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Stakeholder Approach to Corporate Responsibility Research Paper

… d.)

On a more general level, there are various proposals and studies on reinventing the corporation, requiring federal charters for corporations, or adding a social responsibility amendment to the U.S. Constitution to require corporations to prove that their activities serve the common good. Legally, such proposals will gather little momentum as long as corporate activities are perceived as providing social goods, that is, jobs or new and useful products, while at the same time not producing excessive social harms, that is, pollution, or socially suspect messages or harmful products. In the meantime, business managers may beneficially consider non-shareholder constituencies. Their motivation for doing so may be pragmatic, that is promoting the long-term well-being of the company, or they may be normative, that is meeting the…. [read more]

Shareholder Protection Companies Act 2006 Essay

… Shareholder Protection

Companies Act 2006 and shareholder protection

What constitutes unfair prejudice?

The tests of unfairness

Creditor protection

Ashfords (2010). Guide to Unfair Prejudice Against Shareholders

Minority Shareholder Solutions (2012).Test of Unfairness.

The corporate constitution in the UK has seen several changes as a result of the adoption of the Companies Act 2006 (Manfield, 2006).The changes affects all forms of corporate engagements within the UK corporate sector. In this paper, we critically evaluate the changes introduced to the corporate constitution by the Companies Act 2006 with particular reference to the balance between shareholder and creditor protection.

The corporate constitution in the UK has seen several changes as a result of the adoption of the Companies Act 2006 (Manfield, 2006).The changes affects all forms of…. [read more]

Stakeholder Relations and Financial Performance Term Paper

… Stakeholders Relations and Financial Performance

Stakeholders and corporations are intertwined in many ways. On one hand, corporations exist because of the presence of stakeholders and on the other hand, stakeholders stand to gain or lose from the actions and performance of corporations. Friedman and Miles (2006), have categorized stakeholders into five groups and they are shareholders, customers, suppliers and distributors, employees and local communities. These stakeholders affect all aspects of a corporation's operations and in turn, are affected by its performance.

Stakeholders include shareholders as well as non-shareholders who have a stake in the good performance of a company like employees and suppliers. It is the duty of the CEOs and other managerial personnel to balance the needs of various stakeholder groups and come up…. [read more]

Shareholder and Stakeholder Values Term Paper

… Shareholder and Stakeholder Values

It makes sense for our modern world to have a foundation of a market-based economy because there are inherent conditions in the competitive market system that efficiently helps to meet the needs of consumers. These are not modern inventions or recent revelations. Adam Smith held concepts based on an invisible hand which was suggested as early as 1776 in the classic work An Enquiry into the Nature and Causes of the Wealth of Nations. These insights still hold true.

There is no apparent conflict between the business community attempting to maximize shareholder value and maximizing stakeholder or social values. In a sense, we could say that maximizing one inadvertently helps us attain the other. Corporations and businesses can do well in…. [read more]

Stakeholders Is Any Company Essay

… A recent study showed that "value creation for stakeholders might feature…respective and shared business models" (Bolton, Nie, 2010, p. 701) which it could be argued was exactly why these stakeholders had invested in AIG in the first place. Though shareholders can be considered internal stakeholders with a strong voice on the direction of the company, in AIG's case, this did not seem so.

The two primary political parties in America were, and continue to be, stakeholders in this situation as well. Both parties could and did exert inordinate amounts of influence on how AIG was to be managed, who would benefit from the bailouts, and who would take the blame for the catastrophe. That each party, and individuals from each party, attempted to use the…. [read more]

Stakeholder Management Nike Inc. (NYSE: Nke) Term Paper

… Stakeholder Management

Nike Inc. (NYSE: NKE) is a marketer of athletic footwear and apparel based in suburban Portland, Oregon. As a large and diversified company, Nike has a wide range of stakeholders, both internal and external. Key internal stakeholders include the shareholders, management, in-house employees, and endorsers. External stakeholders include suppliers, the employees of suppliers, customers, wholesale and retail channels, competitors, the community and governments. This paper will examine the degree to which Nike meets the needs of these stakeholders. Nike is a good example of a company that believes that success is equated with meeting the needs of its stakeholders.

Internal stakeholders

The most important internal stakeholder of Nike is the shareholders. Executives and managers are agents of the shareholders, and work to meet…. [read more]

Values and Ethics Term Paper

… Values and Ethics

Values, morals, and ethics are part of a system on which people base their conduct related to themselves or other people. Their actions are based on this code of conduct that incorporates a series of values, morals, and ethics that people consider to be the most suitable for them and for the situations they are confronting with.

The set of values that a person chooses to follow helps one make decisions about right and wrong, and figure out which decisions have greater or lesser importance and implications. Values are considered to be more personal and specific than morals and ethics.

