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Rules America? G. William Domhoff's Sociological Analysis Book Report

… ¶ … Rules America?

G. William Domhoff's sociological analysis Who Rules America? argues that the reins of power within America are tightly controlled by the interests of corporations, the financial industry, and members of America's elite 'upper class.' While officially America is supposed to be a classless society, Domhoff argues that the nation is actually polarized in a classic 'haves' versus 'have-nots' conflict. The representatives of labor and other disenfranchised groups (such as women and ethnic and racial minorities) attempt to gain power by pressuring the political system to raise taxes on the wealthy and elite institutions and distribute benefits and opportunities more fairly throughout society. However, conservative and corporate interests (including so-called 'agri-business') attempt to retain their stronghold upon power through deregulation and limiting…. [read more]

Rules America?' by G. William Term Paper

… Who Rules America also contains some elements of structural functionalism. He sees American society as relatively stable and patterned - a key component of structural functionalism. Further, Domhoff's America is made up of a number of independent but interrelated segments, each governed by specific mores and beliefs. Like a true structural functionalist, Dumhoff sees society in terms of statuses that are interconnected to form institutions that are in turn dependent on larger society. In this book, the author sees individual actions as clearly determined by the larger society.

Certainly, Domhoff's assertion that America is largely controlled by the upper class goes strongly against the democratic nature of our society. The existence of a power elite is truly against the founding principles of this country, and…. [read more]

William Howard Taft Essay

… The Courts allow for an outlet to help decide important cases relative to Constitutional laws and regulations and are therefore powerful policy makers in their own right. The U.S. Court of Appeals acts to change political and public policy just as much as any other mechanism for change within the U.S. democratic framework of government. Although the Evarts Act had allowed some use of judicial discretion, in 1925, over 80% of Supreme Court cases were still under mandatory review, and by 1918 it had "fallen more than a year behind schedule" (Provine, 1980, p. 11). In 1922 Chief Justice William Howard Taft lobbied Congress for legislation that established the Conference of Senior Circuit Judges, which is today known as the Judicial Conference of the United…. [read more]

William Penn Term Paper

… William Penn

As its name suggests, the state of Pennsylvania was founded by William Penn, Jr., though it was actually named after his father, William Penn, Sr. How an Englishman with estates in Ireland came to establish a colony in the United States is an interesting story, one that reveals as much about the time period as it does about the man, William Penn. William Penn, Jr. was born in 1644 to William Penn, Sr. And Margaret Jasper. Penn's father was an important part of Oliver Cromwell's religious-based revolt against Charles I, and was rewarded with estates in Ireland for his service. (See Association of Friends, pp. 1-7).

Penn's father fell into disfavor with Cromwell because of a failed mission to the Caribbean and was…. [read more]

Frida Kahlo William Faulkner Essay

… "By universal consent of critics and common readers, Faulkner now is recognized as the strongest American novelist of the twentieth century, clearly surpassing Hemingway and Fitzgerald, and standing as an equal in the sequence that includes Hawthorne, Melville, Mark Twain, and Henry James" (Bloom, 1).

Similar to Faulkner, Kahlo is also renowned for her contributions to the world of surreal painting. To a certain degree, Kahlo was very similar to artists like Salvador Dali and Rene Magritte. However, the fact that her painting contained hidden messages that were much elaborate in comparison to the works of the other two painters makes it possible for one to understand that he is in a class of her own. She makes the rules for her painting style and…. [read more]

Family Values in Urban America Term Paper

… These ideologies have been mixed with propagandas, which have weakened the urban America's conscience and this has resulted to creation of an environment in which there is breakdown of the traditional family values.

