…. [read more]

Bionic Advancements in the Medical Field Article Review

… Parallel structure robots have higher positional accuracy and higher stiffness. The authors also discuss how robots could be involved in image-guided therapies, if their ability to recognize images was able to be drastically improved. As a result of these unique challenges, there’s been a more rapid development of technology as a way of making up for these complexities and to give these robots a wider scope of procedures they can complete. Once some of these roadblocks are overcome, it seems very likely that medical robotics will ultimately take off, as there are certain requirements of surgery that robots can very easily perform. Medical robotics can be optimized and adjusted and programmed to engage in tasks that assist the clinician or surgeon so that the operations…. [read more]

Diffusion of Innovation #2 in 1962 Article Review

… Diffusion of Innovation #2

In 1962, sociologist Everett Rogers, popularized the theory of diffusion of innovations which seeks to explain the how's and why's and rates that new ideas and technology spreads through culture. Rogers believed that diffusion is the process in which innovation is communicated through certain channels over time among members of a culture. Depending on that culture, diffusion of different innovations are varied and may span across multiple disciplines. There are three types of innovations-decisions that help spread diffusion: 1) Optional Innovation-Decision -- made by an individual that is distinguished within a social system;

Collective Innovation-Decision -- made by all individuals within that system; and, 3) Authority Innovation-Decision -- made for the entire system by individuals in power. Once the decision and…. [read more]

Internet Websites Term Paper

… Internet Websites

Significant emerging technologies

There are an increasing number of new and innovative technologies that are emerging in the world. Many of these technologies have an important impact on the predominant modes of commerce and communication, as well as the way we perceive and relate to reality and the world around us. This paper will attempt to explore some of the most significant new technologies in the context of their importance and significance to aspects of the human life and experience.

A term that is continually bandied about in the computer and online networking world is "ubiquitous." There is an increasing sense of the ubiquitous nature of computing and the Internet. This term implies a number of important aspects, not least of which is…. [read more]

Developing Future Scientific Medicine Term Paper

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…. [read more]

Diffusion of Innovation Diffusion Research the Internet Term Paper

… Diffusion of Innovation

Diffusion Research

The Internet

Daisley, L. (2007). How the Internet Changed the World. The Morning News.


Tags: change management, innovations, modern innovations, the "modern" world

Summation: In many ways, the reason the Internet changed the world so much was that it changed the way people performed day-to-day tasks. Communication was by phone or letter; research was done at a library, purchasing at a store, and to compare prices, one had to drive to each individual store. Information was limited, but accessible in certain areas, but it was not immediate. Instead, finding information quickly has become commonplace; knowing which information to embrace or discard still remains a problem.

Chapter: 5 Diffusion Research

Personal Computers

Citation: Manes, S. (October 20, 1999). The…. [read more]

Book V Market Understanding Financial Essay

… Meanwhile, a sudden change in the industry such as major malpractice reform could have a major change on the market value of the company as future prospects change, yet would not have any impact on the company's book value at all.


It should be clear that although the concepts of book value and market value have some similarities and are unquestionably interrelated in real world settings, they are not the same or even necessarily predictive of each other. MAKO provides just one example of how different factors lead to different changes in book and market valuation. Through this example, it is hoped that a better understanding of the concepts generally and their wide applicability can be generated.


Hoovers. (2011). MAKO Surgical Corp. Accessed…. [read more]

Incorporating Tele Health Into Disease Surveillance Research Paper

… Tele Health

Over the last several years, there have been dramatic changes in the way technology is used to improve the disclosure of information about health information. One the most notable is the tele-health surveillance system. This is when telecommunications solutions are utilized to enhance the quality of services provided to patients. It could be as simple as two health care professionals discussing options and techniques utilizing these platforms. (Wooten, 2009)

While at other times, they are used to conduct robotic surgeries from different regions of the world. These changes are significant, in illustrating how applications are transforming the way health care is delivered. To fully understand what is taking place requires focusing on: how they are incorporated into surveillance systems, their implications for specific…. [read more]

Sociological Aspects of GPS Tracking Essay

… Introduction to the issue

a. Background to GPS technology

b. Uses of GPS

c. Uses of GPS in pets

II. The Controversy

a. How safe are children in the 21st century? Statistics, examples.

b. Are crimes against children widespread enough to warrant GPS use

c. Technological solutions -- why does it need to be implanted? Why not in pocket, or wearable?

