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Law Enforcement Plan a Proactive Business Plan

… Barriers should be set up, like fences, locked gates, a single entrance and exit. They tend to discourage intruders. Dark areas and spaces should be lighted to discourage unwanted movement. Outdoor lighting and lighting with motion detector at night should be tried. And build stable relationships within the organization. There is safety in numbers, as they say. One such relationship is with the police. Police departments are usually willing to inspect the premises for suspicious areas, which need to be secured. Participation in some local citizen council, consisting of various law enforcement groups, hospitals and fire departments are part of a strong preparedness program. This link with these groups is especially helpful if the business is subject to security and environmental disasters (Bell).

Certain questions…. [read more]

Security Management Plan and Presentation Term Paper

… The other potential liability issues include criminal liability for the actions of the personnel, liability for personal injuries, and liability for damages.
Handling Internal Complaints
Internal complaints, discriminations, and sexual harassment are issues that are likely to emerge given the diverse nature of the company's workforce. The organization's human resource department will create a policy that governs the actions of employees with respect to discrimination, harassment, and general misconduct. Employees will be required to comply with internal regulations on these issues in order to promote healthy relationships among them. When internal complaints, harassment and general misconduct arises, the HR department will commence investigations within three days. If the misconduct is proven, the HR department will then examine the company's regulations and existing laws on the…. [read more]

Security Management Essay

… As managers, security managers also need to be leaders. They will be in charge of teams, and work closely with subordinates in creating and implementing a security management plan for the organization. Security managers make senior level decisions that impact the entire organization. They assume and accept responsibility for errors, and are rewarded for ensuring the integrity of the company. Quantitative and qualitative analytical skills are required, as well as creative thinking. Security managers need to think outside the box, because not all threats are spelled out. Many of the most dangerous security threats are ones that the organization had not anticipated. A successful security manager anticipates threats before they become relevant to the organization and individuals they are trying to protect.


Bulletin 1…. [read more]

Security Plan Target Environment Amron Essay

… Manufacturing experience is preferred, however not necessary as training is provided. Supervisory positions require previous experience prior to employment with the company. Other positions may require computer skills. Such positions are within the clerical side of safety and security. Monitoring the cameras, alarms, and radio traffic from security officers calls for one to be able to work under pressure, multi-tasking is a necessity.

5. How extensive is the training period and process?

The training is extensive and an ongoing process. Every employee must go through basic safety training as well as training for safety and responsibilities of his or her work area. The first day consist of orientation, paperwork, registering vehicle information, employee badge and access cards, and, a tour of the facility.

6. What…. [read more]

Securities Regulation Securities Regularizations Thesis

… To get a clearer idea, it becomes important to consider some of the institutes which form a part of these NPO's. These, therefore, includes, "Schools, Hospitals, Charitable Institutions, welfare societies, clubs, public libraries, resident welfare association, sports club, etc.." [footnoteRef:15] [15: ]

They are increasingly becoming alternatives to the provision of facilities and activities as the Government continues to fail in many sectors due to the growing economic pressures and the impact of recession. In such conditions, NPO's as appeared as platforms that can help in catering to the many needs of the individuals in the society, including food, Education, Housing, and it is the provision of these needs that become the main purpose of these Organizations and is their defining line, which helps them…. [read more]

Security Management Strategies for Increasing Essay

… Autonomy refers to the control at one's job and feedback refers to the response others give about a particular event. In case of security employees, the element of autonomy is very important. For instance, if the security employees are authorized to shoot anybody who tries to invade, it is quite possible that the rate of crime is reduced. The specific protocols assigned to the process of responding to the attacks, makes it very difficult for the security employees to fulfill their job duties. It is commonly witnessed that street snatchers have arms and they do not hesitate shooting anybody who does not give them the money and his belongings. On the other hands, the security personnel are bound to take certain attacks before shooting the…. [read more]

Security Plan Case Study

… Security Plan

The Maryland public safety education and training center deals with firearms training, public safety and education, and drug abuse resistance. The center is located on a 700 acre plot. The center has been divided into two main facilities namely Drivers Training Facility and Firearms Training Facility. The center is located 25 miles away from any residential community in order to prevent crime and promote security. Locating the facility far from residential communities has ensured that there are no unauthorized entries to the center. The firing ranges are located 25 miles from the center to ensure that there is no accidental damage to the property. This also protects people within the center as there is no risk if accidentally been shot. Having bullet traps…. [read more]

