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Sexual Politics Loom Large in the Social Term Paper

… Sexual politics loom large in the social circumstances of any culture, the moors and taboos that revolve around such politics drive change and progress and also evolve with the associative context of human life. Every aspect of sociology is somehow affected by sexual politics and this can be seen in every postmodern representation of sexuality. Media is particularly dependant on sexual politics as a thematic representation and as a guiding force for human emotion. This is particularly true with regard to dramatic representations in film. Two movies, which pay particularly close attention to sexual politics, are Swept Away (the original 1974 and the newer 2002 versions) and Pulp Fiction, the first paying particular interest to social class / with an emphasis on sadomasochism

Shorts 74)…. [read more]

Leisure May Be the Death Term Paper

… The most obvious, as pointed out by Muller, is a common commitment to a free market economy and to political democracy, both of which are dominated by middle class values. However, there are vital differences within these broad areas of agreement, and it is these deviations that place Europe at a disadvantage when dealing with the demise of employment and the growth of leisure. America is better placed to deal with these social changes, and the subsequent economic and political fallout, because of its emphasis upon individualism, commercialism, and its perception of state assistance only as a last resort. Therefore America, as with Japan, is better able to adapt to changes in labor requirements by capitalizing on the social and economic values of competition, individual…. [read more]

Spanish and American Democracy Thesis

… Spain and the United States both suffered heavily from the global recession at the end of the last decade. While they have both largely recovered, it is clear that economic power wields more influence than military strength in the twenty first century. The foundation of democracy for each of these countries was distinct and occurred at very different points in global history. The results have not been dissimilar, however, with a general liberalization of political, economic, and social policies and attitudes.

In an era where repressive countries resisting democratic rule are subject to invasion, such as in Iraq and Afghanistan, or sanctions such as in Iran, Pakistan, North Korea, Tunisia, Egypt, and Liberia, this spirit of liberalism is perhaps the greatest distinction between democratic rule…. [read more]

Older Adult Abuse and Neglect Term Paper

… Elder Abuse and Neglect

The Varying Byproduct and Impact of Abuse

This paper explores the various impacts and influences aging and neglect has on elder individuals. Literature review and studies conducted and led by researchers have revealed the psychological, physical, and medical consequences the aforementioned factors contribute to a person. The paper reveals the incidence of depression and dementia in those who are progressing with age and neglected. As well, such victims are at an increased risk of mortality and undergo both, notions and acts of suicidal behavior, along with social isolation and malnutrition. The aforementioned byproducts of aging and neglect lend a hand to a person's overall mental and physical health, and well being.

Elder Abuse and Neglect:

The Varying Byproduct and Impact of…. [read more]

Gender Roles in the Workplace Term Paper

… Friedan and others convinced women that social fulfillment was to be found in returning to school and attempting to take on roles in the workplace traditionally dominated by men. During the Second World War, the National War Labor Board had recommended that male and female workers with the same job received equal pay. Although it was largely ignored at the time, this egalitarian idea gained weight in the early 60's.

In 1963, congress adopted the "Equal Pay Act," which forbid employers to pay men and women different wages for the same position. During the progressive era, women that had successfully lobbied for suffrage also had introduced minimum wage laws for women workers. The Supreme Court declared these laws unconstitutional, and John F. Kennedy created the…. [read more]

William Blake Is Usually Classified Research Paper

… Yet she also immediately shifts to likening the phallus to an infant, which of course is a natural progression, considering that childbirth only occurs after copulation. But even so, it is the attitude that Thel takes toward the available reality of sexual experience that is so shocking to us: she seems frankly disinterested. Yet we are not to interpet this necessarily as aversion to sex. Rather, Blake's two subsequent works -- the partial sequel Visions of the Daughters of Albion and the work of religious prose philosophy (with some interspersed poems) The Marriage of Heaven and Hell. In the former, Blake's heroine Oothoon -- whose name suggests Greek words for both "egg" and "goddess" -- is violently raped but who explicitly invokes a prophetic future…. [read more]

Chinese Wives the Treatment of Women Term Paper

… Chinese Wives

The treatment of women in China has long been a subject of debate. The strict traditional views have restricted the rights and privileges of Chinese women form many years. For the purposes of this discussion, we will focus on the role of the ideal wife as it relates to the late Qing Dynasty and the Revolutionary period. The paper will investigate how the idea of the ideal wife changed during these periods. Let us begin our discussion with a historic overview of the role of woman and marriage during much of the Qing Dynasty.

Historic Overview

Indeed, under the Qing dynasty marriage was expected of all young men and women. The point at which marriage was seen as necessary was during the teenage…. [read more]

Cold War Era Many Films Term Paper

… The Russia House is a contemporary film with the Cold War era as subject. The film, starring Michelle Pfeiffer and Sean Connery, is based on a novel by John le Carre. The film, released in 1990, is a more contemporary view of the Cold War topic than the others already discussed above.

Through characterization that accurately portrays the Russian characters, as well as authentic scenery, music and dialogue, the film focuses on some of the idiosyncrasies inherent in Russian attitudes and mannerisms. The fear involved in meetings between Russians and Westerners during the time portrayed is also depicted. An interesting feature of the film is that it focuses on the Russian rather than the American point-of-view. The dying days of the Cold War are depicted…. [read more]

Nursing Tasks, Methods, and Expectations Term Paper

… Together, this combination of factors is leading toward a health care crisis which is much larger than the question of whether or not the government finances prescription drug coverage.

The State of the Industry

As inferred above, many factors are contributing to the nursing shortage crisis. This section will discuss the major contributory influences.

1. Poor Working conditions

Dissatisfaction with pay and increasingly stressful work conditions, aggravated by a shortage of nurses at hospitals across the country, is spurring job actions in the health care field. Many nurses are choosing to leave the profession, and seek better conditions, or higher pay scales. Because of what the University of Wisconsin (UW) Hospital calls "staffing shortages," the hospital frequently calls for nurses to volunteer to work overtime.…. [read more]

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