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ROS and Free Radicals Term Paper

… Reactive Oxygen Species and Free Radicals

Aging is a conjectured process of deterioration, which occurs after reproductive maturity (Held 2002). It comes as a result of various processes and interactions, such as reactive oxygen species and glycosylation. It differs from longevity in that longevity is influenced by genetic and environmental factors. Physiological reserves are evolutionarily selected as they enhance the probability of survival in order to produce. Longevity is a consequence of the selection. But aging cannot be selected by evolution. The Institute for Human Genome Research has embarked on the search for the minimum set of genes needed to sustain life. When this is achieved, the riddle of what life is would be answered. The answer would unlock the secret of creating life and,…. [read more]

Occupational Health and Safety and Lighting Term Paper

… ¶ … Risk and Hazard Factors of Bright Blue Light

The public is constantly being inundated by advertising that states that the intensity and range of colors offered by lamps that replicate sunshine and daylight are necessary for best vision and visual health. Simultaneously, the public is admonished by those in the medical field to wear blue-blocking, UV-protective sunglasses outdoors. This has necessarily left questions which need answered concerning these matters in relation to whom the public should believe and how light can damage the retinas of the individual as well as what the differences are between fluorescent, halogen, neodymium, and regular incandescent light bulbs.

The aim of the following proposal for research is to examine the risk and hazard factors of bright blue light…. [read more]

Kant Claims That the Categorical Imperative Essay

… Kant claims that the categorical imperative will lead us to objective, universal and necessary rules which we will know a priori. In other words it is a universalist theory yet we are morally autonomous -we make the decisions. If everyone is morally autonomous and makes his or her own moral decisions, why is this not a subjectivist position?

The German philosopher Immanuel Kant wrote at a time when there were two divergent philosophical 'camps.' Some rationalist philosophers, in the tradition of Descartes, believed that human beings were capable of knowing truths a priori or solely based on cerebral, rational analysis, without reference to actual experience of hands-on tests of knowledge in the real world. Another word for this view of rationalist, a priori knowledge is…. [read more]

Are Supplements Necessary? Essay

… Supplements will easily help. Sleep apnea is another possible cause. It is a condition, which stops one's breathing repeatedly through the night. The brain jolts each time the breathing stops. When sleep does not provide rest, the body does not get the time needed to restore itself and recharge. Lack of sleep results from a very busy day. Most women today suffer from this lack of sufficient sleep because of too many activities. The solution is to do one's best to establish and follow a calming bedtime habit. Induce sleep through soft music, calming scents, a cup of chamomile tea, reading a good book or another relaxing activity for 15 minutes. And the last possible cause is depression. It often goes with fatigue and both…. [read more]

Learning Style Preferences and Perceived Effectiveness of Internet Courses Term Paper

… ¶ … rise of the Internet has greatly impacted all areas of society, particularly higher education. Colleges and universities are finding that to stay relevant to their traditional students they have to create online and distance learning programs quickly and effectively to stay up with their learning needs. Eighty-seven percent of four-year colleges offered distance-learning courses in 2004, up from 62% in 1998. According to International Data Corporation, 25% more colleges and universities added distance learning programs between 1998 and 2004. In 2004, 2.2 million degree-seeking students were enrolled in distributed courses. By early 2008, one out of 10 college students will be enrolled in an online degree program, Boston-based market research firm Eduventures estimated last year.

This radical change in education has presented these…. [read more]

Mitochondrial Diseases a Gene Essay

… This explains why there went any inflammatory response to the infection. Since the body's genes itself made the disease, there was no host response present. (Norrby 2011)

The misfolded proteins once made should be destroyed by the detective machinery inside the cell, however when these proteins increase in number, the cell cannot work out its investigative functions anymore. Protein misfolding can either occur spontaneously or by a mutation in the gene. Sickle cell anemia is a disorder that is inherited and leads to the improper folding of the proteins that make up hemoglobin. (Botelho & Lupi, 2008)

The amyloid diseases consist of Parkinson's, Alzheimer, type II and other cutaneous or systemic amyloidosis. The diseases that are caused because of the prions are not considered amyloid…. [read more]

Effects of Non-Thermal Plasma on Mammalian Cell Activity and Apoptosis Literature Review

… ¶ … non-thermal plasma on mammalian cell activity and apoptosis, including a background and overview, as well as a description, summary and comparison of relevant related studies. These sections are followed by a discussion concerning the gaps that were identified in the existing body of knowledge and the need for further research in determining the effects of non-thermal plasma on mammalian cell activity and apoptosis.

