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Should Girls Play Baseball Research Proposal

… Girls Playing Baseball

The research undertaken in this particular paper attends to the aspect whether girls should be allowed to play baseball as opposed to softball. In fact, this issue has been there for quite a while. The main issue is that women ought to be given the same opportunities as men. My position in this particular issue stands in support of women. In my own opinion, I believe women ought to be given rights, liberties and opportunities in a similar way as men are given. However, it is imperative for them to have a complete understanding of the consequences such actions entail, and ought to be ready and prepared to follow through with such actions. There is a great deal of literature that discusses…. [read more]

Baseball America's Pastime Term Paper

… America's Pastime: The Importance of Baseball to United States Life and
Culture: in Film, Society, and in Everyday Life
That now timeworn clich?, 'baseball is as American as apple pie' may
in fact nowadays ring (and actually be) less true than in past years;
notwithstanding the views (of perhaps especially) diehard baseball
enthusiasts. The strongest reason may be that in 21st century America;
'apple pie', literally and metaphorically, has become today no more (nor
any less) 'American' than a sushi roll; stuffed calzone or Macho Burrito.
Such changes notwithstanding, I will explore how the long held national
sense of baseball as 'America's pastime' first came to be, and how and why
this sense of baseball remains strongly with us today. Also, I shall
describe how…. [read more]

Children at 'Play Term Paper

… "Many environmentalist-influenced educators and parents believe that young children learn best by rote activities, such as reciting the alphabet over and over, copying letters, and tracing numbers." (CREL, 2004) Such learning, even in physical play takes place by active repetition, as well as by mere observation, especially with skill-based activities, such as games, rather than more instinctive or social orientations.

Of course, the most famous learning theory currently employed by educators is that of Piaget, "the constructivist perspective of readiness and development" which stresses that children will learn when biologically capable of doing so in the cognitive structures of their minds. The American Academy of Pediatrics has criticized 'pushing' students before they are developmentally ready to complete certain activities, and it is interesting to note…. [read more]

Women in Sports Research Proposal

… ¶ … women in sports, how it is changing, and how women in sports have impacted our lives and society. Women have participated in sports for centuries, and yet, sports have historically featured men, especially in more modern professional sports settings. While women have made great strides into many professional and exhibition sports, they are still largely absent from the big professional sports franchises, such as Major League Baseball and Football. Until women gain true equality in all sports, women in sports will continue to be unequal with the male-based and biased world of professional sports.

Historically, sports have always been a part of life, even back to ancient times. The Greeks invented the Olympics before Christ was born, and even then, sports were male-dominated.…. [read more]

Sin in the Second City Studying Book Review

… Sin in the Second City

Studying the history of a big, fascinating and historic city like Chicago is a worthy pursuit for a student no matter what the topic might be simply because Chicago is American through and its flaws and foibles reflect America's past. The subject might be Al Capone and his grip on the criminal genre in Chicago, it might be baseball and the Black Sox scandal that kept Shoeless Joe Jackson out of the big leagues -- or it might be the Chicago of Mayor Richard Daley that hosted the 1968 Democratic National Convention during which there was a police riot against antiwar demonstrators. Studying the life and times of Chicago at the turn of the century when the Everleigh sisters opened…. [read more]

Crosby, Stills, and Nash (Csandn) Essay

… It was like another venue I had been to that my mother called "art deco." It had very high ceilings (and there was balcony seating on each side high above the main seating area). There were gold-embossed abstract non-human figures on the walls (it probably wasn't real gold but it was gold colored) and there were colorful mosaics along the walls to the entrance to the lobby.

The ushers were wearing black pants, black (and well shined) shoes, and navy blue sport coats with red neckties. Most of the ushers were women and they were very helpful at locating reserved seats for concert goers. They all carried small flashlights to help people find their way in and out during the concert.

During intermission there were…. [read more]

Painted House Term Paper

… ¶ … Painted House

John Grisham's "The Painted House" is admittedly inspired from his childhood growing up in rural Arkansas and by all indications is a clear diversion from his formula lawyer thrillers that have brought him fame and made his name a household word. However, this novel is not that far a divergence from his renown formulated style.

