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Role of APN Research Paper

… Role of an advanced practice nurse (APN) has changed and evolved over the years to the point where an APN has more authority, more respect and more responsibility -- and this paper delves into those responsibilities. The paper also reviews the intelligent use of the APRN (or APN) and the not-so-intelligent use of these well-trained healthcare professionals.

The prescriptive authority of the APRN - background

Up until a few years ago the State of Georgia was the only state in the U.S. that did not authorize APNs to prescribe medicines for their patients. Cathy Jordan, a pediatric APRN and professor in the Nell Hodgson Woodruff School of Nursing at Emory University, explains the general and the role of an APRN. The APRNs conduct physical exams…. [read more]

Role Development for Advanced Term Paper

… That fundamental role underscores the specialist nature of negotiation in nursing care. To this extent, the negotiation she undertakes is precisely called negotiated care (Keatinge).

Implementing these Roles in Professional Development -- A Master prepared nurse is an advanced practice nurse who plays all the above-mentioned roles (Swihart & Johnstone, 2010). She orients, precepts, teaches, encourages and guides. She possesses the unique knowledge, skills, insights and experiences. As a specialist, she is armed with a wide range of competencies in all practice setting and environment of care. She coordinates with healthcare providers and nurses to insure safety, effectiveness and efficiency in that environment. She is also involved in project management, academic and clinical education, program development, management of competencies, continuing education and matters concerning return…. [read more]

Advanced Practice Roles Research Paper

… APNs in more conventional practice settings may feel threatened by specialties that treat population groups and place more of an emphasis on group-based rather than individually-based nursing. However, "statements that distinguish rather than disparage selected APN groups are necessary to build the internal cohesion needed to promote advanced practice nursing to the public and other healthcare providers" (Hanson & Harnric 2003: 206). In fact, there is a great deal of overlap given that so many individualized problems in primary care such as chronic diseases related to obesity have their roots in larger societal issues, such as a lack of healthy food and exercise.


Hanson, C. & Hamric, A.B. (2003) Reflections on the continuing evolution of Advanced Practice

Nursing. Nursing Outlook, 51:203-211. Retrieved from:…. [read more]

Compare the Scope of Practice for APN Across the Country Term Paper

… ¶ … APN

Compare the Scope of Practice for Advanced Practice Nurses across the Country.

Over the last several years, the responsibilities of advanced practicing nurses (APNs) have been continually evolving. This is because there is a shortage of qualified nurses inside the health care sector from rising demand. In many rural and inner city locations, these professionals are in greater demand. According to a study conducted by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, these numbers are expected to continually increase in the next decade and beyond. This is illustrating how the rising demand for them will require shifting duties and responsibilities in the process.

To fully understand what is taking place requires carefully examining the scope and practice for APNs across the country. This will…. [read more]

Clinical Framework for Advanced Practice Nurse Essay

… By highlighting the use of master's-equipped nurses to oversee care from the hospital to within the home, this model has been able to reduce re-hospitalizations for elderly patients with multiple chronic conditions. Research shows that using the Transitional Care Model aids patients attain better long-term health results and evade repeat hospitalizations, all at a cheap cost. Experts agree the program does need more nurses in order to develop some innovations.

Person/Client/Client System

The research explains that each client system is unique, a composite of characteristics and factors within a given range of responses that are contained within a basic structure. Experts also make the point that many known, unknown, and universal stressors exist. Each of these stressors differs in its potential for troubling a client's…. [read more]

APN's According to the American Term Paper

… Many times APN's are required to document all aspects of patient interactions and then intervene according to the analysis of those documentations.

One recent study found that "care logs written by the APN's to document the patient problems and nursing interventions are then content analyzed and coded" (Naylor, Bowles, Brooten, 2000, p. 94). Once the care logs have been analyzed and coded the information is then used to assist the APN's in making interventions with the patients. Jennifer also states that such practices are required of APN's and that most APN's complete them on a regular basis.

Regarding the issue of patient safety, Jennifer states that APN's, because of the massive amount of documentation, the ongoing communication and collaboration, and the knowledge needed of more…. [read more]

Nursing Leader's Perceived Role in Nurse Recruitment Research Proposal

… LR Explor/The nurse leader role in recruit.