III. Argument Pro

a. Allows for a safer environment for children

b. May prevent crime and delinquency

c. Parents have a responsibility to their child

d. Parents could control who has the information

IV. Argument Con

a. Problem affects very small percentage

b. Children have social rights; is a child until18?

c. When would chip be removed, or would it?

d. Is the marketing…. [read more]

HIPAA Compliance Training of Nursing Essay

… For modeling to result in learning, Bandura argued that certain variables must be in place or must occur. These variables include attention, retention, reproduction, and motivation.

Outcome objectives. The reconfigured Bloom's Taxonomy consists of the following categories: Remembering, Understanding, Applying, Analyzing, Evaluating, and Creating. The outcome objectives in the education and training plan are categorized according to Bloom's Taxonomy.

Remembering: can the student recall or remember the information?

define, duplicate, list, memorize, recall, repeat, reproduce state

Understanding: can the student explain ideas or concepts?

classify, describe, discuss, explain, identify, locate, recognize, report, select, translate, paraphrase

Applying: can the student use the information in a new way?

choose, demonstrate, dramatize, employ, illustrate, interpret, operate, schedule, sketch, solve, use, write.

Analyzing: can the student distinguish between the…. [read more]

Medical Writing Boon and Bane': The Increased Term Paper

… Medical Writing

Boon and Bane': The increased use of technology in modern healthcare

At least your job can't be outsourced." When I first embarked upon my career in nursing, friends and family would always joke that since I worked in a 'hands on' occupation, I never needed to worry about my job being outsourced. Now, I am not so sure, when I see a doctor provide a second opinion to a colleague for a patient he has never met, as he gazes at the patient's chart on a screen on a computer that has been sent via a pdf file, only moments ago through email.

And this is only the beginning of the wonders technological communication in the field of medicine may promise. Computer-assisted systems…. [read more]

Motivation to Become a Physician Assistant Term Paper

… Motivation to Become a Physician Assistant

The first and foremost thing that motivated me to become a Physician Assistant is my wide experience in medical service. Being able to provide services to sick people always gives me a sense of achievement.

A enjoy being in the medical service. In fact, I have been in quite a number of jobs and missions that focus in medical service. I had been a member of Therapeutic Recreation Society that focuses on the importance of recreational activities for people with disabilities. I also joined an organization that sit with children and burn victims at the children hospital who do not have family members, or have families that are not able to make it due to distance, employment situations, or…. [read more]

Capital Project Results and Acceptability Essay

… The hospital will have to hire several employees in older to deal with the responsibilities at hand. Retaining of these employees is a justifiable success of the organization. The hospital will have to restructure its production and service effectiveness in order to accommodate the new mechanisms after retaining the employees. For instance, the hospital will involve the use of different mechanisms of promoting employees, provision of effective working environment, creation of new avenues of delivering services to the clients, and reaching out to potential clients from the public. The administration within the hospital will be equipped with modern approaches of managing risks and challenges being experienced as part of the management details.

Nurses and many other categories of workers will be able to work towards…. [read more]

Interstitial Cystitis Essay

… Pentosan polysulphate (Elmiron) (PPS) is an oral bladder coating medication that has been helpful in some patients to provide relief of pain. PPS remains the medication choice for the majority of patients. Although the exact way Pentosan polysulphate's work on the bladder is not completely obvious, it is considered to function by covering the bladder lining and reducing potassium leak into the bladder muscle. Patients using Pentosan polysulphate have to be aware that the complete effect may not be evident for 6 to 9 months, but they can be assured that many patients see progress in as little as 4 weeks.


Antihistamines are used to prevent activating and propagating the mast cells, though the outcomes are not necessarily always satisfactory. At present, the pentosan…. [read more]

Robotics the Popular Concept Term Paper

… For example, a robot arm can extend by telescoping. This is usually done by sliding cylindrical sections one over another to lengthen the arm. Robot arms also can be constructed to bend like an elephant trunk while the human arm cannot. Devices known as "grippers," or "end effectors" that are designed to grip and grasp objects, mimic the function and structure of the human hand and the fingers. Robot arms can also be designed to perform special tasks by equipping them with special purpose "grippers." (Bekey)

Inverse Kinematics

The other important parts of a robotic arm are its joints. These are usually driven by electric motors. Computer calculates the joint angles and the degree to which the arm and its gripper is to move for…. [read more]

Cochlear Implants Thesis

… ¶ … deaf population's stand on cochlear implants. Cochlear implants can help profoundly deaf people hear, and they can help them acquire language skills, as well. However, many people in the deaf community oppose cochlear implants because they do not see deafness as something that needs curing, and they often do not support deaf individuals who choose cochlear implants. They also believe sign language will disappear if cochlear implants become widespread, and sign language is a major element of the deaf community, which is another reason many people in the deaf community adamantly oppose cochlear implants.

