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Sex and Marriage Term Paper

… This pattern is also known as 'agnatic descent', and the members are generally people who are from nuclear families that have descended form one single man. (Glossary of Terms)


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Marriage Involves a Natural, Indissoluble Union Essay

… Marriage involves a natural, indissoluble union which is perfected by the sacrament between one man and one woman that is directed towards the purpose of the preservation of the human race through the generation and bringing up of is also ordered for mutual help of spouses as well as remedy for sexual desires. The marriage institution has been constantly undergoing evolution with same sex marriages and polygamy being a common trend in marriages today.

The purpose of marriage in America today is for companionship. Most of the people get into marriages so that they can get companionship from their spouses. The married couples live together and spend a lot of their time together. Couples are seen going out for shopping, going for movies, playing…. [read more]

Same Sex Marriage the Debate Case Study

… Advocates of some sex marriage argue that all of us should admit or agree that marriage is an intimate relationship between two people and to act in a manner to exclude those who believe in this that is same sex -- couples amounts to discrimination for this I can agree that they are correct if marriage purposefully is a union to protect an intimate pair-bond.

But they are surely wrong if and when the purpose of marriage is to protect, the inherently procreative relationship of opposite pair-bonding with purpose of procreation.

Therefore to include same sex couples as a marriage union it waters down the symbolism and protection of procreative relationship ruled out by marriage the pair bonding of opposite sex.Same sex -- marriage advocates…. [read more]

Same Sex Marriage the Primary Definition Essay

… Same Sex Marriage

The primary definition of Marriage in Merriam-Webster is "1 a (1): the state of being united to a person of the opposite sex as husband or wife in a consensual and contractual relationship recognized by law (2): the state of being united to a person of the same sex in a relationship like that of a traditional marriage b: the mutual relation of married persons: wedlock c: the institution whereby individuals are joined in a marriage" (Merriam-Webster Definition).

The concept of marriage is a social and legal contract sanctioned by society. Traditionally it is between a man and a woman, creating kinship ties that extend families and holdings. The interesting focus of marriage is that it combines an institution of…. [read more]

Effects of Same Sex Marriage Research Paper

… Marriage

Robert P. George and Stephen Macedo both discuss the morality of same-sex marriage legislation. Each has a different stance regarding same-sex marriage, with George arguing against same-sex marriage and Macedo arguing for same-sex marriage, both on moral and rational grounds.

Macedo begins by outlining George's argument so that he can develop and deliver a reasoned response. He notes that George's argument is classified loosely as the "new natural law" position, which entails breaking away from traditional religious injunctions against homosexuality that rely on "narrow prejudice and mere disgust," (p. 99). The new natural law position that Macedo will argue against focuses instead on the inherent moral imperative to engage only in heterosexual procreative sex. George's position will be that any sex not for procreative…. [read more]

Defining Family Essay

… There seem to be a number of contradictory impulses underlying these statistics. For a start, it is worth noting that a majority is always willing to extend the defintion as broadly as possible -- even the case of the 54% who are willing to extend the definition to an unmarried couple with no children, this is still a small majority (although it is the smallest percentage of those recorded in the 2010 poll). I think this indicates a good start, as I personally would be willing to extend the definition as broadly as possible. But the other impulses seem to be conflicted -- certainly an element of bigotry enters into the 36% of people who would deny the word "family" to a gay or lesbian…. [read more]

Same-Sex Marriage in Sociological Context Term Paper

… Same-Sex Marriage in Sociological Context

Same-sex marriage has recently emerged as one of the more important and definitional issues in the current U.S. presidential race. In many respects, the emerging pattern of public opinion about same-sex marriage mirrors the mid-20th century controversy surrounding interracial marriage and, more generally, racial equality issues that were the main focus of the 1960s civil rights movement in the U.S. To date, structural-functionalist elements have dominated the legal definition of marriage and the status of married people in American society. Meanwhile, the same-sex marriage issue highlights the most important limitations or criticisms of the structural-functionalist approach. Likewise, while the issue also represents elements of conflict theory, it demonstrates the principle flaw in conflict theory as a predominant macro-sociological framework for…. [read more]

How to Make a Marriage Work Essay

… ¶ … Marriage Work

According to commonly cited statistics, at least half of all marriages end in divorce in the U.S., the average length of marriage is approximately 7-8 years, and sexual infidelity issues affect more marriages than not. Even if the definition of success in marriage is no more than duration and fidelity, more marriages are unsuccessful than successful.

Unfortunately, duration and fidelity are tremendously low standards for defining marital success because statistics about divorce and infidelity rates fail to account for all of the additional marriages that last comparatively long and in which infidelity is not a problem, but one or both spouses is unhappy most of the time. By that standard, the successful marriage would be quite rare.

