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College Athletics Thesis

… This behavior is destructive and normally results into early ending of the career of the athlete as well as the damage to the image of college. Thus it is recommended that the athlete should be allowed to live in budget that is already too attractive in America. Increasing the payments would be a burden on college while decreasing the payments would mean losing athletes in colleges.


The college athletes often find themselves riding two boats at a time. They are getting education for their better education as well as playing commercial athletics as a profession and career. While this can cost loss of focus to the athletes as a disadvantage, some think double participation in education and sports for the college should earn twice…. [read more]

Athletes in Scandal and Endorsement Essay

… As CNN Money reported recently in an article documenting Woods' fall from his rank as the highest paid athlete endorser in the world, observing that "Woods' scandal cost him several high-profile sponsors, most notably Pepsico's Gatorade, which ended its deal with Woods in February 2010" while also noting that "he also lost partnerships with General Motors' Buick, Proctor and Gamble's Gillette razors, and AT&T" (Isidore, 2012). The same article also calculated that "Woods' estimated endorsement income fell to $54.5 million in 2011 from $60 million in 2010 and $92 million in 2009, the year that ended with his well-publicized sex scandal" (Isidore, 2012), a reduction representing over 40% of the golfer's endorsement-derived income. While many companies decided that Woods' endorsement had lost its previous sense…. [read more]

Should College Athletes Be Paid Research Paper

… ¶ … College Athletes be Paid?

Whether college athletes should or should not be paid has been a subject for debate for many years. As athletes get stronger and more proficient at younger ages, many college athletes are capable of doing what professional athletes can do - and that means they have the opportunity to move up to the "big leagues" after they finish college. Some of them even leave college to pursue professional athletic dreams before they have finished their degrees. They do not see the point of continuing with a degree when they are able to receive hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars per year by playing their sport professionally. If they were paid, would they stay in college instead? Is…. [read more]

College Athletes' Payment Issue Drags Annotated Bibliography

… "Examination of results found that the primary reason advanced by students for supporting payment of athletes was that cheating, in the form of illegal payments, would decline. This indicates that college students believe, or are aware of, frequent illegal payments to athletes and are seeking methods to reduce the level of illegal payments" (Schneider, page 232). Payment to the college athletes should also provide motivational aspect to the sporting activity. Payment would reflect an appreciation of talent and skills of the college athletes thus encourages them to exert more efforts and commitment.

Payment for the college athletes is a growing proposal to solve the issue facing the sporting activities. Minimal trials characterize the solution in the past, but most proposals indicate that payment to college…. [read more]

Should College Athletes Be Paid to Play for Their Term Paper

… College Athletes are not paid for the services they render to their schools: helping their colleges and universities earn scores of dollars each year. Although most college athletes are receiving scholarships, many are not. Some college sports scholarships cover some of the student's tuition expenses but the athlete is left to fend for himself or herself with regards to living expenses, cost of books, and any remaining tuition not covered by the scholarship. Because athletes at the highest caliber of their sport work extra hard, putting in many hours of practice and play time in addition to the work they spend on coursework, few have the time or the opportunity to find a paying job. A paying job would detract from their athletic careers, possibly…. [read more]

Athlete Concerning Intimidation, Eligibility Case Study

… He had to heighten his draft prospect for he had no intentions of going a head in his education which was even known by the coaches. The staffs arranged for Rudy his classes which evident violation of ethical values and he is never been held responsible for his action even after obtaining (DUI) falsely. These were not enough he went and advertise himself in college without considering the other team mates. At the games in the field he gain superstars type calls from referees which was malicious and he was physical in his type of play which was not being permitted to do so.

