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Corporate Social Responsibility Seminar Paper

… Corporate Social Responsibility

Over the last several years, a wide variety of firms have become involved in social responsibility. This is when they are focused on activities that will help to benefit communities over the long-term. Some of the different projects that are emphasized include: juvenile crime, protecting the environment and addressing the needs of different stakeholders. This is a part of an effort that is concentrating on doing the most good possible (versus some good for various stakeholders). To fully understand what is taking place requires looking at different summaries. During this process, there will be an emphasis on: providing an introduction, explaining the theory, studying the method, discussing the results and analyzing various conclusions. Together, these elements will provide the greatest insights as…. [read more]

Jumps Out Regarding the Privatization Report Seminar Paper

… ¶ … jumps out regarding the privatization report is how many to most of the pages are quite empty on the bottom third and it's perhaps a bit distracting depending on who is reading the paper. The paper has a good abstract as well as an introduction. The person who wrote the report clearly possesses a solid vocabulary but this level of writing would perhaps be "above the head" of a more casual reader. As such, the intended audience of this report would matter a lot in terms of whether it is perhaps a little to high-level for some readers. More scholarly readers will know what "permutations" are and what "praxis" means but an average reader would probably not.

The report is well-cited and the…. [read more]

Antony and Cleopatra Play Seminar Paper

… Grief is expressed in many way. Some of which are related to how one perceives loss and how one deals with it. Loss can be caused by love of another, love of one's self, romantic love, or even just loss in general. Love is a powerful emotion as is grief. And although many films, plays, and stories portray the loss of love and grief, no one quite does it like William Shakespeare.

Hamilton correctly deliberates in one article how accounts of defeat, loss and most frequently, gone love, drive intricacy and determination in characters. "Contrary to this assumption however, there exists among the works of poets and storytellers writing of love a rich supply of references, as laudatory as Chaucer's ranking Antony and Cleopatra with…. [read more]

Management to Leadership Organization Seminar Paper

… Management to Leadership Organization

Where do I want to be in 3 years?

In 3 years time I would like to see my goal for leadership materialized, my dreams caming true and my motivation still at the highest point to achieve even more. My aim is to achieve a position in an organizatin where positive impact of my leadership style can be seen on the entire organisation and its employees; whereby the junior staffs reporting to me see my self as a competent leader who has brought a "positive change" in their professional career. I am willing to have made momentous growth within the organization to a point where the stakeholders appreciate everything I perform. It is my priority to prove my self as a…. [read more]

Close Reading of a Dime Novel Seminar Paper

… Dime novel has a specific literary meaning, but has generally become term used to mean several different late 19th and early 20th century popular U.S. fictional stories that were true "dime novels" (costing a dime), story papers, 5- and 10-cent weekly libraries and early pulp magazines. The term was even used as late as the World War II era with a relatively unsuccessful resurgence of the pulp Western Dime Novels. In spirit, though, dime novels are the precursor to contemporary comics, graphic novels, paperbacks, and even popular television and movies based on this genre. The modern usage of the term, however, tends to mean a quickly written, less plot oriented potboiler (true crime, sensational actions, etc.), and is not particularly well regarded in a literary…. [read more]

Vulnerable Population for the Sexual Orientation Research Paper

… Vulnerable Population

In seminar

Vulnerable population: Sexual orientation

Sexual behavior is an important component of a patient's physical and mental health. Just like race, ethnicity, gender, socioeconomic status, and nationality can all have a collective impact upon a patient's health, so can sexual orientation. Gay men and lesbians are more at risk for certain conditions than their heterosexual counterparts; conversely, heterosexuals have certain concerns that are specific to their sexuality. The precise reasons for this is unclear but is likely due to a combination of factors, including an elevated risk of emotional stress due to homophobia as well as to health lifestyle practices. Regarding sexuality, physical and mental health can be conjoined in complex ways that statistics do not always clarify. This notion is supported…. [read more]

Professional Development Seminar Curriculum Essay

… The Subject issue is very important, more so than the direction: exactly what is to be instructed is more vital and considered to be more so than the best ways to instruct it or the instructor who is the expert in his field who can instruct it in the best way possible (Jackson, 1992).