To a large degree,…. [read more]

Marriage Fail for Lack of Communication Thesis

… Gay/Lesbian Studies - Marriage Issues


Characterization of the issue

Outline of the research area

Outline of the expected research findings

History, Background Information, and Definitions

Background of prior research

Definitions of key concepts and distinctions

Detailed discussion of various issues in divorce and marital unhappiness

Distinction between various marital problems and their respective importance

Identifying the crucial importance of interpersonal communication in marriage

Possible alternate explanations

Specific communication distinctions and their relation to the health of marital and other intimate committed relationships


Summary of research findings

Confirmation of hypothetical expectations

Introduction: Contemporary marriages fail frequently, culminating in divorce; even among many supposedly "successful" marriages, neither partner is emotionally fulfilled by the marriage but the couple remains together…. [read more]

Same-Sex Marriage. This Subject Interests Term Paper

… There is no concrete evidence that the legalization of same-sex marriage is bad for society, only speculation on the possibility created by those who wish to impose their morality on others. Values and beliefs cannot be legislated.


Bennett W. (1996, June 3). Leave marriage alone. In An exchange on same sex marriage William Bennett and Andrew Sulivan. Newsweek. Retrieved April 28, 2012, from

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Rawls, J. (1971). An egalitarian theory of justice. A Theory of…. [read more]

Gay Marriage a Discussion Research Paper

… The public opinion shift in perceptions of the legality of same sex marriages also fosters a wave of additional implications.

One implication is that politicians have become more vocal about their support of same sex marriages. One of the most recent statements of support that has been made in favor of the legality of same sex couples comes from none other than President Barack Obama. Obama gave a personal account of how he "evolved" on the issue over the last few years with influences attributed to his daughters and some gay friends (Walker). Critics of Obama attributed his announcement in support of same-sex marriages; however the polls also show that the economy is generally the number one issue that voters currently recognize as a priority…. [read more]

Gay Marriage the Overwhelming Passage of Amendments Term Paper

… ¶ … Gay Marriage

The overwhelming passage of amendments defining marriage as a union between man and woman is a sign of religious fundamentalism creeping into the back door of the American government. Amendments such as this undermine every citizens constitutional right to freedom in a country founded on the principles of democracy and liberty for all. It signifies an end of democracy and the beginning of a movement toward religious fundamentalism that may eventually undermine the American justice system.

Political fundamentalism or the fundamental principles upon which this country was created do not support the notion of defining marriage as a union between man and woman. Rather it supports the notion that marriage is a union to be defined by individuals as they see…. [read more]

Same Sex Marriage the Legalization Essay

… Callahan asserts that trying to expand the institution of marriage to homosexuals is a waste of energy because of the inherent problems in marriage. She believes that marriage is an immoral institution in much of its impact because of how marriage has traditionally been used as a means of power and control of minorities or low-power groups, and that the effort spent on the legalization of marriage would be better spent in attempting to accomplish goals that have been linked to marriage, such as insurance access for same-sex partners (Callahan, 2009, p.73-74).

In fact, this conflict about marriage and the recognition that it the institution has been used to perpetuate some of the sexist norms that pervade modern society has led to a division in…. [read more]

Same-Sex Marriage in Canada Research Paper

… Same-Sex Marriage in Canada

Same-sex marriage has been a controversial issue in most places where it has been raised. The issue was recently addressed in a California election with Proposition 8 intended to prohibit same-sex marriage, and the proposition passed and generated a strong backlash that currently continues. Much of the opposition in America has been fueled by religious fervor of a sort that has taken numerous political positions in recent years. The idea of same-sex marriage ahs been more widely accepted in Canada than in the United States and was embodied in law in 2005, after a period of time during which different provinces had different laws. The situation was normalized with the passage of Bill C-38 in 2005.

Opponents of the law depicted…. [read more]

Sex Crimes Sexual Essay

… There, in this regard, various associations of pedophiles who claim pedophilia as a way of life and human sexuality, therefore, naturally accepted by society. Pedophilic behaviors are very heterogeneous, from harmless or almost harmless, even those that reach levels that fall within the criminal. The sexual activity of a pedophile with a child under 13 years is known by the name of child sexual abuse or pedophilia (a word that, etymologically, means the same as pedophilia).


The theory of 'feminist' (supported by Holmes et al. 2008) argues that sexual assault is not motivated by a compelling erotic desire, but by a desire to control, dominate, humiliate and then keep the woman in a state of political and economic subservience to man. (Pithers and Gray…. [read more]

Same Sex Marriage Term Paper

… ¶ … Same Sex Marriage

There are not many social issues in the United States that are more controversial than same sex marriage. The idea of two men or two women getting married in a legal environment appalls certain cultural, religious, and ethnic groups, while other groups believe sanctioning same sex marriage is the just thing to do, and that same sex marriage should be legalized to enforce a couple's civil rights. This paper reviews pertinent literature regarding the opposition to same sex marriage by ethnic groups, by religious groups; it also reviews groups that support same sex marriage, and the politics on both sides of the issues. In addition the bias against gay and lesbian people is also covered in this paper.

