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Health Disparities: Problem of the Uninsured Term Paper

… A physician compromises this principle by treating a patient negatively because of their choice of not taking coverage; but all the same, the physician has a duty to inform the patient of the probable consequences of their choices (Macklin, 2003).

Justice: a healthcare practitioner ought to treat all their patients in a fair manner (Macklin, 2003). This principle requires a practitioner to treat uninsured patients in the same way they would treat an insured one with a similar condition. The ANA supports the ongoing health reforms because of the current system's inability to accord the same standard of care to all patients. The principle that "all persons are entitled to ready access to affordable, high-quality health services" is a perfect representation of the justice principle…. [read more]

Rural vs. Urban Health Care Disparities Dissertation

… Health Care Disparity in Maryland

Context of the Problem

Unsettling Disparities Occur

Approximately 1,600,000 individuals who live in Maryland either do not have access to healthcare as they cannot afford insurance and/or are underinsured.

In "Health care reform: a vital issue for Maryland's nurses," Anne S. Kasper and Leni Preston (2008) stress this unsettling fact, as they point out that Maryland ranks number 24 in the United States in the number of uninsured residents. Fifteen percent of Maryland's population, almost 800,000 people, in fact, is not insured. The significance of the fact relating to those who do not have access to healthcare, Kasper, and Preston (2008) assert, increases as this magnificent number of individuals without access to healthcare does…. [read more]

Health Maintenance Organization Impact on the Minorities Thesis


The focus of this research study is the health maintenance organization impact on the minorities' community and specifically the communities of Hispanics, African-American and Latinos in the locations of New York City, New Jersey, Connecticut and Chicago. In recent years it has become increasingly clear that the U.S. .healthcare system is failing in making the same quality of care provision for ethnic minority populations as are made for the majority white population and the racial and ethnic disparities in accessing quality healthcare have been documented in research studies. It is reported that African-Americans experience the highest rates of mortality from heart disease, cancer, cerebrovascular disease and HIV / AIDS than any other U.S.…. [read more]

Global Health Care Term Paper

… Martens, Pim. (200). "Health Transitions in a Globalising World: Towards More Disease or Sustained Health?" Futures, Vol. 34, Issue 7, p. 635+

In this journal study, Pim Martens argues that the concept of 'transitions' is useful for addressing and defining the current and future health status of the world as directly related to the process of globalization. Martens begins by a discussion of the current factors that affect human health and then discusses the health transitions evident throughout history. Next the focus is on trends and developments in health and disease among various populations of the world. He measures these trends according to the following three suppositions of future ages:

the age of emerging infectious diseases the age of medical technology the age of sustained…. [read more]

Health Care Services for the Homeless Research Paper

… Health Care Services for the Homeless

An Analysis of Health Care for the Homeless, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Today, one of the most significant problems facing underserved populations is an inability to obtain health care services in the marketplace. In fact, there is a strong relationship between homelessness and health; homeless people typically experience higher rates of physical illnesses than the general public, and in cases where access is severely limited, people will tend to use fewer health services and will typically experience worse health outcomes (Helvie & Kunstmann, 1999). Furthermore, the constraints to access of medically underserved and vulnerable populations is reflected in their higher mortality rates and increased rates of cancer, heart disease, strokes, and dental disease (Barrett, Epstein, Gaston & Johnson, 1998). Community health…. [read more]

Hisory of Palliatve Care Palliative Ghost Writing

… Development of instrument that can be used in improvement of palliative care

There are legal standards that are being used in the United States to help sustain the lives of young children. Creation of machines to help in the program to sustain lives especially of those children suffering from long life diseases like cancer is the current project. This is an initiative taken by the pediatric palliative care department. The program will play a significant role in prolonging lives especially to those children with serious illness. Two instruments in the suggestion for use and reviews made to see the effectiveness. Parents and palliative care employees from various institutions gave opinions to act as a guideline on the effectiveness and progress. The instruments are essential in…. [read more]

How Can Pre-Hospital Care of Road Traffic Injuries Be Improved in Australia? Term Paper

