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Role of Womens Essay

… No dear. It was an ordeal. I applied in 30 medical schools one after the other and 29 rejected me for admission.

Florence: (Surprised) oh really?

Elizabeth: Yess. Only Geneva Medical School allowed me to get admission in 1847. But there were all boys in the class. The teachers were males too. They often did not let me attend the medical demonstration but, anyhow, time passed. I graduated with flying marks and stood first in my class. By the way, you tell, how are you going with your cause?

Florence: Hmm. (smiled). I also regard the support from my father. You know what, he is a landowner but actively involved in anti-slavery movement. I feel for people a lot. There is so much categorization and…. [read more]

Women's History Research Paper

… Women's History Questions

In the early days of the United States, particularly the 1790's, women had a very limited role in public and political life. However, the massive political changes occurring in France influence the role of Women in America. The many religious awakenings and revivals spurred a more active role for women outside of the home, including charitable endeavors. This led many women to enter into the realm of public politics by becoming involved in the early Abolitionist movement.

The 18th century saw the rise of industrialization and the invention of a number of machines that could not only increase productivity and efficiency, but could be operated by either men or women. This led to an increase in opportunities for women including working in…. [read more]

Women Face Sex Discrimination in Their Career Advancement Term Paper

… Women Sex Discrimination in Career Advancement

The delineation of the sexes is clearly established in society and impressed in people's minds. The man is to be the breadwinner and the woman is the nurturer of children and keeper of the home. Yet for the last two decades, professional women have entered the workforce and now account for almost half of the American labor force, half of them occupying managerial and professional specialty positions, about half coming from medical and law schools and an increasing number of them as corporate officers. But few of them hold line jobs, receive comparative wages with male employees, are top-earners and appointed to board seats. The majority of high-powered women employees leave their positions mainly because of dissatisfaction with job…. [read more]

Roles of Women in Ancient Hebrew and Greek Culture Term Paper

… Women in Greek and Hebrew Cultures

Women in both ancient Greek and Hebrew cultures were subservient to males since societies were highly patriarchic in those days. To expect ancient women to have had enjoy as much freedom and as many civil rights as they do today is ridiculous since the entire social structure was so constructed that it benefited males. However there is some difference that we may notice in the extent of freedom enjoyed by women by different ancient cultures. Most of what we know about ancient culture comes from literature of that time. Ancient Greek and Hebrew literature throw light on social system of the time and the treatment meted out to women.

The best depiction of women in Greek culture comes from…. [read more]

Women's Rights During the Nineteenth Term Paper

… During the Civil War, Anthony and many other members of the women's movement played a large role in abolishing slavery. In 1863 Anthony founded the Women's Loyal League, which supported President Abraham Lincoln's policies (Berg). Following the war, Anthony and her supporter tried unsuccessfully to link women's suffrage with that of the freed slaves.

The Fifteenth Amendment of 1870 granted voting rights only to black men. Due to their great disappointment, Anthony and her supporters founded the National Woman Suffrage Association. The Fourteenth Amendment of 1868 declared that all people born in the United States were citizens and that no legal privileges could be denied to any citizen. Anthony challenged this amendment, arguing that women were citizens but were denied voting privileges.

On November 1,…. [read more]

Changes in the Roles of Women Essay

… However, apart from being competent in these areas, a woman was required to be sociable and beautiful to qualify for the accomplishment.

Queen Victoria: Okay! ... While women in the 19th Century did not have many choices, they lived in much better conditions than slaves though they had to obey men. Since the husband held all resources, women could only own wealth and property upon the death of their husbands. In such circumstances, a woman inherited or automatically inherited what belonged to her husband. However, things started to change when women were slowly allowed to own small businesses like clothing stores, shops, and cafes. How was it during your times? Did women own property?

Maria Elisabeth: I think it was relatively different to the 18th…. [read more]

Role Effect Women World War Essay

… One can even claim that women experienced both distress and benefits as the war started, considering that the suffering that they went through during the conflict reflected positively on their image.

The First World War provided women with the opportunity to get actively involved in leading their country. The years preceding the conflict actually prepared feminists for what was to come. "From 1900 to 1917 increasing numbers of women were drawn into the effort to reform a wide range of the nation's political, social, and economic problems" (Lemons 3). The conflict did not only provide these women with the ability to prove themselves, as it also made it possible for them to unite with the purpose of fighting for their rights.

A great deal of…. [read more]

Education of Women Essay

… Early researchers concur that women belonged indoors as they were obliged to tend to children and watch servants. This further adds evidence to the conforming stereotypes put on women in the Renaissance period as seen from Juan Luis Vives example (Bell 187).

