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Statistics in Research and Analysis the Experiments Research Paper

… ¶ … Statistics in Research and Analysis

The experiments, analysis and statistics-5

Uses of statistics in experiments and research-5

Tools of Analysis-7

Experimental Design-9

Common uses in every day life-12


This paper concerns itself with the use of statistics as a means and the important tool in research and analysis -- both in the scientific and social sphere. Statistics can be defined as a study of variability and enumeration. It tries to quantify and enumerate uncertain things in a scientific manner. That is because there is an element of uncertainty in all affairs of research and information processing. For example measurements made by scientists and other people are mostly uncertain in some way. One example cited by Kault…. [read more]

Roles and Functions of CMHC Impacts Research Paper

… Roles and Functions of CMHC






To begin with, I would give a brief description about who CMHCs are and how they play an effective role in a society. CMHC stands for Clinical Mental Health Counselor, who is highly trained professionals with proper education and clinical practice to cater mental health problems to pull out people from their disturbing issues through the combination of psycho therapies and clinical treatments. They are similar to behavioral counselors,…. [read more]

Role of Research and Statistics Essay

… Role of Research and Statistics in the Field of Psychology

Research is the study of a particular field or phenomenon with the intent of learning something new, either from the perspective of the individual doing the research (like a student doing a term paper) or a researcher using the scientific method to answer an open-ended question still perplexing the scientific community, such as the best way to treat various types of cancer. The scientific method is one way of doing research, and usually involves several definite steps (Research: The scientific method, 2008, SIEM HI Research). The first of step of the scientific method is to define a problem that can be asked in the form of a specific question that can be observed or measured…. [read more]

Statistics: A Question Unanswered Term Paper

… Statistics: A Question Unanswered

Before there can exist any intelligent discussion with respect to the topic of statistics one must understand that a statistical process does not stand alone nor does it function without being a part of a much larger plan, namely, research investigation as a whole. Statistics and their accompanying processes are only one such part of the research plan and, as such, must be viewed in totality of purpose over single identification. Without a formidable research plan a statistical process is without merit and akin to discussing how many angles can be placed on the head of a pin. In general, and from a philosophical perspective, the research plans and statistical analysis, according to Ohlson (1998) " ... are not unlike an…. [read more]

Role of Regional Planning in Disasters Management in Squatter Areas Research Proposal

… Role of Regional Planning in Disaster Management in Squatter Areas

The role of Regional planning in disasters management in squatter areas

Abridged Literature Review

The significance of Regional planning in disasters management in areas occupied by squatters

The research paper that will follow shall look at the contemporary concern of the role of regional planning in managing disasters in squatter areas. This study will seek to investigate how regional planning can be used effectively to provide disaster management support in areas where squatters reside.

Many researchers have conducted research in this subject area with an aim of finding out ways of managing both the natural and human disasters in informal settlements. This is because of the vulnerability of these areas to disasters as they are…. [read more]

Statistics Anxiety and Graduate Students Term Paper

… STATISTICS ANXIETY and graduate students in the social sciences

Many graduate students in the social sciences need to take statistics as part of the academic training, but these students often do not necessarily have backgrounds in statistics or mathematics from their undergraduate degree or other graduate training. In the classrooms, statistics anxiety is noticeably prevalent among graduate students whose academic background has little statistical training. According to Onwuegbuzie. Slate, Paterson, Watson, and Schwartz (2000), 75% to 80% of graduate students appear to experience uncomfortable levels of statistics anxiety. As a result, conducting statistics is often rated as the lowest skill in terms of academic competence (Huntley, Schneider, and Aronson, 2000).