Grisham's novel is a coming of age tale set in 1952, "when the Cardinals were five games behind the Dodgers, with three weeks to go, and the season looked hopeless" (Grisham 1). The protagonist is seven-year-old Luke Chandler who lives with his grandparents and parents on a rented cotton farm in Arkansas delta. The story starts off with Luke overhearing his father and grandfather whispering that…. [read more]

Stickball and How it Changed Popular Culture Essay

… Stickball: A Window Into America's Cultural Adolescence

America's National Pastime is the once deeply pure and widely beloved, and now often cynically regarded and business oriented business of baseball. Once a sport and a game, it is now very clearly dominated by a corporate identity, with enormous wage figures and heavy advertising stakes rendering baseball a crass shadow of its former self. Indeed, with the revelations of major steroid abuse in the sport across the last decade and a half, it is challenging to look on the sport as though its reputation has not been drastically tarnished. It has been, with the disillusioning impact of this realization that many of our most cherished heroes have for all intents and purposes cheated their collective way to…. [read more]

Steroid Use Controversies of the Sports World Term Paper

… Steroid Use

Controversies of the Sports World

Tough Choices: A Book about Substance Abuse

Use of Anabolic-Androgenic Steroids in Adolescence: Winning, Looking

Good or Being Bad?

Athletes and Steroids: Playing a Deadly Game

Anabolic Steroid Abuse

Admissions before BALCO grand jury detailed

Romanowski: I broke RB's finger, took steroids, damaged brain

The Demonization of Anabolic Steroids I: What Makes These Hormones

So Evil?

What are Steroids?

Types of Steroids

Who Uses Steroids?

Reasons for Steroid Abuse

Performance Enhancement in Sports

Increasing Muscle Size

Problem Behavior

How Are Anabolic Steroids Used?

The Effects of Steroid Abuse

Masculinization in Women

Effect on Men

Cardiovascular Diseases

Liver and Skin



Telltale Signs of Steroid Abuse

Use of Anabolic Steroids in Baseball and Pro-Football

Jason Giambi

Bill Romanowsi…. [read more]

Title IX: Negative Effect on Men's College Athletics Essay

… ¶ … Boost for Women's Athletics but a Bane for Men's Athletics?

"No person in the United States shall, on the basis of sex, be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination under any educational program or activity receiving federal financial assistance." -- Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972

Although there is no doubt that when first enacted into federal law in 1972 (as part of the Educational Amendments of 1972), Title IX was viewed as a long-overdue boost for women's sports in colleges and universities. For many years, university men's sports -- in particular football and basketball, which bring in millions of dollars for big time Division I schools -- were the only game in…. [read more]

Sociology: Changing Societies Book Report

… A union leader in Washington, D.C., isn't a miner, but miner's groups are his reference group because he identifies so strongly with their needs and aspirations.

Primary groups refer to groups where a person received his or her first important lessons about life and social realities - most often, a typical primary group is the family. Individuals develop their self-concepts and their sense of themselves in a primary group. In a secondary group, such as the HR department at work, a person is less emotionally connected, and feels less totally included in the group's values and actions. A secondary group allows for roles to be played in order to carry out that group's utilitarian functions, whereas in a primary group, one's role is pretty much…. [read more]

Strategic Decision Making Process Term Paper

… Kilbourne notes that prevention traditionally has had an individual focus -- "just say no," resist peer pressure, and so forth. But how can we expect kids to say no to alcohol and other drugs when their environment tells them yes? People make individual choices, but do so in a physical, social, economic, and legal environment. In advocating a move towards an environmental approach to prevention, she recognizes that such an approach is contrary to the basic message of advertising, that the individual has a need or problem that a product can meet or fix.

Advertising is part of the complex process that shapes people's ideas about what is normal and right to think and do. Alcohol advertising's most powerful role is in helping to sustain…. [read more]

Adlerian Therapy Term Paper

… Adlerian Therapy

As with other psychological therapies, the Adlerian model is also focused on bringing about a positive change. However, Adlerian therapy is not limited to changing the internal process as it envisions change in a much broader social context. Adlerian approach was revolutionary in those days as he strived towards societal or community level changes. Human behavior in the Adlerian theory is considered in the context of the environment. This social context of behavior is in fact central to the Adlerian philosophy. One of the main goals of the adlerian therapy is to establish a cooperative relationship with the patient and to bring out the impressions from his/her past and to analyze how they affect his social perception. Thus every individual's problem is essentially…. [read more]