It is very important that our children are given teaching while they are still in elementary leagues to cub out chances…. [read more]

Marginal Revenue and Over Paid Athletes and Celebrities Term Paper

… Marginal Revenue and Over-Paid athletes and Celebrities

Celebrities both on the screen, entertainment and sport are revenue yielding business attractions. They are recognized as potential revenue creators. The law itself recognizes the rights with regard to the revenue for celebrities. The special economics that centre on the celebrity who has a great public following offers a venue for the celebrity to market the following. The Supreme Court of the United States deciding on the publicity right recognized the importance in terms of fiduciary equations, the celebrity as a marketing proposition. "In Zacchini v. Scripps-Howard Broadcasting," the court examining the right to publicity gave the opinion - "State's interest in permitting a 'right of publicity' is in protecting the proprietary interest of the individual in his…. [read more]

NCAA Division I College Male Football Term Paper

… ¶ … NCAA Division I College Male Football and Basketball Players Receiving Financial Compensation for Playing in Games

Much controversy and disagreement surrounds pay for play for football and basketball players in the NCAA Division I of college sports. And while it does at first thought appear to be something that would not be in the opinion of most intelligent individuals to be what would be called 'best practice' upon conduction of research one finds that there are very good reasons for college players to receive pay for play. One reason is based on the fact that, these players, unlike other scholarship players do not have time for part-time jobs due to the stringent demands placed upon them in relation to training and practice and…. [read more]

Ticket Prices and Athlete Salaries Research Paper

… 167). Although there remains a paucity of timely and relevant studies in this area, these findings are consistent with the studies to date that have shown that the increase in athlete salaries has affected professional sports negatively because they contribute to the growing perception of these players receiving inordinately excessive and even exorbitant sums in return for their efforts, placing their tickets at levels that are no longer affordable for many average consumers (Jozsa & Guthrie, 1999). For instance, these analysts report that, "Escalating ticket prices may have contributed to lower attendance" (Jozsa & Guthrie, 1999, p. 80). In support of these assertions, Jozsa and Guthrie cite the following:

1. NFL ticket prices averaged $36 in the 1996 season; at $25 a seat, the New…. [read more]

College Athlete Pay Term Paper

… Furthermore, while there may be some ancillary social benefits of sports education, such as a dedication to fitness and a deference to authority, the benefits provided by arts education seems more crucial to making a better society.

As just mentioned, there are some benefits to sports programs independent of the money they bring in, with the foremost among them being the celebration and encouragement of physical fitness. However, because this is limited to players on the team, having a sports program does not necessarily encourage physical fitness throughout the entire university community, meaning that even this benefit is not enough to justify maintaining a sports program. Instead, a better solution would be to dissolve the sports program and replace it with a university-wide fitness program,…. [read more]

NCAA Should Give Student Athletes More Benefits Term Paper

… ¶ … college sports and the National College Athletic Association (NCAA). Specifically, it will discuss NCAA benefits to college players and why these benefits should increase. Student athletes who play college sports receive certain benefits from the NCAA for playing. Most receive at least some scholarship money from their school and/or the NCAA, but the NCAA provides other benefits, as well, such as nutrition programs, life skills programs, and safety programs. However, student athletes should receive additional benefits because of the unusual circumstances of their athletic programs, and because college sports are on the increase, and that means more schools are getting more money to spend on sports, and some of that should go to athletes themselves.

Many people think that student athletes receive enough…. [read more]

Analyzing Commercial Real Estate Development Plan a Sports Complex Business Proposal

… Commercial Real Estate Development Plan: A Sports Complex

Services and Facilities

Due to a lack of a properly maintained facility in the U.S., more specifically in DC, Virginia and Maryland region, children are unable to learn and/or even play field hockey. The current state of the structure in use is poor, lacks quality, and is unable to provide children, their parents, or college graduates a true sporting experience. Furthermore, no facilities offer healthy snacks or even fast food to people (Coates & Humphreys, 2003).