Referring to studies done by (Michael 143-154)[footnoteRef:10] they listed some of the ideologies that have been brought about by the secular culture and they include; God, religion, and questions of morality are matters of personal opinion which have little or no relevance to social problems; Human being are highly evolved animals; value is relative as there is no absolute standards; the nuclear family is a product of social evolution and is just one of a number of possible forms of social organization; problems in the urban America society can be solved by…. [read more]

Pictures Term Paper

… The very identity on which Americans based their patriotism and love of country was challenged during the Cold War, and the ideals which had been ridiculed and then feared -- the arrogance, brashness, rule by the many as opposed to an elite -- were all threatened by the Cold War. Americans themselves split during many issues of this period -- a notable subject of inter-national strife was the Vietnam War -- but the ideals of Americanism remained, and once the Soviet Union fell, the rest of the world waited to see how the world's only remaining superpower would incorporate these ideals into its dealings with the rest of the world.

The end of the Cold War did, in fact, bring more fears of imperialism by…. [read more]

Rules of Engagement Established Essay

… Ewell's actions reflected the feelings of other commanders and their reactions to the rules of engagement.

General William Westmoreland's policies during the Vietnam War showed little regard to the rules of engagements. These policies were aimed at obliterating the Viet Cong army. In this regard, the United States army used sophisticated firepower to attack the enemy forces while the Republic of Vietnam Armed Forces protected their civilian population from those attacks. General Westmoreland engaged in activities that were in total disregard to the rules of engagements.

Secretary of Defense during the Vietnamese war, Robert McNamara was not keen on fighting aggressively in Vietnam. He sided with the president to make the war restrictive hence establishing the rules of engagement. He thought the Chinese and the…. [read more]

Menagerie Revised Prince, Don't Ask Term Paper

… S. alongside Faulkner, which is also given away by Amanda's continual references to her days as a young lady in the South and her slipping into an overdone southern accent talking to "The Gentleman Caller" (Williams 442) but no one else. Some writers focus on the superficial theme of tragedy that is the most obvious element on the surface of The Glass Menagerie and ignore the potential future growth this essay has tried to reveal (e.g. Janardanan 51). Williams himself wrote in the 1948 preface to the play how struggle is "the sort of life for which the human organism is created" (Williams 1045), which he found had disappeared once he became rich and famous after the initial success of The Glass Menagerie. In this…. [read more]

Domhoff Shapiro Gaventa Dahl Putnum Term Paper

… Political Science - Domhoff, Shapiro, Gaventa, Dahl & Putnam

Do you think Pluralism as defined by Dahl, is still a fitting description of the American Political System? Why do Domhoff, Shapiro and/or Gaventa disagree with the argument that pluralism is the best description for American Politics?

The definition of Pluralism as defined by Dahl does and does not fit the description of the American Political System. Overall, the "idea" of Dahl's pluralism is one that makes the government sound like a utopia, where all people would live in harmony, and where the power of the country would be equally divided among civil associations, informal and formal communities, the government, the judicial bodies and Congress. Realistically speaking the United States is set this way, but it…. [read more]

Social Significance of 1763 Essay

… Things changed slowly in 1763, however, and there were considerable advanced warnings that the Native Americans were not happy with the intentions of the British. Rather than work to establish a working relationship with the Native Americans, as the French had done so successfully by relying on ceremonial gifts, British Commander in Chief Jeffrey Amherst established a frugal policy of letting the Indians fend for themselves. From the perspective of Native Americans, the gifts that had recognized their fallen warriors, reinforced good intentions, and portrayed the European rulers as a benevolent power, had suddenly disappeared, along with their access to ammunition they sorely needed to feed their families. By contrast, Amherst saw the Indians as beggars who needed to be weaned. When Amherst garrisoned British…. [read more]

Mollie's Job Book Report

… Mollie's Job

William Adler's Mollie's Job exposes the dark side of globalization: its social, economic, and political ramifications. Adler focuses specifically on the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) in a thorough and thought-provoking analysis. The exploitation of workers like Mollie James, Dorothy Carter, and Balbina Duque remains the central theme of Mollie's Job. Free trade has led to "fundamental changes in the economy," as well as dramatic shifts in political, economic, and social norms (Adler, 2001, p. 16). Mainly, the pretense of free trade has enabled a rise in "plutocracy," and a demise of democracy according to Adler (2001, p. 16).