Evaluation: instructor is accountable about the assessment, pupil is not included, and it determines the amount of goals that are attained.

Psychological basis is essentialism and pernallism.

Learning Experiences: 1) Building abilities and 2) Knowledge (Culture heritage) (Jackson, 1992).


1) Traditionalists invest even more time preparing educators to be the experts in their subjects.

2) Teachers have very little participation in the curriculum development procedure.

3) Role of Teacher: normally…. [read more]

Management Seminar Demonstrate Term Paper

… Business culture originates from the history of the business and the value system that exists within the business. In the American context the business culture or elements of it are built into its national culture, which stresses individual initiative and achievement. A strong work ethic is evident among American business people who are opportunistic, determined and consistent in their motivation to achieve. The concept "time and money" is taken seriously in our business culture while money is a key priority and an issue hat will be used to win most arguments. Americans tend to be future oriented, which means that innovation often takes precedence over tradition.

Translate the fundamentals of marketing, finance, accounting, business operations and management.

Marketing is often misunderstood. To many it is…. [read more]

Harry Potter the Hero Research Paper

… Ron and Hermione become Harry's loyal side-kicks, and Harry is equally as loyal to them. Yet Harry is fully human. He is not immune to social problems such as bullying. In fact, Harry's encounters with Draco Malfoy in the Sorcerer's Stone define Harry's character and help him to become more mature. Moreover, the fact that Hermione needs to intervene on Harry's behalf during the Quiddich game shows that Harry has the potential to garner trust and loyalty from those who know him. Harry also goes out of his way to help others. For example, he courageously defeats the troll in the bathroom for Hermione.

Courage is one of Harry Potter's distinguishing character traits. A defining moment in The Sorcerer's Stone is when Harry agrees to…. [read more]

Surrealism and Existentialism Seminar Paper

… Richard Wright's

The Outsider

An Existential Examination of the Essential Blackness and Dread

Literary Existentialism

Wright and Pessimism, Dread, Fear

Narration Structure

Root of Dread

The Dread and Fear Parallels with Dostoevsky

Thirteen years after the publication of Native Son Wright reexamined the problem of the ethical criminal in the role of Cross Damon, the protagonist of his novel, The Outsider. Cross is in some respects an intellectualized Bigger; although he has read Heidegger, Jaspers, Hegel, Kierkegaard, Nietzche, Husserl, and Dostoevsky, his psychology is essentially Bigger's. Violence gives Cross a sense of meaning, a sense of freedom in a world that is otherwise hostile or chaotic. After committing two "senseless" murders Cross experiences fulfillment" (Dickstein, 2004 p. 23). The universe seemed to be rushing at…. [read more]

Use of Music Therapy Seminar Paper

… ¶ … Blues through History of Slavery and the Clinical Applications of Blues Form in today's therapy

History of American Slavery -- Brief Overview

In the year 1619, first African slaves were transferred to the North American colony of Jamestown, Virginia. They were brought here to help in the production of crops like tobacco, which were considered to be lucrative. This even marked the beginning of slavery in America, which turned out to be the biggest curse for the country. Throughout the 17th and 18th centuries, slavery was a common practiced all over the American colonies. Slaves, who were of African-American origin, played a great role in the development of the economic foundations of the new country. In the year 1793, the cotton gin was…. [read more]

Frost and Taylor ) Talk Seminar Paper

… In short, the authors, cognizant of the complexity of their essay, performed a marvelous job in arguing their point and supporting it not only with convincing evidence but outlined in a style and prose that made it interesting and clear to the reader. The essay will be instructive and contributive to anyone who is interested in politics of business and government reform.

5. In 14028. Why the lights went out, the authors pointed out that South Africa experienced severe power shortages between 2005-2008. These outages were commonly attributed to inadequate generation capacity, insufficient coal supply, and badly maintained power plants. In this article, the authors proceed to examine the reasons for the insufficient power supply using Eskon, S. Africa's national electricity supplier as example.