… Prehospital care includes all of the medical stabilization and attention given to an individual both at the event site as well as en route to the hospital. This treatment is crucial in that it is a significant determinant in the overall outcome of the patient and their treatment. Particularly in the case of traffic accidents, the quality and efficiency of prehospital care is a significant factor not only in an individuals recovery but even in their survival of more serious accidents. There are a number of factors which impact the quality and efficacy of prehospital care. Specifically differences have been observed in the nature of prehospital emergency care between rural and urban areas. The difference can be as great as 20 minutes. Finally, it is…. [read more]

Effect of Low Reimbursement on Accessible Healthcare for Those People Living in Rural America Thesis

… ¶ … Low Reimbursement Rural

Insurance reimbursement as a term represents the amount of money paid (n most cases) directly to a care provider or provisional institution for services rendered by patients. In the case of private insurance as well as Medicare (that provided for the elderly with state and federal funds associated with employee tax withholding) the patient is then required to further compensate the provider with co-pays. While in the case of Medicaid (often called by other names in different states) has very limited or no patient liability as the service is provided on a low income or income earning potential basis, in the case of disability or limited income, and often both. Research over the years has indicated that rural communities are…. [read more]

Policy Analysis in Health Care Literature Review

… Policy Analysis

Issues in Healthcare Policy Analysis: Current Standings, Theoretical Implications, and Impacts on Care: A Literature Review

An issue of increasing public attention and governmental concern for all nations in the modern era is healthcare policy -- how healthcare should be distributed, regulated, and paid for, to be specific. While the central issues of healthcare policy can be stated quite simply, though, actually contending with these issues and creating effective healthcare policy that properly cares for the needs of a given nation's citizens is a far more complex and difficult task. The many different considerations of finances, health outcomes, and ethical principles along with the ever-present problem of how to provide the best balance of services using limited resources make for heated debates and…. [read more]

Recruiting Canadian Family Physicians to Northern Remote Practice Research Paper

… Recruiting Canadian Family Physicians

One of the most significant problems for individuals and communities in rural areas in Canada is access to health care. Some even say that it is the most serious of all social and communal problems in rural Canada, "The most serious problem for residents of rural and remote areas is access to health care." (Nagarajan, 2004) Primary and specialist care are frequently lacking and emergency services and existing services are secondarily challenged by this lack of access, so much so that there has been a recent trend in hospital closures that is simply making the situation even worse than before.

Recently, there has been widespread closure of rural hospitals in some provinces, such as Saskatchewan, with serious consequences to the local…. [read more]

Emergency Room Usage Why African-Americans Term Paper

… In addition, good health care practices should be taught in the schools, especially in predominately black communities. Alternatives to the emergency room should be discussed, and viable health care options for even the uninsured should exist.

Another major obstacle is poverty. Eliminating poverty in our country would not only result in a better standard of living for all the poor, it would result in better health care. As African-Americans move up the income ladder, they tend to rely less on emergency room medicine. They have more preventative medicine choices, and they have insurance of some form to help with costs. Poverty and no insurance are two of the biggest factors in emergency room usage, and eliminating poverty could change the figures dramatically. So could some…. [read more]

Aftermath of not Expanding Medicaid Capstone Project

… Furthermore, the expansion slightly reduced the private insurance revenue for hospitals through raising the lower caps for financial eligibility for subsidies from the Marketplace from the previous 100 to 138% FPL. That notwithstanding, the two factors are clearly outweighed by higher Medicaid revenue that is generated as a result of the expansion.

