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School Counseling Ethics Term Paper

… School Counseling

Ethics has been very much on the public mind for the past few years, beginning with stunning revelations of corporate ethical lapses, some of them consuming pensions (Enron), and others consuming lives (Bhopal, India). These are devastating lapses, but it might be argued that even more devastating are ethical lapses in counseling, and, more particularly, school counseling. Children and adolescents who seek or are forced into school counseling are arguably among the students most at risk for unethical -- not to say illegal -- behavior themselves. Therefore, it would seem essential on that basis alone to solve ethical dilemma issues for school counselors working with that population.

School counselors obtain their own training in dealing with ethical dilemmas during their education; therefore, it…. [read more]

School Counseling Professional Research Paper

… Most schools are large enough that they can support several counselors working with a block of students to find their way through the difficulties inherent in determining a lifelong occupation. However, a school counselor does not just train as a career counselor, so they need to advocate for their other roles as well. Many times the staff at a school will not expect the school counselor to be anything but a guidance counselor. The graduate has to be determined in setting their own role rather than having it set for them. This means talking to administrators and teachers about what their training entailed and what the school counseling profession offers to staff and students. Many times a school counselor will have to go through this…. [read more]

Ethics in Group Counselling Term Paper

… Given that the discussion regarding whether or not morality has been about facts, individual therapy views or group therapy perceptions has raged for such a long time, we are not going to engage in this paper. It has been essential; nevertheless, to understand that there have been these types of fundamentally distinct perspectives concerning the nature associated with morality contributing to whether or not, whenever therapists make ethical decisions, they have been determining moral facts or perhaps have been articulating views - either personal or perhaps those in the groups' traditions (Barnes and Murdin, 2001).

Ethics: targeting appropriate results or fulfilling tasks

There have been two additional fundamentally distinct perspectives concerning the nature associated with ethics in both individual and group therapy sessions. One -…. [read more]

School Counseling in a Multicultural Term Paper

… Multiculturalism and Counseling

Constantine & Gushus (2003) suggest that in recent years, as more and more immigrants are present in elementary and secondary schools, children are facing overwhelming challenges that are associated with living in a new country, and as such require more adequate school counseling in order to settle into troubled school systems. Further they suggest that there is currently very little knowledge available with regard to the ways in which the attitudes school counselor's have toward immigrants may affect their ability to work with this unique population effectively.

In recent years a large body of attention has been afforded to multicultural issues within schools and school counseling programs (Durodoye, 1998; Hobson & Kanitz, 1996; Sue et. al, 1998).

In order to provide students…. [read more]

Code of Conduct Essay

… This is quite apparent in the school system because the learning environment must reflect the relevancy and reasons for certain behaviors. If those behaviors modeled are ethical and moral, then, students have a far better chance of emulating them and allowing them to become part of their lives. This is not a new idea, but one that has been around for millennia. For example, a 1913 article began, "Within a few years a strong demand has arisen for ethical teaching in the schools?" (Ethics in the Schools, 1913 & 2006).

Part 3 -- The Safe Schools Act -- If one asks the basic question, what is the actual purpose of school, one finds almost universal agreement: an institution designed to teach children the basic skills…. [read more]

Creating a Proposal for a Counseling Group Research Paper

… Counseling groups give members the opportunity to share experiences, discover new viewpoints, and experiment with the new behaviors in a relatively safe and supportive environment. A professional counseling service provider leads the group in its endeavor to satisfy demands of the members. This paper is a proposal that creates and illustrates a counseling group. In particular, it discusses into details the goals and objectives, evaluation plan for total group experience, logistics of group program, a comprehensive description of ten group sessions, description of group activities, and evaluation of the group. This evaluation will take into account the various copies of tests, rating forms, and questionnaires that are culturally appropriate.


Purpose and Rationale

The counseling group intends to provide members majority of which are teenagers…. [read more]

Counseling Several People Term Paper

… They then established her guilty of violating an APA ethics standard as she kept on working with the wife after the husband declined to attend sessions, and approved her. The finding was rejected on appeal, but not before she expended a great amount of time and money fighting a fundamentally thoughtless complaint.

Dykstra advocates that psychologists walk out from APA while they have the opportunity. Many members have the same opinion as her's. Leonard Holmes who wrote "Resign from APA while you can" was a member of APA from 1978 till 2002. He stopped paying APA dues in 2003 for the reason that he conflicted with the level of dues and the way that they exhausted his money. When APA paid 2.2 million dollars to…. [read more]

Ethics Abe and Mary Essay

… Some people believe that knowing negating information about one's health will only make them more ill. In some instances this is the reason why patients do not want to know their prognosis. Not having information about ones prognosis can also hinder people from getting the proper medical attention, which can be a major problem and reduce life expectancy.