They…. [read more]

Toni Morrison Seminar Paper

… Basically Hall is saying that Morrison is using an unusual approach to beauty by presenting communication not so much through verbalizing but through descriptions of the black female body. In Beloved Morrison uses her narrative to denote "sound, smell, movement and touch" and hence Morrison is able to fully present the bodies of Sethe, of Baby Suggs and Nan as the "scarred" and "enslaved" and "displaced" bodies that they are (Hall, 74).

Beloved isn't the only book in which Morrison's meaning come through by juxtaposing beauty with unthinkable cruelty and pain, but in Beloved the author creates pictures in the minds of readers by showing the character Beloved as a person with "flawless beauty" (Hall, 74). Beloved has "…new skin, lineless and smooth, including the…. [read more]

Subsuming the Heterogeneity of the Internet Seminar Paper

… ¶ … Subsuming the heterogeneity of the Internet to a homogenous whole is a reductive move. Furthermore, it risks making the unsupportable conflation of the Internet user with their textual output." (Bassett, et al., 2002, p. 234)

The digital age -- the online era -- has been evolving for over twenty years now but keeping tabs on the technologies and cultures related to this brave new electronic world requires thorough and innovative research. The emphasis in this paper will be on the "cities" and the people who live and work with digital technologies in those "cities" -- albeit the technologies that bring the information age to the cities will also be a pivotal part of this research. The research covers a wide swath of theories…. [read more]

Machine Translation and Horizons Seminar Paper

… Also, newspapers are relatively standard, simply-written documents that are not analogous to complex legal and business documents, and they lack the subtleties and complexities of literature.

The opponents of these enthusiastic supporters of machine translation contend that all forms of machine translation are inherently useless and produce nothing but humorous nonsense. "As they expect nearly perfect speech, they will find themselves largely disappointed."[footnoteRef:2] It is very easy to find examples of humorous mistranslations that leave the reader scratching his or her head at best, or, at worst leave the reader dangerously misled. But this dismissive view belies the fact that there is a serious need for effective machine translation, and real and sustained efforts are being made to ensure that the process can become a…. [read more]

Predatory Lending and the Subprime Mortgage Crisis Seminar Paper

… Predatory Lending and the Subprime Mortgage Crisis

The issues with subprime mortgages are recognized by now, with many evasions and consequences for businesses and financiers in a similar way. A lot of writers have been swift to charge what they call hungry, predatory lenders who oppressed poor, simple and uneducated borrowers. This is expected for the reason that lenders have been blamed of many comparable sins in earlier periods. For instance, the uproar following the printing of Apgar et al. (2006)

, which has been extensively deduces as proof of racial bigotry, is renowned. So far other explanations of the data exist, with Elliehausen & Staten (2004) being a well-known case in point.

Analysts state that minorities disburse bigger overages or yield spreads than Caucasians,…. [read more]

Business Communications Term Paper

… Once the meeting is over, is when they will go back to doing things individually. This is problematic, because it means that the team could have trouble maintaining and building any kind of momentum in achieving its different objectives. Once this takes place, it means that the odds will increase that there is the possibility that the team will only achieve select amounts of goals. (Tyson)

In this part of the seminar, we will discuss various approaches that can be taken to ensure that the company is able to deal with these issues. As, we will outline: some of the common ways that a team can lose momentum, how to recognize it and what steps can be taken to mitigate these underlying effects. This is…. [read more]

Assembling Culture Assembling Southern Appalachian Term Paper

… Christianity, Judaism and Islam (these being the monotheistic religions with the largest number of adherents) account for approximately 4 billion people with a religious affiliation worldwide. These beliefs bring comfort and promise a better life for most, but they also protect the believer in this world and the one to come.

