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Servant Leadership Essay

… In conclusion, there is no doubt that Jesus led by serving, according to Tidball; and because in modern times obtaining power can be "…insidiously corrupting," it is important for managers, pastors, and others seeking leadership positions and skills to be servants first. That goes for the business person, to the university student in leadership class, to the football player and the teacher in elementary school. Unless individuals understand service, and engage in serving the needs and wants of others first, their ascension to positions of leadership will not be based on the correct philosophical worldview. And without the maturity that results from sincere self-assessment, a person's world view may be just a narrow fraction of what it could be.

Works Cited

Center for Servant Leadership.…. [read more]

Servant Leadership Does Service-Learning Experience Help Students Research Proposal

… Servant Leadership

Does Service-Learning experience help students promote characters of Servant Leadership at Fu-Jen Catholic University and National Taiwan University?

Leadership can be found in many forms. Some leaders are self-serving, seeing everything in their possession as a tool to be used for their personal gain. Other leaders seem to have a special spark that inspires people. These leaders have a strong desire to give something back to their community. They bring a sense of moral responsibility to their positions. These leaders are what researchers refer to as servant leaders. Spawning this type of leadership is the goal of most secondary educational institutions around the world. This research study will examine the effects of the service learning experience in two major Universities on the ability…. [read more]

Leadership in Organizations Organizational Leadership Thoughts Capstone Project

… Leadership in Organizations

Organizational Leadership

Thoughts on Leadership (Opening statement)

Management verses Leadership

What is management?



The overlap ion management and leadership

What do leaders do?

Comparing personal thoughts and leadership models

Leaders see what others do not Leaders seize opportunities surrounding them

Personal statements/concluding the chapter

Leadership Theories

The trait theory -- what people have chances to be good leaders?

Behavioral Theories -- What Do Good Leaders Do?

The contingency theory - how situations determine good leadership

Leadership styles

The servant leadership style

Transformational leadership

Situational leadership

Effective leadership styles for today's organizations


Self as Leader

Core values in leadership practice

The leadership ethical framework

Decision making linked to core values

Organizational change framework

Organizational change strategy

Goal-setting change model…. [read more]

Leadership for Organizations Term Paper

… 3). Emerging and existing practitioners can seek guidance from this framework for leadership development from immature stage of organization. They can also get basic tools that can be useful for them in practical life.

Transformational Leadership

Transformational approach is one of the recent and most popular approaches of leadership that has been gaining tremendous attention of researchers since 1980s. Transformational leadership is part of the "New Leadership" model which emphasizes on appealing and affecting elements of leadership. It is believed that this approach is popular mainly due to its stress on intrinsic motivation and follower development. Transformational leadership is suitable for present day's workgroups that seek empowerment and inspiration in order to succeed in uncertain period. The focus of most of the researchers has been…. [read more]

Leadership Plans for Upcoming Academic Essay

… Event planners must understand the client's vision and the overall organizational culture and ethos of the client, so the event does not clash with this concept. For example, a hip, youth-oriented company would not necessarily want a golf event at a staid country club to market itself. Finding an appropriate location, entertainment, food, and sponsorship if necessary are some of the duties I must fulfill. I must put clients at ease so they know that I understand them. However, I must also be authoritative in my interactions with vendors and the individuals who make up the components of the event. The food must be served in a timely fashion, the employees at the door must be prompt, well-trained and courteous, and the event must seem…. [read more]

Leadership and Human Resources Sunflower Term Paper

… According to Maxwell (2003), leadership by example is the key to successful leadership because it is the number one motivational, training, mentoring, and value principle.

