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Safety and Security Plan Term Paper

… School Safety and Security Plans

Improving Safety and Security in America's Schools

Scarcely a month goes by in the United States today without a headline reporting the latest school shootings. In response to the unfortunate circumstances of September 11, 2001 and the tragedies that have occurred on school campuses throughout our country, schools, private corporations and government agencies have all taken a pro-active stand on developing safety and security plans to protect their employees, visitors, students and others. The purpose of this study is to provide a review of the relevant peer-reviewed and scholarly literature concerning safety and security plans in order to determine what is needed and desirable in such plans so as to identify deficiencies or opportunities for improvement in a specific school…. [read more]

Organizational Strategic Plan Review Essay

… More noticeably, a weakness in the plan comes immediately into view in noting the massive lack of funding that the school has in place to set forth its academic improvement goals. While this facet of the plan is likely one that is universal across the state of Florida, and across the country for that matter, the plan itself does little to spell out the budgetary plans of the school, focusing not clearly enough on how funds will be utilized and distributed, but too much on the fact that funding is lacking and budgetary cuts must be made in many areas of the school system.

Recommendations for Modification

Currently, the Ruth K. Broad Bay Harbor K-8 Center ranks 191/1943 in Florida Elementary School rankings in FCAT…. [read more]

School Voucher System Research Paper

… This may result in poorer levels of educational accomplishment and triumph and an increase in the disproportion and unfairness of education outcomes (Macintosh & Wilkinson xi).

On the other hand, the introduction of such a system can possibly weaken the social structure and social capital benefits linked with education. Greater specialization could be prompted in the school sector that can, in due course, lessen the capacity of schools to encourage merging social values. On the other hand, a disadvantage of this system could be the creation of a segregated society on the basis of race, religion, intellectual aptitude and socio-economic position. This could promote the loss of social organization, solidity and connectivity between diverse social groups. Vouchers could also result in a superior geographic diffusion…. [read more]

School Improvement Plan Essay

… Less than 5% of students will undergo suspension as part of these goals. Goals for data include examination of discipline referral data on a monthly basis for determining patterns of behavior and the possible root causes of behavior that result in suspension. Strategies utilized include teachers having three buddy teachers to send student with behavior problems to and guidance continuing with active roles of conferencing with students. Teachers will actively utilized in-house counselors for implementation of research-based behavior modification. Student will reflect on their own behavior in order to crate accountability for incorrect behaviors and for modification and curtailment of future incorrect behaviors.

IV. Effective Family and Community Engagement

A positive, respectful, and welcoming school environment will be promoted to benefit parents, students, and community…. [read more]

School Personnel Functions Term Paper

… There is no single prescription or style for success in teaching and every teacher develops his or her own individual style. Also, different demographic groups may demand different teaching approaches. "A study of 31 high-performing teachers in low-performing urban schools found that these teachers had certain traits in common. They were strict; they taught in traditional, explicit ways; there was little time in their classrooms when instruction was not occurring; and they moved around the room helping their students" (Poplin 2011). More creative, team-based interaction, however, may be warranted in different educational environments. Size of the classroom, ability level, morale of students and teachers, and the need to meet standards all determine how teachers approach their tasks. Micro-managing teacher demeanor in the classroom is seldom…. [read more]

Improvement Memo Mr. J. Carver Business Plan

… Many are obliged to search for other ways to improve their fitness. Not all students enjoy all sports, and providing the option of swimming throughout the year will also result in more choices for them.

The staff will benefit, since the pool will not require an excess of maintenance when it is kept in good repair throughout the year. Not being used for six months per year makes it difficult to keep the pool in good condition. There is always a significant amount of labor involved in cleaning and supervision at the start of each summer season.

Finally, the financial situation of the school will benefit by avoiding unnecessary clean-up and hiring costs once summer season starts. As mentioned, the non-use of the pool during…. [read more]

School Restructure Term Paper

… School Restructure

The school statistics are academically unacceptable despite the presence of 40 experienced teachers. The school has 600 students with 40% being minorities. There are elements of low middle classes in the context of the rural community. There is an expression of a negative attitude among the teachers thus inability to execute their duties and responsibilities. The school also demonstrates low level of confidence, essence of boredom, and disinterest in the elements of study. The school experiences a problem because of the unacceptable accountability rating in relation to the Texas Education Agency. An examination of the STAAR and End-of-Course indicates that only 45% of the students have the ability to pass all the tests. Another problem affecting the school is the considerable discrepancy between…. [read more]

School Improvements Performance Outcomes Essay

… ISLLC Standards:

Standard 2 of the ISLLC Standards speaks directly to this set of priorities, offering the assertion that administrative personnel should be minded toward improving the learning experience of all students. The findings relating to the Dunn Middle School suggest that, to the contrary, the emphasis has been placed on achieving proficiency in state-based standardized tests. In many ways, the imbalance of focus, which stresses teaching to the test instead of truly engaged and creative learning, has deprived students of the opportunity for a more dynamic learning experience. This emphasis is also counterintuitive to the priorities of the ISLLC Standards, which assert that "a school administrator is an educational leader who promotes the success of all students by advocating, nurturing, and sustaining a school…. [read more]

Futpro Business Plan Business Plan

… Newsletter and Leaflets: Fut Pro-Soccer also reaches the potential customers by sending them newsletters and leaflets.

