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Islam and Christianity Thesis

… This led to calmness at the time and allowed the Muslims to cooperate, and not engage in conflicts at the time. Such actions enhanced the cooperation regardless of the challenges that the Islamic and Christian communities faced at the time. The communities found the need to live well with one another in honor of the statues in the Quran and the Bible.

The Christians were also guided by the scriptural concept of promoting peace at all times. The Bible advocates for Christians to keep the peace as they can with all people, and to treat others as they would have wished to be treated. This led the Christians in the Middle East to find the means to coexist with the Islam within the lines of…. [read more]

Islam in the Age Term Paper

… In fact, marketing and branding bring the world together more than politics, culture, and even religion. From a marketing perspective, the Islamic market has been poorly understood, largely because of issues surrounding the dual nature of branding and religion. Part of marketing is giving the consumer what they want. The opening of Muslim markets combined with the rise in immigration of Muslims to Western countries is significant, particularly when combined with the influx of globalization on Muslim countries. Consumer product firms pay attention to these types of trends, in fact, "the global Muslim population is expected to increase at a rate of 35 per cent, rising to 2.2 billion by 2030, or 26.4 per cent of the world's total projected population of 8.3 billion" (The…. [read more]

Islam and Controversial Issues Research Paper

… Islamic Culture Viewed by Americans

Controversial and Sensitive Issues in the Islamic World

Religion can be considered as a controversial topic to be discussed amongst individuals due to the fact that every person feels ethnocentric about his own faith. For some people, religion holds a great significance as it creates a pathway to how their future life will be shaped. Within United State, there exist more than 300 religions and denominations (Wallace, 2013). The rate of diversity among religious group is increasing due to the increased number of people joining their religious group. Islam, which is the third largest religion prevailing in the world is also causing highly controversial issues because of the negative assumptions and misunderstandings about its morals, beliefs and values. Islam, when…. [read more]

Islamic Contributions to the West Research Paper

… Islamic Contributions to the West

This study has focused on the major contributions brought by the civilization of Islam to the west. It shows the origins of Islamic modern civilization, science, and predominance of Islamic science and education for more than hundred years in the world. Therefore, the study begins with the origins of civilization of the Islam from the west, gracious living art, material life, commerce, sciences, experimental methods, rationalism, and the Muslim influence on western philosophy (Wallace 45).

The introduction of Islam to the west started during the renaissance regime. This period was marked by main advancements in the field of health; in terms of cleanliness in the common Islam bathing custom; astronomy, education and many other sciences including mathematics. Islam made quite…. [read more]

Islam and Terrorism Term Paper

… d.). The politicization of scholars, experts and media commentators in the post 9/11 period has created a minefield for policymakers and the general public as they search for answers to questions like: "What are the causes of radicalism and anti-Americanism?," "Why do they hate us?," "What do Muslim women think about their status in Islam?" "Is Islam compatible with democracy?," "What are the causes of global terrorism?" other such questions. This often subconsciously leads a reader and positions them amongst the midst of positions of seemingly qualified experts who are nothing more than Islamaphobic authors who engage in a revisionist reading of Islam and Islamic history.

This increase in Islamophobia was in turn reflected in the way media outlets addressed and stereotyped Muslim populations (Media…. [read more]

Islam Ibn Khaldun Conceptualized History Research Paper

… Non-Muslim residents in regions now controlled by Muslim groups were accepted, tolerated, interacted with and traded with in unprecedented waves of inter-cultural communication. Baghdad became a central point of power for the Middle Period Muslim world, and yet was still not a centralized government by any means. Constantinople and Cairo vied with Baghdad as just a few of several centers of learning, arts, and politics. The spread of Islam throughout the Maghreb and into Spain further diversified the cultural and political landscapes of the Muslim world. The impact on regional economies was tremendous, as trade not only flowed more freely but also with a greater diversity of products, services, and ideas. The Middle Period of Islam heralded globalization.

