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Fern Hill (Dylan Thomas) Research Paper

… The imagery of "shining" and "praise" dramatize an older person's is gracious in giving to life.

"And honoured among foxes and pheasants by the gay house / under the new made clouds and happy as the heart was long / in the sun born over and over / I ran my heedless ways / my wishes raced through the house high hay / and nothing I cared, at my sky blue trades, that time allows / in all his tuneful turning so few and such morning songs / before the children green and golden / follow him out of grace…"

Earlier the speaker posited that the sun is just young once, but in this verse the sun is born "over and over" (imagery reflects the…. [read more]

Sherman Alexie's Poetry Research Paper

… Sherman Alexie: The Poetry of the Native American Experience

Sherman Alexie is the most famous Native American writer writing in English today. His style is characterized by an irreverence that masks a much more serious intention. Of Alexie's work, it has been said: "A reader enters the land of MTV and renascent AIM: a cartoon Pocahontas meets Beavis and Butt-head at the forest's edge, Sitting Bull takes on Arnold Schwarzenegger at Wounded Knee '73. The Last Real Indian has a few last words" (Lincoln, "Futuristic hip"). Alexie's work is deliberately designed to undercut stereotypes of Native Americans. His fierce intelligence and modernity belies the concept that Indians are somehow primitive; his fluid use of contemporary references makes a bold claim that Indians are anything but…. [read more]

Poetry Has Often Been an Innocuous Demand Term Paper

… Poetry has often been an innocuous demand of social and political change, as it can be quickly developed and then easily smuggled out of any situation in the coat pocket of the writer or another, or even written years later in memory of an event or situation, where life and/or liberty has been lost. The images that poetry often conveys are as strong as any written in journalistic prose, or they can be stronger. Poetry lends itself to politics almost more than any other form of literature, as it can convey a quip of shocking images and materials that can be approached by the reader as "real" or if not real at least possible and make the reader question his or her authority and knowledge…. [read more]

Superman and Me by Sherman Essay

… "

Each child was surrounded with books in their houses but books by themselves are nothing more than a material possession.

However, it was the content of the books and the culture within the homes that had an appreciation for them that was truly the source of value in these writers' childhoods. Eudora's mother read to her constantly as a child. "She'd read to me in the big bedroom in the mornings…She'd read to me in the diningroom on winter afternoons in front of the coal fire…at night when I'd got in my own bed…sometimes she read to me in the kitchen while she sat churning (Welty)." By contrast, Sherman didn't have the same direct contact with his parents as they read to him. Rather…. [read more]

Walker, Baldwin, Alexie -- Short Stories Essay

… Walker, Baldwin, Alexie -- Short Stories

From Homer's Iliad to a modern day short story, the theme of place, background, and roots of the author plays a predominant role in the way the story is written, its intended audience, and the manner in which the characters interact to form something real for the audience. The idea of place, not just the temporal "now," but of background often tells us as much about the writer and characterizations as does dialog. Indeed, using place as an implicit background brings a number of messages and ideas into the work that are transparent without understanding the background of the author or the main character (Obsfeltd, 2002). Three such short stories that have characters inexorably tied to their place --…. [read more]

Fighting the Self in Sherman Alexie's "The Lone Ranger and Tonto Fistfight in Heaven Essay

… They'd been expecting me back since the day I left for Seattle" (Alexie). However, because the narrator left to go to college and seemed to be heading on a path to success (he was a notable basketball player in his youth), there is also a sense of a letdown, even amongst the most cynical members of the tribe. "I was special, a former college student, a smart kid. I was one of those Indians who was supposed to make it, to rise above the rest of the reservation like a fucking eagle or something. I was the new kind of warrior" (Alexie). But the narrator does not even apply for a job upon returning to the reservation and instead simply, aimlessly, shoots baskets although he…. [read more]