Statistics anxiety has been defined simply as anxiety that occurs as a result of encountering…. [read more]

Psychology Research and the Scientific Essay

… " On the other hand, secondary data as the authors further point out is "data derived from what others have collected, so it is second hand, such as percentages from a national census" (Brain and Mukherji, 2005). In that regard, while primary data includes all the data a researcher or investigator collects for the first time, secondary data is all that data already in existence. In seeking to further understand the two sources of information, it would be prudent to highlight the differences as well as similarities that exist between them. In regard to the main differences between the two, it can be noted that while primary data can be regarded original as it is collected by the researcher for the first time, secondary data…. [read more]

Damned Lies and Statistics by Joel Best Research Proposal

… ¶ … Damned Lies and Statistics by Joel Best discusses both the uses and misuses of statistics, particularly in relation to social issues, problems, changes, and policies. Best puts his focus especially on the use of social statistics as issues and problems because information received and beliefs and perceptions developed from social statistics have a beneficial and detrimental effect to the lives of people in a society.

In his book, Best surveyed current literature, both popular and scientific/technical, that uses social statistics as bases for their claims and arguments. He noted that more often than not, this growing body of literature that is empirically-driven and -- generated have erroneously interpreted and/or reported statistical results and findings. The use of "authoritative statistics" and "missing numbers" is…. [read more]

Role of Family Physician Dissertation

… This is because WHO has had this role in the past, for example in Iraq after so many years of conflict in the year after which WHO took the charge and responsibility of the health care system and that is when the vaccines for Heamophilus influenza type B and rotavirus were made available at all the health care centers as part of the Good Governance of Medicines in Iraq (WHO, 2012).

Primary health care and family physicians

The key to primary health care renewal and the backbone of all the health care systems all over the world are family physicians. One of the medical workers who have worked really hard in the field of primary health care is Dr. Barbara Starfield, who has probed into…. [read more]

Role of Private Investment on Economic Development in Iraq Literature Review

… Role of Private Investment on Economic Development in Iraq

Private investment in developing countries

An overview on early Empirical studies

In 1980s, the developing countries encountered some increment in their development behaviours with debt crisis, which affected the formation of capital. Concurrently, the affected countries were transforming from the post-era to a structural reform efforts. In mid 1980s, the developing countries adopted the reform programs within the new paradigms (Serven&Salimano, 1993) & (Jaspersen, Aylward&Sumlinski, 1970). Consequently, this led to the formation of environmental private sector that highly relied on the existing market. The formation and implementation of the new policies affected the availability of response to the private investments. The debt crisis lowered the private investments within the developing countries and this disheartened them. The…. [read more]

Advanced Practice Roles Research Paper

… APNs in more conventional practice settings may feel threatened by specialties that treat population groups and place more of an emphasis on group-based rather than individually-based nursing. However, "statements that distinguish rather than disparage selected APN groups are necessary to build the internal cohesion needed to promote advanced practice nursing to the public and other healthcare providers" (Hanson & Harnric 2003: 206). In fact, there is a great deal of overlap given that so many individualized problems in primary care such as chronic diseases related to obesity have their roots in larger societal issues, such as a lack of healthy food and exercise.


Hanson, C. & Hamric, A.B. (2003) Reflections on the continuing evolution of Advanced Practice

Nursing. Nursing Outlook, 51:203-211. Retrieved from:…. [read more]

Gender Role Theory and Male Rape Victims Research Proposal

… Gender Role Theory & Male Rape Victims


This article describes and analyzes how researchers have studied rape, particularly focusing on male rape cases and its link to gender role theory. I utilized ten existing literatures with emphasis on employed theory and research questions

This article is divided into three main sections. Firstly, the research topic is described. Second, the process of conducting this literature is described with particular focus on the search strategies used and the related criterion for inclusion. The last section provides a discussion of various works done on this subject matter.

For the purpose of this literature review, we shall define rape in terms of forced rape, which is "sexual intercourse with an unwilling partner" (Kring…. [read more]

Limitations Qualitative Quantitative Research Method Case Study

… " (Hughes, 2012) Interpretation is the tool through which the information gathered, through different means of research, is put together and set in a wider framework for analysis. Unlike other methods of data gathering, precisely because of the role interpretation plays, qualitative analysis cannot be conducted without the background from which the information was taken. This necessity ensures a much more coherent flow of research through qualitative methods and, at the same time, a higher degree of risk, as interpretation is, in its turn, a subjective, rather than objective tool for analysis.