Morals are more generally accepted. They refer to a wider range of actions. Mainly, morals tend to bring to attention right and…. [read more]

Stakeholder Conflicts Term Paper

… Stakeholder Conflicts

Publicly traded company in financial distress: Krispy Kreme

Not so long ago, Krispy Kreme was a dominant regional brand in the doughnut market of the Southern United States. The company has since expanded its outreach to an international clientele. Unfortunately, in recent years, the company has failed to show strong earnings and shareholder returns, particularly compared with its primary rival Dunkin' Doughnuts. Krispy Kreme has not been able to expand its product line in a significant way, such as including specialty coffee beverages, and there has been a declining demand for doughnuts.

Debt holder vs. shareholder conflicts

Shareholders or owners of company stock wish for the company to maximize its revenue and share these profits with its owners. Debt holders wish the company…. [read more]

Shareholder Activism in the Churches Term Paper

… The admonition is one that "churches in many countries" took as a serious matter and thereby were "engaging directly and often courageously in the costly struggle for human rights." (Clement, 1998) The theological basis that supports that stated by the Nairobi Assembly is widely accepted. Stated by the Nairobi Assembly is that:

'All human beings are created in God's image, equal, infinitely precious in God's sight and ours ... "

Clement (1998) relates that "globalization" has become the "catch-all term for a host of ills of present-day society." In the post-Cold War period the reemergence of religion as a primary important factor in the politics, policies and actions on a national level that has been manipulated greatly. (Clement, 1998)

V. The Links that Exists Between…. [read more]

Relationship Between Stakeholders and Corporations and CSR Corporate Social Responsibility Research Paper

… Business Theory

Relationship between Stakeholders, Corporations and Corporate Social Responsibility

Businesses around the world are under pressure with a new function, which is to meet the needs of the present generation without compromising the capability of the next generations to meet their own needs. Companies are being called upon to take accountability for the ways their operations impact societies and the natural environment. They are also being asked to apply sustainability philosophies to the manners in which they carry out their business. Sustainability refers to a company's actions, usually considered charitable, that show the insertion of social and environmental concerns in business opera-tions and in associations with stakeholders (D'Amato, Henderson & Florence, 2009).

It is no longer suitable for a corporation to experience financial prosperity…. [read more]

Powerful Stakeholder Policy to Prevent Term Paper

… They need to think how the ecosystem cost will impact to the long-term financial goal of the company. However, when decision is made, it should not be addressed into how the environmental investment will benefit the company, but how this will accommodate the sustainable resources and allow the earth to keep out of the industrial consequences.


Camill, Phil. Dec 15, 1999. The Deforestation of the Amazon: A Case Study in Understanding Ecosystems and Their Value. Department of Biology Carleton College., 2002).

De Leon, R. And White A.T. 1997. Mangrove Resources Decline in the Philippines: Government and Community Look For New Solutions. Intercoast Network Newsletter. Special Edition # 1.

Demosthenous, M. June 20, 2000. The Social Responsibility of Business: A Review. School of Commerce.…. [read more]

Financial Stakeholders in a Business Essay

… It illustrates that the costs of total variables increases directly as the businesses increases its production (Dawkins, 2007).

The total cost line refers to the sum of the total variable costs and the total fixed costs. It parallels the line of total variable cost, though it starts at the level of the total fixed cost line. The total income is the gross value of the production output. It is indicated as the dotted line, beginning at the lower left of the diagram and slants upwards. At any given juncture, the total income line will be equivalent to the number of produced units multiplied by the unit price (Zelman, 2012). The break-even-point is represented by the intersection of the total income line and the total cost…. [read more]

Managing All Stakeholders Term Paper

… "The absorption of one company by another," Black's adds, "[with] the former losing its legal identity, and latter retaining its own name and identity and acquiring assets, liabilities, franchises, and powers of former, and absorbed company ceasing to exist as separate business entity" (p. 988).

In other cases, mergers and takeovers have appeared to be the result of opportunists looking for the quick profit; however, the consolidation of the highly complementary assets and resources of both of these giants will create some clear advantages for everyone concerned. Nevertheless, just as bigger may not mean better, merger may not mean advantage. In his chapter, "Technology Strategy: Collaborative Mode, V.K. Narayanan says that from a strategic viewpoint, collaborative mode is undertaken by firms when the economics of…. [read more]

Business Shareholder Value in Organizations: Critical Response Term Paper

… Business

Shareholder Value in Organizations: Critical Response

The primary goal of an organization should be to maximize stakeholder value, not simply shareholder value. Firms do have an obligation to shareholders, one that is high. However all members of an organization are equally important to an organizations bottom line. When a firm respects the needs of stakeholders equitably rather than holds one group of stakeholders expectations higher than another, that organization is more likely to realize long-term financial success than one that holds the interests of certain stakeholders over others.