It is clear that expanding Medicaid would help lend significant financial stimulus to North Carolina. This would happen courtesy of the jobs that would be created, reduced costs at state level among others. The state has already lost out on billions it would have benefited if it had expanded Medicaid. It has also lost out on a significant number of jobs it would have created. There are still many gains it can…. [read more]

Identifying Opportunities to Improve Oral Health Care Services Access Research Proposal

… Improving Access to Oral Health Care in Westside, Jersey City

Why oral health care for low-income residents of Westside in Jersey City is an important topic

The timely provision of oral health care is an important part of keeping people healthy. Oral health constitutes an important part of general health. For instance, the U.S. Surgeon General's report on oral health emphasizes that oral health represents an essential element of health that must be included in the provision of other health care services (Ravaghi & Quinonez, 2013). According to these researchers, though, "Despite this, there are differences in provision of general and oral health care in many developed countries" including the United States (Ravaghi & Quinonez, 2013, p. 467). This assertion is based on an analysis…. [read more]

African-Americans in Louisiana Term Paper

… She dominated her children and husband, the Sambo, with her temper. This image of the Mammy as the controller of the African-American male, was used as further evidence of his inferiority to whites (

The second is the "Sapphire" stereotype, a demanding woman who refuses to take moral responsibility either for her own actions or for the actions that she demands of others.

Sapphire was a stereotype solidified through the hit show "Amos 'n' Andy" (Jewell, 1993). This profoundly popular series began on the radio in 1926 and developed into a television series, ending in the 1950s (Boskin, 1986). This cartoon show depicted the Sapphire character as a bossy, headstrong woman who was engaged in an ongoing verbal battle with her husband, Kingfish (Jewell, 1993).…. [read more]

Childhood Obesity and Nursing Considerations Research Paper

… Childhood Obesity and Nursing Considerations

Childhood obesity is quickly manifesting itself into one of the predominant health concerns of the decade. If childhood obesity remains on the exponential increasing trajectory that it currently holds then it will almost inevitably become an epidemic within the United States. The issue of childhood obesity has received such attention that First Lady Michelle Obama has embarked upon a national campaign to increase the healthy choices kids can select from at the lunch counter and has implored children to engage in increased levels of exercise.

According to the Centers for Disease Control, a child is considered obese if they are above the 95th percentile of the Body Mass Index (Berkowitz, 2009). Children are at risk of becoming overweight, according to…. [read more]

Diabetes in West Alabama Research Paper

… Diabetic Health Clinic in West Alabama, Public Health Area

Q1.Describe the demographics of the specific population to be served by the project (i.e., age, gender, race/ethnicity, socioeconomic status, urban/rural, etc.) (One paragraph)

The state of Alabama has one of the highest rates of diabetes in the nation. According to the most recently-available information, mortality due to diabetes in Alabama is the 5th highest of all 50 states and residents ages 25-26 have the second highest diabetes mortality rate of all fifty states ("Indicators," 2007:2). The problem is particularly concentrated amongst the African-American community: "Diabetes mortality in Alabama is consistently over 50% higher among Alabama's African-American population than among its White population" and rural counties are also disproportionately affected ("Indicators," 2007:2). West Alabama encompasses Public Health…. [read more]

Evidence-Based Counseling: Implications Counseling Practice Essay

… Once again this points to how social barriers can inhibit access to care. The Outcomes model provides a measurable way of identifying barriers and enables them to be rectified. Physical barriers such as distance can influence determinants of use, as can cost, and perceptions that healthcare providers are uncaring. In the Outcomes model, "the conceptual enhancement of distinguishing between services entry and important because it suggests that the factors that lead someone in a rural area to seek treatment may not be the same as those that enable him or her to stay engaged in treatment long enough to obtain a benefit" (Hauenstein 2008: 153). Once barriers to entry are broken down, treatment engagement, the theory suggests, can be facilitated through specific approaches, such…. [read more]

Poverty Proposal Ghana Term Paper

… Ghana Poverty

International Bank ForReconstrcution and Development

Ghana -- Public Private Partnership (PPP) Project






Project Cost

$17.5 Million

Project Duration 8 Months

Commitment Amount 60% of Total Project Cost (TCP)

Team Leader

Case CountryGHANA

- Scope of the report

Current state of poverty in Ghana

Human Development Index (HDI)

(Human Development Report, P. 2)

Failed States Index

Particular Area in need of development

- Why this particular area is important

- What impact poverty alleviation will create?

