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Shook Hands With My New Coworker Term Paper

… ¶ … shook hands with my new coworker, he said, "Hey! Jackie Chan!" I looked around me. At first I honestly did not know what he was talking about. Did he not get my name right? "No, my name is Jonathan," I told him. We stopped shaking hands and then it hit me. I'm Asian. My coworker was probably trying to break the ice and find common ground with someone he obviously viewed as an alien, because I look nothing like Jackie Chan. Jackie Chan became our common ground: an Asian media hero who like Judith Ortiz Cofer's Evita or Maria symbolizes the dominant culture's stereotypes of non-white cultures. Jackie Chan is the Asian man's cartoon, the caricature that many members of the dominant culture…. [read more]

Communication Experiences Nonverbal vs. Verbal Term Paper

… Communication Experiences: Nonverbal vs. Verbal

Can See What You're Thinking

Role as Employee

The communicative situation entails that I entered my employer's office in my capacity as employee. In terms of space, the office was arranged in a fixed manner, with the employer's desk and chair close to the far wall, and the visitor's chairs at a fixed distance from the desk. When I entered, the employer made eye contact with me, and both of us maintained this more or less during the whole meeting. This inspired confidence in me, and thus I spoke in an even, confident voice throughout, which in turn resulted in my employer giving me his undivided attention by listening actively. The between channel redundancy (BCR) was thus complete for both…. [read more]

Confession of the Heart Thesis


There is no fear in love, but perfect love casts out fear.

My Dearest Chesca,

When you read this letter, "my heart's confession," I hope you read it with an open mind and heart. I have to let you know how I really feel; so thank you for reading what I write. Your reading this means a lot to me. Until now, I have not been able to find the time or the right words to say what I want to say to you. With this letter, you will find a gift I chose for you with a heart full of longing that you open the gift, you will know the feelings I have for you. Before you open the gift,…. [read more]

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