What is…. [read more]

Children Raised by Same-Sex Parents Research Paper

… 385)..

The research to date indicates that overall, children raised in same-sex parent households fare just as well as their counterparts in traditional homes, with some minor exceptions that tend to evaporate over time. For example, a meta-analysis by Crowl et al. (2008) investigated differences between children raised by same-sex compared to heterosexual couples across 19 studies in relation to six developmental outcomes. No differences were found between children raised by heterosexual or same-sex parents in the following four areas: cognitive development, psychological adjustment, gender identity, or sexual partner preference. Theses researchers concluded that, "Children raised by same-sex parents fare equally well to children raised by heterosexual parents" (emphasis added) (p. 385).

Notwithstanding this across-the-board generalization, Crowl and his associates (2008) did report some evidence…. [read more]

Gay Marriage This Work Reports Research Term Paper

… Gay Marriage

This work reports research through qualitative review of literature relevant to the critical analysis of gay marriage and an analysis that takes place on many levels and in many aspects relating to the gay individual, political and societal factors, and finally the factors of illegality and the impact upon children of these gay parents. This study finds that this is a highly charged emotional and religious issue and that governance of marriage between gay individuals should merely be in the form of ensuring no discrimination exists toward these individuals either in their right to marry or in any other or different form of discrimination.


Annotated Bibliography

Hymowitz, Kay S. (2004) Gay Marriage vs. American Marriage. 2004 Summer CITY. Online available at…. [read more]

Same-Sex Marriage: The Debate Term Paper

… Proponents of equal marriage rights for same-sex couples are quick to point out that there are over 1,000 federal rights and benefits denied same-sex couples by excluding them from legal marriage (Wikipedia, 2004). A legal denial of rights or benefits afforded to others, they argue, goes against the 14th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution which provides for equal protection under the law.

There are many reasons that same sex marriage is a must for today's society (Ost, 2003). Census 2000 revealed that same-sex couples live in 99% of all U.S. counties. They live and vote in nearly every congressional district. Approximately 96% of all American counties have at least one same-sex couple with children under 18; yet in only seven states and the District of…. [read more]

Same Sex Marriages Term Paper

… " But the intelligible moral structure of marriage surely relates to more than procreation, and surely a loving and mutually beneficial relationship between same sex couples is again, more legitimately moral than an abusive heterosexual relationship? In short, the existence of a martial bond in legal terms is no guarantee of moral legitimacy for either same-sex or heterosexual couples. Rather, the legal bond of matrimony is merely recognition of the beginnings of an attempt of the couple to make such a moral bond and to enter into a social framework of unity. (George, 2003, p. A8)

Recently, an authority as high as the Supreme Court of the United States stated that gays "are entitled to respect for their private lives," according Justice Anthony Kennedy. Under…. [read more]

Colonial Latin Women Marriage and Sexuality Term Paper

… Latin Women

Throughout the colonial period, women in the major cities of Latin America experienced vast differences in their marital and sexual lives. In areas such as Mexico City and Buenos Aries, women dealt consistently with social and religious regulation of the intimate portions of their lives, transforming what was otherwise considered to be a personal decision of love into social and economic mechanisms for the binding of family interests and social norms (Lavrin 1989). Yet in other areas, these social institutions accepted different norms, resulting in slightly more freedom for the women of the area.

This paper will analyze the sexual and marital lives of women in four major Latin American cities between the 17th and 19th centuries. By analyzing and comparing the experiences…. [read more]

Gay Marriage (Pro) Term Paper

… Gay Marriage (Pro)

Gay marriage is a very controversial subject today. Canada and many European nations have already legalized gay marriages. Massachusetts has also legalized gay marriages, though there the weddings do not have the full force of law as they are not recognized on a Federal level. Our society is in an on-going debate as to whether the unions of same-gendered couples will be recognized as equal to the unions of heterosexual couples. It is the stance of this author that marriage, or marriage like unions, must be allowed for same-gendered couples because it is necessary for the protection of both the individuals involved and their children, because it is both natural and with some historical precedence, and because there are no logical reasons…. [read more]

Family Values in Urban America Term Paper

… These ideologies have been mixed with propagandas, which have weakened the urban America's conscience and this has resulted to creation of an environment in which there is breakdown of the traditional family values.