Rock Decided to Meet Lucas Term Paper

… ¶ … Rock decided to meet Lucas, mainly because I was tired of living this way. It was a sudden realization, a turning point, sparked by a moment of wakening from life under the rock. Well, maybe not so sudden. There had been a long period of emotional osmosis and a gradual realization that life was going nowhere; a realization helped along by my mother and my friends. Added to this was the fact that I was also slightly tired and embarrassed by my life. So what if I have a nice, but extremely small, apartment in an up-market Washington neighborhood - this was nothing more than just an attractive rock. Something had to be done. So I decided to meet him; to go to…. [read more]

Icarus and Daedalus - Modern-Day Parable Thesis

… Icarus and Daedalus - Modern-Day Parable

You all know the story of Icarus and Daedalus. Crazy King Minos keeps Daedalus, the builder of the great labyrinth, trapped on the island of Crete. Along with his son Icarus, Daedalus and Icarus wait, plotting and praying for release until the great builder that confined the Minotaur gets a great and awe-inspiring idea -- I'll build wings of wax and bird feathers and my son and I can fly free. The father and son collect the feathers for years -- who knows how long, and finally aloft they go -- don't fly too close to the son, my boy, says the builder. But the boy gets drunk on freedom, gains in confidence, and dancing with the sight of…. [read more]

Masculinity Gender and Symbolism in the Film Pumping Iron Essay

… Masculinity, Gender, and Symbolism in the film, "Pumping Iron

Pumping Iron: Displays of masculinity and femininity in the bodybuilding world

Long before Arnold Schwarzenegger symbolized budgetary restraint in California, he was the symbol of what constituted the ultimate in physical fitness. Early in his political career the film star headed the President's Commission on Physical Fitness and Sports. However, Schwarzenegger was never a baseball or basketball player -- he was famous for how he looked, rather than specific fitness goals he achieved during his career. It was his bulging muscles that proclaimed himself as 'fit' and masculine. The 1976 documentary Pumping Iron directed by George Butler which chronicles the early phases of Schwarzenegger's bodybuilding career suggests that Schwarzenegger's posture of fitness was hardly natural, but…. [read more]

How Gender Specific Behavior Is Imposed on Children Term Paper

… ¶ … Gender-Specific Behaviour is Imposed on Children

Both male and female children in our society are socialized from a very young age to behave in specific, predefined ways that are considered to be appropriate for their genders. Beginning with the parents of children, and then including many other influential factors in society, many sources define what type of behavior is to be expected from children of each gender. Male and female children of all ages are given guidelines to follow regarding proper interaction with others and acceptable behavior in social situations. "Children learn at a very early age what it means to be a boy or a girl in our society. Through myriad activities, opportunities, encouragements, discouragements, overt behaviors, covert suggestions, and various forms…. [read more]

Wearin' of the Green Term Paper

… "

The two girls smiled back at each other. It was a little joke they had. Margaret-Mary was really proud of her double-fisted first name. Ma said she was named after a saint who lived in France a long time ago. She was real holy and did a lot of good things. "An Irish Catholic girl should be just like a saint ... now ain't that the way the Good Lord planned it!"

Jacobs' was just coming into view as suddenly, a tall black man smacked into Margaret-Mary's side. Her schoolbooks went flying, and Margaret-Mary skidded headlong into the sidewalk. With no time to even realize what was happening, the tears came pouring down her cheeks, at the same time a she noticed the thin…. [read more]

Attitudes and Values of High Term Paper

… They were participating in classroom discussions, going back over work they could not grasp, taking time to figure out schoolwork, and submitting homework on time. Moreover, most of these students are aware of entrance requirements for various colleges; they attended college presentations at their high schools. It was further learned that Hispanic immigrant students typically enrolled in lower level and basic math courses compared with European-American students who may be said to show greater discernment a propos the significance of mathematics.

As mentioned before, the results of studies sometimes throw skewed or contradictory light upon the topic in question. A survey prepared by Public Agenda, for instance, showed that higher education is seen as the means to the American dream by the American public; and…. [read more]

Hip Hop Culture in Saudi Arabia Research Paper

… Hip Hop Culture in Saudi Arabia

Culture and globalization

Culture which refers to the symbolic systems Williams 91()

through which human beings exist and coexist has been globalized by taking ideas, values and meanings across national borders through international travel and the Internet. These global shifts in culture are seen to be creating rapid social changes in the society with some proponents of culture being seriously dislocated Thompson 214.

