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Spirituality Positively Affects Term Paper

… From a study conducted on 108 patients, spirituality was analyzed and ranked along with other behaviors patients may demonstrate in hope for recovery. Koenig states the findings of this study as the following.

Forty-one percent of subjects indicated they would increase prayer in response to stress, 56% said prayer was helpful and, overall, prayer was ranked seventh in effectiveness, ahead of 18 other traditional coping behaviors such as discussing the problem, seeking advices, spending time with friends, or socializing.

A medical assessment article indicates that spirituality is an element that exists within medical stages faced by a patient. This is identified through a patient's demonstration of hope for recovery, or discovery of cure despite of the possible results of a disease such as physical abnormalities…. [read more]

Spirituality Essay

… " (Taylor & Mamier, 2005) Yet, this does not mean that a simple referral is adequate, but that the nurse may need to assess the spiritual needs of the patient with personal communications and questions and intervene accordingly but not to obtrusively.

Ultimately, spirituality is a core part of any individual and his or her community and it goes far beyond religion and/or culture to more fundamental concepts of self, belief and expectations. Explaining this to patients in a non-judgmental manner might further any opening for a discussion and allow rubrics or non-structured conversations or interventions to help play a role in the goal of holistic care. (Delgado, 2006) Taking the time to open a dialogue and ascertain spiritual needs in the form of a…. [read more]

Spirituality in Healthcare Term Paper

… Spirituality in Healthcare

Understanding spirituality in healthcare environments is important for any professional in the healthcare industry, simply because knowledge translates into power, and well-informed, well-trained, alert talent in healthcare settings can save lives and help individuals become healthy by relying on more than medications and personal attention. This paper delves into the reasons for linking spirituality with healthcare, and using appropriate spiritual tools when the patients that nurses, doctors and others in the field care for need this support. Moreover, studies show that people with strong spiritual believes actually heal faster, hence, competent, compassionate healthcare professionals certainly need to be informed and active in spirituality vis-a-vis healthcare settings.

ONE (a). What is spirituality and why is it important in healthcare settings? According to the…. [read more]

Spirituality in Young Children's Temperament Literature Review

… ..enters a concrete stage; children associate religious identity with particular forms of behavior, kinship or dress, and prayer with specific concrete activities. They also interpret Bible stories concretely depicting God as a man or a power threatening specific action, often in response to specific transgression. (Gottlieb, 2006, p. 244 cited in: Grajczonek, nd, p. 14) This study contributes to the present study in the information provided about children's interpretation of their interactions with God.

The work of Geisenberg (2007) reports a study in which lasted 12 months and in which 56 children between the ages of three and seven years of age were observed and findings stated that "young children live in their spirituality and that young children are very aware of their surroundings and…. [read more]

Spirituality According to the Holistic Term Paper

… Diana intensely believes in family customs like having a family that will give her purpose and meaning to her life. She appreciated becoming a mother which is an important motive for her being. This significance is endangered by fear and her illness. The nurse provided emotional encouragement by lending an ear and offering to help her by referring her to a psychologist and pastoral care which Diana gladly agreed to do. Diana became very grateful to the nurse for taking time out of to just be a good listener and to give her some spiritual support.

Diana was dismissed from the service. She then went to tell the nurse that she appreciated her for the support and reassurance during her time of desolation. She brings…. [read more]

Spirituality, Religion, and Nursing Beliefs Essay

… I think spirituality is heavily related to what is in a person's heart, mind, soul, spirit, and place in the world. Spirituality is way less formal and rigid than religion -- there are not so many rules, regulations, and mandated activities. Each person forms their own kind of spirituality in or out of relation to an institutionalized religion. Spiritual care then is not aimed at caring for the body. Spiritual care heals the spirit. That could mean a conversation or a walk, a shared activity, or simply listening. Healing the spirit could be having some laughs, reaching out to an estranged friend or family member -- it can mean many things, but what they all come down to is considering and acting as if the…. [read more]

Spirituality Term Paper

… Spirituality

Women have been systematically oppressed and excluded from participation in political, social, economic, and religious life. In some situations, violence against women has been ignored or even condoned. For less than a century, females have been able to vote, participate in the workforce, and serve in positions of power. Organized religion is only one of many social institutions that has fostered the oppression of women.

