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Second Language Oral Production in High School Within the Context of CLIL Research Proposal


This study is motivated by theoretical and pedagogical interests: to inform instructional design intended to integrate language and content and to explore how form and meaning intersect in SLA (second language acquisition). Both interests draw on an extensive body of research that encompasses theory and practice underlying three different yet related frameworks and lines of inquiry: content-based language teaching, form-focused instruction and attention and awareness in SLA (second language acquisition). All three of these areas are linked by a concern with the intersection of form and meaning in second language classrooms. Content-based language instruction was originally inspired as an alternative to traditional approaches to language teaching that favored form over meaning. Form-focused…. [read more]

ICT, SA, and Oral Practice Essay

… However, all these studies reached one unified conclusion: using ICT helps the students to gain understanding of the text given, helps in visualizing it and interpreting difficult texts. Furthermore, ICT, makes the learner to have creative imagination and have a real life vision of the text. All these tools if used properly helps in gaining a greater understanding of the language one is intending to learn. In order to have a thorough command of the language, one needs to have suitable understanding of the words and also how and when they are used. Furthermore, one also needs to have a command over ethics related to that particular language. Since using ICT helps in creating a life like experience and makes them have a real exposure;…. [read more]

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