In both case the family member had reservations about truth telling because they feared that doing so would be harmful to the patient. The physicians on the other hand had a duty to tell the patients the truth because doing so is of benefit to the patients. In some cases this beneficence that doctors have a duty to honor is in conflict with what family members might…. [read more]

Ethics of Headhunting Structure Business Ethics Corporate Term Paper

… Ethics of Headhunting


Business Ethics

Corporate Social Responsibility

Social responsibility frameworks

Personal recruitment

External recruitment

Executive search

What are the choices facing organizations? What are the consequences?

Inductive and deductive approach

Conduct of research

Pilot test

Findings of the primary research

Further research suggestions

Is Headhunting Ethical? An Evaluation of Ethical Recruitment of Top Executives

Today, executive recruiting is a healthy profession - profit margins are high, the industry is growing, salaries are climbing and the hours aren't too tough (Fitzwilliam, 1998). The phenomenal growth in the executive search service worldwide (Jenn, 1994; Jones, 1995) has generated strong interests regarding the ethical conduct of search consultants (Nash, 1989). On the one hand, Nash (1989) has argued that executive search service may be an unethical…. [read more]

School Culture on School Safety Term Paper

… According to the National School Safety Center (1995) creating safe schools is about commitment. That does not mean only commitment from the principal, or from the teachers, or from the students. Accomplishing such a goal requires families, schools, and community leaders to talk about the quality of the educational environment they want to provide for youth and together develop the strategies that will produce the desired results.

This type of cohesive commitment is the only real way that schools can be made safer, as one person cannot do it alone, and communities must express the desire to make schools safer and therefore give the students a better school life and more hope for the future. The Center also suggests that achieving these goals requires leaders…. [read more]

Ethical Issues in Family Research Paper

… Family marriage and therapy and is more than just a new technique or excellent treatment technique - it comprises a whole tolerant of human behavior and the conceptualization of problems (Scher, 2012). Despite the fact all of the helping professions share a shared heritage, there are vital theoretical and methodological changes that need moral codes of behavior and consecutive training that speak to matters that are specific to family and marriage therapy (McLaurin L.S., 2003).

A lot of these issues started from the systemic theoretical framework that prevails in the marriage and family therapy vocation. Huber (1994) makes the description that a universal epistemology as one that emphases on the interdependence between and amongst persons, material discussion, and circular feedback devices. As in opposition to…. [read more]

Medical Ethics and Decision Making Term Paper

… Doctors are often conflicted emotionally by this because their ethics and morals conflict with what they can do for their patients (Goold, 2001).

It is becoming more clear that doctors need more guidelines when it comes to delicate situations involving their patients, because they often have to go on only what they are taught in medical school and do not get to exercise their ethical beliefs as much as they would like (Rhodes, 1986). In other words, they often do not have the power to try to help their patients in the best way possible because they are unaware of some of the options that they have or are not able to find a way to get the procedure, tests, or medication covered by the…. [read more]

Catholic Child Sex Abuse Handling Term Paper

… Mental Health Ethics

The author of this report is asked to pick from several example scenarios and discuss the mental health and other ethics surrounding how to react to that particular situation and why. The scenario selected by the author of this report asks the author to evaluate a Catholic father that admits to having urges and attractions towards adolescent boys and he has gone so far as to even engineer opportunities to be around them. He has apparently not acted them yet and has thus not violated any laws. However, the amount of further disrepute this would bring on the church and of course the overall risk that he will act in the manner of a child predator eventually seems like a foregone conclusion…. [read more]

Ethnicity Culture or Counseling Diversity Term Paper

… Ethnicity, Culture or Counseling Diveristy

Ethnicity, culture, or counseling diversity: Cultural diversity and Children

One of the major factors in development of children is the influence of other members of the family. The first matter to be understood is the matters that constitute an ethnic group and how that is related to culture. One of the greatest effects of culture is on development of education. We have studied the result of cultural factors with regard to medical treatment as a test case. Regarding cultural factors, one of the main elements are built in beliefs of one ethnic group about another and these determine their behavior towards each other. The entire process of learning by children has been studied, but the effect of cultural diversity at…. [read more]

High School Sports Impact on Student Academics Thesis

… But the NCAA reserves the right to overrule principals' decisions. The NCAA's modest response followed meetings with national education groups, including AASA. The Minnesota Association of School Administrators has submitted to AASA for consideration a resolution that states it is not the NCAA's role to dictate course content to high schools.

The U.S. Department of Justice also has challenged the NCAA for automatically rejecting courses involving special education services. Some students who had attained acceptable college entrance test scores despite their disability were not allowed to participate as freshmen because they had taken high school courses involving special education assistance. The NCAA argued in several court cases that it does not have to follow the Americans with Disabilities Act. After months of…. [read more]

Ethic and Moral Abtract Ethical Research Paper

… It has been found that some lower class families having known of the fact that their children are into sexual activities, and they do not stop their children from doing that because they believe that there is no other option for their family to earn and survive as they don't have a healthy income on their disposal and hence people encouraging their young daughters to get engaged in such illegal sexual activities so that they can bring back income for the house (Mirsky, 2003).