Women had at one time and in some cultures been able to serve as spiritual guides. Priestesses and other female roles have and still do exist. However, most of the world's major religions continue to exclude women from their power structure. The Catholic Church, for example, forbids females from entering the priesthood. Without female representations in political power, the…. [read more]

Role and Importance of the Poets Essay

… ¶ … role and importance of the poets has changed throughout the history of mankind. Back in the period, the Romantics believed that the poet represented the spiritual guide of the people, who helped the reader identify their most internal emotions, intuitions and imaginations.

Today, the role of the poet is less certain than during those days and this is the result of numerous changes obvious within the society. During the Romantic period, reading was a primary activity of the population, but today, other distractions exist and make reading less popular. Television for instance, alongside with the internet, computer games and other such distractions make it less tempting for the public to engage in reading poetry. Nowadays then, reading poetry is an activity carefully selected…. [read more]

Role of Spirituality Research Paper

… , 2007, p. 268).

Women are three times more likely to be depressed than men, with 5-12% suffering from major or severe depression, compared to 2-3% of men. Males are also more likely to deny or mask depressive symptoms, less likely to express emotions or seek treatment, and to self-medicate with drugs and alcohol (Hutchinson et al., p. 269). Susan Simonds wrote gender roles, stress, poverty and victimization were all factors in the higher level of depression in women (Simonds, 2001, p. 5). More women fall below the poverty line than men, and this is a well-known 'pathway to depression'. Race, culture, social class and sexual orientation all, "interact with gender to create a complex picture of identity issues" (Simonds, p. 6). During the life-stages…. [read more]

Spirituality and Depression What Is Spirituality? Thesis

… Spirituality and Depression

What is Spirituality?

The absence of an adequate definition of spirituality is perhaps one reason why researchers have difficulty identifying the role of spirituality in the treatment of depression. What is spirituality? Every culture, every school of thought, even every individual can differ on this point. For the purposes of this paper, we will work with a variety of perspectives concerning "spirituality" -- but at the same time we may assert a kind of working definition that will help guide our review of the literature which follows. According to Bernard Fellay (2011), a bishop of the Roman Catholic Church, spirituality may be defined as "a sense of God."

However, as the modern age is distinctly more secular with regard to science than…. [read more]

Spirituality and Its Affects Term Paper

… Incorporating spirituality within a wellness paradigm enables counselors and counselor educators to value and address spirituality as an integral component of optimum human functioning, however, it is important to distinguish between religiosity and spirituality (Williard pp). Many, like Freud, have equated religiosity with mental illness, however, Jung incorporated the spiritual dimension into a theory of human functioning and proposed the importance of integrating spirituality into the therapeutic process (Williard pp).

Numerous studies have revealed that religion and spirituality provide effective coping mechanisms for patients and family caregivers (Flannelly pp). Faith offers a suffering person a framework for finding meaning and perspective through a source greater than self and provides a sense of control over feelings of helplessness, while religious practice can provide the access to…. [read more]

Spirituality Research Paper

… , 2006).

Research, however, does show that there is a disconnect between the sense children make regarding spirituality depending on age, cognitive ability and levels of specific guidance. It appears that children do not really make sense of a personal understanding of religion and thus tend to follow the pathways of trusted adults. Indeed, the understanding of spiritual development is such that it is difficult to be certain of a child's view of spirituality until mid-late adolescence, in much the same way as the abstract concepts of chronology and space (Karlsen, et al., 2013).

