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Nursing Education Does Essay

… The article gave several different evidence-based practices that could be used to further diversity in nursing education.

2. Assess instructional materials given to patients or students. Is it appropriate for a multicultural curriculum/audience? To what extent to instructional materials support inclusiveness. Are materials reflective of diversity? Are materials free of gender, culture, religious and ethnic bias? Can hospital/academic policies be implemented fairly for all learners?

It is difficult to make a blanket statement regarding the appropriateness of nursing material as a whole, but healthcare organizations realize the importance of inclusiveness so most materials do respect that quality of the society. The materials assessed for this question gave specific attention to diverse groups of people, and there was additional material that dealt with specific groups if…. [read more]

Nursing Curriculum Essay

… When students also work to gain knowledge on their own and they share that knowledge with the faculty involved in their online learning, it can encourage the faculty to improve and adjust the curriculum because it helps show what is important to students. It also indicates the issues that are important for the current time period, and what matters to patients and nurses who are involved in their care (Billings & Halstead, 2012). With that in mind, the faculty of an educational institution can focus on what is most important for the students to know, which will improve the curriculum.

4. According to Billings & Halstead (2012), "Competency statements identify the knowledge, skills, and attitudes that students need to develop if they are to achieve…. [read more]

Nursing Profession: Nursing Education Research Paper

… The implication is that besides having minimal chances of developing inter-professional collaboration with person, the 'few' available nurse educators have to serve larger student populations, and work longer hours, all of which translate to falling job satisfaction levels.

Questions Arising

The stated problem led me to develop a set of questions;

Wouldn't it be better to just stop preparing advanced practice nurses or clinical specialists in masters programs?

Do nurse educators really have to be competent clinicians?

Why can't the research requirements governing academic tenure, promotion, and even appointment be abolished to give room for more educators?

In the light of this crisis, wouldn't it be appropriate to reduce the significance placed on the development of a scientific basis for the practice?

I approached one…. [read more]

Service Learning and Nursing Education Term Paper

… Service Learning and Nursing Education

Service-learning is described as a learning experience that is structured in nature and in which community service is provided following concerns in the community being identified. Service learning "strives to achieve a balance between service and learning objective" and "places an emphasis on addressing community concerns and broad determinants of health principle-centered partnership between communities and health professions schools."(1) Service-learning may take many forms and as well may take place in many different settings. The work of Bailey, Harrington and Carpenter (2002) relates that service-learning, while new to the field of nursing has actually been in development for a historically notable period-of-time and is known to require several components if it is to be successful. Those components are noted as…. [read more]

On Collegiate Nursing Education (Ccne) Essay


Q3. Studying theories such as Maslow's hierarchy of needs are very important for nurses in addition to traditional nursing paradigms given the need for nurses to understand the different worldviews of patients. For example, sometimes if a patient's physiological needs such as food and shelter are not being addressed, they will not be motivated to make major, long-term life changes needed to improve their personal health like seeking out preventative care. On the other hand, if physiological needs are not addressed, they may also be unlikely to access higher spiritual and existential needs. The patient's physical health is only one domain of nursing: social, environmental, and psychological factors also are a critical part of health. The nursing theory building blocks of person, environment, health…. [read more]

Changes in Nursing Education Essay

… "Transforming the health care system to provide safe, quality, patient-centered, accessible, and affordable care will require a comprehensive rethinking of the roles of many health care professionals, nurses chief among them. To realize this vision, nursing education must be fundamentally improved both before and after nurses receive their licenses" (The future of nursing: focus on education, 2011, IOM). Nurses will have additional responsibilities as more burdens are shifted onto their shoulders in an effort to cut costs. Also, the population is aging and experiencing more chronic conditions for longer duration, requiring a new skill set of the current crop of nurses.