The Christian adherents seek the wisdom written in their Bible which is divided into two major sections, the Old Testament and the New Testament, and 66 books scattered amongst the two (39 in the Old and 27 in the New). In the gospels of the New Testament is the book of Mark. From this book, the Christians in some Southern Appalachian churches have selected a verse that tells them to what extent they are…. [read more]

Morphology a Large Range Term Paper

… where an indication is adequate to designate the whole. For instance; exam (ination), math (ematics), and lab (oratory) invented in school jargon; spec (ulation) and tick (et = credit) in stock-exchange jargon; and vet (eran) and cap (tain) in army jargon. Whilst truncation, the words that are used by some influential groups are also included in the Standard English language due to their frequent utilization whereas the truncation of local people will stay as colloquial speech.

The most common truncation kinds have been listed below:


The most frequent type employed is the back truncation. In this the commencement is preserved or maintained and the untruncated fundamental can be a simple or a composite. For instance: ad is used as the short form of advertisement;…. [read more]

Senior Seminar Term Paper

… Senior Seminar

Before enrolling in the School of Human Services, I had worked with some volunteer organizations and was vaguely aware of the problems facing my community and others like it. Crime, juvenile delinquency, spousal abuse, substance abuse, disempowerment, racism, and poverty are only a few of the issues that I vowed to confront throughout my career. Knowing that I wanted to dedicate my life to helping others improve their lives, I sought out ways to train and educate myself in social services.

The School of Human Services offered a program that suited my needs perfectly. Instead of staying stuck in an academic library to pour over other peoples' research, we were thrust into the field. Because of the projects we have completed and the…. [read more]

Kilmann's Conflict Management Model Assessment Research Paper

… According to (Kuhn & Poole, 2000) this is what discredited Blake and Mouton instrument as conflict resolution instrument. To attend to this concern, Ken and Killman created thirty questions with two choice options. These options describe both collaborating and avoiding thereby incorporating social desirability. The two options are however, equal in social desirability forcing an individual to an item solely based on the content and his/her own assessment. An individual is likely to give responses based on whether they avoid or embrace competing. The calibration made on the two options, and the thirty questions made it difficult for individuals to give a response reflects a decent image to others (Thomas & Kilmann, 1974).

The sixteen page booklet resulting from the brainstorming and subsequent follow-up by…. [read more]

Employee Training and Career Development Term Paper

… Employee Training and Career Development

Employee training involves learning done by an employee. It seeks a permanent change in the employees that lead to the improvement of their job performance. Employee training involves changing how an employee works, their attitude towards work, the people they work with and towards the organization.

Career development is an approach used to marry the employee's goals with the needs of the business. Career development purposes to enhance an employee's job performance enable someone to take advantage of future job opportunities. It fulfills the company's goals for an effective and dynamic workforce. This involves the managers, the human resource department and the employee himself. The company structures the career progress of its members.

Role of training in an organizational development…. [read more]

Relationship of Internship to Course Term Paper

… Relationship of Internship to Course Material

As discussed above, the Chamber of Commerce Franco-Arab acts a meeting platform for the French and Arab traders. The main aim of this organization is to promote trade association and relationship between French and Arab traders in a number of business sectors including service industries, manufacturing industries and agriculture.

This chamber holds business conferences, seminars and workshops that are headed by key speakers. In addition to that, it also develops policy papers and analyzes business environment in various areas. Apart from that, the chamber also performs a number of activities that are related to various areas of business in Arab and France.

I joined the Chamber of Commerce Franco-Arab as an intern in the Communication and Research department. I…. [read more]

Healthcare Information Technology (IT) Research Paper

… Telemedicine

Healthcare it

Telemedicine is the exchange of medical information via electronic communication in order to improve a patient's health status. Telemedicine use various applications like email, video, wireless tools, smart phones, and other telecommunication technologies. This has been a rapidly growing application technology, which is aimed at providing remote medical examinations and procedures. When two medical professionals share a case via telephone, it can also be referred to as telemedicine. This is quite simple, but telemedicine also incorporates the use of satellite technology or video conferencing for conducting real-time patient consultation. In short telemedicine can be defined as the use of information technology and communications in the delivery of clinical care. Telemedicine started over forty years ago when hospitals used to extend care to…. [read more]

Entertainment Law Term Paper

… Entertainment law is a diverse field of law that integrates contracts and intellectual property law (Iandorio, 2004). Every book, movie script, theatrical performance, sound recording, television show, etc. thus becomes intertwined with these legal issues.