To present any form of inappropriate characteristics, women would quickly put the offender to be ridiculed in public. These stereotypes clearly show that there was no Renaissance for women. While posing as a backfire from multiple points-of-view to the religious wars and the witch trials of the former hundreds of years, the thinkers and philosophers of the Enlightenment supported the utilization of rational science and thought over superstition and religion (Rice and Anthony 78). In France, Enlightenment philosophies advised against the excesses and…. [read more]

Women's Isolation Despite Representing Half Research Paper

… As a result, many employers have been free to discriminate against women because their have been little to no substantial repercussions; in fact, it is easy to imagine that for some large companies, it could even be cheaper to pay women less and then settle should they discover the discrimination rather than offer equitable pay in the first place. These are only some of the ways that women continue to be isolated and limited even after the historical developments discussed above, but they demonstrate how inequality, marginalization, and disempowerment can continue even after explicit steps are taken to combat them.

For almost all of human history, women have been marginalized, isolated, disempowered, and disenfranchised by societies dominated by men, and only recently has this egregious…. [read more]

Women Camp Followers of the American Revolution Term Paper

… Women Camp Followers of the American Revolution

Women have played a crucial role in history and in its most important developments along time. The status of women in America however has been one of the most controversial issues in building the American democracy. This is largely due to the fact that women, in the 18th and 19th century did not have the same rights as men and were therefore forced to be inferior to the man in front of the law. The struggle for equal rights and the abolition of discriminatory practices is an important segment of the American history, and one of its episodes unfolded during the American Revolution and the Civil War, as women, despite the common expectations, played an essential role in…. [read more]

Violation of Women Rights in India Term Paper

… Women's Rights In India

Violation of Women's Rights in India

As a fast-growing economy and the largest democracy of the world, India struggles with numerous human rights issues in its attempt to strengthen its position in the world: politically, economically, and morally. India is a signatory to major international conventions dealing with human rights issues and in the last sixty years the government has passed numerous laws designed to protect the rights of India's citizens, especially those of minority groups and women. And yet the problem with women's rights remains serious. Violations of women's rights remain prevalent in Indian society because of centuries-old, deep-seated cultural beliefs and attitudes that disfavor women's rights in the society. The struggles for equality are compounded by sexist and misogynist…. [read more]

Women in the Developing World Term Paper

… They should be taught about different contraceptives and these should be available widely throughout the problem country. It is seen that "satisfying the unmet need for contraceptive services in developing countries would avert 52 million unintended pregnancies annually, which, in turn, would save more than 1.5 million lives and prevent more than 7 million infant deaths in their first month of life" (Reuters).

Health issues have caused a lot of women to die in the developing countries. This is all because of gender inequality where man sees himself to be superior to the woman. Such countries should educate the men and make them realize that females are as much humans as themselves. Females should not be prevented from receiving any kind of medical treatment. "It…. [read more]

Treatment of Women in Mad Essay

… A lot of feelings are unspoken, so that's kind of been fun to play with" (Hardy). A high concept film is not played largely "in the eyes" of a character. The fact that negotiations -- very public negotiations -- for a third season of Mad Men did not begin until the second season had concluded is telling. The threshold for syndication of a television show is often the attainment of a third season (Hardy). As Kevin Baggs, Lionsgate's president of production and programming, said, typically "the money truck would be backing up" (Hardy). As Hardy points out, "with only 13 episodes a season as opposed to 24 for a typical broadcast-network show, Mad Men still has a ways to go." Baggs' assessment is that it…. [read more]

Treatment of Western Women Term Paper

… It should also be remembered here that in historical times, Jewish women of high-standing wore head veils, as did Christian women in Victorian times, to symbolize wealth, and daintiness. In fact, during these times, the only women who did not wear veils were prostitutes, and it was only societal pressures during the nineteenth century that forced Jewish women to stop wearing veils. Catholic nuns still wear veils, and St. Paul himself justified the use of the veil by women as a sign of the man's authority, as man is the image and glory of God, over woman, who was created from you, and for man. How different this is to the liberating role of hijaab in Islam!

What of the status of rape in the…. [read more]

Role and Treatment of Women Essay

… Role and Treatment of Women

Chopin's women: In search of love and freedom

Kate Chopin's novels and short stories all present the position of women in American society as one that is constrained, rather than improved, by marriage. Chopin was a 19th century American author who addressed the inequalities of her society long before women had gained the right to vote, or even the right to hold property as married women. In Chopin's stories, men, rather than seeing women for who they truly are, project their own fantasies and needs upon the female body. This is seen in "The Story of an Hour" when Mrs. Mallard, who believes her husband is dead, is actually delighted at the prospect of freedom rather than saddened by it.…. [read more]

Women's History Questions After Reading Essay

… They could work inside the home or outside the home fulfilling many different types of roles. By contrast, men's roles were predominantly more static. The flexibility in their roles was also thought to hide their contributions to the transitioning economy but ironically the additional labor that came from the female members of society was not mentioned in many of the subsequent narratives. Yet the household in general became more productive during this transitional time and more and more women began transforming their non-paid positions into paid labor in the local markets.