Social Media: Social media is also used as an effective means of communicating with the existing and potential customers. The company profiles on face book and twitter are used for providing the customers with updates about the events and achievements of the company. Moreover, the videos of players and testimonials are also uploaded in YouTube to create a positive brand image and position the company as a differentiated football coaching entity.

Press Releases: Fut Pro-is also using press releases to provide information to the existing and potential customers about the achievements of their schools and coaching style. Along with that, the news about the achievements of the company also…. [read more]

School's Reforms Stay Intact Essay

… By evaluating and not being the evaluatee a new aspect of learning can be developed where new ideas flourish and the ego can be put aside for objective criticism. This approach has helped reveal that I need to continually improve my team building skills and not act in self serving ways that distract from the bigger picture.

Part 3

My school believes that school improvement is necessary but there are no clear pathways to success. When considering the idea " innovation is the ability to see change as an opportunity, not as a threat," my school does not fully accept this premise or perhaps chooses not to collectively act upon opportunities that are present everywhere in our school and class room environment.

My school has…. [read more]

Export Business Plan: Moldovan Cellular Business Plan

… As regards the cellular phone industry, conditions in Moldova seem to be promising: Because Moldova is a small country, telecommunications companies manage to achieve good coverage in both wired and wireless communications infrastructure. Landline is available in most settlements, but mobile phone usage is preferred and has grown exponentially particularly in recent years. Prices are high and technology is somewhat behind Western standards but this is where Moldovan Cellular Phones can find its niche.

A. Description of the firm and products to be exported.

Moldovan Cellular Phones is a company that has invested time and money into finding ways to give the system higher capacity therefore lower cost. Cellular phones today are one of the most popular indispensable consumer electronic devices with over 59 million…. [read more]

School That Are Related Essay

… Preferred learning styles are also not something that should be taken for granted. While comfort and preference play a role in how one may acquire knowledge through learning and education, it is often very necessary to push and challenge students out of their comfort zone and expand their horizons. Like a tree, a student must continue to grow even through harsh and lean conditions. Preferred learning styles should accommodate the purposes and objectives of a well rounded education but not drive them. The true problems then rests on the development and overall purpose of schooling and education itself and why it is important for these groups of people to receive this information. Cultural and social assimilation must also be taken into consideration as a main…. [read more]

Marketing Plan for a Series of Survival Courses Marketing Plan

… Marketing Plan for a Series of Survival Courses

There are no second chances in Mother Nature's survival course. -- Robin Lydenburg, 1999

Manmade and natural disasters can strike at any time, and the growing popularity of television shows such as "Survivorman" and "Doomsday Preppers" is evidence that many people are interested in knowing what to do when emergencies occur in order to improve their chances of survival. A growing body of research confirms that knowledge of, and training related to, disaster and terrorism survival skills and survival planning are important for private citizens as well as organizations, especially in the post-September 2001 work-life environment. Today, private citizens and organizational employee assistance programs are increasingly seeking out the survival course training that will be needed to…. [read more]

Strategic Plan- Sweet Reads Business Plan

… To enhance their profitability, Sweet Reads is also working on improving efficiency and speed in their bookstores and cafes. The project to enhance speed emerged because of using the warps, which were slowing speed times because the proportions of these products required developing new techniques. Other factors pushing for the increased efficiency and speed at the cafes and bookstores are the slowing economic conditions making customers eat at home than cafes to save money. By making sure that Sweet Reads is producing the highest quality items with exceptional efficiency and speed, the company will give itself the best opportunity to retain its customers. Promoting quality products and services along with cost leadership is what makes Sweet Reads rise above its competitors (Blokdijk, 2008).

Sweet Reads…. [read more]

Business Plan Gbsgreen Building Solutions Business Plan

… XI. Process

Green Building Solutions is a process that involves hands on design and development planning with clients of the company to ensure that the building design is adherent to client's needs and local building and energy codes. The construction phase will require close interaction with clients to ensure that the project proceeds according to the client's expectations and within the clients assigned cost.

XII. People

Included in the staff of Green Building Solutions are designers, developers, engineers, construction management and laborers and the project manager overseeing each construction project.

XIII. Financial Analysis & Projections

The company has a starting budget of $2.2 million, which should serve to cover its first year of operation until the company begins making a profit.