The executive team developed a core value that would guide the way Sunflower conducted its business. This core value, "people are to be treated with dignity and respect" was simple, but powerful. The consulting team trained Sunflower's executive management team using this value and recommended changes for a manager who had a personality inconsistent with the new management style. In addition, the consultants trained Sunflower's operations management in participatory management and conflict resolutions. The training was later extended to Sunflower's line staff and first-line supervisors. Although improvement was evident after the training program, more work was needed. There was still…. [read more]

Nursing Leadership One of the More Challenging Essay

… ¶ … Nursing Leadership

One of the more challenging aspects of healthcare in general and nursing in particular is the inevitability of change and the need for using evidence-based practices to promote optimal clinical outcomes. For this purpose, effective nursing leadership is required in order to ensure that organizational goals are met while ensuring that clinicians and patients alike receive the information they need to make informed decisions. This paper provides a review of the relevant peer-reviewed literature concerning five current issues of interest to nursing leadership theorists and practitioners alike, followed by a summary of the research and important findings concerning these issues in the conclusion.

Review and Analysis

A definitive definition of leadership and how it would be an ideal model of leadership…. [read more]

Leadership and Social Change Term Paper

… Leadership and Social Change: Boy Scouts of America

Oddly enough, the element of my adult life that incorporates service to the community is my work with the Boy Scouts of America. I say that this is odd because most people associate the Boy Scouts with boys doing service projects, but it also requires adult volunteer participation. While boys doing service projects is a huge part of the Boy Scouts, the reality is that the Boy Scouts could not function without adult volunteers. Boy Scouts of America can be considered a true community partner because it is one of the nation's largest youth-oriented groups. Boy Scouts works to help boys develop into strong young men. To do so, the Boy Scouts concentrate on developing character. They…. [read more]

Smart Goal 1: Leadership Development Essay

… M: measurable

(How are you going to achieve the goal?

Goals will be measured and achieved based on three factors: personal inventory of success or failure based on individual goal setting; feedback from stakeholders; feedback (written and verbal) from supervisors specifically based on improvement of organization, preplanning, and effect on the job. Specifically, we should be able to glean measurable outputs at almost every shift based on ability to be more efficient.

A: attainable

What resources/expert available to assist you with attaining your goal?

Mentor, advice from more experienced nurse leaders, bibliographic sources on organizational management, feedback from stakeholders.

R: realistic

Is this goal something that is realistically obtainable in a professional practice?

Yes, not only is the goal reasonable and realistic, it is necessary…. [read more]

Selfless Service and Servant Leadership Term Paper

… Selfless Service and Servant Leadership

The experiences that have helped shape my life and my philosophy of life took place during the years I spent working on a large ranch. The ranch is a place where work needs to be done every day of the year, including weekends. I realize that a lot of college students have never seen a ranch let alone work on one. I'm not saying that makes me any better than others. I am saying that the experiences that I have been involved with have taught me the value of hard work, and also the importance of leadership.

Disciple and structure are important parts of living on a ranch, because no matter whether there is snow or rain, wind or heat,…. [read more]

Leadership: Emotional, Social, & Cognitive Intelligence Literature Review

3.2.3 Contingency Theories

They hold that the style of leadership adopted should depend on the situation and the circumstances influence the person in charge. Therefore, leaders with high levels of cognitive intelligence know which style is best suited when quick decisions need to be made. Leaders who are people oriented exhibit high levels of social and emotional cognitive intelligence and use a leadership style, which reflects the situation on the ground for his or her followers.

3.2.4 Power and Influence Theories

The approach undertaken by power and influence theories is different from the others. In this approach, leaders use their power to varying degrees to achieve their goals. Transactional leadership is one of the power and influence style used. In…. [read more]

Servant Leadership in a Conflicted Church Thesis

Applying Servant Leadership within a Conflicted Church: The Project as an Act of Ministry

My church, the South Iowa Chapel, like many modern churches, is a church in conflict. Conflicted churches are problematic because they drive parishioners away from the church, and, possibly, away from Christ. Conflict in a church can also be a difficult situation to remedy, because of the different personality types and leadership styles of people involved in the church. However, I feel that a significant part of the problem is that people are using traditional leadership styles in church. Jesus Christ was not a traditional leader. On the contrary, He was the epitome of a servant leader, one who leads through service to others. Obviously, He did a wonderful job leading…. [read more]

