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Sex Tourism in the Vietnam Term Paper

… Otherwise faced with poverty, such women are said to be doing a service to themselves and their families. For instance, Bart Croughs states, "in general sex tourists act rather feminist: most of them practice a private form of affirmative action ... This way the disadvantaged women in third world countries are given the opportunity to advance their economic position and catch up with the men." Such astounding spins on what is a genuine problem are prolific. Sometimes, the excuses are more subtle. They range from denial of intent to lack of direct payment to lacking restriction, promiscuity, or amorality (Gunther 1998, p. 72-73). Nineteen-year-old Gareth, who did not come to Thailand in search of sex, could easily claim denial of intent. "I didn't seek out…. [read more]

Sex Workers in Thailand ("Land Term Paper

… So much for the supply side of the causes behind prostitution in Thailand; now for the demand-side reasons:

Publicity and Tourism

When the U.S. soldiers descended on Bangkok as part of the official "R&R" deal between the governments of Thailand and the United States during the Vietnam War, they not only contributed directly to the development of the sex trade in Thailand but also laid the grounds for its continuance in the post-war era. This was done through enormous publicity about the licentious nightlife in Bangkok, and its glamorization as the "City of Angels," and "the sex capital of the orient." The stereotyped perception of the Thai women as "exotic and docile," "elegant and shy," and as "masters of the art of making love," were…. [read more]

U.S. Policy Towards Thai Women Sex Trafficking Term Paper

… Sex Trafficking of Thai Women and the U.S. Response

The Incidence of Sex Trafficking of Thai Women in the United States and a Review of Relevant Governmental Policy

In many ways, Thailand continues to be a mysterious and idyllic region of Asia for many Western observers. The primarily Buddhist kingdom of Thailand remains a sociological jewel in many ways among many Southeast Asian nations by virtue of its progressive social policies and egalitarian approach to human rights. As the only Southeast Asian country to escape occupation by the Japanese during World War II or colonization by a European power (the country's name means "Free-land," after all), Thais appear to possess the natural ability to persevere psychologically and economically even during the worst of times, and…. [read more]

History of Prostitution Term Paper

… History Of Prostitution

"There hasn't been a place on my body that hasn't been bruised somehow, some way, some big, some small," Marcia (pseudonym), a prostitute, reports in a study noted by Farley (2000). In addition to suffering the pain of a broken arm three times during the course of her "work," Marcia states she also had her nose broken twice and currently has a small fragment of a bone floating in her head that gave her migraines.

Along with experiencing these maladies, and suffering from a fractured skull, Marcia had her toes broken. The bottom of her feet had been burned and "whopped with a hot iron and clothes hanger." Marcia was cut with a knife, and beat with guns and two by fours.…. [read more]

Cambodia Economic Development Term Paper

… Royaume Du Cambodge

Cambodia is one of the poorest countries in the world, and certainly in Asia. After emerging from the rule of the Khmer Rouge, Cambodia had nothing as was forced to start over. From that starting point, the country's economic development was never going to be easy, and even its low levels today represents healthy progress. Yet, by objective measures and without taking history into account, Cambodia has a lot of issues that it needs to remedy going forward.

This paper takes a look at several major issues. The first sections introduce the company -- its history and the current state of the economy, including trade measures, a discussion of key industries and the key issue of energy. From there, a number of…. [read more]

International Law and Human Trafficking Thesis

… International Law and Human Trafficking

Human Trafficking in the World

Human trafficking is the forcible transport of persons to other countries to render sexual or other services (Herro 2006). About half of those abducted are girls of minor age. Despite the reluctance of many governments to admit involvement in human trafficking, the U.S. State Department said 600,000-800,000 men, women and children are trafficked worldwide. A 2006 United Nations report said that almost all countries in the world are affected or involved. Director Carol Yost of the Asia Foundation's Women's Empowerment Program described human trafficking as ultimately a human rights issue. She also said, however, that the campaign against this violation had achieved some gains in Asia, initially through raised awareness through the media. Laws in…. [read more]

Child Prostitution in Asia Forcing Essay

… If cases are reported, then police will usually investigate if they feel there is enough evidence or enough of a concern. Another major obstacle to police efforts is the ingenuity and determination of perpetrators. Police have cracked down on brothels which hire prostitutes who have not reached adulthood. Girls from certain Thai provinces have identification cards issued to them which show their age. Owners of brothels have found a way around this difficulty by forging documents which show girls to be over 18 rather than under aged. Some of the hill tribes of Thailand and girls from Myanmar do not have this type of identification (Lim 193). Their look and accent give their home location away to those familiar with the populations of the cities.…. [read more]

Criminal Justice Legal Issues International Law Term Paper

… Criminal Justice Legal Issues

International Law

Legal Systems

There are four types of legal systems in existence in the modern world: civil law, common law, customary law, and religious law. All four types of legal systems have lengthy histories and share some common elements. In addition, one can see the overlapping influence of different legal systems in each different type. In fact, some countries actually have hybrid legal systems. The most common pure legal systems are those based on civil law, which derived from the Roman system of law and is associated with much of Europe and lands that were once under European control. The least common pure legal system is the religious system, though religious influences can be seen in almost every other type…. [read more]

