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Security Awareness the Weakest Link Case Study

… Security Awareness

The weakest link in an organization's security architecture is typically found in the user. This paper explores the concept of developing security awareness in the individual user. In addition, the definition of awareness will be presented. A discussion regarding designing awareness will further expand on the topic. From there, possible implementation strategies are presented, followed by an overview of the recommended implementation and an alternative analysis. This will be followed by a presentation of post implementation strategies and policies, to ensure the effectiveness of the implemented strategy.



Developing Security Awareness:

Definition of Awareness:

Development/Designing Awareness:

Implementation Strategy:

Recommended Implementation:

Alternative Analysis

Post Implementation Strategies


Information Sensitivity Policy

Password Policy

Software Installation Policy

Anti-virus Policy

Employee Internet Use Policy

Remote Access…. [read more]

Security Policy Dr. Fossett's Dental Office Term Paper

… Security Policy of a Dental Office

Information Technology Security for XYZ's Dental Office will be achieved by implementing these controls, policies, procedures and standards. This approved Security policy reflects the rapidly changing technologies within the dental office and aims ensure that the facility is properly protected and all security objectives are met. This security policy provides clear direction and support for security. XYZ is the owner of this policy and is therefore responsible for the review and enforcing of controls authorized by the policy.

Access Privileges will be unique for each user and determined by the system administrators; Account refers to access privileges assigned to a user; E-mail is the electronic mail and exchange of information; Data Ownership is any data stored on the office's…. [read more]

Security Management the Role Essay

… Obviously, this kind of organizational loss affects corporations most directly, but even governmental and non-governmental organizations ultimately feel the effects of this kind of loss, whether though reduced tax revenues or increased purchasing and supply costs. In addition, while these kinds of losses are more frequently viewed as the purview of regular management, rather than the security manager, the fact remains that the security manager is in fact responsible for certain elements of organizational security and risk management related to this kind of financial or market loss.

Having outlined the various kinds of organizational loss that might fall under the purview of a security manager, it will now be possible to discuss best practices and responses for dealing with organizational loss, with the further goal…. [read more]

Risk Identification in Information Security Thesis

… Risk Identification in Information Security

How does risk identification contribute to effective risk management of information security?

Risk identification plays an essential part in the process of risk management and in dealing with the pressing issue of information security in the modern working and networked environment. Risk identification also plays an important role in the selection and prioritization of various problems in terms of their significance to the organization or institution. Furthermore, risk identification leads to an assessment of the value assets of the company or enterprise. It is imperative that an organization properly identifies all possible risks so that the communities of interest within that organization have a clear picture to construct an assessment of the vulnerabilities to these assets.

The present study is…. [read more]

Computer Security: Corporate Security Documentation Essay

… Moreover, management of encryption keys are performed by the system. As management of encryption keys is by far the hardest aspect of key management this is a bonus.

The key encryption hierarchy is shown in the following figure labeled Figure 1 in this document. The database administrator will manage the service master key at the server level and the database master key at the database level. Otherwise, lower keys in the hierarchy are protected by each key's immediate parent and this remains true as the keys move upward in the hierarchy. There is however, one exception and that being when a password is utilized for protection of a symmetric key or certificate. That is the methods used by SQL Server for allowing users to manage…. [read more]

Social Security Company Network Term Paper

… g., U.S. v. Microsoft). (Erlanger 23)

Internet: The World Wide Web presents a nightmare from a security standpoint. The Internet is the pathway in which vulnerabilities of the company are manifested. The hacker community typically launches their 'zero day' and old exploits on the Internet via IRC chat rooms, through Instant Messengers, and free Internet email providers (hotmail, yahoo, etc.). (Goncalves et al. 53) Therefore, the Internet usage policy should restrict access to these types of sites.

Moreover, software should be employed to filter out many of the forbidden sites that include pornography, chat rooms, free web-based email services, personals, etc. Several internet content filtering applications that maintain a comprehensive database of forbidden URLs will be installed.

