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Shape and to Create Essay

… William the Conquerer was a rule who made it clear that he was to be treated as one more powerful and more popular than the pope, and that even the pope's envoys needed to enter England with the permission of William and that same permission was needed in order for members of the papal group to publish.

While these moves might appear incredibly controlling, William was one of the people who was able to push England into being an ideal European nation, a nation that was simply better organized and more powerful. And part of these achievements were connected to the fact that he took power away from the papacy and some of their more archaic tendencies for ruling and controlling -- old fashioned regimes…. [read more]

Al Queda Has Shaped Research Paper

… They believe this voice comes with the possession of WMD capabilities. Any such capability certainly gives the group who possesses it the potential to gain collective support from, and further unify, Islamic radicals and certainly makes the rest of the world pay attention.

Al-Qaeda and United States

The discussion of voice highlights the difference between what targets terrorist threaten, and what is at actually at stake. Terrorists threaten the security of U.S. citizens at home and abroad. They threaten the security of developing nations. They threaten the sovereignty of weakened states. They threaten everyone with the potential proliferation of WMDs. Indeed, their targeting is indiscriminate. Patterson characterizes terrorist views as follows:

"...terrorists and guerrillas see no distinction between combatants and non-combatants. Al Qaeda and other…. [read more]

Environmental Cues Shape Behavior Essay

… How social norms influence behavior and beliefs about the environment

Social norms refer to the standards applied in making judgments about the appropriateness of our actions and behaviors. This approach is widely acknowledged that encouraging pro-environmental social norms visible is a vital part of promoting sustainable behavior and belief. In practical studies, providing individuals with proof of what other people around them are doing has demonstrated to have a remarkable impact on behavior and belief (Cormier, Nurius & Osborn, 2009). While appreciating the social norms including tested and tried methods of influencing behaviors, the effectiveness of this approach depends on the availability of positive norms in the first place. For most sustainable behaviors and beliefs, the challenge is not that positive social norms are not…. [read more]

How Slaves Created Their Own Society and Culture Thesis

… ¶ … Slaves Created their Own Society and Culture:

Slavery began in Africa even before the Europeans came into colonization of the African countries. This was evidently seen especially when the whites wanted people to work for them in their firms. The Portuguese brought a few people to work on their sugar plantation and on realizing that this crop, which later spread to other countries, looked for more people to work on their firms. This is the time when the Portuguese came to Africa and specifically West Africa where they took people to work for them in their firms and pay them in turn. While Africa has been ranked poor for a long period of time, the whites knew that Africans could not resist their…. [read more]

Understanding a Personal Worldview Thesis

… Our vocational calling is a central part of our lives on this earth, and is a significant issue when it comes to how our lives are lived. Acting in a way that embodies the message of Jesus Christ can establish a firm foundation for success in both personal and professional life. Living life as Jesus did consists of maintaining values such as integrity, courage, selflessness, and more. Our Savoir can be referred to as the one in the control tower, steering us away from storms and trouble spots. We are called to be stewards of the talents, gifts, and opportunities that we have received from God, and to use those peacefully. As long as we are abiding by the example that was set by Jesus,…. [read more]

Creating ATV Show Term Paper

… Creating TV Show

The soggy croissants


Scene 1:

Jerry and Elaine are sitting in the restaurant talking about the soggy croissants they'd had for breakfast that morning.

Elaine: I am telling you Jerry, the guy at the coffee shop must have dropped them on something before he gave us those soggy croissants. (makes a face indicating her disappointment)

Jerry: you mean instead of getting us some fresh new croissants, he would just pick up those croissants from wherever he dropped them and bring them to us.

Elaine: Yeah

Jerry: and where do you suppose he had dropped them.

