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Jobs Are Scarce. The Dollar Is Weak Case Study

… ¶ … Jobs are scarce. The dollar is weak and the deficit is enormous. We live in uncertain times, where the only certainty about job security is there is no job security. Moreover, we live in an era where it is a buyer's market, meaning, that power rests in the hands of hiring managers, HR departments and private and public employers. No one job is safe. Therefore, astute employees must know how to navigate the waters in both public and private sector labor relations.

Labor Relations

Public sector employees once faced the prospect of lifetime employment. For many, the notion of a civil servant job appealed because of union representation, paid holidays and vacations, a good retirement system as well as potential advancement through the…. [read more]

Immigrant US History Essay

… U.S. Immigrants

The Black and Mexican Experiences During and After World War I

The United States of America, and indeed the entire continent of North America, has been a place of racial and ethnic boundaries that create a sense of those that belong and those that do not -- of people and of "others," to put it in a more extreme manner -- ever since Europeans first arrived on the shores of the continent. The indigenous peoples of the continent, the various tribes known as Indians and then as Native Americans, were the first to be displaced and made into "others," but the African slaves and their descendants and other people that inhabited the land either through immigration or through historical existence would undergo similar…. [read more]

Westjet vs. Air Canada Why Westjet Will Win Dissertation

… ¶ … airline industry has become increasingly competitive in recent years due in part to the horsewhipping it experienced following the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001. The ongoing global economic downturn and high energy prices have added further constraints to airline performance. In this environment, it is not surprising that airlines that are agile and nimble in their response to changing market conditions will enjoy a competitive advantage, and this has certainly been the case with WestJet's performance compared to the struggling Air Canada airlines. By providing the flying public with no-frills, low-cost regional and international alternatives, WestJet has not only survived during this turbulent period, it has also gained market share from Air Canada, continuing the bleeding of this former industry leader. The…. [read more]

Appraise How Restaurant Management Software Can Improve the Efficiency of Sales Processes of SMES Restaurants Dissertation

… ¶ … restaurant industry is a highly competitive market today. Moreover, many entrepreneurs are facing significant constraints in the management of their restaurants with regards to loss of data, non-standardized products, uncontrollable employee behaviors, unverifiable accounting, complexity of each function in the restaurant and so forth. Despite these constraints, the restaurant industry continues to attract a constant stream of aspiring entrepreneurs based on the relative ease of entry in the industry and the small amount of investment compared with other business sectors. To be sure that they can operates their businesses successfully, these individuals need to have a thorough understanding of restaurant management and operations, and particularly the sales processes that are regarded as one the important issues that contribute to customer satisfaction. To improve…. [read more]

Racial Ideology of Latinas as Evidenced in Discourse Analysis Literature Review

… Racial ideology of Latinas / Lit. review

Racial Ideology of Latinas in Discourse Analysis

Racial Ideology of Latinas

Latina Discourse -- Fiction and Non-Fiction

In her book Borderlands: The New Mestiza (1999), author Gloria Anzaldua, a self-proclaimed "borderland Chicana," writes about her experiences living on the border between Texas and Mexico. She describes the experience as being challenging and frustrating because of the conflict of the borderland. She refers to this way of living as being a "marginal person," existing in a perpetual state of transition and ambivalence. She expresses the frustration of what it is like to have the steady influence of different cultures while lacking the ability or the security to claim one of those cultures for herself. She infuses her expression with…. [read more]

Bank of America a Leader in the Banking Industry Research Paper

… Bank of America is a bank and financial holding company and one of the largest financial institutions in the United States. The company's history dates to 1904 when it was founded as the Bank of Italy in San Francisco to lend to Italian immigrants who were unable to borrow at other banks. By 1927 this bank merged with the Liberty Bank of America and the Bank of America name was adopted in 1929. The bank remained a California-only concern until 1983 when it began its path towards nation-wide expansion. A series of high-profile acquisitions in the 1990s and 2000s brought BoA to its current size. While the economic downturn hurt the Bank of America, it merely reduced profits rather than eliminated them. Net income declined…. [read more]

Servant Leadership in a Conflicted Church Thesis

Applying Servant Leadership within a Conflicted Church: The Project as an Act of Ministry

My church, the South Iowa Chapel, like many modern churches, is a church in conflict. Conflicted churches are problematic because they drive parishioners away from the church, and, possibly, away from Christ. Conflict in a church can also be a difficult situation to remedy, because of the different personality types and leadership styles of people involved in the church. However, I feel that a significant part of the problem is that people are using traditional leadership styles in church. Jesus Christ was not a traditional leader. On the contrary, He was the epitome of a servant leader, one who leads through service to others. Obviously, He did a wonderful job leading…. [read more]

International Relations Foreign Policy Term Paper

… Anti-deportation activism, therefore, can be read in terms of contemporary disputes over who has the authority to protect, and under what terms and conditions." (Nyers)

Globalization makes sovereign states ask questions such as do we still hold the authority to act for our people. Because they have to ask these types of questions they are more likely to push harder to maintain their authority. " Most importantly, what implications does the activism of abject migrants have for regimes of the political which operate on the assumption that such acts of agency are, in fact, impossible? The struggle over these questions can be revealing in terms of emerging forms of political subjectivity and practice that contest the state's claim to monopolise the subject(s) of protection on…. [read more]

Terrorism What Was Once Seen on Television Term Paper

… Terrorism

What was once seen on television as part of temporary news broadcasts is now more and more present to even become a global threat. Terrorism is "the threat or use of violence, often against the civilian population, to achieve political or social ends, to intimidate opponents, or to publicize grievances" (the Columbia Encyclopedia, 2007). The most jeopardizing feature of terrorism for a community is given by the fact that it most often targets innocent civilians and it becomes a danger to all of us, everywhere we may be: the shopping mall, the street, the train or even our workplace. "Terrorism, like the plague in the Middle Ages, frightens both leaders and citizens. It is a disease that is spreading, its cure is unknown" (Deutch,…. [read more]

Economic Circumstances That Initiated the Creation Term Paper


The objective of this work is the research the economic circumstances that initiated the creation of the welfare system and how the welfare system has influenced today's economy.


The expected outcomes of the research in this study is to understand the reason that the welfare system was created and the impact that the welfare system has had upon the economy in the United States today.

The significance of this research is the knowledge that will be added to previous study in this subject area.

The methodology of this study is one of a qualitative nature and will be conducted through a review…. [read more]

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