Flight Sherman Alexie Essay

… Flight

Time Travel as Character Formation in Sherman Alexie's Flight

"Do you really think I'd become some sort of asshole citizen if I wore a tie and shiny shoes?" This is one of the first things that the main character of Sherman Alexie's latest novel, Flight, says to the social worker in response to her continuing psychobabble and superficial show of interest in his life, and it gives a pretty good idea of his character right from the outset. Zits, as this protagonist identifies himself to the reader, has much in common with other of Alexie's protagonists -- he is fatherless, an Indian (though Zits is not a "legal" Indian due to his father's abandonment, and throughout the novel he witnesses extraordinary levels of violence…. [read more]

Decentralization and Marginalization: Browning, Heaney, and Alexie Term Paper

… " The most surprising aspects of this poem, those that "decentralize" the speaker's status into a marginal one (i.e., madman; cold-blooded murderer; even sexual sadist) are that (1) the speaker believes murdering his wife was justified; and (2) he feels no remorse for murdering her.

Similarly, in Heaney's "Punishment," a woman has been punished for adultery committed sometime in the past. As the speaker of this poem states:

Little adulteress, before they punished you were flaxen-haired,

undernourished, and your tar-black face was beautiful. (Lines 3-27)

However, unlike Browning's speaker in "The Last Duchess," Heaney's speaker within "Punishment" is brimming with emotions, and these are clearly spawned by the speaker's sense of his own, associated, complicity in the hanged woman's death. The dead woman's "crime," the…. [read more]

Comedy and Culture in U.S. Literature and Society Essay

… Moore Flight

Sincerity, Sarcasm, and Distance: Commonalities in Lorrie Moore's "How to Become a Writer" and Sherman Alexie's Flight

Write what you know. There is probably no more common adage in the world of creative writing, whether it be fiction, journalism, or any other genre that forces the imagination to squeeze out words and meanings in new and hopefully startling ways. In fiction and poetry, and increasingly (for better or for worse, and probably the latter) this does not, of course, mean to only write the truth, or at least not the concrete and objective kind of truth that we are still trying to convince ourselves exists, but to write from a perspective that is sincere in conveying true ideas. Tim O'Brien summed it up…. [read more]

House Made of Dawn Term Paper

… He has chosen the violent mode of killing white folks of the town, and thereafter scalping them, a ritual practiced in the olden days when the Red Indians scalped their enemies as evidence of their triumphant deed as they chose to call it. Furthermore, as another proof of his crime, this Indian serial killer leaves behind feathers as a show of defiance for his people. The same city where the Indian serial killer is on the loose, there also exists Marie, an Indian social worker helping the homeless of Seattle, and at the same time refraining from accepting her family's ties to the reservation and their desire to remain committed to their ancestral culture. The mystery writer Jack Wilson is yet another controversial character of…. [read more]

Ten Little Indians Term Paper

… ¶ … Indians

Diverted desire in Ten Little Indians

The name of the short story collection Ten Little Indians by Sherman Alexie takes its name from a politically incorrect children's nursery rhyme also made famous by Agatha Christie's drawing room mystery novel of the same name. Like the nursery rhyme, in Christie's novel, the guests are mysteriously eliminated, one by one, in bloody and ingenious fashions. Sherman Alexie's tales attempt to eliminate stereotypes about Indians, one by one, by depicting Indians who are Republicans, who work in eccentric occupation in Alexie's native Seattle like forest rangers, who are failed high school athletes, and even 'mixed breeds' who are more African-American affiliated than tied to their native past. However, in this collection of short stories, which…. [read more]

Importance of Humanities Term Paper

… ¶ … Humanities

Even with the fact that humanities have generally shaped their understanding of life as a whole, many individuals are unable to understand the important role that they played across time and today. People unknowingly receive significant information during their lives as a result of the fact that they have access to humanities. As a result of coming across humanities-related topics, individuals are probable to experience success in a series of domains ranging from poetry to business and warfare. The expression "walk a mile in one's shoes" applies perfectly when considering humanities, taking into account that an individual can actually learn how it would be to experience such an event as a result of being provided with information through studying the humanities.