Elaine: could be the kitchen sink, the floor, anywhere (shrugs)

Jerry: It's impossible. They can't just bring us croissants that have been licked by the sink…. [read more]

Shape and Place of Doctrine Essay

… It is taken for granted that all church Doctrine is to be found somewhere in either the Old or the New Testament. "Seek and ye shall find" -- look long and hard enough, analyze every word and phrase, and apply all of your powers of reason, and you will see the Bible for what it is: a step-by-step instruction manual, the sacred play-book of the infallible Lutheran Church. Did I just say "infallible"? Infallible -- that sounds very Catholic. Wasn't it the aim of Martin Luther to lay to rest all of the fallacies of the Roman Catholic Church; all of the superstitions and dogmatic creeds of the old Universal Church? Nonetheless, the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America -- the ELCA that exists today in…. [read more]

Spheres of Influence Political Essay

… It is also important to mention here that people who belong to higher social class do not have to experience issues that other people who belong to lower social class have to. In short, behavior is really affected by the class.

Caste Sphere

The society, as a whole, is affected by the caste system as it makes people more exposed to chauvinism, narrow-mindedness, discrimination, unfairness, stereotyping, favoritism and intolerance. Thus, as a consequence, such behaviors and mindsets frequently cause the occurrence of arguments and clashes within the society. This system increases social injustices, disabilities and inequalities. It also promotes disunity and distrust among the people as the society is divided vertically and horizontally into a number of so-called groups. It also creates hurdles for the…. [read more]

Prandtlplane Aircraft Configuration Research Paper

… These 'rounds' are mathematically important since they help define the aerodynamic results of the plane. Each of the 'round' (form let's say the beginning on the horizontal wing to the end on the vertical wing) operate and are designed according to certain laws. Each (such as the airfoil, radius of curvature, etc.,) also changes with laws of air flight. The shape and grid of the round elements are therefore defined by a set of parameters which are changed during the optimization process. Each curve of these rounds is calculated with reference to a control polygon that is defined by three control points.

The entire Prandtl Best Wing optimization has to primarily consider 3 aspects: possible transonic phenomena, static stability of flight requirement and structural design.…. [read more]

Devil in the Shape of a Woman Witchcraft in Colonial New England Book Review

… ¶ … Devil in the Shape of a Woman: Witchcraft in Colonial New England

Karlsen's book, the Devil in the Shape of a Woman: Witchcraft in Colonial New England (1987) is helps to not only examine the role that witches and witch trials had in colonial society but also the general role of women as well. This examination takes place within both the Puritan society and from a gender role perspective as well. Author Karlsen allows the reader to fall back on both historical fact and cultural context in making the connections between women's roles in Puritan society and the witch trials themselves. These connections are often overlooked in favor of the hysteria and focus on the witches themselves as cultural phenomena. The author makes…. [read more]

Cubism -- How it Shapes the Art Term Paper

… Cubism -- How it shapes the art of today, how it creates the shape of my art today

According to the popular Internet art encyclopedia, 'Artcyclopedia,' the Cubist movement in art developed between the years of 1908 and 1912, amongst a small colony of European artists. The early Cubist's main influences were said to have been Tribal Art, as prefigured in the works of the post-impressionist Paul Cezanne. (Artcyclopedia, 2005) Unlike these earlier artist's works, however, which still had recognizable, realistic forms, in Cubist paintings the subject matter was broken up, analyzed by the painter, and then reassembled in an abstracted form of shapes and stark designs.

There are two distinct Cubist styles. The first movement in Cubism was known as Analytical Cubism. Analytical Cubism…. [read more]

American Myths Nature Environment Unlimited Essay

… Such threats could effect earth-shifting changes to the planet, causing "the waves crash up against the beach, eroding dunes and destroying homes." (McKibben, 51). This power, McKibben explains, "is not the awesome power of Mother Nature. It is the awesome power of Mother Nature as altered by the awesome power of man, who has overpowered in a century the processes that have been slowly evolving and changing of their own accord since the earth was born." (McKibben, 51).