The period was not without bloodshed though,…. [read more]

Islam and Democracy in Malaysia Literature Review

… Democracy and Islam in Malaysia

In this short essay, the author will examine the issue of democracy and Islam in Malaysia with a topical literature review. To wit, we will consider whether or not democracy and Islam are compatible in a modern society. This will be considered in various different areas. Unfortunately, the results are mixed at best, with Islam heavily overshadowing the Malaysian social fabric, although the tension between Malays and non-Malays is a second important factor.

Western democracy and banking have made their way into Malaysia. In an article by Samal Abdus, his article examines the performance of Bahrain's interest-free Islamic banks and also the interest-based conventional commercial banks in the post war period after the first Gulf War. This with respect to…. [read more]

Islam and Women Term Paper

… Islam and Women

Not a few Muslims have carelessly accepted and adopted the Judeo-Christian view or assumption on woman's natural weakness and inclination to error for seducing Adam to disobey God's order into eating the forbidden fruit in Paradise (al-Qaradawi). They fault her for the disgrace and the expulsion of Adam with her out of Paradise and thereon assume that she is the weaker and faultier sex and deserves her inferior status. Those who openly or secretly ascribe the total responsibility of the fall from grace to Eve or woman do not have solid ground to stand on because the prejudice is nothing more than a Biblical myth and a baseless prejudice. Allah clearly states in the Qur'an that Adam's decision was entirely his and…. [read more]

Primary Source Analysis: Islamic Text Essay

… Given the circumstances of his day and age, Muhammad could be characterized as progressive, when one compares his words and actions against common practices in the Middle East when he lived. Says Sakena Yacoobi, the founder and director of the Afghan Institute of Learning, a nonprofit organization that provides health and education services to women and children in Afghanistan, "Islam focused on education from the very first day. And in the time of the holy prophet, women used to work…women participated along with the line of men in almost all sort of professions" (Conan 2010). Islam is not a religion that seems to be founded upon the need to suppress the female spirit or refuse to educate women equally. Fifteen hundred years ago, women took…. [read more]

Role of Islam Term Paper

… Even if different in appearance, the resemblance between the decorations used in a mosque in Afghanistan for example and a mosque in Spain are obvious. Why is that? One of the obvious reasons could be that, as is the case with law, art is in itself an expression of religion and the principles by which religion governs, among them unity and unicity (of God), can find their place in artistic manifestation as well. Islam art can indeed reveal the inherent religiousness of art.

The unity of Islamic art directly relates to the unity God in Islam. Otherwise, we cannot possibly explain the common cement that links artistic expressions in places that are geographically so far away from each other. But we must consider the fact…. [read more]

Islamic Female Oppression Thesis

… Islamic Female Oppression

The objective of this work is to examine the history of the oppression and discrimination against women in the Muslim world and the female tradition in Islamic cultures. This work will answer the questions of: (1) How do Muslim women view their status in society? (2) Do Muslim women believe that they are oppressed? This work will also examine differing theories concerning the solutions to the oppression and why the theories might or might not work.

News reports in today's world are pervasively filled with stories of horror, inequity, injustice and oppression and one becomes desensitized to the effect of these stories or so one may believe until they read a story such as written by Soares (2009) entitled: "Oh Mother, I…. [read more]

Islam Al Andalus, Ha-Sefarad, Andalucia Essay

… The Islamic wellspring of culture and creativity permeated the culture of their region. It was not about converting everyone to Islam; it was about celebrating the written word and the mystery that is poetry. As Turner (n.d.) notes, Islam also celebrated the mysteries of geometry and science and introduced those to Christian Europe as it had introduced love of poetry to the Jews.