Security Breach Case Scenario Essay

… Step 5: Determination of Online Backup Measures

The organization should focus on the determination of the online backup measures. This is through creation and documentation of emergency access procedures and policies to enhance interaction with the patients' data. It is also essential for the organization to consider implementation of a 24/7 web support to increase accessibility of vital information to the staff members and medical practitioners. In order to enhance security and integrity of the information or data relating to the patients, the organization should consider implementation of server mirroring or effective cloning software. This is essential in the improvement of the security and confidentiality of the patients' data or information. Integration of effective and efficient training strategies and the five-step implementation plan should be…. [read more]

Security Manager Leadership Analysis Essay

… CISOs who have a high degree of EI skill sets intuitively read and respond to each situation that ensures congruity and consistency with their leadership style, further galvanizing the base of trust they have built their careers on (Tichy, 1983). CISOs that have the ability to navigate through complex decision making scenarios often rely on EI skill sets to define entirely new approaches to creating mutually beneficial outcomes for all departments in their organizations as well.

The most prevalent requirements of CISOs when initially being recruited for their positions or being considered for promotion include over ten years of management experience and proven results defining and executing a strategic security plan (Whitten, 2008). The next-most prevalent requirement is IT security education and the ability to…. [read more]

Security Policy Term Paper

… Security Policy

IT Security Policy

The following security policy defines how strategic it resources and technologies are aligned to supporting organizational objectives and goals. Implicit in this security policy is the need for accountability, transparency and intensive use of reporting and analytics to track performance against objectives, in addition to compliance against industry and regulatory standards. Best practices in it security policy management requires the integration of analytics, compliance and reporting requirements within an it security policy and it supporting framework (Hone, Eloff, 2002). The intent of this security policy document is to provide prescriptive guidance to attain and surpass best practices in the areas of network, operational, organizational security, access control, cryptography, and compliance to laws and regulations.

Network Security Policy

Ensuring protection of…. [read more]

Security Privacy in Health Care Essay

… This is when they are becoming more involved in: understanding these challenges and are working with everyone to deal with them. In many ways, one could argue that a sense of complacency from staff members is what has allowed the underlying situation to become worse. To address these problems requires: increased vigilance and cooperation (which will establish an effective system of checks and balances to prevent these kinds of abuses). (Alguire, 2009, pp. 337- 343)

Code of Conduct

To deal with these issues, a code of conduct will be created that highlights the expected employee behavior when it comes to patient safety. This will help to prevent any kind of misunderstandings and ensure that everyone knows the policy at the facility. As a result, there…. [read more]

Security Overview Businesses Today Research Paper

… Security Overview

Businesses today are faced with a range of security challenges unlike any of those that their predecessors have ever faced. Among these different challenges are the physical protection of the building and the protection of data and intellectual property. This may sound like a relatively easy mission; however, each of these two types of security has a number of different elements to it, and the interplay of these elements can make the process of keeping a company or organization secure.

For example, in terms of keeping a building physically safe, a security plan must cover the physical building itself, any equipment or supplies inside the building secure, and the staff and any visitors to the building must also be kept safe. (Moreover, the…. [read more]

Security Management the Role Essay

… Obviously, this kind of organizational loss affects corporations most directly, but even governmental and non-governmental organizations ultimately feel the effects of this kind of loss, whether though reduced tax revenues or increased purchasing and supply costs. In addition, while these kinds of losses are more frequently viewed as the purview of regular management, rather than the security manager, the fact remains that the security manager is in fact responsible for certain elements of organizational security and risk management related to this kind of financial or market loss.

Having outlined the various kinds of organizational loss that might fall under the purview of a security manager, it will now be possible to discuss best practices and responses for dealing with organizational loss, with the further goal…. [read more]

Security in Cloud Computing Research Paper

… The users using the infrastructure need to ensure that they maintain an effective security policy. These controls are developed and implemented to cater the hostile internet environment for multi-tenant usage of user applications hosted through cloud computing services (Mather et al., 2009).

Mather et al. (2009) further elaborates that the security controls for data in various stages. It is required for data in transit, data at rest, and data processing. It is also required for data lineage, data provenance, and data reminisce. The informed decision are required for increasing data security in cloud computing. All security measures are not a responsibility of the cloud services providers. There are various cases where security of data at cloud computing is compromised due to clients negligence. Therefore it…. [read more]

Identity Management and Security Awareness Training Plan Corporate Writing

… Identity Management and Security Awareness Training Plan

The entire human race is in a constant phase of experiencing technological innovations and advancements, since the globe has crossed the threshold of twenty first century. Due to this progression, the organizations are leveraging with sophisticated and complex software and management programs, but at the same time, the risk to data and information stealing has elevated to paramount heights. In fact, the security threat with respect to the information and data has become one of the alarming aspects for organizations regardless of their size in today's time.