Cochlear implants are electronic instruments imbedded in the cochlear of the inner ear that allow sounds to reach the ear. They do not restore hearing, but they can make…. [read more]

Diseases I.E. Lung Cancer Term Paper

… According to estimation, 30-35% of Americans are fat or obese ("obesity," 2012). The main cause of obesity is the intake of additional calories than the energy requirement as the surplus calories are stocked up in the body as fat. Other factors that may contribute to obesity are immobility and inadequate exercise. Overeating may be a consequence of unhealthy patterns of ingestion ascertained by the family and cultural setting. Obesity may be intensified due to psychological suffering, an emotional reliance on food or the easy access to high-calorie foods ("obesity," 2012).

The major treatments for weight loss include wiring shut the internal parts of mouth, reduction of stomach size via operations and operations related to intestinal bypass in which a the outsized area of the small…. [read more]

Need for Reporting on Adverse Research Proposal

… Benefits to the Patton-Fuller Community Hospital

There are many advantages that can be directly gained from the Patton-Fuller Community Hospital. The training itself is one of the best outcomes for the practitioners. They can stay up-to-date in the processes in which they can personally research the issues related to their use of medical devices in their specialty. This empowers doctors to stay up-to-date on the latest information that can directly affect their patients.

Furthermore, the access to database that Patton-Fuller Community Hospital can be potentially lifesaving. This provides care providers with near real-time data about potential issues in device design as well as any problems that are supply chain related. The supply chain is an important aspect to quality management that is not often considered.…. [read more]

Dick / Garreau / Lanier Term Paper

… Dick / Garreau / Lanier / EEG REVISED

Both Philip K. Dick's Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep? And Joel Garreau's Radical Evolution explore the questions of what it would mean for technology to create a "post-human" being, to use the term Garreau borrows from Francis Fukuyama (236). Yet the creation of the post-human being would do little to settle the matter of what created the human being, an issue traditionally handled by conceptions of religion and of God. I propose -- through an examination of Dick and Garreau, with additional reference to Jaron Lanier and to the neurological science of electroencephalography -- to approach Dick's and Garreau's vision of post-humanity through the central issue of religion, and more particularly empathy. I hope to demonstrate…. [read more]

Ethical Issue With Nanomedicine Term Paper

… Ethics in Nanomedicine

The term "nanomedicine" is mainly a reference to the scientific technology called nanotechnology which is used to enhance or sustain health at a small level. This technology is being used in medical domains: such as the processes involved in the production of tissue in the human body; the transportation of drugs that help in the DNA treatment; as well as, studies that concentrate on the diagnostic instruments and procedures. The single most important merit that this form of health sustenance has over other medical procedures is its volume. Its volume is as small as a fragmented particle and this particle influences the duration of the effect of the serum and has a very specific design of deposition. Both these aspects allow the…. [read more]

Barry's Machine Man Term Paper

… Nonetheless, admitting to himself that he is capable of murder leaves Neumann nonplussed, and soon enough he indulges that most primal of impulses despite his utter detachment from human instinct, killing a manager from Better Future during the company's crusade to co-opt Neumann's body as a weapon of war. Barry is at his darkly humorous best from an authorial perspective during the book's climatic passages, as he reveals the yawning gap between Neumann and his fellow man through haunting insights into the mind of something that has blurred the line between man and machine. When Neumann remarks on a potential victim by noting that he is "a human being, dammit, with a brain and rights and an ID card, and you can't just shoot people.…. [read more]

Why Should We Continue the NASA Space Program? Research Proposal

… ¶ … NASA Space Program?

Our Nations' Greatest Gains are based on Space Exploration

Our nation's crisis economically today is directly related to the lack of consistent innovation gained from investments in space exploration and the many processes required to make these programs successful. From the most fundamental aspects of project management that today guide the development, testing and commercial launch of commercial, military and private aircraft to the development of razor-thin chemical polymers (Fischetti, Herbert, 68) that act as heat shields of returning capsules, the space program delivers a higher national return on investment than any other activity today. What makes the continual investment in space exploration and programs so critical in these recessionary times is that America needs a continual stream of new…. [read more]

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