XVI. Profit and Loss…. [read more]

Marketing Strategies the Marketing Plan Delivers Marketing Plan

… Marketing Strategies

The marketing plan delivers the various strategies that All Technology Computer will use to enhance competitive market advantages. The paper discusses the company mission statement and the strategies that the company will use to align its mission statement with its strategic objective. The brand differentiation is an effective marketing tool to enhance marketing advantages and IMC has been identified as an effective marketing tool within the business environment. More importantly, the company will be operating in the U.S. economy and the company will take the advantages of the economic and technological superiority of the U.S. To deliver high quality product and services.

Company Background

ATC (All Technology Computer) is computer hardware and software provider operating in the United States and the company is…. [read more]

School Improvement Project Proposal Term Paper

… School Improvement Project Proposal

Improving Test Scores through Student Online Engagement

Description of the Community

In this particular district, the students are home schooled. These students are scattered all around the state and study their high school courses through the use of the internet and other technologies from the comforts and privacy of their homes. These students (and/or their parents and guardians) chose an internet-based school to complete their high school studies with an online program because many of them have had several problems with the pubic or private schools in their communities, they have had social issues or problems, some have had criminal records and backgrounds, many are teenage parents who are returning to school in an attempt to earn their high school diploma,…. [read more]

School Culture on School Safety Term Paper

… According to the National School Safety Center (1995) creating safe schools is about commitment. That does not mean only commitment from the principal, or from the teachers, or from the students. Accomplishing such a goal requires families, schools, and community leaders to talk about the quality of the educational environment they want to provide for youth and together develop the strategies that will produce the desired results.

This type of cohesive commitment is the only real way that schools can be made safer, as one person cannot do it alone, and communities must express the desire to make schools safer and therefore give the students a better school life and more hope for the future. The Center also suggests that achieving these goals requires leaders…. [read more]

School District Anytown, New York Research Paper

… For parents, the initial costs that are involved will naturally represent an obstacle that will require assistance to overcome for many, but there are some steps that the district can take to help provide a sense of stability during the transition process, including the following:

1. Put up posters in the school hallway explaining the advantage and benefits of school uniforms;

2. Install "lending closets" at each school that can provide parents with used but serviceable uniforms for their children until new uniforms can be purchased and solicit donations from local businesses for this purpose;

3. Communicate the progress being made in the transition to parents and students to keep interest active and build excitement for the race for the carnival prize described above.

Conceptualization…. [read more]

School Change Reform Term Paper

… School Reform

Several months ago, our school developed a mission and vision statement based on Richard DeFour's principles of a professional learning community. According to De Four, a well-known educator and school administrator, it is necessary to "focus on learning rather than teaching, work collaboratively, and hold yourself accountable for results." In learning communities, everyone involved has a clear sense of the mission to accomplish and a shared vision and work collaboratively to accomplish their aims.

Now I would like to go the next step and introduce DeFour's approach into the science and safety committees. DeFour notes that as the school begins to implement the mission and vision, every person involved with this process must explore three crucial questions:

What do we want all students…. [read more]

School Uniforms for Students Term Paper

… As part of a general safety program, many school districts are considering implementing uniform policies.

The purpose to this study is to prove that wearing school uniforms has a positive effect on student behavior and/or school violence in United States schools. In this paper's review of literature, issues explored include a rationale for policy adoption, legal implications of uniform policies; and the perceptions of parents, students, educators, and those opposing uniform policies. In conclusion, recommendations on successful policy formation will be issued in the Results section.

D. Procedures

It is hypothesized that behavior in schools which require their students to wear uniforms will be better than those schools which do not with respect to discipline and behavior.

This study will use existing empirical research. The…. [read more]

School Buildings Annotated Bibliography What Factors Pertain Annotated Bibliography

… School Buildings

Annotated Bibliography

What factors pertain to good school design and how can these factors support health, well-being, and the educational attainment of students?

Schools for the twenty-first century: school design and educational transformation

The importance of school building design is receiving increasing attention as the importance of design can be a moderating factor in educational attainment. The Building Schools for the Future programme represents the biggest single UK government investment in school buildings for over 50 years and as a result investors want to ensure that the design is world-class (Leiringer & Cardellino, 2011). The program is set to rebuild half of the secondary schools in England and has set a goal of "educational transformation." Yet these goals are vaguely defined and factors…. [read more]

School Finance: Its Economics Term Paper

… They also need to explore the avenues for implementing the state-controlled full funded system. They need to increase the bases for revenue to increase the sales tax base for state and local governments. This is to include non-taxed goods and more services. There is also a necessity to replace sources of revenue for school financing from local to state sources. At the same time it is essential to pursue non-tax sources by reducing preferential treatment to the incomes, property taxes and retirement and other age-related incomes, which are presently avoided. This is essential to increase the state revenue for school funding. (Terman, and Richard, 1997).