Anti-Virus Software: Anti-virus software is a 'must' in…. [read more]

Adolescent's Awareness and Their Lack of Implementing Term Paper



The report entitled: "Children and Interactive Media: Research Compendium Update" relates: Since the 2000 report, both large- and small-scale studies have been published on children's in-home use of interactive media." (Wartella, Lee and Caplovitz, 2002) it is noted that when compared to the 1997-1998 Census statistics, recent studies "indicate greater media saturation in the home. The most recent national survey, involving 1,235 parents of 2 to 17-year-olds and 416 eight to sixteen-year-old was conducted by the Annenberg Public Policy Center. According to the 'Media in the Home 2000' survey, American…. [read more]

UN Security Council Proliferation Research Paper

… [footnoteRef:10] [9: Peter Crail, "Implementing UN Security Council Resolution 1540: A Risk-Based Approach," The Nonproliferation Review, vol 15, no. 13, July 2006, p. 355.] [10: Lars Olberg, "The Implementation of Resolution 1540 in the Middle East," Cooperative Monitoring Center-Amman Occasional Paper, February 2008, p. 3.]

Simultaneously, in the years leading up to the adoption of Resolution 1540, the United States was in a hurry to put on the books a measure that obligated the entire international community to take steps to shut down or disrupt terrorist networks seeking WMD. More specifically, the George W. Bush Administration did not believe that the time-consuming process of negotiating a multilateral treaty was an appropriate path, considering the urgency of generating a WMD terrorism nonproliferation tool. In fact, the…. [read more]

Social Engineering and Information Security Term Paper

… P address, mail servers, Phone numbers, address of the company, employee names and designations, etc. Further running the Maltego metadata transform provided more information in the form of more files with dates, creator information, etc. Particularly one file named InvoiceApril.xls grabbed the attention of Hadnagy. The file contents indicated that it was an invoice for a marketing venture organized by the local bank. Hadnagy immediately called the bank, posing as a Mr. Tom from the accounts department of the printing firm, and asked for the details of this particular marketing event run by the bank. It was found that it was the annual Children's Cancer Fund Drive organized by the bank.

Hadnagy gathered more information about the CEO like his native place NY, his favored…. [read more]

Computer Security People, Process Capstone Project

… It also emphasizes that country law should have strict policies for the confidentiality of organizations' data. These principles also include procedures as well as technological requirements to deal with the entities' security needs.

First principle speaks about the security organization and infrastructure. It also defines responsibilities with respect to executive protection, while, the second principle necessitate that the policies and the standards given by management should be developed and executed. The security related controls that are developed in an organization should not be made in isolation rather it should be linked with the ongoing activities of the organization, thus incorporating the risks faced by organization. The third principle continues on with the risk assessment procedures that should be performed across all the stages of application,…. [read more]

Broadening the Agenda of Security Thesis

… Broadening the Security Agenda

The era of modern geopolitical extremist radicalism has revealed the grave dangers to United States national and international security. After the end of World War II, international superpowers focused on the military threat from other superpowers and nation states. Since the fall of the former Soviet Union shortly before the turn of the 21st century, the threat landscape has changed tremendously. Today, national and international security concerns must focus on the threats associated with asymmetric warfare from terrorist groups without any state or national sponsorship.

On the other hand, critics of the broadest approach to national and international human security suggest that the pendulum may have swung too far in the direction of listing too many specific threats. According to that…. [read more]

Management Information Systems Security Term Paper

… Management Information Systems -- Information Security

Information Security

Information security, often referred to as IS or InfoSec, is defined as the practice of defending or securing information from unauthorized users who may access, disclose, use, modify, disrupt, inspect, record, peruse, or destroy it. Overall, information security is the task of information security specialists who determine the nature and value of the data to the business and create critical policies to gain control of the internal information system. Information security also involves information assurance, which is the act of ensuring the data is kept safe and not lost where there are critical issues such as malfunction, physical theft, and natural disasters Vladimirov, Gavrilenko, & Michajlowski, 2010.

This paper discusses information security in its holistic nature as…. [read more]

Aviation Accidents & Situational Awareness Dissertation

… High Reliability or Normal Accidents: A critical examination of situational awareness and its value in reducing human errors in aviation ground operations


The concept of situational awareness

Level 1 SA -- Perception Of The Elements In The Environment.