When…. [read more]

Individual Knowledge and Power 19th Essay

… I read with equal parts joy and desperation. I loved those books, but I also knew that love had only one purpose. I was trying to save my life" (Alexie "Superman and Me"). On the road to individual knowledge and power, Alexie discovered the importance of taking responsibility for one's social status, emotional health, and economic position: while acting self-reliantly may not be able to change present circumstances, present choices and decisions do significantly impact future circumstances. Thereby, Alexie's declaration of self-reliance in the face of fear and uncertainty artfully shows that through the proactive use of individual knowledge, one achieves ever greater power.

While self-awareness and self-reliance are resources in the human preoccupation with knowledge and power, being able to adapt to changing times…. [read more]

Element of Literature Theme or Conflict Essay

… ¶ … Conflict

The Theme of Freedom in Three Works

What is freedom and how does it arrive? This challenging question has been answered in various ways through literature as well as philosophy. It remains a stable concern for every new generation of thinkers and for each new situation tackled in literary works. Narratives and poems have suggested alternative arrangements of this theme and have drawn attention to different conflicts involved in its resolution. Kate Chopin's "The Story of an Hour" views freedom as liberation for self-assertion against social bondage that comes through chance outside circumstances. Robert Frost's poem "The Road Not Taken" positions freedom as an internal choice one makes every moment that is based on rising fateful encounters. Raymond Carver's "Cathedral" takes the…. [read more]

Human Suffering Term Paper

… The poem ends with uncertainty, and implies the continuous subjection of the speaker to his father's abuse, bringing once again the uncertainty that the speaker felt at the initial part of the story: "You beat time on my head

With a palm caked hard by dirt / Then waltzed me off to bed..." Evidently, human suffering through physical abuse is effectively illustrated in "My Papa's Waltz" through imagery and symbolism.

Lastly, the play "Hamlet" by William Shakespeare is an effective narrative of the life of Prince Hamlet as he experiences emotional turmoil because of his father's death. The play displays human suffering because Shakespeare uses Hamlet's character as torn between avenging for his father's murder and implicating his mother and stepfather, his immediate family, in…. [read more]

Guys History Homework Book Review

… Although such fascination with works of literature has become somewhat cliche at this point, I had a definite hard time putting down The Great Gatsby and was really compelled to find out what happens next. This is in large part to the way that Carraway has chosen to tell the tale. The sense of mystery with which he surrounds Gatsby, his intentions and his fortune is masterful on the part of Fitzgerald. His rendering of the character of Gatsby plays into this element well. In the beginning of the story Gatsby seems every bit the eccentric weirdo that compels people from all around to attend his venues.

Another really enjoyable aspect about this novel is the fact that it is written about young people and…. [read more]

Raymond Carver's Short Story "The Cathedral Term Paper

… Raymond Carver's short story "The Cathedral" discusses with regard to how the majority of people are inclined to express ignorance concerning other people's experiences. Furthermore, the story emphasizes that it is especially easy for someone to believe that society's perspective is the correct perspective. The narrator constantly tries to justify his behavior and his thinking by relating to how it is perfectly normal for him to do so. As a consequence, readers are likely to accept that social acceptance can influence some individuals to lose their personal identity and their connection with themselves.

The narrator's wife has a tumultuous background and this makes it difficult for the narrator to host one of her old friends into his house. In spite of the fact that the…. [read more]

Multiculturalism Am Lit Multiculturalism in American Literature Questionnaire

… Multiculturalism Am Lit

Multiculturalism in American Literature

America has long considered itself a cultural "melting pot," drawing immigrants from all over the world to the freedoms and opportunities of the first modern democracy. The canon of American literature, however, was for many decades (centuries, in truth) exclusively the realm of authors (primarily men) that were of European ancestry and descent and that wrote from perspectives that seemed to be an accepted part of American society, even in works critical of that society. Increasingly, however, the concept of American literature has expanded to include the true multiculturalism of the United States. This has to do in part with the increased prominence and acceptance of immigrant and minority cultures by publishers and the public, and also with…. [read more]