How School Leaders Utilize Leadership Teams to Improve Schools Research Proposal

… Collaborative Leadership in Schools

Leadership Development and School Improvement

Effective schools are the key to America's future and the ability to maintain a competitive advantage. The future of America depends on the ability to maximize the student's ability to learn. Improving schools is an important goal that concerns everyone. School administration plays an important role in the ability to provide a learning environment that maximizes the learning potential of every student. The principal of the school is often viewed as the most important entity in achieving this goal.

When a school succeeds, the principal is often credited with leading the school to a successful outcome. However, when a school fails, they are often the one to blame. One cannot underestimate the importance of the principal…. [read more]

Personal Skills Development Assessment

… Produce a critical reflection on working with a number of colleagues on a given project or significant operational task. In doing so address the following:

a) Drawing on relevant theory and concepts, would you describe this as a group or a team?

Objectives of the team

The objectives of the team

The team's objectives are the goals that are specific to the team and enable it accomplish these goals within a fixed amount of time. The objectives flow the purpose of the team and they move the team members towards the vision of the organization. The objectives of the team were appropriately aligned with the organizational objectives. This was made possible by means of the Balanced Scorecard (Kaplan and Norton, 2000).My team was mandated with…. [read more]

Ethics and Leadership, Forming Research Paper

… ¶ … ethics and leadership, forming a set of principles that can be applied in my particular leadership role. The paper is organized according to the principles that I have learned. This paper is divided into 3 three sections. The first section discusses philosophical and historical background of ethics. The second section fashions the role of educational leadership and its links to ethics and assesses how the two have evolved over time. The third and last section discusses my personal view of ethics within the role of educational administration.

Ethical Frameworks

In the Western custom, the debate of ethics dates to Plato (427 -347 B.C.) as well as Aristotle (384-322 B.C.). The origin of the phrase "ethics" is from the Greek word ethos, "which means…. [read more]

Senior Teacher Roles in Hong Kong Schools Research Paper

… Thus, while the CEO will often wear multiple hats and assume roles within the Thinking, Action and Social categories of the Belbin model, the middle leader is less likely to have to assume so many roles because the nature of the work and position is different (Fleming, 2019).

Shanks and Buchbinder (2012) state that “leadership development includes both formal and informal efforts” (p. 279). The big value to look for workers who can be developed into leaders is communication: Communication is the number one competency needed for leaders (Ruben & Gigliotti, 2017). Workers who can be developed into leaders will typically have strong communication skills. They will be interested in talking to others and in sharing and obtaining information. They will show a willingness…. [read more]

Public Policy and Service Research Paper

… The term leadership, of course, brings up additional theories, viewpoints and modes of operation, which then led me to even more research.

I discovered that I was both a coach and a leader, and aspired to be more of both through knowledge and experience. Indeed, leaders and coaches, whatever the title is really mentors within the context of a particular organization or activity. In governmental service, leaders help communicate policy, but in that, they mentor staff, communicate with other stakeholders, and model the type of behavior that engenders confidence. In the workplace, we may define leadership as a coaching model, or a framework to use as an underlying structure to build teamwork, confidence, improve performance and behavior. In this way, someone with more experience and…. [read more]

Public Services Management According to Hood ) Term Paper

… Public Services Management According to Hood (1991)

According to Hood (1991) the New Public Management (NPM) has come to represent a global phenomenon. This work will answer what the main trends in the worldwide movement have been since 1991 and in which countries the NPM has proven to be the most successful. Bissessar (nd) n the work entitled: "The Introduction of New Public Management in Small States" writes that in the 1980s "many countries worldwide attempted to reform their public bureaucracies by replacing the traditional system of Public Administration with what Hood (1991) commonly referred to as New Public Management (NPM). It was obvious that the ideological justification for introducing NPM was based on the doctrines of the 'new right' which placed increasingly reliance on…. [read more]

Catholic School's Are Ministries Dissertation

… Catholicism's commitment to people's personhood: to who they become and their personal ethic systems.