Level 2 SA -- Comprehension Of The Current Situation.

Level 3 SA -- Projection Of Future Status.

Situation Awareness Requirements

Theories of Situational Awareness

Three-level model

Interactive sub-systems

The perceptual cycle

Summary of the theories

Preparing for thematic synthesis


Qualitative assessment

read more-->[read more]

U.S. National Strategy What Three Essay

… CCDRs determine theater strategy "based on analysis of changing events in the operational environment and the development of options to set conditions for success" (JP 3-0 I-3). They are expected to modify old plans or formulate new ones based on changing conditions in the operational environment or new directives from national command authorities. In their theaters, these estimates will also be based on less comprehensive efforts of subordinate commanders, and will be focused on threats and also "consider other circumstances affecting the military situation as they develop and analyze COAs" (JP 3-0 I-4). Commanders use strategic estimates to determine the likely intent of the enemy and consider alternatives in a continuous process. Theater Strategic Concepts describe the types of operations to be conducted, when and…. [read more]

IT Security Plan to Prevent Cyber-Attacks Research Paper

… Therefore, there should be monitoring being done on the internal network to ensure that no attacks originate from within the network. All network traffic should be routed through a firewall to ensure that internal attacks are discovered early and they can be slowed down. When there is a malfunction of the network there should be redundancy in place to ensure that employees will still be able to access the network. The organization needs to look into the cause of the fault and have it rectified as soon as possible. There should be a separation between the internal and external network to ensure that employees are still able to perform their work even when the external network is down.

Protecting the Network and Assets
…. [read more]

Data Security Current Concerns and Tips Essay

… Having such security pillars in place mean that a company is more secure and in more of a position of strength should a data breach ever occur. Communication is key: this includes communication with leaders, employees and emergency response teams about expectations and shared responsibilities.

Dimension,'D. (2016, April 13). Top 10 cybersecurity challenges companies face today. Retrieved from
Hughes,'C. (2018). 3 challenges to securing business data | AT&T Business. Retrieved from
Montalbano,'E. (2010, October 15). 5 Data Security Threats Facing Companies Today. Retrieved from (2018, March 1). The 3 Biggest Challenges to Securing Company Data. Retrieved from

+Company X

1234 Willow Lane
Anytown, CA 11101
Phone: 555-1212
Fax: 212-123-4567

All Members of Staff

From:…. [read more]

Emerging Trends for Cloud Computing Facilitated by Advanced Biometric Technologies for Enhanced Security Thesis

… Cloud Computing

Emerging Trends for Cloud Computing facilitated by Advanced Biometric Technologies for Enhanced Security

Author (I will fill this part )

Affiliation (I will fill this part )

An organizations' greatest asset is its information and knowledge. The integration and refinement of biometrics technologies into the process workflows of homeland security and defence agencies globally is the objective of this analysis.

Inherent in the development of a biometrics-based access strategy for cloud-based resources is the need for compliance to global standards and U.S. Federal mandates as well. The influence of the Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS) 199 for information management [7], the Federal Information Processing Systems standard (FIPS200) [7], in addition to the Federal Rules of Evidence and CFR Part 1250 compliance are included…. [read more]

Foreign and Domestic Intelligence Term Paper

… Foreign and Domestic Intelligence

The intelligence system of the United States is the most capable one assembled in the history of man. This intelligence community (IC) has undergone reforms since 2005 after President Bush signed the Intelligence Reform and Terrorism Prevention Act. However, transformations of analytical initiatives have constantly reduced the barriers between individuals and organizations across the IC and have prioritized missions effectively. A window of opportunity was evident in the 1990s that reexamined the existing structures and processes of intelligence. Emphasis for the intelligence community included, downsizing, streamlining, and consolidating, which forced them to prioritize on resources scarce to the environment. Members of Congress, think-tank analysts, and executive branch senior officials are a community growing interest of the U.S. government organization on how…. [read more]