Specific Policy plan

- Programs implemented in other countries




Resource allocation

- Financial

- Non-monetary

Human resources

- Source of funds

World Bank

African Development Fund AFDB

Public-Private local donors

Possible economic and political challenges

Domestic context…. [read more]

Schools and Education Term Paper

… (Rury 2013)

This is because the country was continuing to evolve based upon shifts in attitudes and beliefs in society. At the same time, the economy was continually adjusting. This meant that in order for the nation to remain competitive some kind of changes had to occur within the system itself. The results were that more people became a part of the educational structure and were offered the opportunity to receive access to the same solutions as everyone else. (Rury 2013)

These ideals were supposed to provide everyone with better support and the ability to understand critical ideas. However, the reality is that these solutions are continuing to impact student performance. This is based upon the role that various social factors will have on an…. [read more]

Overarching Goal Essay

… ¶ … overarching goal of this study was to develop an improved understanding concerning assessing and developing the survey research methodology within an educational setting in general and the use of the survey research method to determine attitudes and behavioral intentions of the students in a university setting regarding their acceptance of e-learning in particular. The first part of the study presents the breadth component which is used to identify the differences between three important research paradigms which are defined, compared, and contrasted with various types of research methodologies with a particular emphasis on survey research methodology, using a selected bibliography to evaluate the methods.

Identifying Constraints to e-Learning for Rural Nigerian Students

The Breadth Component


This study is organized into three parts. The…. [read more]

Eating and Cholesterol Term Paper

… ¶ … Eating Habits and Developing High Cholesterol Levels

Coronary heart disease (CHD) remains the leading single cause of death in the United States today, and elevated serum cholesterol is widely recognized as being the risk factor responsible for myocardial infarction and CHD death; furthermore, a growing body of research supports the acceptance of hypercholesterolemia being as a causal and treatable agent in coronary artery arthersclerosis (Baum, Jennings, Manuck & Rabin, 2001).. According to statistics released by the National Institutes of Health (NIH), approximately half a million Americans die each year from coronary heart disease (Adams & Jennings, 1993). To date, researchers have determined that controllable risk factors such as the level of physical inactivity, smoking, overweight or obesity, high blood pressure, high blood cholesterol,…. [read more]

Biomedical Ethics Term Paper

… Unequal Power Relations: Biomedical Ethics, Black and White

One's membership in a racial, ethic, religious, or cultural group can easily determine one's place in society, particularly if the group to which one belongs is not considered to be representative of the majority national culture. The United States has long prided itself on being the home of the free and of the brave, a melting pot, where peoples from the far corners of the globe come together in mutual respect and harmony. Multiculturalism and culture diversity are buzzwords in contemporary society. Educators, activists, politicians, and media spokespeople extol the virtues of getting a long, and champion the rights of the oppressed. Yet, America has a long history of oppression against perceived "others." The country was founded…. [read more]

Psychosocial Development Theory Was Developed Case Study

… There is also the church community that dedicates time for the old. Not everyone forgets their aged because there are communities that have built recreation areas for the old. This is where they interact and exchange their life stories. Nevertheless, the old homes cannot be left out since they are able to take care for the old. There are organizations that have opened defense classes for the old. This is since there have been cases of them being attacked and raped.

Community aged packages have also helped the old people to remain living in their homes. Hospitals and other institutions have also opened in-service training and also continuing education to the elderly on health care (Chou Hoffman 2012). Here they are taught on how to…. [read more]

Armstrong, E. Kukla, R. Kuppermann, M Assessment

… ¶ … Armstrong, E.; Kukla, R.; Kuppermann, M. & Little, M. (2009). "RISK and the Pregnant Body." Hastings Center Report. 39(6), pp. 34.

These authors considered the idea of risk during pregnancy and the fact the women and doctors alike tend to have an overly cautions view on what might be considered a risk or not. They compared this to the fact that during child-birth risks are taken more freely and are not chastised when they fail. The fact that women and doctors are careful during pregnancy is to be applauded because everything must be done with the health of the child in mind, but one cannot ignore the voice of the mother and not act when she thinks something is wrong.

