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Service Level Attributes Research Paper

… Service Level Attributes

Marketing is so ingrained in the modern way of life we almost do not notice it -- yet we are all ingrained and enraptured by its very power and existence. Marketing is the process of creating consumer value in the form of goods, services, or ideas that can improve the consumer's life. Marketing is the organizational function charged with defining customer targets and the best way to satisfy needs and wants competitively and profitably. Since consumers and business buyers face an abundance of suppliers seeking to satisfy their every need, companies and nonprofit organizations cannot survive today by simply doing a good job. They must do an excellent job if they are to remain in the increasingly competitive global marketplace. This is…. [read more]

Service Learning Observation of Psychiatric Term Paper

… Colleague & Patient Analysis

I was serving both the patients and a local psychiatrist. While some of the patients were trying to adjust in their environment, the others were delineating somewhat a violent behavior to express their non-adjustment within the environment. The adversity in terms of changes in the patient's normal routine was reluctantly accepted by some of the patients while unaccepted by the others. The local psychiatrist however depicted an extremely adaptable behavior due to the nature of his job.

The difficulties faced by the patients are usually the difficulties posed to them by negative and non-cooperative staff behavior. Sometimes the staff gets frustrated and deals the patients harshly due to which it is difficult for the patient to adapt to the environment and…. [read more]

Service -- Dominant Logic the Key Success Research Paper

… Service -- Dominant Logic

The Key Success Factors to Building a Brand

In the Context of Service-Dominant Logic:

A Perspective on Co-Creation

The balance of power is changing

The evolution of marketing

The logic of marketing

Customer experience is the brand and co-creation is the process

The purpose of this paper is to explore brand building in the context of service-dominant logic. Brands are the sum of experiences a customer has with a firm, the firm's products and the firm's service. The firm wants the brand to reflect the core values of the company and they work hard to communicate this to the marketplace. This creates a fundamental conflict between the customer who ultimately decides what the brand stands for and firms who spend enormous…. [read more]

Attributes of the Ideal Leader in Higher Education Thesis

… Attributes of the Ideal Leader in Higher Education

The impact of an organization's leadership on its performance is well documented, but when it comes to higher education, a number of things have changed in recent years that have challenged even the most effective leader's ability. Distance learning initiatives, fundamental changes in the type of adults being educated and a shaky national economy as well as dwindling state educational budgets have all contributed to the challenges being encountered today. To identify what attributes characterize the ideal leader in higher educational settings, this paper provides a review of the relevant peer-reviewed and scholarly literature concerning methods of directing nontraditional education for adults. An assessment of where, when, and how learning and effective leadership occur, learning opportunities, leadership…. [read more]

Service Quality in the Health Care Supply Chains Research Proposal

… Service Quality in the Health Care Supply Chains

What are the strengths and weaknesses of Sam's decision to use focus groups to generate a list of service quality measures rather than relying on a prevalidated instrument such as SERVQUAL?

Focus groups draw upon a limited selection of individuals, and may reflect the subjective bias of the group. The presence of the group itself will influence individual responses and a lack of diversity may thus be manifest in the questionnaire. Additionally, focus groups may be less than honest and try to please the individual interviewing them, rather than actually give their true opinions. Using several focus groups to generate a list of questions, rather than just one, may minimize some of these tendencies.

What are the…. [read more]

Service Delivery Strategy Term Paper

… Service Delivery Strategy

The reliance on service delivery strategies in travel and hospitality industries is becoming more pervasive as customers become more attuned to being part of the service delivery process, and as employee training programs become more focused on how to achieve high levels of customer satisfaction as well. In conjunction with the higher levels of customer efficacy or participation in service delivery (McKee, Simmers, Licata, 2006) there is also the challenge of managing the supply chain of services as well (Anderson, Morrice, Lundeen, 2005). The intent of this paper is to provide insights into how service delivery strategies of the leading companies in the travel and hospital industries are increasingly relying on the employees' and customers' roles in service delivery, in addition to…. [read more]

Service Recovery in a Successful Essay

… But the service industry involves an ample amount of human involvement in rendering services so if the environment switches towards the technological tools of rendering services than this will ultimately impact the service industry as it have to upgrade its systems from manual to technological ones.