Social Engineering Research Paper

… In terms of actual examples of social engineering, these are numerous and include acts from the smallest of scale to increasingly difficult and with most serious effects that are still ongoing and even spreading (Francophoned case study presented below). As an example, in a day-to-day situation, a social engineering process can be identified in a communication from an individual advising he or she represents, for the sake of argument, a telephone company and would want to offer a new subscription model. Without any type of confirmation from the caller, the person being called is requested to provide details. In such a situation, it is important to consider that it is the caller who needs to identify himself in order to confirm that he or she…. [read more]

Global Strategy of Eastcompeace Smart Card Company, Ltd Dissertation

… Eastcompeace: Strategic Management

Data Presentation, Findings & Analysis

Recommendations & Management Implication

The smart card industry is one of the most lucrative industrial sectors in the world. This is because the lack of competitiveness and margin of innovation existing in this particular industry. From a sim card in a cellular phone to high tech and sophisticated security systems, the smart card industry covers it allThis makes it a highly price inelastic industry, which in turn means, that smart card producers have an edge to play with the prices the way they want to. On the other hand, the critical and sensitive nature of product that the smart card industry deals with demands immense level of continuous research and development so that the smart cards can…. [read more]

Abu Dhabi Stock Market Efficiency and Transmission Mechanisms Case Study

… ¶ … Abu Dhabi stock market: Efficiency and transmission mechanisms

Like many of its neighboring countries, the United Arab Emirates has made enormous efforts in recent years in an attempt to reduce dependence on the dominant public sector and to provide private investors a bigger role in the economy. The purpose of this study was to determine whether the Abu Dhabi stock market is efficient, what type of analysis mechanism is best suited for identifying investment opportunities, and its implications for investors and the state. For example, the weak form of the efficient markets hypothesis suggests that it is impossible to earn superior risk-adjusted profits based on the knowledge of past prices and returns. To this end, this study examines the United Arab Emirates in…. [read more]

Sustainable Development - A Global Term Paper

… "

The heart of good governance is popular participation, transparency, and public accountability (Dhanapala, 2001). Strong laws to protect the environment, for instance, are forged as a result of a sustained political process, a process that involves solid efforts throughout civil society. Enlightened leaders in government require this popular participation to adopt laws and policies to meet genuine human needs, just as the groups in society that are advocating such reforms must also depend upon official authorities to enforce such reforms.

According to Dhanapala (2001): "In this light, NGOs can be a catalyst of what is truly good about globalization. Though they are elected by no one and lack legal authority themselves to govern, they play a crucial role in helping the state to identify…. [read more]

Information System on Ethical and Moral Issues Research Paper

… ¶ … Information System on Ethical and Moral issues in an E-Society within the Banking Sector in South Africa

Phishing is the practice of obtaining someone else's personal information for the purpose of committing a crime, either at that time or sometime in the future. Protecting one's personal information from theft has become a key issue in the online banking community. Banks in South Africa have been hit hard recently by an unprecedented rash of cyber crime. Experts in the field struggle to find solutions to this rising trend. The customer is a key component in the fight against cyber crime. The proposed research study will explore issues related to the knowledge level of the customer regarding cyber crime and how to stop it. It…. [read more]

Assurance Program Why/How to Create Case Study

… Information Security

Several international organizations have written lots of white papers on how and why information should be made secured. Several laws have been promulgated by governments and agencies of governments and the countries and agencies involved in this explain how important it is to have information security. Bodies like the COMMISSION OF EUROPEAN COMMUNITIES (ECMA); the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD); Canadian System Security Centre. Information security deals a lot with:

Disallowing unauthorized persons access to information not meant for them

Minimizing or eradicating the tendency for information to truncated while on transit

Making undecipherable information not meant for other people

Installing firewalls that disallows leakage of information

Training of IT staff to respect the code of ethics of the IT department…. [read more]

Manufacturing and Supply Chain Term Paper

… E-Manufacturing - a New Link in the Supply Chain

Research Question and/or Hypothesis

Benefits of the Study

Industry/Organizational Perspectives/Implications

Conceptual Framework

Definitions/Operationalization of Terms

Research/Sampling Design

Research Variables/Measurement

Summary, Conclusions, and Recommendations

E-Manufacturing - A New Link in the Supply Chain

Computer use first spread throughout manufacturing and industry during the 1950's and 1960's. Early computers, however, were both difficult to program and limited in their speed and memory. Therefore, they were used mostly for tasks requiring little analysis, but much sorting, calculating, and filing. These first computer applications did in fact improve the efficiency of basic clerical activities within manufacturing companies: accounting; payroll; order processing; inventory maintenance, customer record keeping, and so forth.