Baraitser, L. &…. [read more]

Young Adults Term Paper

… Sex and AIDS in Young Adults

Attitudes and Beliefs of Young African-Americans

Distrust and Conspiracy

Educational Concerns

Late Testing

Young Adults: Sex and AIDS -- a Literature Review

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS) is the leading cause of death among young African-Americans (Hossain, 2003). While African-Americans make up only about 13% of the United States' population, they make up 57% of all new Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) cases. These statistics suggest that HIV and AIDS are affecting Black America in disproportionate numbers. If education is key to success, African-Americans are respectively defeated on the issue of HIV. Researchers believe that a lack of knowledge is responsible for the crisis. For African-American young adults, lack of education is…. [read more]

Direct to Consumer Advertising History Term Paper


The National Institute for Health Care Management, a nonprofit watchdog agency, estimated that expenditures in pharmaceutical advertising in the U.S. grew from an estimated $55 million in 1991 to $2.5 billion in 2001. While the numbers seem exponential, the Institute points out that the ads represented merely 16% of the entire budget for drug promotions in 2001. A historic perception perpetuated by the drug industry is that costs are driven by expenditures in research and development. This has been considered a valid argument, as advances in drug research are indeed beneficial to humanity. However, recent examination of the industry's expenditures indicates that marketing (34.4%), not R&D (13.7%), comprise the lion's share of the industry's operating expenditures.

Families USA is a nonprofit…. [read more]

Gibson See as Some of the Unanswered Thesis

… ¶ … Gibson see as some of the unanswered questions related to distance education?

Gibson wonders how distance education can become part of what the author proposes as emancipatory pedagogy: education for total liberation. One of the main unanswered questions related to distance education is how it is actually increasing access to learning opportunities. If distance education is increasing access -- which is questionable -- then why aren't more universities actually participating in the distance learning revolution? Gibson claims that Northeastern schools and smaller universities are developing the fewest distance learning programs. Funding may be part of the reason why distance learning is not more ubiquitous. Distance learning is one of the only ways to make education truly universal, and a true force for positive…. [read more]

Special Education Programs Minorities Overrepresentation Research Proposal

… ¶ … Northcentral University, 2013

The Overrepresentation of Minorities in Special Education

Concept Paper

Requirements for the Degree of


Prescott Valley, Arizona


Over representation of minorities in special education has been an issue that has been raised over many years. Dunn (1968) questioned this when he noted that the placement of these children in such settings was questionable as the benefits they received were not evident. He also noted that the labeling of these children as disabled had negative effects, in addition to the fact that even the special education setting was segregated. In the period 1978-1984, it was observed that African-Americans were overrepresented, especially with regard to mental retardation and emotional and behavioral disorders. It has thus been an…. [read more]

Rapid Innovations in Technology Thesis

… For example, Hurrell and Woods emphasize that, "Within weak states globalization and widening inequality are eroding the capacity of governments to deal with an increasing set of social, economic, and political conflicts" (1999: 2). At the regional level, the inequalities being generated by globalization are creating instability and the further marginalization of the already impoverished (Blank 2007). At the global level, the implications of the inequalities being caused by globalization are even more severe. In this regard, Hurrell and Woods add that, "As globalization creates sharper and more urgent problems for states and international institutions, increasing inequality reduces their capacity to manage these problems effectively. In this context, it is unsurprising that the sense of unease about globalization has increased and that political and media…. [read more]

Role of Land Settlement Cooperative in the Kingdom of Thailand and Its Business Performance Term Paper

… Role of Land Settlement Cooperative in the Kingdom of Thailand and Its Business Performance

Prior to the Cooperative Crisis

Agriculture is a mark of civilization for the mankind.

It is beyond economy.

It is a part of our society, and a part of our culture." (Kittiampon)

Interview: Thailand...," 2000)

Cooperative Contentions

This researcher contends that in Thailand, an agricultural cooperative's business duties, when dealing with farmers may be divided into two primary scopes:

The first "scope" consists of the original idea founding the agricultural cooperative, focusing on money, in the realms of either savings or loans.

Another "scope," marketing needs to cover the dual aspects of marketing agricultural products, such as providing pertinent agricultural input to members and gathering members' products to resell.

The primary…. [read more]

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