Firm's have a responsibility to the organization itself, to all stakeholders and the environment. A firm's interest in maximizing shareholder value does not conflict with their responsibility to other stakeholders and the environment when all stakeholders…. [read more]

Cisco Began Its Acquisition Spree Essay

… 3. As noted, the three elements (1, 3, and 5) that relate to the rapid and smooth integration process are all internally consistent. Cisco's expansion during this period was focused on multiple significant acquisitions every year, and the desire to make Cisco a very large company, able to meet the needs of other very large companies. With this vision, Cisco knew that it needed a lot of acquisitions and flowing from that these acquisitions needed to be integrated into the company very quickly.

Examining elements 1, 3 and 5, it is evident that all three of these support the ability of Cisco to integrate the acquisitions quickly and easily. Cartwright and Cooper (1993) noted that cultural compatibility is essential to successful merger and acquisition activity.…. [read more]

Corporate Governance and Ethical Responsibility Essay

… DoRight should have taken measures to oversee that the illegal practices and negligence on the part of the medical practitioners did not continue.

Utilitarianism Principle and its Application to the Ethical Dilemma of Dr. Do Right

Utilitarianism is constituted on the power to anticipate the outcomes of an action. Ridley A., 1998.

To a Utilitarian the option that bears the greatest welfare to the most people is the ethically correct choice. The benefit emanating from this theory is that a proponent can evaluate similar solutions predicated and use that which, in his/her evaluation, yields the most benefits to the most people.

Utilitarianism is based on rationality and logic to arrive at a solution that yields most benefits to the most people Ridley A., 1998.

In…. [read more]

Five Forces and Value Chain Essay

… Competitive Position

At present, NxStage has a relatively weak competitive position. Too small and lacking in distinctiveness to challenge the major players in the institutional market, the company has pursued the home dialysis market, where it is virtually unchallenged. However, there are structural issues with respect to payers in particular that limit the growth potential of this market. Therefore, it is important for the company to find growth via other means if the size of its market is not going to grow much. With this difficult competitive position, NxStage either needs to expand the size of its own market, or begin to challenge the major players in their institutional market.

The optimal strategy is probably to take advantage of the changes in the regulator environment…. [read more]

Company Mission, Vision, and Stakeholders Essay

… Planet

The company seeks to be a responsible citizen and make a difference by supporting and helping in the building of sustainable communities.


Coca Cola seeks to maximize its returns in the end to the shareholders as well as be mindful in its overall responsibilities.


Its mission is to be highly effective and a fast-moving company


The company has a winning culture that defines the behaviors and attitudes that are required its vision of 2020 a reality


The chief objectives ensure that the company is universally recognized as a corporation conducting its business ethically and responsibly whilst experiencing sustainable growth (Coca Cola, 2010).


The company's goals are to assess the vulnerabilities of the value and quantity of the water sources…. [read more]

Corporate Social Action of Mcdonald Business Plan

… iii. Society:

The society as a whole represents the individuals, entities, and environment that take a direct or indirect impact from the actions and strategies of business corporations. Today, McDonald's, KFC, Wendy's International, Burgers King, Pizza Hut, etc. are the leading fast food corporations in the world. Whatever tactic or strategy they adopt for the success of their businesses in the short run or long run has an impact on the society in which they operate. In this particular case, if McDonald's transforms its existing spicy and high-calorie fast food product line into a healthier and more hygienic product line, the society will observe some significant changes in the consumers' consumption patterns, health statistics, environmental dynamics, etc. (Environmental Action, 10).

First of all, the fast…. [read more]

Hyatt Value IPO Journey Book Essay

… Although, the book value is different from market value, however, the book value often influences changes in the market values. Since many sophisticated investors consider book value as the tangible information before investing in a company, book value could also be viewed as the value of the company assets listed in the balance sheet. Meanwhile, the book value per share is also calculated as follows:

Book Value per Share = (Shareholders' Equity - Preferred Equity) / Total Outstanding Common Shares

According to Wadhwani, (2010), IPO event is the starting point by which an organization employs to deliver values to the stakeholders in order to enjoy continuous patronage of the public. Since Hyatt Corporation has initiated its IPO in 2009, the company has been able to…. [read more]

Business Society and Corporate Values Essay

… Case 18 - American Red Cross (ARC)

The organizational structure and compensation at ARC has not had a strong enough impact on fostering ethical behavior among chief executives there. There's not enough transparency; it's far too easy for corruption to take over and there's too much compensation available for top executives, making a culture of greed far too easy to takeover. For instance a story on the ARC developed by CBS lists the following problems as indicative of a flawed organizational structure and compensation: "the fundraiser in Louisiana caught padding her own bank account with donations; the manager in Pennsylvania who embezzled to support her own crack cocaine habit; and the executive in Maryland who forged signatures on purchase orders meant for disaster victims" (Ferrell…. [read more]

Marketing Value Essay

… For instance the Asian and African market they will direct more of the off-road vehicles than those countries with good road networks.