Nature of Business Relationships

The basic assumption of all the businesses and firms is profitability. In order to seek this assumption the organizations and firm form relationships with the one another and with the market place. These relationships are mainly formed for the fulfillment of the transactional needs and support. The simplest relation between the firms and marketplace can be well understood by the term buyers and sellers. One agency in this relationship is the buyer that seeks the…. [read more]

Self-Service Technology (SST) Essay

… They hypothesized that these variables are better predictors of consumer readiness than innovation characteristics such as compatibility, relative advantage, complexity, observability, trialability and perceived risk (Meuter at al., 2005).

Meuter at al. used a self-administered survey focusing on two new SSTs. The results of their surveys found important implications for managers. Their studies showed that managers can influence consumer readiness variables by providing such things as education and training. Managers can also increase consumer motivation for potential first time users. Companies can promote the use of SST by having a better understanding of what it takes to make customers better coproducers (2005).

Reference List

Beatson, A., Lee, N., & Coote, L.V. (2007). Self-service technology and the service encounter. Service Industries Journal, 27(1), 75-89.

Curran, J.M.,…. [read more]

Improving Customer Service Research Paper

… It is also evaluated to check its sense of fairness and that it is not a violation of any of the ethical principles. The last step is then to implement the chosen course of action.

The Team

The team which will lead this improvement in patient satisfaction rate will consist of 8 members. One will be the nurse manager who will be the overall and the "senior leader" for this process. he/she will be involved in supervising all members of staff of the medical-surgical unit to make sure they act in a way which complements the achievement of this desired patient satisfaction rate. The other 7 team members will be staff members of the medical-surgical unit chosen based on their experience in the team and…. [read more]

International Trade in Services Research Paper

… Apart from all the BRIC countries, India has relatively high shares of other business services -- which comprise such types of services as merchandising, and other trade-related services, accounting, legal, advertising, architectural, engineering services and some others (Soo, 2012).

Apart from services exports, BRIC countries also possess a diverse structure of import services. China and Hong Kong possess relatively high share in transport import services, while travel services are more intensively imported by Russia and Hong Kong. Construction services hold a high share in services imports and exports of Russia. India has a share of 32% in imports which outperforms the others in terms of other business services imports (Soo, 2012).

Services Trade in China and India

China and India are ranked as the most…. [read more]

Functionality and Delivery of CRM at Verizon Using Cloud Computing Research Proposal

… Functionality and Delivery of CRM at Verizon Using Cloud Computing

Company Background

Business Problems

Verizon's Enterprise Systems

Detailed Options/Solutions

High-level Implementation Plan

Functionality and Delivery of CRM at Verizon Using Cloud Computing

Verizon's continued growth in consumer and business-based subscriber levels can be attributed to the depth of customer insight and intelligence the company has operated with, in addition to their unique approach to selling services contracts. Cellular and telecommunication services providers must balance a transaction focus to sell more with a relationship focus to keep customers signing up year after year. Many businesses rely on Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems to manage this balance between transactions and relationship-based selling (Chen, Popvich, 2003). Verizon is a sales-driven company that has grown quickly through mergers, acquisitions…. [read more]

Technology on Health Care Services Essay

… This development has had positive impacts on health care delivery because of its huge benefits.

Some of the major benefits of health information technology on delivery of care services include reduction of paperwork and workload of caregivers, enhancing administrative efficiencies, and expanding the affordability and access of health care services (Jamal, McKenzie & Clark, 2009). In addition, these technologies are effective in preventing clinical errors through the enforcement of care protocols and clinical guidelines.