The "business" aspect of the entertainment business doesn't always come easy to the creative minds that are entertainers (Iandorio, 2004). Many artists discover that they were somehow deprived of certain rights, income, control, or access. This happened recently to the now-defunct band the Verve, for example, who watched 100% of their royalties from the million-selling single "Bittersweet Symphony" turned over to the Rolling Stones. Instead of the Verve, Keith Richards and Mick Jagger were nominated for a Grammy that year, when the Verve's "Bittersweet" hit was revealed to violate a…. [read more]

Compensation Packages and Benefit Plans Research Paper

… Similarly, the employees who attend seminars, events, and programs arranged by Wellness Centers have to stop their normal working at the workplace. Since all these benefits are market-competitive, the company has to bear huge expenditures on them every year in order to keep its employees satisfied with their compensation and benefit packages (WorldatWork, 2007).


In the light of the whole discussion, it can be recommended that Adobe should give more focus on improving the skills and competencies of its employees through its own efforts. That is, instead of offering educational assistance plans, it should arrange training and skills development sessions itself. The employees can be trained on both on-the-job and off-the-job platforms (Aswathappa & Dash, 2008). However, if employees want to improve their educational…. [read more]

AIDS Rate in Florida Research Paper

… AIDS Rate in Florida

Like cancer, significant progress is being made in treating acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS) and there are increasing reports of outright cures and extended lifetimes for sufferers. Despite this progress, AIDS remains a significant public health threat in general and in certain states such as Florida in particular. In fact, some cities in Florida have AIDS rates that are higher than the combined total of many states and historical trends indicate that the problem continues to worsen. Although AIDS statistics were first collected in Florida in 1981, these statistics are limited in their comparability with other states due to reporting differences, but it is possible to discern some salient trends in AIDS rates over the years. To this end, this paper…. [read more]

Ethos, Pathos, Logos Term Paper

… Abul Naga according to the author aims to undermine the Egyptian revolution by claiming that the funds given to Egypt were ways for the Jewish lobby to attain control over the Egyptian administrative structures. She believed that the revolution was a setup by the Jews to make the Egyptian youth believe the illusion of freedom while they penetrated the system to take control. This is where we see the author bring in the concept of pathos and connect an emotional side to the story and what he wants to come across. He claims that the Egyptian youth is vital for every step that will be taken in the future by this transitional government as well as the government that takes over or is democratically selected.…. [read more]

Salman Rushdie Term Paper

… Given the subject matter of the book, this aspect has garnered criticism from others.

Rushdie's portrayal of India and Indian's might be seen as guilty of stereotyping in his use of magic realism and the implication that India can only be described in terms of disunity, fantasy and irrationality, precisely those terms used by the orientalists to 'keep the natives down' (Myers, 1996).

Another scholar writes a]lthough he writes about his native land, he carefully abstracts its features and makes them exotic, as if to reflect the uncomfortable similarities between himself and an adventurer stationed in London selling Oriental wares to a public whose tastes he knows from several decades of travel (Brennen, 1989).

There is no arguing about the existence of this postmodern element…. [read more]

Motivation: Relatedness Using the Jigsaw Term Paper

… "The main station for relatedness is social interaction. A feeling of relatedness among students may operate as an inspirational resource when kids have to face task or complications. In times of stress, kids who experience reliable others as "backing them up" react with more vitality, versatility, and beneficial activities.

Group activities (collaboration), relatedness and group motivation

Collaboration is the "mutual involvement of members in a synchronized attempt to fix a problem together." Collaborative communications are recognized by distributing objectives, balance of structure, and a higher level of settlement, interaction, and interdependence. Group activities are particularly valuable for improving undergraduate studying. Nonresponsive feedback, on the other hand, can be detrimental to undergraduates studying in collaborative situations. Collaboration can have highly effective results for undergraduate studying, particularly…. [read more]

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