Although nursing is a profession which aspires to treat 'the whole person,' nursing education is often incomplete and does not fully address the needs…. [read more]

Nurse Health Habits Effect Hospital Environment Research Paper

… Nursing

This study has the following limitations; the chosen location, the chosen industries, the population, environmental factors and several uncontrollable variables; which are briefly outlined below. The chosen location is Houston, Texas United States. Since the hypothesis is the measurement of nurses' health habits, the population is near 120 RNs, all are females, 85% of them are Caucasians, with their ages ranging between 22 to 47-year. Another limiting factor is the collection of the needed data all at once. Still, another limiting factor is the chosen location as the study cannot be carried out across different locations due to the short time frame allocated to the study.

Major Generalizations of the study

There is an assumption that nurses'…. [read more]

Nursing Program Essay

… Nursing care refers to anytime a client and a nurse contact each other, and it entails the use of techniques, cognitive knowledge, procedure that creates a difference in a patient's health.

Nursing process, which entails a problem solving technique within the certified blueprint and a scientific procedure that helps in implementing nursing care, also forms the basis of practical nursing program. Communication that allows engagement of client and nurse particularly in execution of nursing procedure and provision of care is a theory that supports practical nursing program (Bunker & Kowalski, 2007). Professional values that molds professional conduct and principles of ethical practice besides stressing on autonomy, truth, dignity, justice and respect for diversity also triggers the need for practical nursing practice. Professional values support responsibility,…. [read more]

Usage of Distance Learning in Nursing Education Term Paper

… Nursing Online

The nursing shortage in the United States is expected to get worse as baby boomers age and their health care needs grow. To make matters worse, nursing colleges and universities across the country are struggling to expand enrollment levels to meet the rising demand for nursing care. Technology-driven answers, including online learning, are being studied and utilized increasingly to meet these needs. However, a number of difficulties continue to exist with such technology approaches, including hands-on clinical class work, which is an essential aspect of nursing curriculum. In the future, some of these issues will better be resolved as the need for nurses continues to grow.

In 2006, officials with the Health Resources and Services Administration projected that the nation's nursing shortage would…. [read more]

Nursing Education Framework Essay

… Too many schools today are ignoring evidence-based practice, when they should be putting their focus squarely on it and how much it can bring to the lives and careers of nurses who need to understand how to care for the whole patient and not just treat a disease or condition.

Selecting Betty Neuman's System Model is among the best ways in which to advance the goals of TBSN and help nurses successfully complete their education from RN to BSN. The holistic style and approach used by Neuman in her model is exactly what TBSN plans to use in order to ensure that nurses are being taught all they need to know when it comes to interacting with patients on many different levels. The sooner more…. [read more]

Graduate Certificate Nursing Education Learning Essay

… For this purposes, researches involving adult learning theories were studied. It was established that Typical adult learning theories encompass the basic concepts of behavioral change and experience. From there, complexities begin to diverge specific theories and concepts in an eclectic barrage of inferences. Furthermore, there are "four invariant stages of cognitive development that are age related" (Merriam & Caffarella, 1999, p. 139). According to the authors, Piaget contends that normal children will reach the final stage of development, which is the stage of formal operations, between the age of twelve and fifteen. According to a literature review by Owen (2002), humanism, personal responsibility orientation, behaviorism, neobehaviorism, critical perspectives, and constructivism are all important facets of, and perspectives on, adult learning theory. The most common treatments…. [read more]

Nursing Knowledge Annotated Bibliography Evidence Annotated Bibliography

… Frank, R., (2013), "How to De-stress," Retrieved from:

Frank believes that stress management is the need of all the practitioners since pressure of work is ever-increasing today. She recommends that there are evidence-based stress management techniques that can help practitioners generally and nurses particularly to reduce stress and achieve high productivity. The technique includes low-intensity drills like walking, cycling, or swimming that are fastest ways to release stress. These activities can be called supporting activities for stress management. There is another technique called cognitive behavioral therapy that identifies counter-productive thoughts and then replacing those positive ones that are more productive. The anxiety and depression are most counter-productive stressing states and should be dealt on proper grounds. Nurses should also undergo meditation to help focus…. [read more]