When the use of reason enables a culture to pillage its natural environment faster than it can restore itself, the habit of neglect has more consequences. Industrial capitalist civilization and a consumerist society has created ever more demands on our society and even spreading this habit to…. [read more]

Reputation and Good Name in Othello How Iago Shapes Is Own and Others Images Literature Review

… ¶ … Iago in William Shakespeare's play, Othello, is undoubtedly one of the most conniving characters ever created. Even today, there are few man that can compare with the man who convinced Othello his innocent wife was cheating on him. To accomplish such a feat takes a sinister nature certainly, but it also takes someone that is intelligent with people and human nature. Iago uses what people know against them For example, he uses what Othello knows about love and jealousy against him. He mars Desdemona's reputation by duping Cassio into asking for reinstatement. Desdemona vying for her lover is something Othello cannot stand. However, there was never such a game going on but Iago made Othello think there was. Before he destroyed Othello completely,…. [read more]

Internet Changing Our Mind and Culture Essay

… ¶ … Internet changing our mind and culture

There are some who claim that the Internet is not acting as a very good influence on either mind or culture. It is ruining the first and dumbing the second. According to these individuals, our minds are shaped by the tools that we use. So for instance, the printing press causes our minds to think in a linear way, machines to perceive things in a more mechanical fashion and the Internet dries up our imagination and creativity. However, every topic has its advocates and opponents and this one is no exception.

Advocates for the Intent see it as being an instrument that is shaping us into more tolerant and informative human beings by exposing us to a…. [read more]

Logo I Created a Fictional Essay

… Volker Boehme-Nessler argues that the communication of messages with the aid of pictures is beneficial as it appeals to the attitude of the individual. Specifically, while elements such as charts and statistics stimulate the brain and the logics behind a decision -- such as a purchase decision -- the images stimulate the "behavioral attitudes behind that [direct behavior]. So images work on the underlying attitudes and intensions to act."

Ultimately, the photographic presentation of the campaign would be constructed on the initial collection of information and its integration into pictures which would send the message to the viewer. This approach is extremely useful as it creates a medium in which the parties in the communication interact in the same terms and are better able to…. [read more]

Shape of Things: Theatrical Convention Term Paper

… Unable to secure financial security on her own and living with a negative reputation, she finally determines to reach out to others because of her desperation. She has come to a point in her life where the chance to do right by her children means more to her than her own self-esteem or self-worth. Ultimately, this desperation is unrewarded and she winds up murdering her eldest child for calling her a slut. By identifying her as the negative stereotype of the outside world, the child clearly aligns himself as an enemy to Hester's self-esteem and therefore he must be destroyed. She winds up in prison and now the other four children are all alone and have no one to support them. Again, there is no…. [read more]

Creating a Shared Vision and Culture Research Paper

… Having agreements between the faculty members and focusing on an agreed mission is better than having different teachers doing different things all aimed at effecting culture change.

The leader should ensure that teachers and school administrators are all on board with proposed changes as this is the only way that there can be a shared culture. Collaboration is the key word for effecting change and having a shared culture adopted within the institution. Since the shared culture was developed in collaboration with the relevant stakeholders, every one of them feels involved and encouraged towards achieving the desired goals. The leader should be prepared to accept open ideas, listening to other stakeholders and valuing the differences of others. This way the leader would be viewed as…. [read more]

People Generally Think Essay

… Either way, affect would be 'crunched' to its reducible elements, quantified into hard facts, and assessed via statistical and other laboratory methods. Phenomenology, on the other hand, is more of a subjective enterprise where the objective is 'to get into' the subject, understand him or her as best as possible, in order to understand her perspective and interpret him as he does himself. It can also be used for interviews and for textual analyses such as memoirs and other accounts of an individual's life. What phenomenology essentially involves is bracketing one's assumptions in an act called 'epoche' so that one attempts to perceive the other and occurrences objectively... In regards, to the study of emotion the phenomenologist focusing in on the feelings would attempt to…. [read more]