This type of process is rather difficult to undergo because it needs to take into account a more significant number of sources and research paths. This is largely because qualitative research cannot be…. [read more]

Nursing Research How Data Collection Essay

… 2524). Nurse practitioners in Oncology can benefit from this study because the carefully collected, examined and interpreted data will give them greater understanding and deal with their breast cancer patients' distress issues and effects.

Module 8: One Clinical Use of Research Results in Advanced Nursing Roles of Practitioner, Educator, or Administrator

Are older patients comfortable discussing sexual health with nurses? (Farrell & Belza, Jan-Feb 2012) provides research results that can be used by a nurse practitioner, educator and administrator. The study was designed to determine barriers to discussing sexual health with older patients and whether older patients: have questions about their sexual health that have not been answered; are asked about their sexual health; want a health care provider to ask about their sexual health;…. [read more]

Workplace the Statistics Are Sobering. The Occupational Research Paper

… ¶ … Workplace

The statistics are sobering. The Occupational Safety & Health Administration estimates that of America's 17.2 million illicit drug users, three quarters are employed either full-time or part-time. Combine this with abusers of prescription drugs and alcohol and it is apparent that substance abuse in the workplace is a serious problem for American employers. Indeed, between 10 and 20% of workplace deaths are related to drugs or alcohol, and the industries with the highest rates of drug use are also those with the highest risk for workplace injuries (OSHA, 2010). Beyond the physical harm, substance abuse is also linked to productivity issues stemming from increased absenteeism, decreased performance and crime. In 1998, productivity losses from substance abuse cost American businesses an estimated $97.7…. [read more]

Role of Engineers in Water Industry Research Proposal

… Water Engineering

The Role of Engineers in the Water Industry

From the times the Romans built the aqueducts -- indeed, since the time the fields of Mesopotamia were irrigated -- one of the most essential services of engineering to society has been the manipulation of water. As one of the basic necessities of life, the ability to provide water where none can be found is vital to today's agricultural industry and the upkeep of many cities and whole populations of people. Just as essential, though perhaps somewhat less grand in the way it comes across, is the use of water in the removal of wastes, both in the form of sewage and industrial waste. The prevention of disease and environmental degradation depends upon the ability…. [read more]

Criminal Justice and Criminology Interpreting Simple Data Research Proposal

… ¶ … Criminal Justice and Criminology

Interpreting simple data

The data collection exercise involved posting a picture of a bear on Facebook. The caption of the picture asked viewers to provide their thoughts on the picture. This caption was kept simple in order to prevent bias that could arise from asking viewers to like or dislike the pictures. The data that could be collected included likes, positive and negative comments. The data was collected over a 24-hour period.

The data collected can be summarized as below.

Number of respondents


Positive comments

Neutral comments

Negative comments




Positive comments

Neutral comments

Negative comments



Level of education



Positive comments

Neutral comments

Negative comments

High School


From the simple data…. [read more]

Libraries Changing Role Research Paper

… Most believe that journals and books are still welcomed by some users. In contrast to printed journals, electronic versions cannot guarantee the permanent availability, due to publishers' policies. Therefore libraries must retain printed journals until they are sure that their e-journals can be held in perpetuity. Medical libraries may be a pioneer and extreme case to be considered. The Welch Medical Library has decided to work towards becoming completely digital by 2015. By that time all the information required by the students would be available to them in the digital form and they would not require text books to conduct their research. The library as we know it will transmute into a "knowledge centre," which will work as a repository and hub of the library's…. [read more]

Women's Roles the Changing Research Paper

… Therefore, there is a dire need to address this issue responsibly whereby the first step is to implement the written laws which promise a higher status of women. To achieve this, the world needs a fair and an accountable law enforcing body which not only entertains female participation in different realms of life but also take the responsibility of the security and fair and equal treatment of women in these facets of life. Such steps along with several other changes would then play an important role in combating the existent sexism in the world.