Nurse Leaders as Recruiters

Nurse leaders serve an integral role in the field to demonstrate skill in recruitment of future nurses. To do this they must work within existing systems as well as advocate for the expansion of other recruitment essential systems and system change need awareness. Nurse leaders must work collaboratively with human resource departments as well as becoming fundamental community recruiters in and outside of the work setting. (Anson, 2000, p. 21) This review of literature will then address general and specific issues of the role of nurse leaders as recruiters by thematically addressing certain trends and change needs in the health care industry in general and in nursing care that have specific and general implications…. [read more]

Apns Competency Course Competencies Research Paper

… "Sixty-nine studies published between 1990 and 2008 were analyzed and 28 outcomes were summarized for nurses practicing in APRN roles. The results indicated that APRNs provide safe, effective, quality care and play a significant role in promoting health and health care" (Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act; Program Integrity, 2013, ANA). Using APNs for roles once fulfilled by physicians promote patient wellness. APNs can provide accessible, personalized, and high-quality service.

However, because of the ambiguity of their roles, APNs may be called upon to perform multiple functions in a diverse healthcare environment. APNs often must "use their technical knowledge and skills to provide support and teaching, particularly to nurses and junior doctors when they first started on the wards and were unfamiliar with the organization"…. [read more]

Goals of the Consensus Model Term Paper

… Goals of the Consensus Model

The Consensus Model for APRN primarily regulates the four critical elements in the nursing profession. The nursing profession resolves around licensure, accreditation, certification and education. The model outlines the procedure of attaining the authority to practice the nursing profession in its area of jurisdiction. The other objective is to approve educational nursing programs. The consensus model for APRN also formally recognizes the achievements of knowledge, skills, and experience in the nursing the profession. This model is meant to formally prepare the APRNs for master's degree as well as post-graduate certificate and doctorate programs (APRN Joint Dialogue Group, 2008).

Comparison and Contrast of the Current NJ APN Practice Regulations to Those Proposed In the Consensus Model


The New Jersey board…. [read more]

Implementing the Clinical Nurse Leader Role in the Women's and Children's Department Research Paper

… Clinical Nurse Leader Role

Implementing the Clinical Nurse Leader Role in the Women's and Children's Department

The recently emerging role of Clinical Nurse Leader has come under extreme scrutinty by both the promoters of the position and the detractors. Developed as a further educational and training program to Clinical Nurse Specialist, Clinical Nurse Leader has the fundamental duty of coordinating the various components and personnel in a department. These duties will be analyzed in relation to the Women and Children's departments in hospitals.

Prevalence in Nursing

Theoretical/Conceptual Underpinnings

Project Description

Project Components

Community Contributions

Implementing the Clinical Nurse Leader Role in the Women's and Children's Department


The recently emerging role of Clinical Nurse Leader has come under extreme scrutinty by both the promoters of…. [read more]

Masters-Prepared Nurse's Role: Questions Essay

… 713.2.2-03: Recognize the role of emotions in ethical decisions.

No matter how scientific in nature the nursing profession might be, the nurse will be affected by emotions. Given that caring and caritas is a critical component of nursing, this is only natural. Nursing requires a balance of emotions and empathy for the patient with the technical demands of the profession and the higher ethical code of the profession.

713.2.2-04: Identify the importance of personal values and patient values.

The nurse may have certain personal values based upon professional concepts of health as well as personal values based in anecdotal experience. The patient's view of health may conflict with these. The nurse can act as an educator but should not dismiss the views of the patient:…. [read more]

Role Development for Advanced Nursing Essay

… Advance Nursing Practices

In the last few decades, advance nursing has emerged as a healthcare system to provide better and expertise services in nursing fraternity. It has however, forced governments around the world to recognize nursing contributions to health care through expanding their role as an effective way to improve healthcare service delivery to patients in various health care facilities (Schober and Affara, 2006).