However, the early computers used in manufacturing and business were dedicated…. [read more]

Drivers License to Illegal Immigrants Term Paper

… Driver's License To Illegal Immigrants

Senate Bill 1160. There are more than 2.2 undocumented illegal immigrant drivers in California (Bender 2004). They rallied with law enforcers, insurance companies and the religious sector in support of Senate Bill 1160 or the Immigrant Responsibility and Security Act. Signed into law, this bill would allow undocumented immigrants to apply for a driver's license. The then existing driver's license law in California required legal residency. This led many motorists to take the risk and proceed to drive illegally. The bill, authored by Senator Gil Cedillo, would allow illegal immigrants to secure a license by presenting a valid passport or identification issued by the consulate of the immigrant's country of origin. They had to be fingerprinted so that federal and…. [read more]

Environmental Issues Faced in 21st Research Paper

… The main technique for controlling stormwater releases is the application of best administration practices (BMPs) that stop or diminish the release of contaminants into a water body (e.g., building of a stormwater holding pond to stop stormwater drainage straight into getting waters). best administration practices appropriate for one airport are not necessarily appropriate for another. Issues that may have some kind of an affect on permit supplies (i.e., suitable best administration practices), include the local climate (dry vs. rainy/wet, cold vs. warm); (Suzanne & Fallacaro, 2011).

the size or type of neighboring water bodies -- contaminants are weak depending on the size of the water body getting the release (a stream or creek vs. A river or ocean);

the water excellence of neighboring water bodies…. [read more]

Workplace Violence Everyday Research Paper

… Although these risk factors were significant to this sample of nursing personnel, the study concludes that adult and childhood abuse histories have not been examined in prior investigations. These factors were significant with other previously identified risk factors, and should be considered in future large-scale investigations to be substantiated as legitimate risk factors for workplace violence (Campbell, 2011).

As adult and childhood abuse histories have been signified as potential risk factors, another indicated risk for workplace violence is the health, or lack of, within romantic partnerships and its crossover into the workplace. One recent study assessed the predictors of aggression by comparing perceived injustices from workplace supervisors and romantic partners. The aim of the investigation was to observe two different interpersonal relationships, working and romantic,…. [read more]

Response of Consumer Behavior Toward E-Banking Applied in Riyadh Saudi Arabia Dissertation

… ¶ … Consumer Behavior Toward E-Banking Applied in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Banking services are characterized by high information intensive operations and this is especially true due to the effects of information and communication technology on the banking industry. Mobile internet banking is one of the fastest of the phenomenal growths in banking today. Banks are able to realize cost savings, reduction of branch networks and efficiency improvement through use of electronic banking services.

Presently banks are working to increase the absorption of applications of modern technology and to take advantage of the process of e-marketing with improved management of customer relations. As well banks are working on developing methods of protection and attempting to change the look and concept of dealing with the banks on…. [read more]

Cloud Computing Effect on Accounting Research Paper

… 9 percent system accessibility and uptime. Taking into consideration that the cloud service providers partake in the sustenance of the operating system together with provide software support, corporations usually experience very minimal downtime for system patches and also software version upgrades (Kumar and Vidhyalakshmi, 2018). What is more, in using cloud computing, the service providers provide assurance of system availability as part of their contract. Secondly, there is the advantage of utilizing processors. This is in the sense that owing to the reason that cloud-based providers have the ability to scale processors on demand, an accounting firm does not face the need for deploying a significant number of processors in order to meet the entity’s potential demand. Rather, a firm can approximate initial demand and…. [read more]

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