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Segway Safety Term Paper

… Disney is forced to adjust Segway driveways and the move is motivated by a favorable public perception and brand awareness of Segway scooter. Customers and opinion making groups can better shape their demand for PMDs had the customers known a better alternative to Segways that does not compromise their safety.

An important point is that Segway PMDs are two-wheelers which require that the device must contain delicate sensors to balance the rider and make the movements swift. For this to happen, the sensors are used at the rear end of the scooter. The rouged terrains at which customers use these personal transporters make it difficult for the sensors to maintain their compatibility. This fails them at turns, steep heights, and sudden alteration of direction. The…. [read more]

Segway Human Transporter Term Paper

… ¶ … safety of the Segway Human Transport vehicle according to the NIOSH Health Hazard Evaluations and perform a critical analysis of the report. The study was conducted in Norman, OK, and followed four mail carriers who used the Segway to deliver mail, instead of carrying a bag of mail on their route. The research conducted included the viability of the Segway over a variety of terrains, which tended to jolt the rider (whole body vibration), ergonomic issues, interviews with the participants, and evaluation of data.

There are several ergonomic issues involved in this report. The major issue is the height of the handlebars of the Segway, and the height of the postal workers using the devices. The handlebars are adjustable, and so, the Segway…. [read more]

International Marketing the Future Automotive Term Paper

… Scott (2002) said, "Americans also seem to want the car that can do it all - a station wagon, sports sedan, minivan, pickup, even convertible all rolled into one." This is what they price they pay for, and in fact it is a very practical, and good choice. This means that manufacturers required their designers to make the most with the available space to fit all new accessories and equipments, shaping up that even new and complicated gears and electronic devices do not twist each other but put in easy reach and simple instructions.

Designers have created a series of function in a simple panel, adjustable dimming roofs, or movable gates. General Motors even introduced the concept of autonomous car that gives a big score…. [read more]

Marketing Challenges of Going Green in the Domestic Automobile Industry Term Paper

… Marketing Challenges of Going Green in the Domestic Automobile Industry

The domestic automobile industry

The automotive industry is one of the most competitive in the world and the U.S. automotive industry is leading the way in terms of sales. In terms of manufacturing, the production activities are shifting from high income regions to the low income ones, such as China as a response to the globalization phenomenon that continuously dragged costs and implicitly selling prices down to historical figures.

Original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) also chose to relocate their production facilities to low cost regions to be able to compensate the increase of oil prices with lower prices. The AAA (formerly known as the American Automobile Association, 2007) recently announced that the average prices for gasoline…. [read more]

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