Workers like Mollie James and Balbina Duque have been systematically disenfranchised, both as citizens of their respective countries of residence and as workers…. [read more]

America Was Finding Its Footing Term Paper

… It was a difficult time of transition from British identity to a newly formed American identity for the colonists. Like with any revolution, it took determination and will to succeed to lead the people, especially the chosen noted figures, to embark on such an arduous task.

To conclude, the people of the era of the American Revolution were just that, revolutionary. They were radical in their sentiments and desired change. George Washington, Charles Willson Peale, and Thomas Paine inspired, led, and recorded a time of infancy for America that remains recognized today. They were and still are great men that helped birth a great nation.


Burns, J.M., & Dunn, S. (2004). George Washington. New York: Times Books.

This source discusses the life anf career…. [read more]

Art Violence and Social Engagement in Colombia Research Proposal

… ¶ … Colombia is the third-largest recipient of military aid from the United States and is at a critical juncture in its turbulent history. More than three million people have been displaced in Colombia during the past decade alone, and violent deaths and kidnappings remain alarmingly high. While violence is nothing new to the people of Colombia, their response to its sources and causes have been portrayed in the visual arts in various ways, with one of the most recent manifestations of this being portrayal such as the "The Skin of Memory," developed by the anthropologist Pilar Riano-Alcala and the artist Suzanne Lacy in collaboration with a multidisciplinary team in Colombia. Because art must also serve a social function and civic responsibility, this thesis evaluates…. [read more]

John Milton and the Philosophy of Christian Education Research Paper

… It was therefore understood as fairly self-evident why the government of a new nation which had just escaped from under the yoke of such a system would avoid things like the endorsement of any specific religious creed (or even God) in its official founding documents. Jefferson's point in the "Bill for the More General Diffusion of Knowledge" is that those who are unaware of history are doomed to repeat it: that is why his legislative intent and emphasis is placed upon the knowledge of political systems, and how easily they may slip into tyrannical forms of social control due to the "ambition" of rulers.

It is at this point that we may turn our attention to John Milton. Milton's role in English history and government…. [read more]

Growth and Development Essay

… ¶ … nation's economic development can depend on many things. One school of thought has argued that geographical factors -- meaning temperate or tropical location, supply of ready labor, level of available natural resources -- are key considerations (Sachs, 2001). This argument makes sense, except when applied to Africa, where countries have the lowest per capita GDP in the world, despite having abundant resources in a variety of locales. Another school of thought places emphasis on the production function (Sharma, 2007) -- meaning the availability, use, and interaction of technology and human capital. This argument fails when applied to nations in Latin America which have grown more quickly than their embrace of technology and improvement of capital alone seems to justify. A third argument gives…. [read more]

Peace Freedom Is the Foundation Term Paper

… Borno ruled without the benefit of a legislature, which had been dissolved in 1917 under Dartiguenave, until elections were again permitted in 1930. The legislature, after several ballots, elected mulatto Stenio Vincent to the presidency.

The occupation of Haiti continued after World War I, despite the embarrassment that it caused Woodrow Wilson at the Paris peace conference in 1919, and the scrutiny of a congressional inquiry in 1922. By 1930, President Herbert Hoover had become concerned about the effects of the occupation, particularly after a December 1929 incident in Les Cayes in which marines killed at least ten Haitian peasants during a march to protest local economic conditions. Hoover appointed two commissions to study the situation. A former governor general of the Philippines, W. Cameron…. [read more]

Chain of Command in Vietnam Essay

… These locations were used as a safe haven. ("Effects of Restrictive Rules," 1995) (Lewy, 1978)

General William Westmoreland: Westmoreland felt that this approach had the ability to destroy the enemy's willingness to carry on with the war. This is from the belief that an extended conflict would wear down their ability to fight and resupply troops. ("Effects of Restrictive Rules," 1995) (Lewy, 1978)

Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara: McNamara was utilizing the ROE to prevent the conflict from escalating by limiting the practices and areas U.S. troops were allowed. Over the course of time, this was believed to be a good way to contain the threat and help to support South Vietnam. ("Effects of Restrictive Rules," 1995) (Lewy, 1978)