The proposed facility will be a complete sports complex that will provide the following for Children, their parents, and any/all participants in the Maryland region, • The sports complex shall be based in Maryland

• The complex will provide better sports…. [read more]

What Should Jobs Be Worth? Term Paper

… Entertainer Compensation

The subject of compensation and who should be earning what is a highly charged subject in the United States and around the world. The subject of who is paid what is dripping heavily from any conversation that relates to labor unions, the pay of company executives, the minimum wages and so forth. However, two job classes that get a particular amount of scrutiny when it comes to the amount of the salaries would be sports athletes and actors or actresses. Indeed, these two types of employees are often paid millions of dollars for what many consider to be a hobby or easy to do. This report shall explore the ethical and social questions about these people being paid what they are and the…. [read more]

Professional Athlete Pay Wages Essay

… Therefore, the regulation of sports teams hiring practices seems ludicrous, especially since higher player salaries do not contribute to higher ticket prices. While it may be reasonable to argue that teachers could be paid more in an effort to attract only the best and brightest, one cannot argue that they should be paid more because professional athletes do. In the same way, limiting athlete pay will do nothing to increase teacher's salaries, because teachers are not competing with professional athletes for the same jobs.


"Alex Rodriguez Statistics and History." (2010). Baseball-Reference. Sports Reference LLC. Retrieved

on November 15, 2010 from:

Chass, M. (2002). Scoring the Big Money. Retrieved on November 15, 2010 from:

Cloutier, N. & Kaufman, D. (2005). "Lesson 3:…. [read more]

Do NOT Pay College Athletes Essay

… Teams are supposed to be united in their quest for victories, not divided by their own self-interests. If college athletics cannot teach players to come together as a team because money is involved, money should probably not be involved at all.

Another con is that paying athletes puts a burden on smaller schools because they will never be able to pay the best athletes to come play on their courts or on their fields. The big schools will attract the top talent just like the big cities attract the top talent in the pro game. It would mean less opportunity for small schools to compete at the national level, and less revenue for them overall as they quickly find themselves unable to make the…. [read more]

Ambush Marketing: Should Tough Rules Term Paper

… These kinds of rulings and rigid stances send "out a very clear message to any company that might be contemplating ambushing the event or its sponsors" no matter what form it takes. "In addition to any damages that they might be liable for, they are now risking jail if they act illegally" (Donaldson, 2002).

Since official sponsors really want to avoid interference with their any of their sponsorship, they would naturally want to or be compelled to lend all athletes and teams their fullest support. This refers to sponsoring sports kits as well in order to avoid labels and tags that are not their property. Preparation of these kits is costly, and in addition to the expenditure on sports kits the other important spending comes…. [read more]

Public Figures Should Not Be Obliged to Act as Role Models Essay

… Public Figures as Role Models

Should Public Figures be Obligated to be Role Models to Young People?

There is an intrinsic desire in people to seek out and imitate others whose behavior is considered better than one's own. Children idolize their parents as role models. As a child gets older, they may seek out role models from other places including public figures. It is this susceptibility to other people's influence that has many parents and politicians alike concerned about and arguing for an expectation of moral and even admirable behavior from public figures.

For the most part public figures act within the confines of the law, just as any other citizen would. When this higher standard of conduct does not happen, the public becomes disenfranchised…. [read more]

Sporting Activities or Gender Perspective Essay

… This is because these students or college athletes take part in similar training or preparation sessions. The rational option is to offer equal amount of wages to these individuals. In case of low revenue turnouts like soccer, paying college athletes would result into financial crisis in relation to universities or colleges. Male and female college participants focus of different sporting activities. College football and basketball activities compose plenty of male participants. Paying these male participants would increase disparities between male and female college athletes. In order to bridge the gap between female and male participants, it is crucial not to pay for talents and efforts by the college athletes. According to this perspective, paying male counterparts would neglect the female participants in relation to wage…. [read more]

Cartels Should Be Illegal. In a Perfectly Essay

… Cartels should be illegal. In a perfectly functioning economy, prices should be determined by supply and demand. A cartel allows firms to break that relationship and set their own prices. It could be argued that most goods either have alternate suppliers (such as the non-OPEC oil producers) or substitutes, the presence of either reducing the power of the cartel to set prices. With some goods, the cartel serves to protect itself from strong influences, such as is the case of OPEC (Gibson, 2010). However, there are certain goods that are difficult to produce and distribute, and those goods are subject to undue influence from cartels.