Werewolf, Harrison Bergeron Essay

… Though this moment, when the girl realizes the truth, is the major twist, the story is not done confronting the reader's assumptions about the story and continues on so that the very thing that identifies the hand as the girl's grandmother's ultimately serves to facilitate her demise. The wart on the hand is taken to be a "witch's nipple" by the neighbors, who proceed to beat and stone the grandmother to death (Carter 2011). By subverting the reader's assumptions regarding the story of Little Red Riding Hood, "The Werewolf" forces the reader to consider narrative conventions regarding admiration and exaltation of the elderly, especially considering that the story ends with the little girl taking over her dead grandmother's house, where "she prospered" (Carter 2011).

Of…. [read more]

Jericho Brown and Claude Mckay Term Paper

… Art, literature, music, dance, and poetry were forms that began the conversation -- or demanded a social and political agenda from a cultural one -- about the injustices experienced by blacks in America. Poetry, a window to the inner lives of African-Americans, found traction with members of the growing black middle class, and the doors of university English Literature departments in major cities were edged open (Gates). In the voice of Claude McKay, change found a springboard. Subsequent generations of black poets found their voices, and racial prejudice in America was visibly confronted on a national basis for the first time.


Brown, Jericho. (n.d.) Crossroads, New American Poets, Poet Society of America, Retrieved March 2, 2011, from

Clyde McKay. (n.d.), Academy of…. [read more]

Wars, Cruel and Dramatic Experiences, Became Ineffaceable Essay

… ¶ … Wars, cruel and dramatic experiences, became ineffaceable earmarks in our collective memory. The tragedy, the unimagined statistics of victims, the eyesore of the war and the darkened cloak of death are attributes of those periods of warfare which have terrified the entire world and the generations about to come with the dimensions of the conflict. It is difficult for us, who have been blessed not to be contemporaries with such events, to imagine a whole world living under terror. The Wars expanded from a continent to another, leaving no uncovered way: the air, the water and the ground seemed to be doomed, the conflict seemed to continue endlessly and the feeling of fear to never go away.

Within this frame of despair and…. [read more]

Benjamin Franklin Essay

… One point of contention was the identification of Ben as the author of the famed "Silence Dogood" letters. When Ben was apprenticed at his brother's newspaper, James refused to allow his brother to write for the paper. To circumvent his relative, the younger Franklin wrote editorials to the Franklin paper under the aforementioned alias (Quick). Through Silence, Ben Franklin could expound on all of the societal dilemmas he witnessed. When it became known who the true author of these articles was, the elder Franklin was quite furious with his brother. James Franklin was doubly concerned that the fame of being identified as Silence Dogood would make Benjamin immodest and big-headed (Cook 2). This is used as both an anecdote from the life and as a…. [read more]

Maya Deren: An Experimental Life Term Paper

… Deren's use of temporal and spatial dislocations, trance-like states and the expressive and ritualistic spirit of dance make it one of the highpoints of her film work. (5) This film is a dance, but it is also a social statement about the ritual role of women.

Beginning with three women performing household rituals, one young, one middle-age (played by Maya), and one older woman. The younger female then enters a party, where the actions of the people are choreographed in an unending waltz. A man approaches the young female, and the world changes. They are outside, and he pursues her. She runs from him. To escape him, she walks into the water until she is submerged. As she floats down, she is seen in a…. [read more]

Evolution of the Female Figure in Arthurian Research Paper

… Evolution of the female figure in Arthurian literature is characterized foremost by stagnancy and a narrowness of personage. While Arthurian authors are gifted at describing many of the female characters in vivid, memorable terms that make many of them seem like ethereal goddesses; a one dimensionality persists in their character, regardless of whether they are considered morally good or morally bankrupt according to the codes of the Arthurian realm. The female characters created demonstrate how in Arthurian literature heroism belongs chiefly to men, and that beauty, or more aptly flawed beauty, is a trait most immediately connected to women as medieval literature often uses a lady's beauty as a means of confirming that she has a strong moral character (Schaus, 79). The reverse is also…. [read more]