None of this should really surprise us as educators. We know, for instance, that there are certain philosophical constructs (utilitarianism, metaphysics, etc.) that are abstract and require a certain level of…. [read more]

Spirituality in the Workplace Term Paper

… Spirituality in the Workplace

Without a doubt, the modern workplace can best be described as a constantly evolving animal. As workers are required to spend more and more time at work, the provisions that the organization makes for the mental, physical, and some will argue spiritual well-being of those workers must be enhanced. In this paper, the arguments for and against bringing spirituality into the workplace will be objectively examined in an effort to better understand both sides of this highly emotional and controversial topic.

Reasons for Spirituality in the Workplace

In the introduction to this paper, the assertion was made that organizations have at least some level of responsibility for the well-being of their workers, with spirituality being included in that, at least in…. [read more]

Role of Women in Tibet Research Paper

… Role of Women in Tibet

Women as freedom fighters

Women portrayed as being care takers

Women as keepers of culture

Women portrayed as being career people

Tibetan women as peace keepers

Tibetan women portrayed as great leaders

Tibetan as agriculturalists and traders

Women portrayed as having the freedom and right to marry

Women portrayed as being Buddhists

Women portrayed as being family property

Women as keepers of traditions

The role of women in today's society is an issue of global interest. Women's role has been looked into from different perspective. It is therefore opportune that this paper is looking into the role of women at Buddhism and cultural angle. In recent past, several publications have been published on the changing status of women in Hindu…. [read more]

Role Stress in Working Mothers Term Paper

… Role Stress in Working Mothers

The "overall conclusion seems to be that what matters most is the quality of a working mother's experiences in her various roles"

Richard O. Straub (2006, p. 109).

Stress Components

Stress costs both males and females American workers an average total of approximately $7,500 per year through absenteeism, decreased productivity, and workers' compensation payments, according to Richard O. Straub (2006) in the book, Health psychology: A biopsychosocial approach. Women, however, particularly "working mothers," typically experience more stress than men. Ulf Lundberg of the University of Stockholm explains: "Women's stress is determined by the interaction of conditions at home and work, whereas man's stress is determined more by situations at work" (Lundberg, as cited in Straub, p. 109). As working women…. [read more]

Role of Women Essay

… At the same time, those who hold these beliefs see no conflict between this idea and the fact that there are many female teachers and lecturers with both males and females in their classrooms. The question is then, are these teachers disobeying biblical and hence Christian teachings by being instructors of both males an females? Furthermore, this limitation appears to be based upon no more than gender, which is surely not acceptable in any context today. Paul does not claim that women are less able to teach men, but rather that they should be restricted on the basis of the fact that they are women and should be regarded as subordinate to men.

In today's world, my personal opinion is that Paul, being human, operated…. [read more]

Role of Spirituality in the Treatment of Depression Thesis

… ¶ … Role of Spirituality in the Treatment of Depression

Studies have shown that spirituality can have a positive impact on patients who suffer from depression (Stanley, 2011). And researchers have produced historical evidence that links religion and/or spirituality to the treatment and overall improvement of patients who suffer from what today are DSM-IV classified disorders (Kyziridis, 2005). Religion and/or spirituality can be shown to be a driving force in the changing of people's lives -- from Florence Nightingale who instituted the first professional women's nursing corps during the Crimean War (and considered herself to be called by God) to Mother Theresa, whose work with the poor in India has been shown to be a great boon to those suffering in poverty. Religion and/or spirituality…. [read more]

Role of Spirituality and Religion in Mental Health by Deveau Term Paper

… ¶ … Role of Spirituality and Religion in Mental Health. By Laura De Veau from the textbook From Critical Thinking to Argument: A Portable Guide. The author's thesis concerns her own (and others) research into religion and its affect on mental health. Ultimately, she believes, "spiritual belief in general should be valued more highly than it is currently in mental health circles" (De Veau 215). This thesis is not considered accurate by many researchers, but the author offers her own evidence to the contrary in a straightforward and honest assessment.