President Lyndon Johnson: President Johnson needed…. [read more]

Compare Obama vs. G.W. Bush Foreign Policy Research Paper

… Bush v. Obama Foreign Policies

Neo-conservatism and Liberalism in Practice:

Comparing George W. Bush and Barack Obama Foreign Policies

In 2001 George W. Bush presided over the Presidency which had to face new kinds of challenges in American foreign policy. When Bush was the incumbent, the United States was attacked by terrorists, which killed nearly 3,000 Americans. The rest of Bush's Presidency reflected his Administration's response to that event and the period is known as the post-9/11 era. The eight years of Bush's Presidency was mired in many controversies -- chief among them was the Bush Administration's decision to go to war against the regime of Saddam Hussein in Iraq -- but also a period that did not witness any further terrorist attacks on American…. [read more]

Religious Group's Statement William James Term Paper

… "

Those very Israelites, according to the article in the Economist which paraphrases the Book of Mormon, "split into two tribes, the fair-skinned Nephites and the dark-skinned Lamanites." In good time, the Nephites "were wiped out, but the Lamanites survived," the Economist article continues; and the Lamanites became the Native Americans who were encountered by the westward expanding European colonists to America.

A devout Mormon professor, Thomas Murphy, meantime, "has suggested this is nonsense, landing himself in very hot water," the article explains. Verifiable DNA evidence (e.g., scientific evidence, which Kaufman alluded to earlier as provable, unlike religious "truths") has shown, Thomas Murphy explained in a published article, that Native Americans are descendants of Asians, not Mediterranean peoples. Therefore, the LDS assertions are false, he…. [read more]

United States Steel Corporation Research Paper

… United States Steel Corp v. Commissioner

In United States Steel Corporation v. Commissioner, the court was called upon to determine that appropriate way of allocating additional income to a corporation with wholly-held foreign subsidiaries. This is a critical question, particularly in a global economy, when businesses may have dual motives for the creation of wholly-owned subsidiaries, and the reduction or avoidance of taxes may be among the taxpayer's legitimate goals in forming those corporations.

Petitioner United States Steel Corporation, the world's largest producer of steel, wanted a way to develop iron ore found in Bolivar, Venezuela and transport it to the United States for processing into steel. United States Steel Corporation organized Orinoco Mining Company, a Delaware Corporation, to develop the deposits, and then Navios…. [read more]

Regional Geography Why Could Africa Term Paper

… However, so long as the majority of Colombians live without proper nutrition, decent housing, and hope for the future, the possibility remains.


In many ways Brazil has undergone changes analogous to these during the period since the mid-1960s. Focus upon its present problems, which are many and major, often blinds observers to just how far Brazil has already come along the developmental road.

The essence of the problem of analyzing Brazil is the simultaneous need to explain what the country has been, what it now is, and what it is becoming. For all these aspects coexist uneasily today, much as they did in Bismarckian Germany or in the United States from the 1880s to the beginning of World War I. In cold comparative terms…. [read more]

New Spain, Mexico the Culture Thesis

… She was speaking in his own native language, Nahuatl -- not the language of the conquering Spanish. What she said astonished him: she wanted a church built on that site -- and it was then that Juan Diego recognized her as the Virgin Queen Mary, Mother of Christ. Juan Diego ran to the local Spanish Archbishop, Juan de Zumarraga, and told him of what he had seen and heard. The Archbishop was reluctant to believe that the Mother of God would appear in a vision to a man like Juan Diego -- a peasant in Mexican society. The Archbishop demanded a sign. So the story goes -- Juan Diego returned to the site. He asked for a sign, and the Mother of God told him…. [read more]

H 1b Shortage Research Proposal

… H-1B Shortage

In today's society, knowledge and expertise are raw materials that are essential for companies and countries so that they can be more competitive. The economy is dependent on innovative companies and whether they can not only attract but also retain the talent that will provide them with the most benefit. This should re regardless of the citizenship or nationality of those talented individuals. The most unfortunate issue here, however, is that the United States immigration system makes doing this very challenging, and many U.S. firms are incapable of getting the people that they really need to keep the economy strong because of immigration requirements (Written testimony of William H. Gates Before the Committee on Science and Technology, United States House of Representatives, P…. [read more]