Advanced Nursing Roles Sister Calista Essay

… In the case of violations, the nurse is supposed to provide a professional conduct and direction with regard to the safety of the facility and patient. The nurse will be focused on reporting the matter to the higher authorities, trying to salvage the situation in case it is within his/her ability, and finally respond to patient's desires amidst consultations. he/she should do all these under an informed consent. In case none of the situations happens, the nurse is to take every responsibility fit for the patient. For instance, he/she should consult within his/her profession, administer what is best for the patient, and recover every lost opportunity to save on the life of the patient. However, this ideal situation in the form of an interview as…. [read more]

Learning Needs Assessment and Analysis Essay

… The ability to create immersive, integrated internships and training programs is of no use to the USDCC if the organization remains incapable or unwilling to recognize its student nurse's individual abilities and applying those lessons accordingly. When the USDCC's managerial staff begins to identify useful traits in its diverse collection of nursing students, this recognition will allow the organizational leadership figures to form unique training strategies that target each student's specific weaknesses or strengths, thereby increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of instructional materials being used. The relationship between the three methods of analyzing and defining tasks, topic analysis, procedural analysis, and the critical incident method (Morrison et al., 2011) is also important because each method is especially applicable for certain aspects of nursing instruction. Topic…. [read more]

Application of Nursing Theory Term Paper

… ¶ … nursing Theory

Middle range theory

The Middle range theory is one of the critical and functional theories relating to the management of nursing principles and practices in the society. According to this theory, there is a close relationship between nursing theory and practices while carrying out nursing principles and activities. The theory proposes the importance of having nursing principles and theories being clued together within a smooth avenue of productivity. In order to meet the in innate and special needs within the society, it has become relevant to have measures of performance that will increase productivity and effectiveness within the nursing avenues. Middle range theory is relating to top management and the use of the equitable measures to solve problems arising from wrong…. [read more]

Role Theory Framework for Implementing the Nurse Educator Term Paper

… Nurse Educator: Interview and Reflection

Interviewing my site supervisor was one of the most rewarding and illuminating experiences of my career. Creating the list of questions allowed me to reflect on the truly multi-faceted role of the nurse educator and engaging in the interview allowed me to enjoy some of the most thoughtful answers I had ever heard.

How has the process of becoming and the daily life of being a nurse educator more or less demanding than what you expected?

Both the journey to becoming a nurse educator and the day-to-day life of being one is incredibly demanding. As a student in the arena of nursing education, you're constantly being challenged to figure out and better understanding strategies to make education and knowledge more…. [read more]

Nursing Phil Throughout My Life Admission Essay

… I did not need to talk about Christ to the residents. It was just in my attitude and approach that I developed a sense of maturity that was beyond my years. Perhaps it was being around people who were genuinely mature, that caused me to feel emotionally strong and connected. Whatever it was, it was during my work at the senior center that I became clear and determined to become a nurse.

The volunteer work I did at the senior center has continued ever since my first day at the institution. Since then, I have lost one of my beloved grandparents. It was the first time I was faced with the death of a loved one. Dealing with this tragedy involved the invocation of any…. [read more]

Measuring the Efficacy of Nursing Term Paper

… The students in both groups were measured afterwards via a knowledge-based questionaire specific to preoperative patient care. "The surgical patient care questionnaire designed for this study consists of two parts. Part I includes 26 multiple-choice questions, 14 true-or-false questions, and 10 rank-order items. Questions relate to basic principles of nursing care of surgical patients." (Sigsby & Yanardi, 2004, p.1) The results were thus: "37.06% of students in the experimental group and 26.42% of students in the control group selected the correct answer. The difference in percentage of correct response is statistically significant (chi-square = 13.71, P = .0176)." (Sigsby & Yanardi, 2004, p.2)

However, one cannot help but wonder, despite the positive aspects of introducing specific clincal care into the preoperative field, why were not…. [read more]

Nursing Research the Study Essay

… The diagnosis stage in the nursing process allows nurses to analyze and interpret data to reach a professional decision concerning the client's problem. Similarly, research process also involves analysis and interprets the data to arrive at the research findings. Although, both nursing process and research process use different approach to solve a problem, however, the objective of both processes is to solve a problem by identifying the problem, collect and analyze data.