De Botton's Text Essay

… ¶ … Architecture of Happiness: Why Ideals Change

Alain de Botton asks the very apt question in his text, the Architecture of Happiness, why it is that society constantly has shifting values about what it finds beautiful, positing this question, very simply: "Why do we change our minds about what we find beautiful?" (154) This is an important question as De Botton demonstrates that what we consider to be aesthetically pleasing swings from polarities which are difficult to predict, and which are subject to the influences of time: "Precedent forces us to suppose that later generations will one day walk around our houses with the same attitude of horror and amusement with which we now consider many of the possessions of the dead. They will…. [read more]

Education and Sociology Essay

… These changes will take place based upon new information that is presented, the opinions of others (such as: a boss or colleague) and the situations they are dealing with. It is at this point when these challenges can lead to dramatic transformations, which are resulting in a continuing reevaluation of social beliefs. (Kendal)

Clearly, education plays a central role in determining social attitudes and insights. From an early age, the experiences and concepts will provide the individual with a sense of who they are and how to interact with the world around them. As time goes by, these views will change based upon new ideas that are presented from other educators and the way they interact with different social groups.

What Kendal determined, is that…. [read more]

Buddhism in China Essay

… Buddhism as a religion occupies a very central place in the very history of the Chinese society and thought.As a system, Buddhism had attracted some of the greatest minds between the Song and Han (2nd and 3rd centuries) periods (Lai 7).Buddhism is arguably the most influential religion in China .It is worth noting that at Buddhism was never an indigenous religion in the region. In this paper, we present an analysis of the history of Buddhism in China and its influence on the Chinese culture. We focus on how political, cultural and social forces shaped Buddhism in China.

Buddhism in China

As noted earlier, Buddhism was never an indigenous religion in the Chinese society. Buddhism was founded by Gautama in India in the 6th century…. [read more]

Civil War How the Civil War Shaped Research Proposal

… Civil War

How the Civil War Shaped the Nation's View

The Civil War shaped America's destiny while bringing about great change for this country. The political and social consequences of the war helped to form this great nation. There was no one that was left unaffected by this war. From the fall of slavery to the price that the American citizens paid for the war, everyone was affected (Ferland, 2009). The war between the northern and southern sections of the United States, which began with the attack of Fort Sumter on April12th, 1861, and came to an end, in the last days of April 1865, was one of the greatest struggles known to history (Civil War Overview, 2008). The outcome of this war would help…. [read more]

Pursuant Essay

… Scores on relatively generic personality tests is a fairly narrow sampling of the wide variety of traits human beings can manifest. Additionally, it is important to ask 'why' we need to know if parents do indeed have a profound influence upon their offspring. Harris suggests that other than parental egos, it is important to pinpoint the social influences that do exist so we can enact meaningful social changes. By trying to create social environments where peers can reinforce one another's good behaviors, such as doing well in school, we can accomplish more with scarce resources than haranguing parents to be a better influence upon their children, which does little good.

Winner asks if parents had no influence upon their children, how could psychologists remain 'in…. [read more]

Art and Mathematics Are Related Research Paper

… ¶ … art and mathematics are related and that this relation could be used to the advantage of educators to overcome student anxiety regarding mathematics and, in particular, difficult geometry concepts

Outline the basic topics to be covered in the study

What is hyperbolic geometry?

Who is MC Escher?

How does Escher's work relate to hyperbolic geometry?

How to design an appropriate, useful, and successful class project that integrates art and mathematics

What Is Hyperbolic Geometry?

Explain the historical development of hyperbolic geometry.

Explain what a Poincare disk is.

Explain how distance is illustrated in Euclidean geometry.

Explain how distance is handled in non-Euclidean geometry

Context: Who Is M.C. Escher?

Provide simple biographical information about M.C. Escher.