The most evocative element of the five aspects of Islamic art is "willful ambiguity," (Blair & Bloom, 1999, p. 222). Willful ambiguity is a phrase that shares much in common with the delight taken in paradox and contradiction, which were hallmarks of Andalucian culture in its heyday. According to Menocal, Jew, Christian, and Arab comfortably coexisted. Yet even more important than physical…. [read more]

Islamic vs. Christianity Research Paper

… Islamic vs. Christianity

Islam and Christianity are two of the world's dominant religions, as there are billions of followers for each faith. Both religions convey similar principles in their essence, on the topic of living a moral life and helping others concomitantly. In spite of the connections they have, the two religions are extremely different from each other in their elaborate forms. Islam is unique through the fact that it does not deny the existence of Jesus Christ, even with the fact that it promotes the theory that Muhammad is superior to Christ when taking into consideration their roles as prophets. In contrast, Christians believe that Christ is the actual son of God, making him more than a prophet -- the second person of the…. [read more]

Islam and the West Term Paper

… The author also argues that as religion has been banished from the political spheres, its presence in other cultures becomes a yardstick through which these secular cultures consider them progressive. (Pasha) That is to say those Western cultures consider secularism as a fundamental for the existence of any state, and those which have religion as their ideology are considered old and hypocritical. This is because the state and the church were the same in medieval West. However as the advanced through time and became intellectually enlightened the role of the church was marginalized. Western scholars being Eurocentric hence consider that as their region progresses other cultures too will progress, therefore those states which have religion as the underlying political ideology, in their opinion are in…. [read more]

Islamic Extremism in Britain Term Paper

… Islamic Extremism in Britain

How Did a Minority of the Current Generation of British Muslims, Mainly Children and Grandchildren of Muslim Asian Immigrants to Britain After World War 2, Turn to Islamic Extremism, and How Much Influence Did the Preachings of the Fundamentalist Cleric Abu Hamza Al-Masri and His Contemporaries, Have on Them?]

"Euro-Islam: A Cultural Phenomenon" states that the Muslim population in Europe "bears many similarities to other immigrant groups. A large proportion of Muslims have withdrawn into isolation, partly because it is imposed upon them and partly as a matter of choice. Many seem to live alongside, rather than constitute part of, European society." (Schwerin, 2004) This fact has led many to have the concern that these communities, closed as they are, might…. [read more]

Islam and the West Term Paper

… "The statement seems somewhat paternalistic, the sort of attitude typically held by Westerners toward the Near and Middle East that Western culture is better and holds higher ideals. Islamic cultures might well not agree with that. Their view, that the laws and practices of Islam should guide everything they do, including how they govern their countries, is important to them, and a view they see as superior. So, such statements leave us back where we began, with each culture believing in its own superiority.

Islam and the West is rigorously documents, with extensive bibliographic footnotes and a detailed index. While the writer does occasionally show bias toward Western culture, the information in the book is presented evenly enough that a careful reader can discern both…. [read more]

Islamic History in Russia Term Paper

… It is understandable that unfavorable social and economic conditions generate a much riper and receptive environment for the growth of radical ideas. It is no surprise, therefore, that Islamic radicalism has made such considerable inroads in Central Asia, especially in overpopulated and economically depressed communities.

Along these lines, after Chechnya emerged independent in 1996, hundreds of enthusiastic young men from the country's Muslim communities moved there to learn more about Islam and jihad in militarized camps set up by Arab warlords. They appealed to the interests of destitute, beaten and resigned men. They soothed their vulnerabilities and offered elevation.

In September 1999, nervous about the rising fundamentalist tide, legislators in Dagestan banned Wahhabism, a radical form of Islam, and religious extremism in the republic. Those…. [read more]

Islam and Politics Term Paper

… Islam and Politics

The Islamic states have yet to develop and adjust to the realities of today in order to be considered democratic states. The leadership of such countries does not truly respect the human rights considered essential nor grants the inhabitants the right to participate in the political process.

Bernard Lewis and Robin Wright, at the Johns Hopkins University, wrote in 1996 an essay called "Islam and Liberal Democracy: Recognizing Pluralism." In their paper they explain their belief regarding the status of locals in the political process. According to them, most Muslims live their lives in accordance with the teachings of the Qur'an, as they believe the Book to be God's final message to humanity. Therefore, most Islamists try to live their lives by…. [read more]

Islam Examine the Main Theological Points Essay

… Islam

Examine the main theological points of the Mutazilis and Asharis. Where do they agree and disagree?