The question of whether government should have any policies to break cartels is rooted in the question of the role…. [read more]

Use of Steroids in Athletes Term Paper

… Steroids Among Athletes

Steroids are a class of prescribed drugs, used to treat abnormally low amounts of testosterone, body wasting in the case of AIDS and other disease conditions involving loss of body mass (National Institute of Drug Abuse 2006). Anabolic steroids contain hormones or hormone-like substances, used to boost strength and muscle growth (Encyclopedia of Childhood and Adolescence 1998). Steroids were first developed in Europe in the 30s to treat undernourished patients. They were also used for healing after surgery. Weightlifters began using them for competitions in the 50s in order to enhance their performance. The popularity and use of steroids thus spread among athletes throughout the world. Today, at least one in 15 male high school seniors in the U.S. Or half a…. [read more]

Message to People Research Proposal

… Higher and higher salaries for professional athletes has become a kind of self-justifying, vicious cycle -- as more athletes make more and more money through playing, this creates the desire amongst comparable athletes to drive a similarly hard bargain through their agents. Also, lucrative franchises like the Yankees have the ability to 'take their pick' in terms of the athletes they select to play for them, because they are willing to pay extremely large salaries. And in a society which associates making a great deal of money with moral worth, it is only natural that the esteem accorded to baseball players will rise.

No one wants to go back to the bad old days of baseball. "For most of Major League Baseball's history, players were…. [read more]

Sports Wagering Research Paper

… He was an NBA referee for 13 years but with a bad gambling habit he could not resist making some side money on the game he was paid to provide honest officiating for. The federal counts against him included wire fraud, and conspiracy to transmit wagering information over state lines.

Personal Experience with Sports Wagering

In 2008 a handsome thoroughbred horse named Big Brown breezed to victories in the Kentucky Derby and the Preakness, and horseracing fans were expecting him to win the Triple Crown by taking the Belmont Stakes too. So I went online on BoDog and did a "pick 4" -- picking the winners of the three races leading up to the Belmont Stakes and of course picking Big Brown in the climatic…. [read more]

Basketball Psychological and Sociological Essay

… The psychology of basketball is also crucially impacted by sociological factors, including the impact of the National Basketball Association as a cultural institution. The sport does not exist in a vacuum but is instead a multifaceted system that encompasses the games that take place within the league, the marketing of the professional basketball players by different companies, and the marketing of the players by the players themselves.

The success of professional basketball players from poor families, such as Michael Jordan and Isaiah Thomas, has led to the creation of a myth whereby basketball can take black youths from the urban ghetto to the public spotlight (Dubrow, adams, 2010). The National Basketball Association, for example, promoted Michael Jordan as a prime example of the way in…. [read more]

Reasons Major League Baseball Should Have Salary Cap Term Paper

… Salary Cap: Baseball

Sports is business -- big business. However, as stratospheric as the revenue may be that is generated by all of the major league sports in America, this is truer for baseball than any other team sport. In baseball, players have tremendous personal leveraging power in negotiating their salaries. The other major spectator sports in the U.S. -- hockey, football, basketball -- have salary caps for their players. Baseball alone does not. The consequences of this are obvious -- with grinding predictability, the major franchises that can afford to buy the top players dominate the game. The idea of a baseball team 'underdog' winning the World Series -- the baseball equivalent of the NY Giants' victory over the undefeated New England Patriots in…. [read more]

PESTLE Analysis Country's Profile Political Essay

… Poor water management and inadequate storage are the main causative agents for this situation. There have been various plans been rolled out in Pakistani parliament, however most of them failed to secure the support of majority so there has been no substantial growth in this regard. The country has been working in a close liaison with United Nations Development Pogramme and has been taking measures for saving wildlife, and maintaining adequacy of natural resources (See Figure A in Appendix A).