Draw a relationship between a Poincare disk and…. [read more]

Marketing the Target Essay

… The packaging for the new beverage product will reflect this target market, with loud, bold colors that connote energy -- black and red have been chosen for their intensity and visual appeal. The packaging is large, and for economic purposes a can is being launched to appeal to this market but also to appeal to retailers who will be asked to give this product prime positioning in their beverage fridges. If the product is not given prime positioning, we anticipate that the size of the package and the color scheme will help it to attract attention.

The action theme is well-reflected in the packaging design, and as a result we have a design that looks a little bit busy and cluttered, something that actually appeals…. [read more]

Confucianism, Catholicism and Islam Essay

… 3" To that end, even robbers possess moral knowledge "if you call them robbers, they are embarrassed.4"

Wang Vangming's statements were revolutionary in that he contested the need to spend hours of one's life learning moral improvement from books. Rather, he insisted that moral improvement was an innate aptitude that all were born with and that all could achieve and that individuals from lowly positions could as equally achieve wisdom as those from elite positions and that, therefore, many more could be meritorious for elevated government (and other) positions in Chinese society than was presently the case. Lofty status did not necessitate years of begrudging learning.


From 1500 -- 1700, Islam seemed invincible. The Safavid Empire succeeded by the Mogul Empire and then the…. [read more]

Iliad With Our Observation Term Paper

… For in their Olympian abodes they faint into an aimless immortality. The Olympian occurrences are the only ones in which something lighthearted takes place. It is from the human stroke that the gods illustrate their means of support. By being so regularly connected with particular idols, they themselves turn out to be human, as well as even finish up similar to their idols. Apollo shares in the bighearted adaptability of Hector, at the same time Athene is connected with the attractive grandeur of Achilles, as well as Diomedes. Such dealings are no substance of directions. What attached these couples are definite acquaintance, convenience, gratitude, and nearness. These immortals are more comfortable on world than in paradise. Even though they are far from being omniscient or…. [read more]

Manassas -- How the Skirmish Research Paper

… ] [21: Bradley M. Gottfried, The Maps of First Bull Run: An Atlas of the First Bull Run (Manassas) Campaign, including the Battle of Ball's Bluff, June-October 1861 (New York, NY: Savas Beatie LLC, 2009), 20.] [22: Craig L. Symonds, Joseph E. Johnston: A Civil War Biography (New York, NY W.W. Norton & Company, Inc., 1992), 250.] [23: Woodworth, 47.] [24: Davis, 62.] [25: Ibid., 145-6.] [26: Ibid., 95.]

On July 18, 1861, McDowell wanted reconnaissance of the Confederate forces, so he ordered a division commander named Brigadier General Daniel Tyler to: find a point in Bull Run Creek at which the Union forces could ford across; explore the Confederate defenses along Bull Run; find the Confederates' left flank; and maintain the appearance of heading…. [read more]

Linguistic Relativity Hypothesis Argues Term Paper

… The words that different cultures use to express different thoughts are actually determined by the culture itself. One culture will view the meaning of a word one way, while another culture will view a different meaning for the same word. Or, the meaning will be the same for both cultures, but the word itself will be different in each culture.

A measure of realism is presupposed by relativism. Without concepts, beliefs, or modes of reasoning, different cultural groups could not be different in respects to them. The concepts, beliefs, and modes of reasoning shape languages and the meanings of the words in languages for each culture. The linguistic relativity hypothesis is important in the understanding of the different modes of reasoning for different thought patterns.…. [read more]

Lesson Plan Critique -- Parts Essay

… Most third-graders will have a good understanding of noun and verbs, and many will understand how adverbs and adjectives are used, even if they have not yet learned the grammatical terms. However, it is safe to assume that some children in the third grade will need additional help with these parts of speech.

I offer here a strategy for you to explore and integrate into your current lesson plan for teaching parts of speech. A visual coding system referred to as shape coding is used to teach the more complex grammatical structures and verb morphology. Building on previous work (Lea, 1970; Bryan, 1997), the shape coding system uses colors for parts of speech and shapes for coding phrases according to position and role in sentences.…. [read more]

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