The market orientation also gives a lot of room for the flexibility of the business in line with the demand patterns that may prevail at a given time and keep changing from time to time.

The other advantage is that under this orientation there is a higher possibility of new products to succeed than in any other types of orientation like the product and customer orientations.

However, there are some setbacks or disadvantages that can come with the marketing orientation in an organization, including;

There are usually high costs of market research that are footed by the organizations that chose this orientation in…. [read more]

Bancolombia: Talent, Culture, and Value Case Study

… It was a monopolistic market structure of mortgage market in which Conavia operated successfully. With 257 offices and 3977 employees, the company held 19.3% market share of mortgage with provision of 55% of funds in mortgage credit market and 35% in commercial loans. The company was 'people oriented' with due importance given to customers as well as the staff.


With its establishment in 1993, Confinsura was only dealing in financial services provision to large and corporate clients. Credit line, financial services, treasury management, and investment as well as stock market operations were main service concerns of the company. With little share in the assets market prior to the integration, the joint company achieved 47% of the assets market share in Colombia.

2.2 Change leader…. [read more]

Personal, Organizational, and Cultural Values Term Paper

… Many companies believe that mergers and acquisitions are a key means for growth. By combining, companies may gain market share, new markets, a wider range of product offerings, control over the supply chain, and cost efficiencies. It isn't just being bigger that matters; greater capacity to compete effectively can create greater shareholder value. (Walker & Price, 2000, p. 1)

In both the relatively small example of my own seasonal part-time tax preparation workplace dilemma, and the much larger one of IBM's merging HDD facility, it seems to me that corporate actions and attitudes, although perhaps understandable, even to a lower-level employee, from a strictly "bottom line" perspective, were in both cases, although for different reasons, less than ethical. There are few if any "good" solutions…. [read more]

Ethics, Values, Social Responsibility Bailout Essay

… Also, these bailout frauds by banks further had implications on the private sector and general public as well. The financial aid was basically intended for clearing up the bad debts that the bad mortgages had caused and assisting the housing market in turn, which was the basic causative agent for this economic bubble in the first place. Due to this bubble burst, the housing market which was initially overvalued and was pushing consumer to invest more without having ability to invest, was revealed. Thousands of people lost their jobs due to market crunch and also their assets and savings. Where banks had a social responsibility of playing role in restoring the private sector which would have served the economy in the longer-run, the private sector…. [read more]

Organization Dividends Why Company Pay Essay

… 10) =$99. Moreover, this means that there will be ($242-$99) =$143 for the initial stockholders. On this case the value of dividends that each stakeholder will receive is:

$200/1.10 +$143 / (1.10)2 = $300

This means that each share of the company is worth ($300/100) =$3.

The above information and calculations demonstrates that a higher dividend cannot make a stock more valuable.

4. In term of, Clientele Effect:

• Some investors prefer low dividend payouts and will buy stock in those companies that offer low dividend payouts

• Some investors prefer high dividend payouts and will buy stock in those companies that offer high dividend payouts

a) What is the clientele effect, and how does it affect dividend policy relevance?

b) What do you think…. [read more]

Corporate Governance as Some Queries Term Paper

… These bodies render the structure for setting-up 'stakeholder council' as stated by Guthrie & Turnbull and Turnbull. Hill & Jones have made on the effort of Jensen & Meckling to identify the inherent as well as the overt contractual associations in an organization to build up 'Stakeholder-Agency Theory'. The interdependence among an organization and its strategic shareholders is identified by the American Law Institute that states: The present corporation by its character makes interdependences with various groups with whom the corporation possess a legal apprehension like employee, suppliers, customers, and the associations of the communities within which the corporation functions.' (Cadbury, 1998)

Shareholder opinion as well as ownership as proposed by Porter and Blair can be offered by're-inventing' the notion of an organization as suggested…. [read more]

Employees as Benefactors of Corporate Research Paper

… A glance at Target's 2012 CSR statement (2013) reveals a company earning over $73 billion in revenue during fiscal year 2012 (p. 4), while still contributing over $4 million weekly to local communities (p. 85). This represents 5% of profits, which places Target solidly within the pro-CSR camp. The majority of contributions went to fund education initiatives and programs, such as reading proficiency. The more than $200 million contributed in 2012 represents a portion of the $777 million total donated so far by Target to education. In 2012, employees also volunteered close to 700,000 hours to community projects.

The CSR philosophy adopted by Target was not based on a knee-jerk memo circulated around management, but represents an intentional decision designed to place the corporation in…. [read more]

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