Since the times of the Muhammad, Islam has been facing a rift between the Mutazilis and the Asharis. As both would share similar philosophical beliefs, while having differences that would create vast divisions in the Muslim world. Where, both sects would share similar beliefs in God and about the various teachings of Islam. Yet, once you move beyond this basic foundation the two will begin to have fundamental differences.


The Asharis will take a more conservative view when interpreting the various principals and teaching in the Quran. At the heart of these different ideas, are several basic principles that the Asharis believe to include: the reasoning for…. [read more]

Islam Radicalization Essay

… Islam Radicalization

The Radicalization of Islam

The forces of economic, political and religious distinction which have driven a wedge between the Western World and the Arab world are steeped in a long history of divergent interests. The conflict as we know it today, largely waged between the United States and such long-standing allies as the United Kingdom and Australia, is the fallout of centuries of subjugation, exploitation and occupation. The colonial forces of Europe and the United States exist on a continuum within which Arab states and cultures, once themselves a dominant and imperial global entity, have developed both historical and modern motives for violent and militant resistance. These motives relate as much to a sense of political resentment as they do to a belief…. [read more]

Islamic Right and Left Term Paper

… Islamic Right and Left

Any study of Islamic religious traditions will eventually lead the researcher to the film footage and sound bytes of Azan, the call to prayer; that moment when from the minaret atop a mosque, the soothing, musical voice calls the faithful to prayer. It is a stirring sound, a comforting sound, an ancient sound, and quickly understands how easy it must be for the Islamic faithful to answer the call to prayer. It is perhaps with the Azan that all researchers should begin their quest to further their understanding of Islamic tradition, for beyond the call there exist a myriad of contradictions and controversies to wade through in the quest to understand the true nature of Islam. However, the poetic verses contained…. [read more]

Islamic History in Russia Term Paper

… Two years after his election, Niyazov instituted processes that would make him officially ruler of Turkmenistan for life, with the only avenues of removal being health limitations or death. (Anderson)

Meanwhile, foreign affairs in Turkmenistan also suffered a rapid deterioration. Visitors to the country, especially news media, were made to feel most unwelcome. Many were even jailed or beaten upon arrival. An official censor position was instated to ensure that the flow of information to the people was closely controlled. Additionally, attempts at the formation of political parties in opposition to Niyazov's rule were effectively quelled. These combined restrictions in effect transformed Turkmenistan's emerging democracy into an authoritarian state. (Anderson)

Kazakhstan's attempts at the institution of democracy brought about a different set of challenges. In…. [read more]

Elements Within Islam That Led to the Terrorist Acts Research Paper

… Islamic Extremists

An Analysis of Islamic Extremism and Its Role in 9/11

Islamic Extremists are represented by the United States government as being the perpetrators behind 9/11. Yet, many independent researchers do not accept such a simplistic representation. This paper will look at the elements within Islam that are said to have led to the acts of 9/11 and show how Americans view Islam as a shield for terrorism. In other words, it will consider Islamic Extremism as it is both represented in politics and media and as it actually exists in the chronicles of historians and the independent research of journalists.

Even though ordinary Muslims do not accept the view that Islamic radicals were responsible for the terrorist attacks on 9/11 (Kull 129), few…. [read more]

Role of Women in Judaism, Christianity Research Proposal

… ¶ … Role of Women in Judaism, Christianity and Islam

There is a general agreement among Judaism, Christianity, and Islam that God created both man and woman however, the agreement ends there as there is a disagreement regarding the precise order that man and woman were created in that Christianity blames Eve for the fall and ultimate banishment from the Garden of Eden due to having disobeyed God however, in Islam both Adam and Eve are equally to blame and equally punished by God.


The work of Dr. Sherif Abdel Azeem entitled: "Women in Islam vs. Women in the Judaeo-Christian Tradition: The Myth and Reality" states that the image of Eve "as temptress in the Bible has resulted in an extremely negative…. [read more]

Aboriginal Religion, Christianity, and Islam Essay

… ¶ … Aboriginal Religion, Christianity, and Islam... 500 words per question (total of 1500 words)

Examine the ways in which Aboriginal religion has influenced the beliefs and practices of indigenous people beyond traditional movements.