III. Literature search to locate Research Articles

This section identifies three articles that discuss the palliative care and nursing research process. The first article is written by Klick, & Hauer, (2010) titled "Pediatric Palliative Care" reveals that palliative care has been a part of the children care, which include the intervention on children…. [read more]

Nurse Practitioner Specialty Certifications Assessment

… Nurse Practitioner Specialty Certifications

An adult nurse practitioner is far more specialized than a "standard" nurse (i.e. An LPN or an RN). Nurse practitioners are also called Advanced Practice Registered Nurses (APRN), and have completed nursing education at a graduate level (International, 2012). They have either Masters or Doctorate degrees in their field and often treat both physical and mental health issues. Diseases can be diagnosed by NPs, and they can also prescribe some medications as well as taking extensive medical histories and requesting tests. Adult nurse practitioners have to meet the education and licensing requirements of registered nurses, and they also have to have the clinical experience to qualify for the RN title (International, 2012). From that point they move on to the graduate-level…. [read more]

Nurse Manager Skills Essay

… Using Leadership Skill to Advocate for Change:

According to the findings of a survey, there is a significant number of nursing staff and practitioners who feel powerless in their respective duties and are incapable of acting independently. The sense of powerlessness, job dissatisfaction, and stress and burnout is not only a chronic problem in the profession but it also leads to ineffectiveness (Garner, 2011). Therefore, there is an increased need to advocate for change in the nursing profession through the development of leadership skills. This need is despite of the fact that nurses are well-equipped in clinical skills like conducting patient evaluations and using complex equipments.

Through these leadership skills, there are two major ways for advocating for change in the workplace i.e. empowering nurses…. [read more]

Nursing the Greatest Challenges Essay

… Reference

Manley, K. (2007). A conceptual framework for advanced practice: an action research project operationalizing an advanced practitioner/consultant nurse role. Journal of Clinical Nursing 6(3): 179-190.

QUESTION 3: According to the American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC, 2012), the benefits of Magnet Designation include the ability to attract and retain top talent, yielding positive patient care outcomes. Moreover, Magnet Designation yields a collaborative organizational culture conducive to effective healthcare leadership, advanced standards, advanced practice, and financial success (ANCC, 2012). Magnet Designation is "a primary competence indicator" used by reputable organizations that evaluate the quality of healthcare service delivery (ANCC, 2012).

The nature of the nursing profession demands attention paid to effective credentialing and assessment methods. One of the criteria of Magnet Designation is the development of…. [read more]

Nursing Theory Theories Research Paper

… Thus, the Orem theory of self-care makes the nursing students to understand that a self-care is central to the nursing profession. The understanding of the concept makes the nursing educators to integrate the theoretical perspectives of self-care in the nursing teaching curriculum. Thus, the theory makes the nursing students to understand that a concept self-care is central to the nursing profession making the students to understand that man is a holistic being whose nurses should direct their self-care.

4. Conclusion

This paper discusses the importance of nursing theory for the nursing profession, and the paper identifies the Orem self-care model as an important theoretical framework for the nursing profession. I gain several important concepts from this study. First, I learn about the importance of nursing…. [read more]

Learning Objectives Begin Essay

… 17). This objective is rather obviously linked to the learning objective that preceded it, since both are based on patient therapy. Additionally, both are also based on inducing relatively high levels of comfort. The same sort of comfort that a nurse is looking to cultivate within a patient is the same level of comfort and confidence that ideally he or she should seek to foster within the people who are related to the patient (both literally and figuratively) and who have a vested interest in the well-being of that individual. In fact, this concept even easily extends to other staff members that the nurse regularly interacts with. Nurses should not only be cordial and personable with other staff members, but also attempt to understand what…. [read more]