Factors that Influence the Growth of Technology in the Health Care Field:

As technological advances have become common in the health care field, there are various factors that affect or influence in medical care. Some of these factors include:

Consumer Demand:

Innovation in the health care sector is influenced by consumer…. [read more]

Attributes and Skills of Successful Term Paper

… In doing so the CIO must be able to create, for the company and its employees, realistic expectations, attainable corporate goals, working teams, and effective governance procedures. Further, and especially true for larger corporations, the CIO must be able to align and integrate both the supply side and demand side of a company's operation into an integrated process that advances corporate strategies and goals. Unfortunately, however, many CIO's are somewhat negligent in their appreciation for, or application of, what IS (informational systems) has to offer. Informational system competencies, must, therefore, be reflective in the skills and attributes of an effective CIO. Briefly defined these competencies embrace three major areas: technical, business, and behavioral. The resulting role profile for the CIO becomes one wherein competencies and…. [read more]

UPS (United Parcel Service) Porter SWOT

… This is achieved through focusing on the imperativeness of differentiation, pricing options, cost structure, identifying market demand, and focusing on competitive market structures (Lussier, 2012). Through remaining fully committed and identifying their strategy, UPS's strategy and actions are its greatest value. This value has become exponential because UPS is operating in an extremely competitive market. The company offers services, which are comparable to those of DHL and FedEx.

Moreover, UPS is the industry leader as it stays ahead of the game in terms of technology. Customers across the worlds are aware that UPS is fast in adapting to new technologies such as internet through the provision of various automated shipping solutions. This gives the convenience of sending shipments across the world simply via accessing its…. [read more]

TQM Framework for Shell Services Case Study

… Six Sigma specifically and other quality management frameworks in general are forced to make broad assumptions about the relative pace, level and characteristics of quality management improvement over time (Sureneshchandar, Anantharaman, 2002). This ensures a high level of overall compliance, yet does not have the innate ability to customize these methodologies for highly specific needs within a given enterprise (Tobin, 1990). This is the primary limitation from a policy standpoint that Shell is facing with the decision of whether to use an existing quality management framework or not. Instead, from both a policy perspective and strategic one, Shell chooses just the most critical elements of their quality management strategy which include the process classification framework, ISO 9000 process control expertise, Business Excellence Model and the…. [read more]

Business-Level and Corporate-Level Strategies: Nestle Research Paper

… In order to maintain its market share and customer base, Nestle has to consider all these competitive environmental forces while designing and implementing its strategies. On the whole, Nestle is more competitive in its differentiation strategy while Unilever has achieved cost leadership in most of its product categories.

Performance in the Slow-Cycle and Fast Cycle Markets

Nestle and Unilever are equally competitive firms in the foods, beverages, and personal care products manufacturing industry. They possess strong financial position, brand loyalty, and large customer base which can help them survive and compete in all types of market conditions. The cost leadership strategy of Unilever can give it a competitive advantage in both slow cycle and fast cycle markets (Paley, 2006). On the other hand, the differentiation…. [read more]

United Parcel Service (UPS) Strategic Research Paper

… The company has acquired sufficient vehicles and airplanes that satisfy the demand for its services. This has ensured that the items to be delivered in different destinations are delivered on time boosting the levels of customer satisfaction in the business. This has acted as a major distinctive competitiveness for the company amidst the high competition that it faces from other players (Selig, 2008).

In addition, safe deliveries have made the company be recognized globally. The excellent reputation has enabled the company to acquire competitive advantage. Safety is a major factor in the transport industry that cannot be underestimated by the company. UPS has valued the need to ensure that the items that it transports are safe. The company is proud of its safe deliveries: the…. [read more]

China Preventive Health Services Research Paper

… " (U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, 2010)

It is additionally reported that on a national basis, Americans use preventive services "at about t half the recommended rate. An estimated 11 million children and 59 million adults have private insurance that does not adequately cover immunization, for instance. Cost sharing, including deductibles, coinsurance, or copayments, has been found to reduce the likelihood that preventive services will be used." (U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, 2010)

The work of Maciosek, et al. (2008) relates that a greater level of use of preventive services in health care in the United States could well serve to save lives and to do so with very little in the way of cost for such services. Preventive services that…. [read more]

Health Structures in Government Levels Article Review

… The partnerships addressing this issue, especially the IPHI agency overlaps facts of the case problem; and consequentially, does not assist at addressing and mitigating the health problems. Awareness raised in the state and nationally does not help in treating the obesity-related diseases for the dwellers that cannot afford their treatment. Furthermore, demography in the region is at the risk of decreasing arising from cardiovascular arrests affecting most obese persons in the region. The partnership of the state's health agencies has been overpowered in addressing the issue they constantly review.