However, advanced practice nursing (APN) is design to provide a complex and a dynamic health care system needs and demands in a flexible manner to a community. Moreover, the role of advanced nursing practices have revolutionized from the traditional scope of nursing, where only the use of nursing knowledge was involved to a more dynamic and comprehensive use of other skills…. [read more]

Advanced Nurse Practitioner Essay

… One widely accepted model for skill acquisition in Advanced Nursing Practice is the Skill Acquisition model, created by two brothers, Dreyfus and Dreyfus. This model helps illustrate how nursing students of all levels acquire the skills they need to keep pushing towards their goals within healthcare. There is first the Novice level, where skills are acquired primarily through mimicking the actions of others and memorizing the basic components of nursing. This is the most rigid of all levels, as the student can not use their own judgment based on a lack of experience. Next is the Advanced Beginner, also known as a stage of Competence, who has a little more perceptual freedom than the novice. Individuals with competence achieve a heightened level of competence based…. [read more]

Interview With an Advanced Practice A-Level Coursework

… (6) Better-informed consumers are more likely to be aware of malpractice issues and to recognize insufficient or inappropriate care.

(7) Expanded legal definitions of liability have held all professionals to higher standards of accountability. For example, because of the expanded scope of practice of advanced practice nurses, courts have held them to a medical standard of care. (Croke, 2003, p.1) Reported as the nursing negligence issues that were the reasons for settlements or verdicts in favor of patients were those stated as follows:

(1) failure to communicate adequate information to the physician;

(2) inadequate patient assessment,

(3) nursing interventions, or nursing care;

(4) medication errors;

(5) inadequate infection control; and (6) unsafe or improper use of equipment. (Croke, 2003, p.1)

A study involving 250 cases…. [read more]

Family Nurse Practioner Term Paper

… These agencies impact this role positively if properly followed since their work complete the ethics and rules that inform the procedure.

CRAN's role in the medical field is aided by the fact that there are now many institutions that offer the course. FNPs; gain from the fact that they can access school materials online or on part-time basis. This has the dual effect of giving the nurse both clinical experiences while learning. Accreditation agencies are coming up whose existence is aided with the support of both the state and federal governments. This ensures the nurses offering this expertise role; are qualified and competent persons.

According to a research conducted in 2010; showed that CRNA's who worked independently without supervision were as effective as full fledge…. [read more]

End-Of-Life Decision-Making and the Role of the Advanced Practice Nurse Term Paper

… End-of-Life Decision Making

End of life decision-making and the role of the Advanced Practice Nurse

Description of the Ethical Issue:

End-of-life decision making has gone through some great changes in the last 50 years. These changes have to do with societal attitudes about death, dying and healthcare at the end of a person's life and how they have evolved due to new innovations in healthcare -- technological, pharmacological, and surgical innovations (Daly 2006a). With these new innovations in healthcare have come very difficult challenges for patients and their families -- as well as for the people who provide the care towards the end-of-life -- nurses and doctors (Wilkie et al. 2001). The ability to be able to prolong life in patients with grave injuries or…. [read more]

DNP Role and Its Synthesis Chapter

… ¶ … nursing roles in the nursing field today. One of these roles is being a nurse educator. Below is an essay discussing the roles of a nurse educator and the usage of DNP for the role.

Below is a discussion of nurse educator roles in the nursing field as well as the place of DNP in it.

Feigenbaum, E. (n.d.). Role of a Nurse Educator. Retrieved January 19, 2015, from

Greenwood, B. (n.d.). What Are the Duties of a Nurse Educator? Retrieved January 19, 2015, from

Henritz, E. (n.d.). Nurse Educator Role & Competencies. Retrieved January 19, 2015, from


Nicole, A. (n.d.). What Is a Doctorate of Nursing Practice? Retrieved January 19, 2015, from


Nurse Educator Job Description.…. [read more]

Learning Self-Analysis for Nursing Program Essay

… The work of a CNM is extremely intensive, involving the independent management of a woman's healthcare during the advanced stages of pregnancy, as well as assisting in the birthing process.

2.) What is driving the need for Advanced Practice Nurses (APNs) in this country?