In this age of technological boom, the threats that a company encounters are not only from the external sources; but, internal threats have become one of the greatest vulnerabilities to information…. [read more]

Enterprise Technical Infrastructure Security Plan Research Paper

… Enterprise Technical Infrastructure Security Plan

for ABBA Corporation

Information Technology Security: Implementation

The wrong it security plan can cause an enterprise millions of dollars of damages if breached by a number looming threats waiting to steal valuable information and resources from the organization. It is important to plan out a proper design that fits the needs and objectives of the organization, as well as providing it the flexibility and fluidity it needs to adapt to changes in those objectives but also changes in the external environment and its potential threats. This current research explores the contemporary environment for enterprise organizations as a way to evaluate potential security threats and prepare the most effective countermeasures in a fluid and functioning it technical infrastructure security plan.

Table…. [read more]

Security Plan for the Maryland Term Paper

… Therefore the access privileges attained by that specific person could get into wrong hands if they are forever and if the smart cards are place in wrong hands after the personnel have left its post.

Often critics question regarding the levels of perimeter security, they tend to ask security professionals if they should keep multiple layers or single layer? The answer here is that multiple layers tend to give better protection as compared to a single layer.

2.3 Protective systems and access control

Access control is known to be a very common methodology to identify personnel before they enter their designated areas. Access point can be any gate, id verification, security check or any other way to protect any premises from harm. The protective systems…. [read more]

Security Policy Essay

… Notably, the process of data recovery usually varies depending on the type of damage to the memory of the storage or electronic device.

The difference in the type of damages on the material source contributes to different situations in which data recovery is needed. There are two most common situations where data recovery is needed in order to retrieve the data or information in the damaged storage device. These two situations for the need of data recovery are when internal damage occurs and when there is external damage to the device. The internal damage to the device is defined as programs developed to interfere with the normal functioning of the computer such as viruses. In contrast, external damage is the occurrence of physical harm to…. [read more]

Security at Workplaces Case Study

… The company should have a well designed procedure for destroying the unwanted records containing information that may pose new challenges if carelessly exposed. The firm should securely destroy or permanently de-identify information that is no longer needed for the allowed purposes for which it may be used or make known to public or unauthorized persons. Staff involved in data entry, should consider retention practices, and subject to other pertinent record-keeping requirements such as those of the manufacturing plants.

On the other hand, the security of hardcopy information and records remains of extreme importance, and should not be an aspect of information security that is frequently neglected. Traditional records management tools such as vital records program and retention scheduling can facilitate the security of hardcopy records.…. [read more]

Online Venture Business Plan Four Business Plan

… Ethical Issues

There are no ethical risks involved as such because the entire process is more or less transparent and reliable.

Potential Risks

The potential risks involved in this online venture are as follows:

The cost of joining the venture and getting the membership renewed are relatively high so many customers cannot be retained.

In certain circumstance, some members do not get the chance to get any business for a whole year so retaining such customers is relatively tough.

As there are large number of suppliers and manufacturers so buying power of customer is increased. Many products can be bought at relatively cheap rates and this in turn reduces the profit of the online business venture. Thus this can incur a heavy loss to the…. [read more]

Business Plan for a Day Care Center Business Plan

… Print paychecks and calculate payroll taxes.

Automatically generate pay-sheets that include wages, as well as expenses reimbursements.

Automatic process Credit Card and ACH.

Our Company's Management of Data and Knowledge

A knowledge base consists of a database that contains information as well as organizational know- how. Our organization excellence is tailored to the method that we will employ to manage our data and information. In our Day Care Center, we will employ an IT specialist who has appropriate skills and knowledge in data management. Our IT specialist should have knowledge of:

Document management,

Data sources and data collection, object-oriented database

Data security, quality, and integrity.

Methods of collecting raw data and processing.

The knowledge of our IT specialist's data management will assist our Day Care…. [read more]

Security Technologies and Methodology Essay

… The course is intended to spark cadets' interest in pursuing more in-depth work in computer science." (Wimmer, 2012) A USAFA news release is reported to have stated that everything about the Basic Cyber course focuses on "practical application." (Wimmer, 2012) Stated as the second source of commissioning is the ROTC which includes four regional headquarters, 144 detachments, and more than 1,200 cross-town universities." (Wimmer, 2012) There were a reported 1,796 second lieutenants commissioned by ROTC in 2011 with ROTC cadets being on the receiving end of two hours of instruction delivered through lecture and guided instruction on cyberspace occurring during the fourth year of training with a design to prepare the recruits for the Air Force. The lesson plan is reported to be such that…. [read more]

Security Programs Implementation of Information Essay

… This records relating to department assets will be significant especially in the management of real property assets. The assets records will be done with relation to size, location and the other relevant elements of assets. Once the real assets value is recorded, there will be continuous need to always add the most recent information to the database, in accordance with the mandatory of the HHS and the federal real property council (, 2012).