Health Structures at Government Levels

Government levels dealing with public and community health are national levels, state level and local levels. In a health perspective, public health is the act of preventing diseases and increasing life…. [read more]

Gaps in Service Quality in Regard to the Club Pacha Term Paper

… ¶ … Service Quality

Club Pacha

Club Pacha has successfully differentiated itself from many nightclubs and entertainment venues in Manhattan by concentrating on a unique four-floor design that assures their customers will have a unique experience. Given the fact that the nightclub industry has been severely impacted the recession which has yield a -.9% growth from 2005 to 2010 and only a 2.8% growth from 2010 to 2015 with total revenues of $89.1B, every nightclub has to strive to be so different and unique in the experiences they offer that the generate return customers. From a marketing standpoint, this is not particularly easy as there are 199,401 nightclubs in operation across the U.S. And Manhattan and the New York metro area is known as the…. [read more]

Business Systems Analysis Case Study

… Therefore, this entity will see quality products and an additional service from the workers to continue visiting the governor.

Coupon is useful for persons who do not wish to solve the matters of the transaction with cash. A business that has coupon services helps people to achieve more within a limited time as much as possible. Lastly is the entity of service. The services entity has the attribute of the recording and reporting reports. Therefore, the entity of the services that the system offers is costly. However, with well-developed systems, in which the entity development is well, the attributes of services will thus help in the determination of the products that customers wish to purchase.

The identifier attribute

The identifier attribute helps to categorize the…. [read more]

Branding in Service Markets Dissertation

… Consequently, the message starts to stimulate customers starting to consider making a purchase.

The brand also serves as a substantial financial and political power in the macro-level focus of culture; particularly as it relates to issues and discussion regarding globalization concerns. As noted in the first chapter of the AMP, just as the growing impact of marketing touches most aspects of the consumer's lives, brands and branding have likewise become "an increasingly dominant market economic and commercial ideoscape" (Heding, Knudtzen, & Bjerre, 2009, p. 210).

With organizations like WTO implementing branding in its marketing and management practices, branding will likely remain central to structuring commercial and economic activities -- in large as well as in small countries globally.

Branding Evolution

The process of branding reportedly…. [read more]

Nike What Product or Service Category Essay

… ¶ … Nike

What product or service category would you prefer? Why?

The Nike Free aspires to be a revolutionary new type of footwear. It is a running shoe that is supposed to mimic the sensation of running barefoot. The shoe is attempting to capitalize upon the trendy 'barefoot running' movement. The shoe's design is extremely minimalist, although unlike actual barefoot running, it provides the wearer with some protection against the elements and pavement.

Describe two segments that are highly involved with this product or service.

'Fitness trendsetters' are likely to be the main, enthusiastic consumers of these shoes. Runners who have embraced 'natural' running movements such as Chi Running or natural fitness programs and diets like the Paleo Movement and CrossFit will embrace the…. [read more]

Effect of Cloud Database Service on User Intentions and Satisfaction for Business Research Proposal

… ¶ … Cloud Database Service on User Intentions

and Satisfaction for Business

The pervasive nature of cloud computing is re-ordering the economics of enterprise software, leading to widespread integration and adoption of database services. Moving from capital expense-driven (CAPEX) based spending to operating expense (OPEX) funding models, cloud computing platforms are accelerating in adoption throughout all levels of businesses today. In large-scale enterprises, cloud computing is being increasingly relied on as the infrastructure layer of global computing platforms. Examples of this include two-tier Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) strategies that scale across Asia, Europe and North America. In addition, cloud-based database services are being used today for unifying the diverse Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platforms across diverse business models and cultural boundaries. The same holds true…. [read more]