Pills in Sherwood Anderson Essay

… The narrator compares Doctor Reefy's gnarled hands to the twisted apples of Winesburg, Ohio, which in turn are compared to the bits of paper stuffed into the doctor's pockets. For a brief time, the doctor's wife is able to unfurl the bits of paper, learning their contents while simultaneously softening and untwisting the Doctor himself. Her death, however, causes the doctor to turn evermore inwards, so that both he and the paper pills are never able to sustain the fulfillment achieved in the performance of reading the contents of the paper pills aloud. The story highlights the necessity of an audience for any expression, because it is the reception which ultimately gives that expression meaning. Otherwise, it just gets stuffed into a pocket and thrown…. [read more]

Themes in Chretien De Troy's Perceval Term Paper

… Perceval

The Arthurian legends may seem truly British in origin, but they began as a literary form in the twelfth century with traveling minstrels who told stories of heroism, usually built in the exploits of the French king Charlemagne, or Charles the Great (742-814 a.D.). Another group of stories was known as the Matter of Rome, and these stories included tales from both Rome and Ancient Greece about the period before the siege of Troy. The third group of stories was known as the Matter of Britain. These stories grew in popularity during the twelfth century, and the tales told of the lives of King Arthur and Queen Guinevere, of their magnificent castle at Camelot, of Merlin the Magician, and of the Round Table and…. [read more]

Symbolism in Literature. Author Nathan Term Paper

… We can either live in the gloom of the past and its pain or we can look forward with hope and optimism to the tomorrows of our future and view it with anticipation. The House of Seven Gables was written in such a manner that the reader could easily decipher the author's beliefs by reading between the lines. Good vs. evil, light vs. dark and happiness vs. misery are rampant theme, which weave himself or herself throughout the fabric of the book. Symbolism stays with the reader long after the book is closed and the messages are taken to heart.

The symbolism in this particular story keeps with the authors well-known belief that there was good and evil and they were often pitted against one…. [read more]

Native American Expressive Culture Term Paper

… Native American Expressive Culture

The Native American tradition can be seen as an evolving cultural tradition that encompasses countless expressions of creativity, from many varied cultures and expressions of culture. Native American cultural expression has been at various times subverted and reformed. During the 19th century and into the 20th century there was a large movement to force assimilation of Native Americans, in white English speaking culture.


Allison, and Vining 193) the circumstances of this change were developed as a series of boarding schools, where children were taken from their homes and subjected to English only learning environments, where they were barred from speaking in their native languages and barred for the most part from participating in Native American cultural expressions.

Spack 120) This…. [read more]

Tale as Told Essay

… al. 14). Moreover, the theme of hope in the justice system as depicted by the ending, where eventually, Sykes manages to win the case against the white and his reaction towards his wife's eloping with another woman. He feels it is liberation for him at the end, and thus he does not regret the wife running away with another man. There is also the theme of materialism, which is the center of today's marriages as people marry others for materialistic security. In addition, the behavior of the white man to want the bar of Sykes indicates materialism.

The characters in the story are Sykes, who is a loving, hardworking and polite husband. He was a rich young man when he married, but later lost his…. [read more]

Works on War Boys Term Paper

… Duong relates the truth of jungle warfare and how badly the soldiers were fed, clothed and treated by their officers. Such descriptions as the building of thousands upon thousands of caskets and the brutal treatment by their enemy -- the Americans -- are painful for anyone to read.

Duong spares no detail of the horror that the main character Quan sees: " ... naked corpses. Women....The soldiers had raped them before killing them....So this was how graceful, girlish bodies rotted...." The women had "a few pieces of red and blue yarn, a few betel nuts. The yarn to tie their hair, the betel nuts to clean their teeth. They must have believed that they would see their men again...." Quan is revolted by the sight…. [read more]

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