2. Catholicism's commitment to basic justice.

3. Catholicism's commitment to catholicity or being catholic.

Groome's original core values have been cited and reworked often adding new values to the original and as we will see are still seen in stated core values for many catholic schools. O' Keefe (1999) responding to a plea by Rabbi Paley for Jews to expand and carry on the Jewish tradition in Jewish schools envisioned the core values of the catholic schools church in a different manner than Groome. O' Keefe challenged Catholics to take up the core values and expand and carry on the tradition of Catholicism. He visualized seven core values (values stated in…. [read more]

HRM Outline Human Resource Management an Analysis Thesis

… HRM Outline

Human Resource Management

An analysis of how to utilize Human Resources to create or maintain a competitive advantage within the modern business environment.

Synthesis Review

Leadership Background

Organizational Leadership Models

Leadership Development

Employee Selection


Learning Culture

Cultural Dimension

Every modern organization has a human resources department to manage its employees and can range from a single person to an entire human resources department with hundreds of HR employees. Furthermore, human resources can be considered more of a support function or administrative function in some organizations, while in others it is considered the backbone that can drive an organization to innovation and build a learning culture and create a competitive advantage in the industry. The problem in many modern organizations is that they…. [read more]

Teaching Adults in Today's Society Capstone Project


Training and learning when it comes to adults has a lot of layers, iterations and theories as it relates to its practice. Whether it be training men vs. women, the younger adults vs. The older adults, life and death skills such as police training, training in developed countries vs. training in developing continents or countries like Arifica, retention of such learning or training, the form in which the training manifests, the mind power and biology theories that underpin and so forth, there are a lot of considerations and calculations that must be taken into proper account.

Training & Adult Learning

As noted in the abstract, the subject of adult learning and/or training takes on many forms. Of course, the two most…. [read more]

Quality of Rice's Academic Life Essay

… ¶ … quality of Rice's academic life and the Residential College System are heavily influenced by the unique life experiences and cultural traditions each student brings. What perspective do you feel that you will contribute to life at Rice?

The structure of Rice's Residential College System is based upon community spirit and service. Building and rebuilding communities have defined my life. This summer, I worked as part of a youth missionary team assigned to repair houses for impoverished people in South Texas. Doing so forced me to leave my comfort zone and proceed, if not to a different national culture, then a culture of poverty in a hidden America where life is a daily struggle and what most Americans consider necessities are viewed as gifts.…. [read more]

Mainstream and Multistream Management Approaches "&#8230THE Servant Research Paper

… Mainstream and Multistream Management Approaches

"…the servant leader is one who focuses on his or her followers. Servant leaders do not have particular affinity for the abstract corporation or organization; rather, they value the people who constitute the organization…" (Stone, et al., 2004, p. 355).

The two approaches to organizational management to be reviewed and critiqued in this paper -- through use of examples where companies have had success or failure -- are mainstream and multistream approaches. The mainstream approach, the more traditional and typical of the two approaches, relies on a hierarchal management style, with decisions coming from the top down and with the shareholders -- not necessarily employees -- being of utmost importance. Generally speaking, mainstream managers are trained to be effective, efficient…. [read more]

Education Factors Relating to the Development Term Paper

… Education

Factors Relating to the Development of Relationships between Teacher Leaders and Their Principals

America's teachers face an educational system that is increasingly complex. They must navigate between the needs of students, and the demands of administrators. In most instances, the principal represents the average teacher's first contact without the outside world of school boards and bureaucratic regulation. There are federally-mandated goals and tests, state benchmarks and funding requirements, and parental and media activists. Principals must respond to, or enforce, the demands of all these groups. Teachers must either find a way to comply, or else must defend their choice to follow an alternative path. The opinions of lone teachers or groups of teachers, count for little when stacked up against the weight of government…. [read more]