Out of all these factors, poor infrastructure and shortage of energy and fresh water resources are main factors which can act as a major hurdle in carrying out manufacturing in Karachi, Pakistan. According to Pakistan Textile Journal, more than three hundred factories have shutdown only…. [read more]

Former Retired Players Should Get More Benefits Term Paper

… NFL Retirement Benefits: Issues and Concerns

Statement of the Issues:

Heisman Trophy winner and NFL Hall of Fame member Earl Campbell was a premier running back in the 1970s. In an ear when 300-lb linemen and sub 4.5-second forty yard times for skill position players where both a novelty rather than the norm, Campbell, at 5-11, 240+ lbs with 4.6 speed, was the most formidable big back in the game. Today, at an age where many of his fans are either at the peaks of their professional careers or enjoying very active retirements, Earl Campbell must rely on his wheelchair because he cannot walk more than a few feet without assistance.

At home back in Tyler, Texas, the 52-year-old looks like a man twenty or…. [read more]

Path-Goal and Expectancy Theories Term Paper

… " The two contingency variables which supplement House's Path-Goal Theory are described as follows:

Environmental Contingency Factors

A wide array of external factors works to affect the leader-subordinate relationship in both positive and negative ways, including time sensitive deadlines, the confines of legality, and other restrictions outside of a leader's direct control. By remaining cognizant of the environmental factors which might undermine the establishment of authority or fracture a cohesively working unit, an effective leader is able to manage morale by compensating for organizational deficiencies overcoming institutional obstacles.

Subordinate Contingency Factors

Within the confines of a collaborative team-based dynamic, through which the efforts of individuals are co-opted for the greater good of the group, effective leadership necessitates a continual process of evaluation to determine the…. [read more]

Concise Analysis of Why College Athletes Should Get Paid Research Paper

… This argument is simply misplaced because, the returns generated through college athletics are, based on available data (Patterson), way above the total pay for athletes.

Player payment is associated with certain risks. Schools with more money can draw to themselves the cream of the college-age athletes, disturbing the competitive balance. Fans and alumni may be deterred by a more professionalized sport. Further, paying sportspersons could mock education further. For instance, as of now, a number of athletes accumulate in easy majors for remaining eligible for their respective sport. If they earn at college, education would completely lose its value in their eyes. Big-12 conference commissioner, Bob Bowlsby, states nobody wishes to forge an employer-employee relationship with students, as it is, first and foremost, the educational…. [read more]

Glasgow Will Be Hosting Essay

… Glasgow will be hosting the Commonwealth Games in thesummer of 2014. It is the first major event that will be held in Glasgow, Scotland, and therefore is entitled to a great deal of significance. It is approximated that around 6500 athletes will be taking part in the event, and almost 1 million spectators will be attending the Commonwealth Games. To house the athletes that will be participating in the Commonwealth Games 2014, an Athletes' Village is being constructed in Glasgow. Sustainability of buildings is a major issue that needs to be addressed every time a mega construction project (like the Athletes' Village) is undertaken.

The purpose of this report is to look into the project of the construction of Athletes' Village with respect to the…. [read more]

Religious Freedom and Sports Research Paper

… Religious Freedom and Sports

To many people, the life of a professional athlete is one that seems absolutely privileged. Professional athletes make absurd amounts of money to play a game. In addition, they are treated as celebrities because of their status as professional athletes. They represent the best in their fields, with professional athletes making up only a very small percentage of total athletes for each sport. The best of the professionals have opportunities for endorsement contracts, and their revenue from those contracts can greatly exceed the money they get for actually playing their sport. However, professional athletes have burdens that other professionals do not have. They are expected to be role models during their private lives, as well as their professional lives. Public whims…. [read more]

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