De Veau says she has always been interested in this subject, and thinks there is not enough emphasis on spiritual belief in many mental health studies. She writes the information in a scholarly tone, but…. [read more]

Spirituality in Nursing Research Paper

… Personally, I believe in Christ's compassion, tenderness and protection. It gives me the strength to not only carry on, but also reach out and help others in their time of need.

This foundation helped me overcome my own pain enough to be emotionally and spiritually available when it was needed most in my life. My sister was diagnosed and struggled through terminal ____ cancer for ____ years. Never have I witnessed such bravery. I am proud that I could be there to love and help her more comfortably cope with her illness. I knew that despite our attempts to control the situation, ultimately God would decide how the story should end and that no matter what my sister would be okay, even if she were…. [read more]

Spirituality Discovering a Sense of Your Own Essay

… ¶ … Spirituality

Discovering a Sense of Your Own Spirituality:

Who Am I?

In considering one's own sense of self and spirituality, it is important to consider humanity's history. While modern culture promotes the individual, the individual self is just a concept. We are a part of something much greater. We 'individuals' are but small parts of a bigger world and universe. Many of us are raised to believe in something specific in terms of God (or whatever we call that higher power), but what we don't realize is that humanity is only divided by the boundaries that we create with our concepts and our special terms for God. This creates special problems for humanity. It creates a crisis of consciousness. How are we to…. [read more]

Spirituality in Young Children's Temperament and Self-Control: Cultural Influence Literature Review

… " (Sharley, 2012, p. 1) It is reported that both Zapf (2005a) and Spretnak (1991) relate that spiritual values from this view make the assumption that nature and people are "inextricably linked." (Sharley, 2012, p. 1) Specifically stated about the tie that people have to the land is "A people rooted in the land over time have exchanged their tears, their breath, their bones, all of their element -- oxygen, carbon, nitrogen, hydrogen, phosphorus, sulfur, all the rest -- with their habitat many times over. Here nature knows us." (Sharley, 2012, p. 1) From this view the individual is not held to be a different but the same as the natural environment and as such "conceptualized as a living system that is a source of…. [read more]

Japanese Women Gender Roles Essay

… Even a Shinto shrine that is especially revered as reflecting a compromise between the genders and that is sought after for help in marriage troubles does not provide a picture of true equality or even cooperation between the genders. Instead, it exists because Princess Yamato, married to a deity, became frightened when she saw her husband in the from of a snake. Her husband reprimands her harshly, saying, "Thou didst not contain thyself, but hast caused me shame: I will in my turn put thee to shame" (Tsunoda et al., p. 33). The husband-god leaves and treks up the mountain, abandoning his wife because she showed fear in his presence; she kills herself as a result of her own shame. This story is meant to…. [read more]

Role of Islam Term Paper

… Even if different in appearance, the resemblance between the decorations used in a mosque in Afghanistan for example and a mosque in Spain are obvious. Why is that? One of the obvious reasons could be that, as is the case with law, art is in itself an expression of religion and the principles by which religion governs, among them unity and unicity (of God), can find their place in artistic manifestation as well. Islam art can indeed reveal the inherent religiousness of art.

The unity of Islamic art directly relates to the unity God in Islam. Otherwise, we cannot possibly explain the common cement that links artistic expressions in places that are geographically so far away from each other. But we must consider the fact…. [read more]

Role as a Nurse/Life Helper Term Paper

… All things are connected.

With that basis, a look at some of the approaches one might take to proving nursing as a world-changing, life-enhancing profession are in order. This is particularly true regarding long-term care. Why? Because with nursing in a hospital or clinic setting, there is the expectation that the patients will recover and leave to go home, or not recover and die, or possibly recover only enough to enter a long-term care facility.