Professional Nursing Education Programs Pros and Cons Thesis

… ¶ … Professional Nursing Education Program

The study related in this work is one that seeks to examine, although very briefly, the pros and cons of a professional nursing education program. This study reviews five separate studies, which serve to demonstrate that a professional nursing education program is in fact, a critical factor for the nursing professional in that the nursing professional has a requirement and a responsibility for effective communication with various individuals across various business, healthcare and society sectors during the course of the nursing professional career. This study states findings that education of professional nursing staff and graduate students assist these individuals in their interactions and communications during the course of their career and it has been reported in this study that…. [read more]

Nursing Timeline Week 2 & Essay

… This affirmed the idea that nursing is something that is both emotional and related to 'caring,' but is also based upon empirical, rational science and therefore deserves to be respected within the medical profession. Orem's theory was also patient-centric in the sense that it viewed the patient in an empowering light. "Nursing is required when an adult (or in the case of a dependent, the parent) is incapable or limited in the provision of continuous effective self-care" (Dorothea Orem, 2012, Current Nursing).

1974: Betty Neuman publishes her Conceptual models for nursing practice. Neuman's Systems Theory integrated other modalities of understanding the world and human nature beyond that of theoretical nursing practice. Neuman made a persuasive case for nursing as a highly scientific, rigorous disciple. Neuman's…. [read more]

Nursing Leadership Term Paper

… The ability to provide care and continue to do so using distance technologies is a key component of the CNL role because of the presence of rapid technological growth and also the feature of being a rather mobile society. So, all of the normal nursing activities of assessing, diagnosing, interventions, and teaching are a little bit transformed onto the computer screen or telephone and so the CNL requires competence in using all of these means to interact with patients, groups, media, and public.

Nursing care delivery system

Practice is at the microsystems level. A CNL's role is therefore different from an upper-level manager's because it is focused on a small group of patients with a specific set of needs. This involves the CNL being accountable…. [read more]

Nursing Theory: A Microscopic Perspective Essay

… The two visions should widen so as to overlap in order to bring the goal more into focus. They do not necessarily have to be the same goal, but an overlapping one would assist in reaching a mutually beneficial outcome.

In a great article about nursing scholarship the possibility to utilize scholarship as a means to bridge the theory-practice gap is talked about by Ruth Robert (2011). Nursing scholarship is defined by Robert as a meta-paradigm of interrelatedness of nurse-health-environment-person bound together by nursing scholarship. Boyer's model of scholarship points to several areas in nursing where scholarship can help bridge gaps between knowledge and practice. Theory-based nursing helps nurses in clinical decision making (Penz, 2006). Nursing practice and theory should complement one another, to use…. [read more]

Nursing Professions Mexico in Ancient Term Paper

… On an average, the basic qualification for a 'general' nurse is a middle school education, which is also known as 'secundaria', which goes through to the ninth grade. After finishing this basic education, these women are required to undergo a three-year practical training, although today, the requirements and qualifications are gradually increasing and becoming more and more stringent. According to Elisa Quintero Ramirez, Director of Nursing at the American British Cowdray School of Nursing, there is today, a severe shortage of nurses in Mexico. The Director states that of all the practicing nurses in the profession, less than a mere 10% would have managed to complete a proper Bachelor's degree in Nursing, and only 2% would be in possession of a Master's degree in the…. [read more]

Nursing Theory Analysis Essay

… Transactions have occurred when goals are attained" (King, 1992, p.23). The nursing practice occurs in a sequence where nurse-patient interpersonal relationships or dyads happen. While transactions continued between patients, nurses and family, it can be predicted whether the goal will be met or not or to what extent (King, 1997).

Thus goal attainment presented by King is described as a process of reaction-interaction-transaction, where the perceptions, interactions and communication between nurse and patient are the major factor that play key role in this process. The TGA denotes that patient's have different view points and opinions as compared to nurses besides the fact that they continuously interact with each other. In her theory, King emphasized that nursing professionals access data about patients' perceptions so as to…. [read more]

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