Chakrapani C. 1994. Changing status and role of women in Indian society. M.D. Publications. Retrieved 8th December, 2011 (

EOWA statistics. 2011. Labor Market Statistics. Australia.

Freedman J. 2001. Feminism.…. [read more]

Statistics Durbin Watson Term Paper

… Statistics -- Watson-Durbin

Analysis of Why Social Networking Played

An Influence in the 2008 Presidential Election

The 2008 Presidential election forever changed the nature of campaigning, constituent management, fund raising, while also creating an entirely different platform for managing campaigns and getting new demographic segments to participate at a level never seen before. The 2008 U.S. Presidential election was the first to rely heavily on highly interactive, agile and quickly defined social networking strategies in an attempt to get those demographic segments who had voted the least in previous elections to participate. Barak Obama concentrated on the younger demographic segments through a concerted strategy of social networking that included sites on Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, YouTube and a multitude of microsites. John McCain stayed with more…. [read more]

Representative System of Government Research Proposal

… Arrest Rates. In 1990, more than 10 million criminal counts were logged. Although only comprising 12% of the general population, arrest rates for blacks were disproportionate for every offense except drunken driving. Blacks, for instance, accounted for 61.2% of all robbery arrests, 54.7% of the suspects arrested for murder and manslaughter, and 43.2% in cases of rape. (Interestingly enough, the annual victimization survey conducted by the Census Bureau found that only 33.2% of the women who said they had been raped identified their attackers as black. Because the race of the rapist does not seem to affect whether a report will be forthcoming, this disparity suggests that attacks by whites are less apt to lead to arrests) (Ayres & Steven, 2008).

The racial disparity in…. [read more]

Spotlighting Samplings 4 Qualitative Research Research Paper

… Magilvy and Thomas (2009) explain that "qualitative research data are usually text data, narratives, and stories told by people about their experiences recorded digitally, on tape, on film, or in photographs, or in notes taken by the researcher" (¶ 4). After being analyzed, described and explained, the ensuring retrieved data may offer a detailed account of the experience "as lived."

As explained earlier in the study, research design illustrates the entire research process from the first notion of the research problem, to creating the data, analyzing and explaining the findings and ultimately publishing the results. In addition to the phenomenology method, the survey method, the ethnography method, and the case study method, the methods the current study examines, research designs also include, however, may not…. [read more]

National Center for Education Statistics Adult Research Proposal

… Education

Center for Education Statistics: Adult Education

Participation rates in 2005 of adults 55 and over in a part time degree or diploma program was just under 2% (Adult Learning, 2007). This seems low when taking into account the number of people in this country who are aged 55 and over. In 2004, there were 54.2 million people in the United States that were between the ages of 55 and 79. This made up almost 19% of the total American population. Because this country is quickly getting older, the idea of Post Secondary Education should no longer be aimed strictly at the younger crowd (Framing New Terrain: Older Adults & Higher Education, 2007).

It is thought by the year 2030, 20% of the U.S. population…. [read more]

Role of UN in Global Business Term Paper

… Role of UN in Global Business

The eight "Millennium Development Goals" of the UN are: (Summarized from "Millennium Development Goals Report," 2006)

Eradicate poverty and hunger. The target, between 1990 and 2015, is to halve, the number of people living on less than a dollar a day and those suffering from hunger.

Achieve universal primary education. All children everywhere should be able to complete a full course of primary education by 2015.

Promote gender equality and hunger. Eliminate gender disparity at all levels of education no later than 2015.

Reduce Child Mortality. The mortality rate of children under five should be reduced by two-thirds between 1990 and 2015.