Property tax to support schools

The local governments provide funding to schools by depending on a major share of the…. [read more]

School Board Meeting Opening Reaction Paper

… School Board Meeting

Opening with a brief and simple prayer, the school board meeting proceeded as expected. Mundane discussions dominated the agenda. The first issues raised included budgetary assessments, including a discussion about the debate over tuition increases. The board voted down for the second time a hike in tuition costs, citing letters from concerned parents. Many of the parents in the community are currently unemployed and the tuition increase would significantly harm their ability to fund their children's education at the Christian school. A second budgetary issue that was raised pertained to the improvement of the school's athletic equipment and facilities. It was determined that no funding could be spared for the improvements, and the head Coach was urged to investigate sources of used…. [read more]

School Leadership Personal Symbolic Essay

… School Leadership: Personal and Symbolic

The objective of this work is to compare and contrast the leadership frameworks presented in two separate works. The first of these is a New South Wales, Department of Education and Training publication entitled: "School Leadership Capability Framework" and the work entitled: "Leadership In Catholic Schools: Development Framework and Standards of Practice" a resource that has been developed through a collaborative effort between the Catholic Education Offices of Melbourne and Sale in partnership with the Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER). This has been endorsed by the Catholic Education Commission of Victoria (CECV) and is termed a resource that is "valuable for leadership development in Catholic primary and secondary schools across Victoria." (New South Wales, Department of Education and Training,…. [read more]

School Improvement Plan Term Paper

… ¶ … School Improvement Plan

The vision or mission of "New River Middle School of Marine Science is to use science as a vehicle through which the entire school program will be enhanced while encouraging the total development of every student's potential through specialized and technologically-driven instruction." This is in collaboration with the greater goal of the Florida Board of Education for highest student achievement possible. "New River Middle is the only school in Broward County located on waterfront property. The integration of the marine science magnet program in every class allows each student the opportunity to learn marine science concepts." (All information from school improvement plan can be found at (

The school has developed a set of curricular goals that integrate science as…. [read more]

School Improvement Case Study

… School Improvement

One of the main concerns the school has to come to face with is the significant gap in student achievement between white students and non-white students and by students with disabilities in general. The first step is to assess the reasons why these gaps exist. To start, the school curriculum should be audited to ensure that the curriculum is not preventing the equal achievement. Specifically, it needs to be audited for latent discrimination in materials used, methods taught and ways the comprehension is evaluated. If there are cultural differences that favor the white students within any of these segments, alterations must be met so that equal achievement is possible.

Second, the administration needs to consider implementing another curriculum that is specifically focused on…. [read more]

Personal Health Plan Essay

… Stay Committed

Targets which get reached have been the ones that have been strong, well-defined, and in which the person has been genuinely and totally dedicated. Devoid of that dedication, attempting to attain objectives has been like catching Jell-O -- you think that perhaps you have it, there is however truly absolutely nothing to hold on to.

Saying No

An additional reason lots of people do not reach their set goals has been that they cannot say no -- to everybody else. Agreeing or saying yes has been a routine we aren't even conscious of. I must begin Thinking about saying 'no' before I think 'yes' (not vice versa). With the addition of the term 'no' to my own vocabulary, I open vistas of time,…. [read more]

Lacy Elementary School Cafeteria Summary of Observations Essay

… Lacy Elementary School Cafeteria

Summary of observations

Student characteristics, issues and factors

Students have a tendency of entering the cafeteria through the exterior door. Only a portion of students are orderly and enters the cafeteria through the front doors and directly proceeds for breakfast. Use of the exterior entrance to the cafeteria causes disorder during breakfasts. Students are notably quiet during morning hours and complete their homework after taking breakfast. Students' calmness and orderly behavior during breakfast is appreciable. Supervision of students every morning requires two paraprofessionals and an administrator. Students take their lunch between half past eleven and a quarter to one during the day. Lunch consists of two sessions. Supervision during lunch hours requires three paraprofessionals and an equal number of parents. Two…. [read more]

Vail (AZ) School District's Online Curriculum Resources Term Paper

… ¶ … Vail (AZ) School District's Online Curriculum Resources

Founded in 1903 as a one-room school house, the Vail School district now serves over 9,000 students. Last year 9 of 10 schools received the highest label "Excelling" offered by the Arizona Department of Education. (the last was labeled "Highly-Performing.) Why is this little district just south-east of Tucson, AZ performing so well?

A quick search on the district website ( offers some insight into the programs and curriculum they use so successfully. First the "Mission" and "Guiding Principles" ( of the district highlight the districts charge to provide quality education. The district values small class size, small schools, continuous improvement and "community," defined both within the school and in cooperation with outside members including parents,…. [read more]

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