Programmed cell death is markedly different from accidental deaths that can occur for various reasons, including the necrotic processes the result from oxygen deprivation and traumatic injuries (Clark, 2002). In this regard, Clark advises that in sharp contrast to accidental cell death, "Programmed cell death is very different" (2002, p. 25). In support of this observation, Clark notes that the…. [read more]

Censorship in Music Term Paper

… The Spanish-born Pablo Casals (1876-1973), who enjoyed a spectacular international career as a violin and cello virtuoso and conductor, was considered to be one of the finest musicians of his day. However, he had a rather harsh assessment of rock and roll in the early 1960s, one that should be viewed through the filter of a person whose life was devoted to European fine-art music.

You want to know what I think of that abomination, rock 'n' roll? I think it is a disgrace. Poison put to sound! When I hear it I feel very sad not only for music but for the people who are addicted to it. I am also very sorry for America-- that such a great country should have nothing better…. [read more]

Fashion and Appearance Central to the Construction Essay


The objective of this work is to answer the question of how is fashion and appearance central to the construction of social identities and to present a discussion that includes reference to specific examples.

The literature examined in this study clearly indicates that fashion and appearance are central to the construction of social identities. For example, the work of Christopher Breward (1999) entitled; "The Hidden Consumer: Masculinities, Fashion and City Life in 1860-1914" states that the study of "...masculinities, fashion and urban culture is rarely addressed in the same work since the dominant wisdom has long held that consumption was a feminine enterprise and that pre-War British and American men were reluctant consumers…. [read more]

Desiccation Tolerance in Prokaryotes Organisms Term Paper

… Trehalose after desiccation appears to lower the phase transition temperature of the dry lipids and maintains them in the liquid-crystal state. Highly pigmented sheaths are present in a number of desiccation tolerant cyanobacteria. The scytonemin, yellow-brown lipid-soluble pigment is the only pigment that is distinctive and is limited to only a few cyanobacteris. It is situated in the extra cellular polysaccharide sheath with a molecular mass of 544 Da and a structure based on indolic and phenolic subunits and is an optically inactive dimeric pigment. [Role of Lipids and fatty acids in stress tolerance]

Scytonemin has been projected to serve as an ultraviolet sunscreen and has an absorption maximum at 386nm. Scytonemin remains highly constant and carries out its screening activity without…. [read more]

Adolescent Substance Use Screening Instruments Term Paper

… " (Zoccolillo et al., 1999) Thus, the AAOD student is at a clear disadvantage in terms of successfully completing a high-school diploma and moving on to a career-oriented post-secondary education.

Additionally, high school is generally also a milieu in which the adolescent learns other non-academic life skills, including mature means of relating to peers and supervisors, responsible treatment of deadlines and priorities, and the perspective-broadening value of sports and other extracurricular interests.

Absenteeism limits the opportunities for acquiring such skills, and even while attending, the AAOD student in all likelihood will not maximize the chance to participate in meaningful relationships and activities. Playing sports while drunk or stoned, or both, obviously also risks serious injury for the student and his or her teammates.

At its…. [read more]

Malaria Parasitemia Effect on Human Platelets Thesis

… What is most certain is that malaria can be directly linked to the reduction of platelet count in humans. The severity of malaria, however, does not seem to have an underlying impact on the platelet count.

Relationship Between Platelet Aggregate Flag and Platelet-Count

Platelet clumping has been found to exist in malaria infection cases and has been described as the most vital platelet abnormality observed in most studies. There have been a large number of small platelets that have been seen to be mixing up or clamping with a few giant platelets. This could be due to cytokine interference of megakaryopoiesis (Maina et al., 2010, p. 8). The peripheral blood smears from samples obtained have shown that samples with platelet aggregate flag indicated small platelet…. [read more]

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