Improve Maternal Health. The maternal mortality rate, i.e., the death of mothers during childbirth, is targeted to…. [read more]

Role Analysis of Certified Nurse Anesthetists Term Paper

… Role Analysis of Certified Nurse Anesthetists

If one considers the historical development of nursing and particularly advanced nursing practices, it becomes evident that until fairly recently nursing was considered more as an adjunct to the medical profession and an extension of the healthcare environment than an independent profession. However the concept and reality of the nursing profession has undergone radical change in the last century. In the first instance nursing has become more holistic in nature and has also entered into more technologically orientated areas of medical expertise that were previously reserved for specialists. In brief, from being seen as an aid or assistant the modern nurse has developed into a fully-fledged professional with extensive and far-reaching responsibilities and functions.

These facts, which will be…. [read more]

Role of Women in Israel Term Paper

… " Women have many important jobs in the Israeli army, but combat and close combat support are not among them."

Even though the role of women in combat is still limited, the 1995 Israeli Supreme Court ruling has had many positive impacts on the role of Israeli women in the military. For example, the Supreme Court upheld the petition of a servicewoman to be allowed to apply for Flight School and Israeli women have greater access to military jobs previously excluded to them. They can now serve in border police units; on Navy ships and as fighter pilots; in various combat support functions, including technical and logistic functions; and in combat fronts such as the West Bank and the Gaza strip. In 2002, sixty percent…. [read more]

Germany Research Project Research Paper

… The government even forced the youth to be a part of the army which led to Germany's s army a big and prominent one in the war. (Jarausch, 2006) Since this was the case, the entire population of Germany became highly aggressive. This aforementioned population did not include the anti-Nazis but as mentioned earlier there weren't a lot of those any way. The Nazi supporting population had been so brainwashed by the previous regime that they had completed been washed away of all their tolerance. Even though the Jews were victims the most, other races and minority groups were under threat as well. The Nazi supporting Germans did not like the idea of Jews or any other culture or race living in the country. (Jarausch,…. [read more]

Sands Rewards Club on Venetian Research Paper

… Figure


Loyalty Program Types

Berman, B 2006, 'Developing an Effective Customer Loyalty Program', California Management Review, 49, 1, p. 125, Business Source Premier, EBSCOhost, viewed 20 December 2011.

The results of the primary research associated with this work should then reflect a high correlation between percentages of individuals who are repeat guests of the Venetian Macau Hotel (VMH) as well as other hotels in the Sands Rewards Program. The research indicated that 40% of those members who stayed were repeat guests of VSH while 56% were repeat guests of VSH and other hotels in the program within two years of their current stay.

The issue of data collection and rewards programs comes into play in regards to non-member data, as only those non-member guests…. [read more]

Role of Education in Fostering National Development Case Study

… Role of Education in Fostering National Development

Lessons Come to Life

Singapore's Educational System


Singapore's Education System

Citizenship Education

In Other Countries

Lessons from Other Countries

Components Contributing to Singapore's Citizenship

Head, Heart and Hands Framework

Racial Harmony

How the Citizenship Education Programme Fits

Meil's Cartoons

Regular NE Opportunities

Results the Singapore Government Anticipates

One Case Study Considered

An Update of Key Findings for Case Study Being Studied

Types of Literature Accessed/Utilised

Methods and Techniques

Results for the Same








List of Figures

Figure 1: Singapore's Educational System

Figure 2: Singapore View

Figure 3: Singapore View

Figure 4: Singapore View

Figure 5: Flag of Republic of Singapore

Figure 6: Languages Spoken in Singapore

Figure 7:…. [read more]

Recreation Proposed Quantitative Research: Outdoor Research Proposal

… Recreation

Proposed Quantitative Research: Outdoor Recreation and Academic Performance

The background of outdoor activity as an aspect of education parallels the relative history of progressive education in the United States. During the 19th century, as formal ideas regarding education had begun to give way to a broader discourse on the opportunities available to our children, so too did it become clear that the child benefits considerably from an environment which balances structure and recreational freedom sufficiently. The concept of 'outdoor activity' is based on the understanding that the host of benefits which are affiliated with physical activity, socialization, rule-making and the formulation of a healthy lifestyle are best implanted at an early age in children. These recreational opportunities can help to form the types of…. [read more]

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