With the American healthcare system now the focus of public dissatisfaction and political debate, one issue that patients and providers alike can agree upon is the growing shortage of primary care providers throughout the nation's hospitals, healthcare centers, and community clinics. The disturbing trend of medical students avoiding the path of primary care in favor of more lucrative specialties or private practices has left the average patient with little option but to wait for hours in a waiting room simply to…. [read more]

Fnp vs. PNP Essay

… They work under the supervision of doctors and other professionals licensed to practice medicine. This is an emerging field, but the advanced practice nurse (APN) who is also a PNP in an acute setting "helps provide cost-effective, quality patient care for critically and chronically ill children" (Teicher et al., 2001).

PNPs perform a variety of health care duties such as administering medication and immunizations, inserting catheters, and taking vital signs and blood samples. PNPs often work in NICUs and other more emotionally taxing settings. They soothe the apprehension or emotional discomfort their patients and families may have regarding certain diagnoses, and track patients' growth to adulthood. PNPs often have advanced education that allows for better communication with physicians. It is imperative that they understand the…. [read more]

Nurse Practitioners Clinical Experience Essay

… As such, the APN must draw on clinical experience to improve the status of their patients, but also of the entire health care situation as a whole. Thus, they must engage "in direct clinical practice, function as consultants in their area of expertise, provide expert coaching and guidance, interpret, evaluate, and participate in research, provide clinical and professional leadership, collaborate, and employ ethical decision making" (O'Grady, 2008). It is also important for APNs to get acquainted with clinical data systems. Clinical experience keeps APNs at the forefront of the medical field, which is also crucial for innovation.

Not only is clinical experience necessary for handling situations in the field, the current research also shows that it is imperative for creating a healthier future. Clinical prevention…. [read more]

Business Management Plan Term Paper

… Failure to implement the new practice in the form of APN practice would result into lack of efficiency in the service delivery as well as increment in the cost of operations. The organization will continue to accumulate massive operational costs thus transferring the burden to the consumers or patients and their families. This is an indication of poor service delivery and planning for the achievement of the goals and objectives of the reformed health care systems in the modern society.

Negotiate essential elements of an employment contract for an advanced practice nurse in a selected care setting

Professional resume is vital in the preparation and submission during the interview process. Written employment contracts are essential in relation to provision of protection of the nurse and…. [read more]

Advance Practice Nursing Term Paper

… The author also points out that all nurses "are practitioners of nursing" regardless of their skills or expertise (Lumby, 40). The author challenges the profession of nursing to focus on key issues, which she defines as "developing the capacity to research and articulate the evolution going on within the profession" (Lumby, 41). Among the current issues facing advance practice nurses and the nursing profession in general include finding methods to delivery "consumer focused quality health services" and shift individuals way of thinking from a "provider driven system to a consumer driven system" that enables consumers to make informed choices regarding their healthcare (Lumby, 41).

Issues and Discussion of Advance Practice Nursing

Lumby makes a good point. It is not nearly as important to define an…. [read more]

Advanced Practice Nursing Term Paper

… The assumption is that the adult health worker is not alone but rather contributes a unit of impacting forces and these can better or obstruct her services in all the four aspects of health, patient, environment, and the state of nursing components itself. None are in isolation; all are conjoined, and for optimum effects, all have to work in unison and form one integrated, directed process focused on patient's improvement and comfort. Also related is that patient should not be overburdened by too many stakeholders. The sufficient and relevant stakeholders should be involved, no more and no less, and, if family and friends are supportive, these should be included as well. This is partly so since as patient-focused model of care, patient's culture plays a…. [read more]

Learning in Nursing Essay

… At its core, ways of knowing is the overall acquisition, interpretation and filtering of knowledge from the world around this. In the nursing prism, this would include book learning, practice learning and experiential learning. Each has their own place but one can often never replace the other. For example, reading how to do a suture is one thing but doing it is another. Doing it under pressure is a third thing altogether. As far as empiricism vs. interpretive paradigms, there is much to be said for both. The empirics are about what one can sense including from sight and hearing. However, not everything can be gleaned from that nor should anyone assume that this can or should be the case. Sometimes, it is about interpretation…. [read more]

Advanced Practice Nursing Framework Essay

… Table 1

Job description for advanced practice nurses as expert clinicians, educators, researchers, and consultants

Area of practice

Job Description

Expert clinician

Advanced practice nurses in many states must follow evidence-based, expert clinical protocols as the basic foundation for their practice (Levin & Feldman, 2006). In many settings, the scope of the primary care services provided by APNs in this capacity frequently includes the following:

Health promotion in all age groups ranging from children to elderly, including family planning for women and in every stage of health.