WEEK 6: What are the similarities and differences between the experience of women during the prior to and during the Civil War compared to women prior to and during the Revolutionary War? Overall do…. [read more]

Women's Roles the Changing Research Paper

… Therefore, there is a dire need to address this issue responsibly whereby the first step is to implement the written laws which promise a higher status of women. To achieve this, the world needs a fair and an accountable law enforcing body which not only entertains female participation in different realms of life but also take the responsibility of the security and fair and equal treatment of women in these facets of life. Such steps along with several other changes would then play an important role in combating the existent sexism in the world.


Chakrapani C. 1994. Changing status and role of women in Indian society. M.D. Publications. Retrieved 8th December, 2011 (

EOWA statistics. 2011. Labor Market Statistics. Australia.

Freedman J. 2001. Feminism.…. [read more]

Women Objectification Women Research Paper

… These findings support objectification theory (Frederickson & Roberts, 1997) in that the process of evaluating one's internal value based primarily on external appearance leads to negative consequences.

In order to further examine the role of self-objectification on eating disorder pathology, Calogero, Davis, and Thompson (2005) conducted a study with 209 women in a residential treatment facility for eating disorders. They found that exposure to media ideals of appearance alone did not account for eating disorder symptomology, namely drive for thinness. Internalization of these ideals and self-objectification, however, were linked to these factors and was shown to contribute to drive for thinness. This suggests that viewing of sexually objectifying images of women is linked to the internalization of these images, which may contribute to chronic viewing…. [read more]

Roles of Women Figures in the Major Works Thesis

… Roles of Women Figures in the Major Works

Major literary works will always bear two distinct values for mankind: they are as much artistic pieces as they are testimonies of the times their authors lived in. Historians of the early ages have extracted as much as they could from the information provided by works such as Homer's Iliad and Odyssey to enlarge their horizon about the historic facts of passed periods. Warfare, language, customs, socio-economic relationships between towns and their people, religion and worldviews, all these were to be traced in the two fundamental myths of the Western world. Other epic heroic stories that followed over the centuries, such as: The Aeneid and Beowulf continued to influence historians in their pursuit of finding historic meanings…. [read more]

Role of Women: Oedipus the King Essay

… Role of Women: Oedipus the King and Beowulf

Ancient literature is always interesting in terms not only of what it can still teach the audience even today, but also in terms of what it reveals regarding the society of the time. Plays such as Oedipus the King, for example, provide the reader with particular insight regarding the view of fate and its role in human life. Others, such as the epic poem Beowulf, provides insight into the juxtaposition of good and evil in the ancient mind. In addition, these works also provide insight into the societies of the time, and in particular into the subtleties in class and gender relationships. In both works, for example, the roles of the various women serve, to a greater…. [read more]

Women and Feminist Studies A-Level Coursework

… ¶ … women studies at a time when the interdisciplinary willpower and its concepts were getting institutional identification. Women's studies provided me with an exclusive place to take up the positions of the student, the instructor, the practitioner, and the subject researcher. Nowadays, questioning the mettle of women's studies is far from over (Darraj, 2010).

One of the things that I learnt and amazed me the most about women issues was the way the media portrayed them as objects. I did not understand that the press reveals everything from the men viewpoint or the "male gaze." In most cases, women have adjusted to living with such maltreatments. After taking this course, I usually evaluate women's positions in the advertisements and on television from a feminist…. [read more]

Women in Leadership Research Proposal

… Women in Leadership

The struggle for women's rights have come a long way from gaining the right to suffrage to having more women participate in the labor market, which is viewed as directly contributing to nation building. As women go up the social, political, or professional ladder, there arises the recognition for the need for change in attitudes and perceptions, whether of men or other women, with regard to women in leadership positions. While inroads have been made and small victories have been claimed in putting women in the same contributory role to national development -- whether in the corporate, political, or social arena -- as men, advocates contend that there is still much that need to be done before full victory can be claimed…. [read more]

Women Immigrants the Life of Women Immigrants in the U.S Research Proposal

… Women Immigrants

Problems Faced by American Women in the United States

One of the first immigrant women, the Statue of Liberty that stands on Ellis Island, is over 100 years old. She was a gift from France as a result of the rocky alliance that was achieved between the two countries. According to the National Park Service, "the Statue of Liberty has grown to include freedom and democracy as well as this international friendship" (U.S. Department of the Interior, n.d.). But this female Statue has come to represent far more than the values of the United States and the friendship between the United States and France. Instead, it represents the refuge that the United States gives to many. In fact, at the base of the…. [read more]

Woman's Rights Essay

… Women's Rights

In her personal "Letters" Abigail Adams begged her husband John Adams to remember the contribution women had made to the founding of the new Republic when constructing the laws of the land. However, President Adams, although he placed a great deal of credence in his wife's opinion on a personal level, did not listen to his wife in this instance. He believed women's influence was best channeled through their male relations, and women were not suited to direct participation in political affairs. It was many years before equality for women was acknowledged within the legal framework of the nation.