Management Responsibility Practice Research Paper

… Management Responsibility/Practice

I think that many managers are surprised by environmental changes because the changes happen gradually. Managers often fail to take the time to analyze the external environment, so changes that have been occurring do not register with the managers until those changes are significant and having an impact on the business. By this point, the adaptation process is more difficult. There are always going to be some changes that are too difficult to anticipate, the terror attacks on 9/11 being one of those. The possibility of such an attack was very remote, so a manager would not have had cause to anticipate the attack. Moreover, it is less the attack itself than the impact of the attacks on business that can be anticipated.…. [read more]

Redemptive Role of the Black Church Dissertation

… Black Church

The Redemptive Role of the Black Church

Abstract (to be inserted when project is completed)

Table of Contents (preliminary)

The black church holds a special place in African-American culture that differs from the role of the predominantly white churches. Much of this is due to cultural traits that inspire closeness in African-American society. A shared history of struggle and a need to build meaningful communities amidst chaos had a profound affect on the formation of the black church that we know today. The following will explore the role of the black church that goes beyond the tenets of Jesus Christ and redemption for our sins. It will explore the black church as a symbol of the redemption of the African-American people as a…. [read more]

Nursing Concept Theoretical Research Paper

… Overall, we can delineate Peplau's theory into seven major templates (roles) that form the basis of the nurse-client relationship and are strategic for Watson's applications:





Meets and gets to know patient just as one would meet and learn about a new person; asking about life situations, providing a climate that builds trust, and establishing rapport.

Allows for the patient to feel important, and for the nursing professional to see the client as more than a chart full of data.


Answers questions for the patient, interprets medical tests and jargon, gives information on treatment and tests, takes the mystery out of medicine.

Part of trust-building as well; many patients are frightened of terms and procedures, but are far less anxious once…. [read more]

Muhammad Ali in Egypt Thesis

… But they took away, for five centuries, the possibility of an independent Arab-dom, and Arab nationalists bore them considerable ill-will for it[footnoteRef:13]. The only 'Arab' state conquered by the Turks which was not in irremediable decay, was the Mamluk state of Egypt and Syria[footnoteRef:14]. The Mamluks themselves were a dynasty of Turkish slaves; and in any case they afterwards succeeded, as did all the North African provinces, in enjoying internal autonomy under Ottoman suzerainty. The claim that the caliphate had been transmitted to the Ottoman sultans was made only late in the history of the Empire. It was as Turkish rulers that they held their power, and only secondarily (if at all) as vice-regents of the Prophet. They preserved and even sharpened the distinction between…. [read more]

Health Sciences When I Think Term Paper

… I listen well, but am able to use techniques like quality questioning to help engender greater discussion about issues that are pertinent to the issue or meeting. I tend to be optimistic, the "cup is half full, rather than half empty," and I have a genuine care and love for the wide divergence and diversity of the population.

This confidence is reflected in the personality tests I recently undertook, showing that I have a strong social and conventional level, which will engender my tenacity to complete courses, to understand and work with tangible problems, and to develop a differing nature when it comes to handling crisis or critical situations. My notes on being enterprising show that I will be able to look outside the box…. [read more]

Public Admin Problems Case Study

… Analysis

The environment of the 21st century requires that novel and creative ideas are implemented within the general framework of society to combat the challenging problems that arise on a constant and consistent basis. When making decisions of this type it is important that all necessary data and information that can be gathered, is used in a refined and purposeful method. Analyzing this problem requires wisdom, empathy and common sense that must transcend the smaller picture and envision a future of success and growth.

One option is to significantly increase tuition fees for MRCC to help cover the cost of the depleted resources. Other options include reducing staff by offering early retirement. MRCC could also reduce course offerings and diminish the overall quality of the…. [read more]

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