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Segregation of Duty the Enron Research Paper

… Segregation of Duty

The Enron Corporation scandal led to its bankruptcy and the dissolution of the Arthur Anderson corporation; a leading accountancy and audit partner worldwide. Besides being the largest bankruptcy case in the history of America, Enron is still viewed as the biggest audit failure (Mesa & Financial Executives Research Foundation, 2012). Although it is the most well-known U.S. firm across the world, Enron collapsed too fast. This study analyses the events that led to the fall of Enron, including details of conflict of interest, the management, and accounting fraud.

Enron's Rise and Fall

In the early 1990s, Enron Corporation was globally recognized as the most innovative company. It revolutionized the old industries in favor of e-commerce business. Enron continued to operate gas lines…. [read more]

Smakey Dog Foods Essay

… For example, if the auditor failed to uncover something that the company purposely hidden, then the firm might argue that they performed their duties to the best of their abilities and would not incur legal liability.

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Roman Holiday Pizza's Treatment Essay

… Roman Holiday's franchise reacquisitions possess all these risks.


The fraud triangle asserts that there are three key elements that engender fraud: opportunity, rationalization, and pressure, all of which must be present for fraud to take place. The element over which entity owners have the most control is opportunity and for this reason is the element that the system of internal controls affects most directly. In addition to weak internal controls, the opportunity for fraud is created by poor management oversight, and/or through use of one's position and authority. Roman Holiday management is aware of the issues regarding so much of their growth having come from acquisition of franchise rights and existing restaurants; knowing that analysts will be closely scrutinizing their financial statements creates…. [read more]

Information System Holds in Accounting Term Paper

… Digital technology has made it easier to collect the data and move it all over the world, but at the same time, this has led to the production of an enormous amount of data which is difficult to handle. The challenge is now in filtering, sorting out, analyzing and compiling this data in a manner that will ultimately add value to the organization whose data it is. In Microsoft there were 54 financial groups charged with the responsibility of organizing the financial data of 85 of their subsidiaries which provided the services of Microsoft all over the world. To solve the problem, they built up a system which they called the financial 'digital nervous system'. (Accounting -- The Digital Way)

This was responsible for sending…. [read more]

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