Referring to studies done by (Michael 143-154)[footnoteRef:10] they listed some of the ideologies that have been brought about by the secular culture and they include; God, religion, and questions of morality are matters of personal opinion which have little or no relevance to social problems; Human being are highly evolved animals; value is relative as there is no absolute standards; the nuclear family is a product of social evolution and is just one of a number of possible forms of social organization; problems in the urban America society can be solved by…. [read more]

Arguing to Inquire Term Paper

… ¶ … Gay Marriage


Those opposed to legalizing gay marriage consider it a danger to the sanctity of traditional, monogamous marriage, and maintain that expanding the notion of formal marriage to homosexual couples is a "slippery slope" that could conceivably lead to the legalization of polygamous marriage, and possibly incestuous marriage, and ultimately, even to legalized bestiality (Kurtz, 2003). They suggest that restricting formal, state- sanctioned marriage to heterosexuals is necessary to continue promoting the virtues of monogamy and ensures healthy family units, which would be undermined by recognizing matrimonial relationships between individuals who cannot possibly fulfill the primary purpose of marriage: procreation. Likewise, those opposed to legalizing gay marriage believe that recognizing homosexual marriage communicates a societal…. [read more]

Polygamous Marriage Polygamy Is the Practice Thesis

… Polygamous Marriage

Polygamy is the practice of maintaining family systems involving more marital partners than two. It was commonly practiced in ancient times and is referenced throughout the Old and New Testaments. In modern human societies, polygamy is still practiced in numerous countries but is prohibited by state and federal law in the United States (Witte, 2008). Until the late 19th century, polygamy was officially condoned and practiced by the Mormons but mainstream the mainstream Mormon church changed its position in 1890 after the U.S. Supreme Court ruled against them in several cases challenging the constitutionality (under the First Amendment) of state prohibitions of what they claimed was a religious practice (Dougherty & Johnson, 2007).

Polygamy in Contemporary American Society:

In the U.S., polygamy is…. [read more]

Same Sex Marriage: Refuting Term Paper

… If this were the case however, severe limitations must be imposed on marriage. Infertile couples for example, should not be allowed to marry. Nor should couples who express no desire to have children. Older couples who have reached the post menopausal age should also be forbidden from marriage (Bidstrup, 2004). This argument is not based on sound logic and fails to provide ample evidence why same sex marriages should not be allowed. Marriage is not based on continuance of the species but rather commitment and devotion to one another. This many same sex couples have in abundance. The other side of this is many homosexual couples can freely adopt and raise families, contributing to the well being of society and providing homes for children that…. [read more]

Human Development Canadian Edition Spencer Essay

… At the same time, whether it is a marital arrangement or a cohabitation arrangement, this is part of a "task" that needs to be concluded in early adulthood. The reasons for choosing cohabitation over marriage are numerous and they include reluctance to commitment, less pressure, more flexibility or even no other choice. Up to this point, there is no clear established connection between cohabitation and evolution of relationship duration, although there is a trend that considers the cohabitation before marriage to damage the structure of the relationship. However, the cohabitation practice is slowly yet steadily gaining ground especially among same sex marriages.


Copen et al. (2013) "First Premarital Cohabitation in the United States: 2006 -- 2010 National Survey of Family Growth" in National Health…. [read more]

Against Same Sex Marriage Term Paper

… Against Same Sex Marriages

This paper deals with the same sex marriage issue and analyses the problem with it. Although people have started voicing their opinions for the legality of same sex marriages, this paper gives all the reasons why it should not be legitimized or practiced. At the end of the paper the reader would gain sound knowledge of the reasons that oppose same sex marriages.

The term "homosexual" is used most often to describe a person's overt behavior, sexual orientation and sense of personal or social identity. The terms "gay" and "lesbian" reflect the fact that the person applying these terms on him has some sense of being part of the social group that is similarly labeled. So, in a way these categories…. [read more]

Nontraditional Families in America Thesis

… These new programs support the proposition that families can work as same-sex households, mixed race homes, or any other form of nontraditional unit. Similarly, current movies such as The Kids Are All Right do the same on the big screen. To the extent that culture is reflected through its art forms the fact that these television shows and movies are able to present the nontraditional family as normative indicates that the prejudices against nontraditional families are beginning to break down.

Twenty years ago same-sex adoption would have been unthinkable in many social circles; interracial marriage was unthinkable and, in some jurisdictions, illegal; cohabitation a disgrace but these attitudes are all changing. The legal barriers to nearly all nontraditional family lifestyle choices are beginning to be…. [read more]

Non-Traditional Families in the United States Thesis

… Sociology

Family Relations: The Role of Non-Traditional Families

The family is central to human culture, yet the family, like so much else in modern society is changing. In times past, the family could be easily defined. It consisted of a married father, mother, and their children. Sometimes the definition allowed for the remnants of that same grouping - a widow or widower and the children of the marriage, plus any stepchildren or wards. Still others would have included among the family, a married couple living alone, their children either grown - an "empty" nest" - or a childless couple growing old together. Families performed both economic and social functions. Through much of history, and probably prehistory too, marriage was a kind of economic arrangement. Property…. [read more]

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