Promotional Strategies in Quick Service Restaurants in the UK Dissertation


The Quick service industry in the United Kingdom has flourished over the last few decades. In addition to Multinational Corporations such as McDonalds, there are also British owned chains such as Chicken Cottage. The purpose of this discourse is to examine the use of the promotional strategies within the context of Quick Service Restaurants in the United Kingdom. The research will explore the ways in which these promotional strategies assist in attracting customers while also increasing the profitability of various restaurants within the quick service industry. For the purposes of carrying out the study 15 managers at ten quick service restaurant chains were asked to fill out a survey. The managers were sent a request by email asking them to participate in the survey.…. [read more]

Discussing at Company Level Porter's Five Forces Economic Attributes Framework Term Paper

… ¶ … Company Level

Summarize the economics and current conditions in the industry, and describe the strategies for HP.

Over the last ten years, the technology sector has undergone a major transformation. Part of the reason for this is because of the different innovations that have taken place during this time. As many of the various personal electronic devices have become: smaller and are able to perform a number of applications simultaneously. This has meant that various products such as: I Pod, I Phone and MP3 players have transformed the way that everyone is entertained / communicates. As a result, a shift has taken place in the kind of products that are being delivered, with consumers demanding: that they are smaller and have more applications.…. [read more]

Walmart Attributes Thesis

… ¶ … Wal-Mart's Products, Services, and Social Responsibilities

Wal-Mart's Social Responsibility

Most corporations understand that there exists a level of social responsibility, and Wal-Mart is certainly no exception. The company has quite a large corporate footprint in American business, and realizes that be cause it has been so successful, it must become socially and environmentally aware of its impact. Over the past decade, Wal-Mart has grown exponentially as a company and now has stores in every U.S. state and dozens of other countries abroad. It employs hundreds of thousands of workers and even helps to support many local economies. But Wal-Mart is also viewed as a major obstacle in the fight to reduce consumption in the U.S., and has been the target of many smear…. [read more]

Bureaucracy and Power in Human Service Organizations Term Paper

… bureaucracy AND POWER


Even though Bureaucracy gives an impression of governmental departments like taxation, and welfare, it is actually found in almost every public spheres. Corporations, churches, the military, labor and trade unions, community centers, schools, hospitals all are essentially facilitated by certain bureaucratic components. Most people take them as important part of their lives, though not readily. However the best part of bureaucracy is that it provides a set of rules and procedures to set everything running in a proper order, transparently, and also ensures consistency and fairness acceptable to all. This paper will focus on evaluating the organizational and power structures while emphasizing the need for refurbishing Human Service Organization in Australia on the lines of Bureaucratic organizations.


The…. [read more]

Active Directory Services Term Paper

… Active Directory Services

Directory Services

What are Directory Services?

The concept of a Directory Service is that of distributed system services architecture that provides references by name or function to specific attributes, applications and other systems and services throughout an operating system (Bernstein, 1996). It provides the necessary definitions of integration points, process and order state routings for application completion, in addition to data structure and services integrations throughout an operation system (Rednic, Toma, 2009).

How are Directory Services implemented in various operating systems?

As they are essential for an operating system to function, Directory Services are defined at the file system level (Rednic, Toma, 2009). Responsible for validating data accuracy with file systems, data replication and data distribution, Directory Services also complete operating system…. [read more]

Customer Service Website Marketing Plan Term Paper

… Customer Service Website Marketing Plan

The intent of this marketing plan is to provide a framework for migrating customers from personal service to web-based self-service to both reduce costs while increasing the level of responsiveness and generating higher levels of loyalty from customers. Web-based self-service has proven to be a viable alternative vs. large-scale expansion of call centers, freeing up technical support and services personnel to work on more complex customer problems. Providing customers with multiple avenues to gain support over the Internet through a web-based self-service site on a 24/7 basis, regardless of their location globally, has major competitive advantages long-term.

While much third party research has been completed on the benefits of web self-service what is critical in the launch of this specific…. [read more]

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