Family Violence Against Women in Cambodia Thesis

… Family Violence Against Women in Cambodia

In 2006, the United Nations praised Cambodia for endorsing measures to begin to protect women from violence and exploitation, as well as, for developing policies to widen women's access to jobs. Members of the Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination against Women, albeit, noted the need continues to exist to expand those measures and also include rural women. During the January 2006, Women's Anti-Discrimination Committee's meeting, Ing Kantha Phavi, Minister of Women's Affairs, introduced Cambodia's related the statement presented for this paper's introductory quote. The committee's experts particularly focused on: "women's lack of knowledge regarding their rights, as well as their lack of access to legal assistance." ("Women's Anti-Discrimination...." 2006) Committee members also contemplated counters for challenging negative stereotypes…. [read more]

Revolution of 1958 Inevitable? Cuba Term Paper

… They knew who their enemy was and were ready to fight against him and win. It didn't matter who they were: peasants, workers and businessmen were ready to fight together. So the main participants of the future Revolution were: proletarians, peasants, students and small businessmen.

The whole nation hated own government and, sure, some people united in different parties and organizations to fight for their rights. The most popular political movement was the Orthodoxies. Many young men considered this movement as the only chance to win and change something in their homeland. There was one great person among them -- lawyer Fidel Castro. Orthodoxies considered Communist their allies. For example when government was going to send Cuban troops to fight against Korea as United States…. [read more]

ASEAN the Study Term Paper

… A majority of the ASEAN initiative ideas surface from the sectoral associations as an outcome of combined recognition, talks, negotiations, and development conventions. In certain instances, novel, rising precedence needing instant performances can also be converted into a new project.

The endeavor of ASEAN was to augment the competitive advantage as a manufacturing centre slated for the global marketplace. A vital stride in this path is the globalization of business in the area by abolishing the interregional tax and non-tax blockades. The outcome of globalization renders the production businesses of ASEAN to be more productive and more competitive in the international market. Concurrently, consumers are positive to buy products from other competent manufacturers in the ASEAN fold, therefore increasing conduction of business among the ASEAN…. [read more]

Popularity of Foreign Restaurant: Consumer Literature Review

… 8m visitors to Thailand last year -- up 7.3 per cent on 1997 -- passed through Bangkok." (Cooke, 1999)

Additionally, according to Cooke (1999), "One of the pleasures of Bangkok is eating. While there are Thai restaurants on virtually every street corner, the capital also has a wealth of other cuisines on offer. A number of the more unusual establishments are tucked away near the leading hotels by the river. Prachak, on the New Road between The Oriental and Shandri-La, is a modest-looking restaurant specializing in Teochiu cuisine. The Teochiu, originally from around Swatow in southern China, are the dominant Chinese group in Thailand. The pig's trotters at the Prachak are said to be among the best in the country. For the brave, duck liver…. [read more]

Future of Cuba Term Paper

… Cuba After Castro

Cuba is an island nation some 90 miles from Florida, and proximity alone gives this country great importance in the thinking of American leaders. More than this, however, Cuba represents a major loss in the Western Hemisphere, a country that is Communist-led and that has therefore been viewed as a major security threat to the United States. At times, that threat has been given even more weight, as it was during the Cuban Missile Crisis in 1962. At other times, the threat has been less specific and often derives largely from antipathy to the leadership and to the very idea of Communism. In addition, Cuba holds a place of importance because of the many exiles from Cuba who have come to the…. [read more]

Eric Hobsbawm's Age of Extremes Term Paper

… Hobsbawm's Age Of Extremes

Eric Hobsbawm's magisterial the Age of Extremes is packed with facts and interpretations. Its ambitious field is world history from 1914 to 1991, from the First World War to the downfall of the Soviet Union. This review will focus on three questions: why does he call [HIDDEN] the "thirty-one years war," how was the Bolshevik Revolution of 1917 a central event, and what were the major social changes in the 1950s and 1960s?

In Hobsbawm's view, 1914 ushered in a period of global war waged for unlimited ends with little peace. He names the period between 1914 and 1945 alternatively the "Age of Total War" or the "Age of Catastrophe." The components of this period that point to a real and…. [read more]

Territory of Cambodia Was Marred by Civil Term Paper

… ¶ … territory of Cambodia was marred by civil war, under the ruling massacre of the Khmer Rouge. Until the Paris Conference in 1991, the Marxist regime that carved in blood Cambodia's history between 1975 and 1979, along with the 10-year Vietnamese communism, has left a persistent scar on its civil population.

Despite the immense financial efforts of a handful of international organizations, 16 years from the (re)establishment of democracy Cambodia is still struggling (at least apparently) to dig its way out of the social, economical and political maze that has been going on since Pol Pot took the lead in the mid 1970s.

The body of this paper will consist of several parts:

short description of the Khmer Rouge's genocide

The international attempts to…. [read more]

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