According to the other studies, students who are involved in such activities are 13 to 18-year-old females. It is also observed that girl of these ages are often contacted their instructors so that they can get good grades, etc. The same…. [read more]

Leadership and Advocacy Term Paper

… Counseling

Selection Committee:

Thank you for asking me to outline my philosophy and goals as a counselor. I appreciate the chance to discuss with you this field that can contribute so much to the lives of the students that it touches. Indeed, it can also be seen to contribute deeply to the lives of the counselors themselves as we are privileged to see the transformations that can occur in the lives of those with whom we work.

I would first like to address my concept of the idea of leadership. There are a number of cliches about the role of leadership, that the respect that leaders need to function effectively is something that they must learn, that leaders cannot get too far ahead of their…. [read more]

Hospital Ethics Term Paper

… Hospital Ethics

TO DO or NOT to DO


Pro-life and pro-choice advocates clash over this issue, which centers on life or human life and what it really means (Oliver 2005). As Mother Theresa and Yasser Arafat said, personhood refers to "the nature of someone like us and entitled to the same protection of the law." The first issue focuses on whether the fetus is a person or has that personhood. The second issue determines the proper behavior when there is disagreement on the first issue. Among the questions to settle are when personhood begins, what life is and if life exists independently of mortal thoughts. Reason tells that it is not dependent on human determining. The human mind is imperfect and quite often incorrect.…. [read more]

Internet Privacy for High School Term Paper

… This approach also erected on the special qualities of the Internet. The global attribute of the Internet and its decentralized nature confine the effectiveness of conventional government control. And the capability of interactivity of Internet permits the consumers to empanel their ideas instantly and precisely, radically enhancing the likelihood that the marketplace will search the optimal balance between data safeguard and freedom of information values. (Wellbery; Wolfe, 1998)

Secured Internet Access specifically in schools and public libraries continues to be of much concern. Many of the schools and districts are interested in placing the student information online to foster the community relations and make easier the internal communications. A district may like to apply its Web site to demonstrate its effectiveness with the community. The…. [read more]

coaching and counseling differences Research Proposal

… Counseling represents an ethical and competent application of relationships for facilitating emotional development and acceptance, self- knowledge, and optimum improvement of individual resources. The general goal is offering a chance to endeavor towards leading a more resourceful and satisfying life. Counselor-client relationships differ in accordance with need; however, they might deal with developmental problems, tackling and solving particular issues, decision-making, crisis management, dealing with internal conflict, knowledge and personal insight enhancement, and relationship skill improvement (Gladding 2004). Although some of these objectives are also shared with coaching techniques, the counseling approach works to address these items from its own internal perspective.

The task of counseling addresses wellness, professional development, personal development, and pathological issues. That is, a counselor addresses relationship-related areas (Casey 1996), including inter-…. [read more]

Mountains Beyond Mountains Author Tracy Book Review

… Counselors have to receive and absorb their client's traumatic stories at the same time as being hopeful, supportive, and empathic, which often places considerable stress on their emotional health and psychological well-being. This is especially the case if the counselors do not have someone else with whom to share their thoughts and feelings and/or are having a difficult time in their own personal lives. Many mental healthcare workers gain much satisfaction from helping the survivors of traumatic events and feel privileged to help their clients gain strength and fortitude in the healing process (Kassam-Adams, 1995). On the other hand, many other counselors have a very difficult time overcoming traumatic events when they consist of serious injury or a threat to their client's physical well-being. Examples…. [read more]

Ethical Issues Are Now Just Essay

… Those with graduate degrees reported that dual relationships were problematic, where those with less education did not see these relationships as problematic. Secondly, those counselors that were in recovery saw less issues as problematic ethically than those counselors that were not in recovery. The results indicated that individuals who were currently receiving supervision would find multiple relationship behaviors more problematic than those who were not receiving current supervision suggests that continued supervision may be beneficial for substance abuse counselors.

These findings have implications for mental health counselors. Because substance abuse counseling is a specialization within the broader field, mental health counselors in a variety of settings may work closely with substance abuse counselors as colleagues or fellow members of treatment teams, and may provide them…. [read more]

Terrorism: Convergence Between Terrorism Organized Case Study

… It is evident that there is a lot of alcohol and substance abuse in Marceline's studio house, either by her or her boyfriend. Moreover, Marceline has been raised in a home that frequently abused alcohol.

Education and Vocational History

Marceline states that she completed her high school, but did not pursue college or tertiary training. However, it is evident that Marceline is lying about completing high school; she eloped with Michael at only 16, got married and had a child.