John Locke's Political Theories Term Paper

… Locke

One of the single most influential characters in the history of nation building is John Locke. His theories and writings demonstrate a basis for support of actions that had already been taken to eliminate monarchical rule as well as in the development of doctrine for new nations that came from such changes. This work will be a summation of the three foundational principles associated with Locke and his works; social contract theory, natural rights theory and Locke's express concerns regarding the need for the separation of religion and state. Most of the concepts regarding these three theoretical motivations can be found in Locke's seminal work, the Second Treatise of Government though the First Treatise on Government, (in which he discusses the falsehood of divine…. [read more]

Censorship in Music Term Paper

… The Spanish-born Pablo Casals (1876-1973), who enjoyed a spectacular international career as a violin and cello virtuoso and conductor, was considered to be one of the finest musicians of his day. However, he had a rather harsh assessment of rock and roll in the early 1960s, one that should be viewed through the filter of a person whose life was devoted to European fine-art music.

You want to know what I think of that abomination, rock 'n' roll? I think it is a disgrace. Poison put to sound! When I hear it I feel very sad not only for music but for the people who are addicted to it. I am also very sorry for America-- that such a great country should have nothing better…. [read more]

Phoenix Program Term Paper

… ¶ … Phoenix Program Lessons to Iraq

Scope and Significance


The Phoenix Program in Vietnam

Lessons Learned from Phoenix

Applications for Iraq

Selected Bibliography


It is not at all unusual to hear popular comparisons made between the Vietnam War and the current war in Iraq and though most experts see only a casual relationship still others see a comparison that is not only valid but is applicable to the utilization of historical Vietnam tactics and lessons learned from them to formulate reasonable resolutions to the Iraq War. In a collection of essays analyzing the similarities and differences of the Vietnam and Iraq Wars, ed. David Ryan demonstrates that the two wars are very similar in public sentiment…. [read more]

Post War Iraq: A Paradox Term Paper

… This event gave real evidence to the insignificant role played by the United Nations in the Korean War. 10

2. Self-defense (Falklands)

Self-defense is one of the most contentious spheres of the exercise of force, and many instances abound which possibly depict a predicament with finding what are the conventions, and what about enforcing them. Since it prohibits the exercise of force, the U.N deed certainly identifies two scenarios wherein the application of force is allowed. International Law has recognized years ago that each state possesses the prerogative to protect itself, if required through force. This prerogative of self-defense is established in the U.N. charter: Article 51 states that the charter in no manner damages the "inbuilt" privilege of self-protection during an organized assault. The…. [read more]

Applied Logistics and Supply Chain Management Dissertation

… ¶ … oil and gas industry in Libya is also directly reliant on global prices that are based on supply and demand; and any revenues generated at a given point in time depend in large part on how effective the supply chain is in mitigating the high costs of production and transporting the final product to customers. The purpose of this study was to provide a comparison between an American oil industry firm, Mobil, the world's largest publicly traded international oil and gas company in the field of supply chain management in the United States from the perspective of the Toyota supply chain approach. This analysis will then be applied to a Libyan oil industry firm, Alwaha, to identify best practices for Alwaha in developing…. [read more]

Intellectual and Philosophical Roots of William Miller's Hermeneutics an Analysis and Assessment Term Paper


The objective of this work is to examine the development of Seventh-day Adventist Theology and will do so through an extensive review of literature in this area of study.

Hermeneutics is defined as "the science or study of interpretation" which is said to derive "from the Greek word for interpret." (Andrews, 2007) Millerism is described in the work entitled: "Theological Context in which Adventism was Born Millerism" as "The top root of Adventism..." (2008) Miller held that the Bible "is a system of revealed truths, so clearly and simply given, that the wayfaring man, though a fool, need not err therein." (Apology and Defense: Prophecy Schools of Interpretation as cited in Andrews, 2007)…. [read more]

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