Compliance Management and Configuration Control

HHS has to ensure that all the necessary guidelines, processes, standards, procedures and guidelines are compliant with the provided regulations by law, statutes and the other policies within the state. This will be done in relation to identification, disposition requirements and classification. This management involves the efforts…. [read more]

Business Plan Costs Preparing Documents Business Plan

… To minimize the overhead costs so that our customers could take advantage of the savings.

2. To work according to the philosophy that our customers are always going to be our top priority.

3. To never be satisfied with the status quo

4. To make use of material that is of the highest quality.


7. Vision Statement

It is our vision to be known as a company that is the leader when it comes to the regional desktop publishing industry and to be known for our high quality and reasonable prices by 2010.

Cost Estimates for the business plan

ABC Desktop Publishing Business

Schedule of Startup Funds Required

Startup funds:


Equipment Required:

Price Elasticity

Quantity Needed


Laptop Computer




New…. [read more]

Marketing Strategies the Marketing Plan Delivers Marketing Plan

… Marketing Strategies

The marketing plan delivers the various strategies that All Technology Computer will use to enhance competitive market advantages. The paper discusses the company mission statement and the strategies that the company will use to align its mission statement with its strategic objective. The brand differentiation is an effective marketing tool to enhance marketing advantages and IMC has been identified as an effective marketing tool within the business environment. More importantly, the company will be operating in the U.S. economy and the company will take the advantages of the economic and technological superiority of the U.S. To deliver high quality product and services.

Company Background

ATC (All Technology Computer) is computer hardware and software provider operating in the United States and the company is…. [read more]

Business Plan Retail Pharmacy Business Plan

… Business Plan

This business plan is for a retail pharmacy. The pharmacy is going to provide two distinct product lines -- pharmaceutical and retail. The organization will be designed around that model. As a small company, the organizational structure is going to be relatively flat, with a General Manager, Assistant General Manager, Head Pharmacist and Retail Manager. Duties for each are described in the document.

This will be a small neighborhood pharmacy, and as such its target market is mainly geographic. It is expected, however, that seniors will be the largest target market since they are the heaviest users of pharmaceuticals. This market will be targeted using a service-oriented strategy, which also reflects that fact that the company lacks the bargaining power of major competitors…. [read more]

Mitigation Strategies to a Health Security Scenario Term Paper

… Security Response Plan to a Virus Outbreak

VHC-Chula Vista assumes a critical role within the health framework in offering essential medical care to the community, especially in times of crisis as the virus outbreak in this case. If this outbreak is prolonged, it could lead to the progressive spread of the disease with a rapid increase in service demands, which could overwhelm the capacity of VHC-Chula Vista and the larger health system. While seeking to revamp the preparedness of VHC-Chula Vista to deal with the challenge of the epidemic, the management must ensure they initiate the relevant generic priority action. This paper offers a checklist of VHC-Chula Vista's emergency preparedness process.

Threat Assessment

Experts specializing in infectious diseases argue that the country stands on the…. [read more]

Security Risks Associated With Mobile Essay

… 5. How might artificial intelligence play a role in the evolution of the future Web?

The Web is always changing and evolving. What was common a year ago is not as common today, and there are drastic differences seen when several years are looked at in conjunction and comparison with one another. It is important, therefore, to continue to look ahead at what the Web might produce in the future, in order to be more prepared for it. One of the areas that should be more carefully explored is artificial intelligence, because it could play a role in the evolution of the Web as it is currently seen. This could take place through the massive amount of user-generated content that is currently seen on the…. [read more]

Business Plan Outline: (for a Make Believe Business Plan

… Business Plan Outline: (For a make believe product I evented called, VIVID)

The Company is into manufacturing and marketing of the wonder cream VIVID which has proven abilities to iron out facial wrinkles caused due to aging. The cream contains the active ingredient Retinol which is richly textured and quickly absorbed. This useful night cream works all the while a person is asleep so that while he/she gets up, he/she will feel firmer having a smoother healthier looking skin. Instead of just exfoliating the surface layer of the skin, VIVID's anti-wrinkle treatment releases pure and active Vitamin A below the surface of the skin, thereby reducing the signs of aging. Due to this, skin renews itself and the fine lines and wrinkles are noticeably reduced.…. [read more]

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