Marceline states that she has worked in several stores prior to working with the current grocery stores. Her first job was as a waiter at a local dinner, where she reports being happy and enjoying working. She reports she had a healthy working relationship, and…. [read more]

Assessment Tests and Measures Research Paper

… ¶ … roles counselors play, particularly school counselors, is that of career counselor. High school students often have no idea what career option they would like to pursue. This is especially true if they lack role models with diverse careers. This paper will examine a case study in which a young woman is seeking guidance from a counselor in such a situation. In order to provide this guidance, an assessment tool is typically used. This paper will also describe how the Campbell Interest and Skills Survey can aid the counselor in assisting the young woman in the case study.

Sophia is 17 years old and a high school junior, hoping to attend college. She will be the first from her family to attend college. She…. [read more]

Statistics Term Paper

… ¶ … Statistics

The intent of this study is to define both the qualitative and quantitative statistical methodologies including the development of descriptive and inferential statistics applied to the field of education overall and school counseling specifically. Each of the qualitative and quantitative approaches to statistics are also analyzed from the perspective of how best they can be applied to educational and counseling situations to best support and serve the student. The specifics of how to apply these techniques within the context of a methodological approach to completing research projects is also evaluated. Specifically focusing on the steps of research design, data collection, data analysis, and the ethics of the interpretation of research are also discussed.

Exploring Qualitative Research Methods in Education and Counseling

There…. [read more]

Ethical Dilemmas in High School Term Paper

… In fact, I was guided by Focault's argument that an ethical decision needs to factor in all natural instincts and external pressures that may come in the way of arriving at the 'right' course of ethical conduct in this particular case. Having studied the legal and other aspects of the case, I realized that the case in front of me presented a far more complex question of ethics than the simple course of actions suggested by the law, school policy and ASCA codes.

In analyzing the case, I also took a close look at the ethical codes on 'parental rights,' and responsibilities to colleagues and professional associates. The codes vis-a-vis parental rights (B.1, B.2) covers the need to establish, as far as possible, a collaborative…. [read more]

Ethical Issues in Group Counseling Research Paper

… Ethical Issues in Group Counseling

Any counseling scenario introduces a variety of ethical issues because counseling involves human beings who are frequently at their most vulnerable, seeking help and advice from human beings who are fallible. What complicates the ethical rules and norms that surrounding counseling scenarios is that the relationship between the counselor and the client is central to the efficacy of the counseling. Rules that stifle the development of an organic, helpful relationship can stifle the goal of counseling. However, there are clearly rules that must be followed to ensure that the client is protected from counselors who may act in an unethical manner. The very fact that counselors and clients enter into unique, personal relationships as part of the therapeutic process can…. [read more]

Students With Disabilities Who Did Not Complete Dissertation

… ¶ … Students With Disabilities Who Did Not Complete High School

Richard Wieringo

This case study explores the experiences of students with disabilities who have dropped out of high school, so as to identify related factors that led to their decisions. Participants will include both males and females who were designated as students with disabilities at Ridgeville High School (pseudonym for a Virginia high school) and who dropped out between their third and fourth years of high school, during the 2009 to 2012 academic school years. All participants will be between the ages of 18 and 21. The proposed research design is a phenomenological study to be conducted through the use of semi-structured interviews, journaling, and observation of the sample population, with the aim of…. [read more]

Educational Leadership Challenges Essay

… Educational Leadership Challenges

There have been vast changes and demands made on educators owing to globalization and multicultural and ethnic mixture in the schools. Added to that, the changes in the way of communication and use of technology have left the educators striving to see that they meet the challenge. There is breakdown noticed in the ethics, morality and spirituality. In all these domains the educator is expected to take up managerial and leadership roles to accommodate the fast changes and as well as to guide the community in keeping to the ethical and moral principles. (Duignan, 2007)

To this end the educators themselves have to display a sterling character with ethics and moral codes of conduct not only in their vocation but also in…. [read more]

Mental Health Counseling and Research: A Critical Research Proposal

… Mental Health Counseling and Research: A Critical Analysis

In the nineteenth century research was frequently done which would be considered highly unethical today. General paresis (syphilis) was the cause of much mental illness in the nineteenth and early twentieth century's. Franz Nissl in 1896 became able to diagnose general paresis on the basis of histopathological evidence. In 1897 Richard von Krafft-Ebing injected fluid from the sores of known syphilitics into general paralytic patients. Because these patients had no reaction to the injections, he concluded that they already had syphilis (American Pharmaceutical Association, 2003).

Even in the twentieth century endangering or ignoring the consent of the patient was not uncommon. Egas Moniz, in developing cerebral angiograms, endangered and damaged patients. In 1927 he began injecting a…. [read more]

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