Today, no one would seriously consider taking away any woman's right to vote and to be an articulate participant in the American political process.…. [read more]

Woman and Disabilities Term Paper

… Women, Disability, Sexuality and the Image of the Ideal Woman

Women, Disability Sexuality and the Image of the Ideal Woman

The proposed course of research here is on the subject of women, disability and sexuality. The expectation of society is that disabled women are disabled sexually as well as physically because society cannot perceive women with disabilities in a way that is compatible with society's image of the "ideal woman." That is, the woman who is physically, emotionally and psychologically healthy; educated or intellectually alert, financially independent, reproductively healthy and capable of producing offspring; and able to balance all these things in a way that does not reveal her weaknesses.

This paper will attempt to gain a sense of the psychological, physical, emotional, and social…. [read more]

Women's History Term Paper

… In the mid-nineteenth century, states began to gradually grant married women greater control over property, and in 1948, New York passed the Married Women's Property Act, allowing women to acquire and retain assets independently of their husbands, and eventually other states followed (Women's pp).

Women led legislative efforts during the nineteenth and twentieth centuries to ensure their rights (Women's pp). The 14th Amendment in 1866 provided all citizens equal protection under the law and no citizen could be denied due process of law (Women's pp). The 15th Amendment, passed in 1870 declared that citizens could not be denied the right to vote on the basis of race, color, or previous status as a slave (Women's pp). Elizabeth Stanton, Susan B. Anthony, and other activists "argued…. [read more]

Women in Nigeria Term Paper

… Women in Nigeria

The rank and status of women in Nigeria is equally ludicrous in comparison with other parts of the world. Irrespective of the numerical strength of the women population in Nigeria, they are persistently vulnerable to the sheer disregard and neglect as a result of low educational opportunities, socio-cultural principles; deficiency in the economic strength; the gender biased laws and administrative policies; and domestic liabilities. (Re: Women's political participation in Nigeria) Further woman do not have involvement in the process of decision-making in Nigeria. The Nigerian society is observed to be dominated by the male population (a Philosophy of Education for Nigerian women: Problems and Prospects) Nigeria is featured as a country depicting traditional beliefs and practices that place women at denouncing roles.…. [read more]

Women Throughout Chinese History Term Paper

… " (Watson & Ebrey, 1991, 235). The girl split from her first family with the understanding that she was never going back to them nor even allowed to communicate with them unless she had the permission of the man. On the surface the procedure is very much like a father marrying off his daughter, making the same arrangements as if it was a legal marriage. However there were a few things that distinguished the wife's status over that of the concubine. Legally, a Chinese man can only have one wife but could possess innumerable concubines. So the status of wife was more special than that of the concubines. Wives were also allocated property upon their marriage while concubines were not. Concubines did not have dowries…. [read more]

Role of Women in Texas Term Paper

… The advent of 20th century, termed as the Progressive Era, marked a renewed movement for the liberalization and activism of women in Texas politics. Women organizations also sought for reforms on labor code policies, such as the changing of the legal policy of "maximum fifty-hour work week and ten hour day for women" to a nine-hour workday restriction only. This amendment of policies have ensured that women are not overworked and underpaid, and will still have time to rest, and attend to her family's needs as well as for herself. Also, educational institutions began accepting women as members of their school boards, and were given a chance to voice out their opinions about certain issues, such as proper child development and other issues concerning the…. [read more]

Women Transition Pre-Menopause Hormonal Research Paper

… As it has been highlighted that the levels of FSH are higher during the period of transition based on which the reponse from the ovarian follicles is higher leading to an increase in the levels of estrogen in the serum. The number of ovaries at this stage decreasing with a higher level of FSH that causes a great reduction in the capability of the aging ovarian follicles to secrete inhibin.

As the ovarian failure is markedly increased in this case, that means that there are no steroid hormones being released that sends a signal to the pituitary to release more gonadotropin releasing Hormone. As the levels of the gonadotropin releasing Hormone rises, there is a subsequent increase in the levels of FSH and LH (D'Adamo,…. [read more]

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