Aboriginal religion and culture conceives of time and space in a fundamentally different manner than traditional Western culture (Stanner 1968: 33). The past is not separate from the present, and ancestors have a real, material presence in the immediate world. There is no clear divide between dead and living and both continue to influence one another (Stanner 1968: 20). Time itself is an elastic concept as is space. Aborigines, rather than viewing themselves as possessing and controlling the land see themselves as 'of' the land. Aboriginal religion focuses on the need…. [read more]

Islam Select a Religion Essay

… The three religions have a concept of God and that these scriptures were revealed to their respective prophets from God. Furthermore, Islam, Christianity and Judaism, talk about Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, who were the prophets of God. The Jews are referred as Children of Israel in Bible and Quran and are considered to be the direct descendants of Prophet Jacob, who was the grandson of Abraham (McInerney, 2003). All three of the religions have a way of life, which must be followed by their followers. Fundamental concepts such as Day of Judgment can be found in all three of the religions.


There are several differences between Islam, Judaism and Christianity. Islam believes that there is only one God and that the Prophet Muhammad is…. [read more]

Environment and Islamic Architecture Research Paper

… Environment and Islamic Architecture

As the term implies, "Islamic architecture" is an architectural style that is characterized by functional elements and forms that are inspired by the Islamic religion, and which serves as a framework in which Islamic tenets can be implemented, celebrated and sustained over time. Graceful arabesques, Romanesque horseshoe arches and domes all typify many Islamic architectural styles, but the range and types of buildings that have been included under the umbrella term Islamic architecture in recent years also includes some nontraditional and neo-Islamic architecture as well. Beyond these trends, there has also been a move towards incorporating environmentally friendly elements into Islamic architecture in recent years as well, making a review of these issues a timely and valuable enterprise. To this end,…. [read more]

Healing Rituals Across Islam Essay

… Moving east from Sierra Leone, Nigeria and Mozambique, this paper will consider the transformation of women's local religious practice where those interface with Muslim doctrine in evolving and often conflicting cultures from northern Iran to eastern China. The focus is women's Islamic-indigenous syncretism, or the combination of orthodox Islamic beliefs and traditional healing and cleansing ritual to form hybrid practices that then interact with orthodox Islam, in a world itself evolving at increasingly faster rates with global technology and contact with cultures beyond traditional local boundaries. This syncretism, or the implementation of practices from various different belief systems, mirrors an evolution Islam itself faces as the borders of the world grow closer over time at the same time the assumptions underlying gender roles and obligations…. [read more]

Rise of Islam Term Paper

… Islam

Rise of Islam: An Overview


Mohammed (570-632)

Conquest (632-732)

Reasons for Success

Opposition to Papacy (600-1054)

Doctrine/Women and Iran

The Rise of Islam

This paper provides a historical and philosophical review of the rise of Islam. Provided is an overview of the core beliefs of the Islamic faith, a history of the prophet Mohammed, his conquests and the opposition Muslims have had with the papacy, especially during the time between 600 and 1000 a.D. It was during this time that many Christian leaders attempted to unify their own disjointed faith, without much success. Part of Islam's success may be attributed to the fervent belief and ardor followers have for the Qu'ran, the sayings of the prophet of Mohammed and their beliefs about their…. [read more]

Gender and Islam Books Book Review

… Thus for Ahmed, the regression of women's rights under Islam could be traced back to over 2,000 years.

Ahmed's work also differs in another important area.

While the essays in Islam, Gender, and Social Change focused on individual countries and case studies, Ahmed takes a more macrosociological and macrohistorical approach. This could prove a limitation, since there are significant differences between various strains of Islam. In history, for example, Ahmed herself states that the Abbasid Empire was composed of Sufi, Shii and Qarmatian Muslims who may have held positive attitudes towards women. Furthermore, in the present day, there are also significant differences between various strains of extremist and more modern forms of Islam.

However, Ahmed presents a useful picture of Islam as a whole. Similarly,…. [read more]

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