Prevention and control of illness, accident, poisoning, and domestic or community violence;


Promotion of healthy environment;

Management of outbreak disease;

Comprehensive health assessment of individual, family and community.

Early detection and management of illness and risk…. [read more]

MS Program Thesis

… ¶ … MS program's critical elements

Communication skills: Evolution

Verbal expression

Perhaps the most important thing I have learned from becoming an Advanced Practical Nurse (APN) is that communication is essential to the nursing profession. It is not enough to know what is right -- a nurse must effectively communicate with the patient, the patient's caregiver, and/or the other healthcare providers for that patient. The nurse must be technically fluent in the language of the medical profession, yet also be able to translate jargon into layperson's terms.

For example, a nurse might know that a patient who is pre-diabetic must lose weight and reform his or her diet. A nurse must communicate this fact in a way that is meaningful to the patient and help…. [read more]

Bioterrorism and Advanced Practice Nurse Essay

… ¶ … deficiencies in the state of Texas as represented with a score of 7. The will identify the three key indicators listed in the report that are reported as deficiencies for the state of Texas and relate them to first responder issues. In addition, we will examine the role of the clinical nurse leader/advanced practice nurse (APN/CNL) with regard to this and how such professionals will pick if the slack in the face of these deficiencies.

Bioterrorism Issues For Texas in Nursing First Response

In the eighth annual Ready or Not? Protecting the Public from Diseases, Disasters, and Bioterrorism report, the state of Texas achieved 7 of 10 key indicators of public health emergency preparedness. This reflects almost ten years of progress in improving…. [read more]

Domestic Violence and Hispanic Women Research Paper

… Evidence-Based Practice Protocol: Domestic Violence and Hispanic Women

Evidence-based Practice

Domestic violence (DV) accounts for about 30% of all acute injuries to women treated in emergency departments, as it currently constitutes a critical public health concern, not only in the United States (U.S.), but worldwide. Some studies indicate that Hispanic women are more likely to be injured during intimate partner violence incidents than non-Hispanic women, with scholars agreeing that DV among Latinos must be addressed as it constitutes a serious problem among the Latino growing population.

Research reveals that utilizing emergency room protocols to identify and treat victims of domestic violence increases the identification of victims by medical practitioners. Although a high percentage of female victims of domestic violence visit emergency rooms for treatment, low…. [read more]

Family Nurse Practitioner Program Essay

… What I look forward to most as a FNP is the ability to make a difference in families' lives and families' states of wellness. My current area of expertise is in pediatrics, but I have come to see the need to treat the whole family to maximize the wellness potential of the child. Having a rapport with the parents is just as essential as establishing a personal connection with the child as a patient.

At this juncture of my professional life, I believe that I have the maturity and life experience to provide health care to all ages of patients. It will be spiritually and professionally fulfilling to impact adults' lives in the way that I have already impacted the lives of my pediatric patients.…. [read more]

Pressure Ulcers in the Elderly Research Paper

… (2008), these are some of the extrinsic risk factors for pressure ulcers. The extended nursing role in this model includes patient history taking, ordering diagnostic tests and prescribing treatment. One of the definitive objectives of the model relates to timeliness. Each patient is reviewed and progress recorded every 48 hours, while an advanced practice nurse sees new admissions within one hour. This system would ensure that formations of pressure ulcers early on in a patient's hospital stay would be identified very early. An analysis of the nurse practitioner's role conducted by Schroeder (2008) further emphasizes the qualifications and educational preparation that makes the advanced practice nurse well suited for such a role in the hospital.

Improving care in Practice Area: Action Plan and Measurable Outcomes…. [read more]

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