While there are recoveries in long-term care facilities, it is much more likely that a patient who enters such a facility will, as the metaphysicians say, make his or her transition. Because of this, caring for this population is frightful for many, but yet it is essential. Because of the…. [read more]

PTSD and Spirituality Research Paper

… Different people cope with stress and trauma in different ways. Many people do so in whole or in part by calling out to the god they believe in and hospitals should not steer them away from that if that is indeed what they want and believe in. However, not everyone is religious or spiritual and it should never be assumed that the patients "need" to be ministered to when it is evident that they do not want it or if it's unclear if they even do want it. This would hold true even for religion-driven hospitals like those of the Jews and the Catholics. Indeed, the first focus should be on patient care, both in terms of expediency and quality. The second major thing that…. [read more]

Spirituality in Nursing Thesis

… Nursing - Spirituality


The vast majority of all hospitalized patients maintain some formal religious belief or a general belief in a higher power. Many of them believe in the power of prayer, particularly when faced with serious personal problems including medical illnesses. The role of the nurse includes facilitating any positive behaviors or perceptions that benefits the emotional, medical, and physical health of the patient. Joint prayer may often be beneficial to patients, but the involvement of nurses in prayer raises several issues. First, praying with patients may be perceived as personal intrusion in private affairs; second, denominational differences may conflict with joint prayer; and third, different individuals maintain different praying styles and beliefs about prayer, even…. [read more]

Role Strain and Stress Term Paper

… Role Strain and Stress in Working Mothers

I had never given much thought to this subject until I returned to school at UHD. It was here I saw the mothers not only working and raising a family but also going to school. I was impressed to say the least. These were the true super moms. I thought I understood time management; this experience gave it a whole new meaning. I literally saw physical exhaustion in the night classes. I observed that the working mothers tended to socialize with each other. While researching this topic I found this a coping resource which reduces stress (Ekenrode and Gore 1991); inversely, contending with difficulties draws a much clearer mindset and relieves the prevalence and abundance of pressure.

This…. [read more]

Role of Religion in Same Sex Marriage With Emphasis on California's Proposition Essay

… Role of Religion in Same-Sex Marriage

Homosexuality and gay rights have always been controversial issues, particularly in the more conservative states of America. This is clear in legislative guidelines that make marriage between same-sex partners illegal. The most recent case of this is Proposition 8 in California. Claimed reasons to justify such legislation range from general morality and aesthetics to the Constitutional rights of voters to decide the issue in each state. However, statistics, such as those quoted by Geoffrey R. Stone (2008) appear to suggest that religion is the strongest driving force behind Proposition 8, and also other manifestations of prejudice and intolerance towards those who adhere to such a lifestyle.

Stone (2008) correctly describes the situation surrounding Proposition 8 as something of a…. [read more]

Role of Women in World War II Thesis

… Role of Women in World War II

The Women's Auxiliary Corps

The role of women changed in the 20th century without precedence in history. The change began with events during World War II, which altered and even reversed women's social servility and traditional role. Women's rights reached a peak during this time, especially with the formation of the first female military units. Among these was the Women's Army Auxiliary Corps, later renamed into the Women's Army Corps. The realities of war exact no less than total commitment of governments and individuals. Things are not normal at war time. A nation's resources have to be pledged in order to gain victory. These resources include women who otherwise are not active part of the war. D'Ann Campbell…. [read more]

Exploring the Meaning and Role of Spirituality in HIV AIDS Patients Thesis

… Spirituality and HIV / AIDS

Exploring the meaning and role of spirituality in HIV / AIDS patients

However, recent trends in medical treatment are placing an increasing emphasis on the connection between healing of the body and healing of the mind. This is especially true for diseases that have life-limiting characteristics, such as HIV / AIDS. As a result of these trends, literature regarding the necessity and affects of spirituality and religion of the quality of life of these patients is becoming a part of scholarly research. This topic was chosen due to my belief that spirituality and attention to the mental needs of the patient are an important part of the healing process. I wish to explore this research topic so that I can…. [read more]

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