Globalization is the homogenization of culture not just in a spatial but also in a temporal manner Thompson 211.

It is manifested in various ways such as business, religion, language, sports, music and even cuisine.

Culture is closely related to other items such as identity and subjectivity. As argued by Thompson (217)

culture creates social identities…. [read more]

Sports Endorsement Sports Celebrity and Product Research Proposal

… Sports Endorsement

Sports Celebrity and Product Endorsement From a Consumer Perspective

Marketing as a science and as an art form relies heavily upon impression building, an understanding of the psychology of one's consumers and the ability to communicate a desired image with the aid of emotionally evocative cues. When an advertising agency constructs the print, radio, television or internet item that will carry these characteristics, a great deal of thought and discussion will typically be invested in discussion the intended presentation of the client. This discussion will touch on such matters as the visual response sought by the client; the verbal phraseology which is likely to tow the difficult balance between compelling and safe; and the human subjects which will be used to endorse the…. [read more]

Product Placement in Console Games Term Paper

… Indeed, it appears that product placement in video games is set to take off in the near future in a major way, due in large part to its cost effectiveness. For instance, Andrews (2009) reports that, "As advertisers seek more targeted and global ad solutions, computer games provide an opportunity that has not been exploited nearly enough" (p. 19). Although there have been a number of major product placement campaigns by Massive and others, it would seem reasonable to suggest that advertisers and game developers are still learning the ropes but as experience is gained, additional opportunities for innovation will emerge. In this regard, Andrews (2009) points out that:

Only a few years ago, many brands and agencies were snubbing games as a marketing platform,…. [read more]

Taiwan I Was Born Term Paper

… The upcoming World Series will be exciting too. I am also surprised to see how much time is spent on the Presidential elections. Because of all the different countries and governments that have been in Taiwan over our history and what is happening in China today, we do not have many good memories about politics. During the next elections in four years, I hope that I can become very involved and work on a campaign for one of the candidates.

I still write to my friends who are living in Taipei. I hope to go back there and visit them in a couple of years. Even though there are so many wonderful things here in the U.S. I do miss many of the traditions of…. [read more]

John F. Kavanaugh Following Christ in a Consumer Society Term Paper

… ¶ … Christ in a Consumer Society

Passages from Kavanaugh I agree with:

John F. Kavanaugh tells the truth about many things in modern society, including how corporations are constantly attacking the average individual with a barrage of marketing campaigns. In the section of Kavanaugh's book called "Knowing and Being Known as a Commodity" he suggests that because the powerful dynamic of marketing - and the fact that we are the consumers of nearly all that is marketed - individuals have become "things" to be marketed to. By being reduced to mere "things" individuals lose their ability to reflect upon themselves and they lose their "internal consciousness," the author writes.

"thing" is also a commodity, which is understood only through its ability to be manipulated…. [read more]

Joseph Campbell and the Hero's Cycle Term Paper

… Joseph Campbell & the Hero's Cycle

Joseph Campbell and the Hero's Cycle

Joseph Campbell was a scholar who studied mythology and believed that diverse myths from all over the world tell the same basic "archetypal" story. One type always begins with an ordinary person living an ordinary life that is suddenly called upon (or chooses) to leave his or her regular life and pursue an adventure -- often in response to a loss or the feeling that something is lacking. Campbell (1988) explains, "They've moved out of the society that would have protected them, and into the dark forest, into the world of fire, of original experience. Original experience has not been interpreted for you, and so you've got to work out your life for…. [read more]

2005 Film, "The Upside of Anger Movie Review

… The 2005 film, "The Upside of Anger," is written and directed by Mike Binder, and stars Kevin Costner and Joan Allen. It also stars Alicia Witt, Keri Russell, Erika Christensen, and Evan Rachel Wood as Allen's four daughters, as well as Binder, who plays Costner's radio producer and eventual lover of Allen's daughter, Andy, played by Christensen.

Critic Roger Moore writes for Knight-Ridder Tribune News Service, that this movie is along the genre of "Terms of Endearment," in that you have a strong willed woman who allows her anger and at times, alcohol, to cloud her perception concerning her intimate relationships (Moore pp). Thus, the movie title, "The Upside of Anger," is an appropriate title for this flick since the entire movie is centralized on…. [read more]

High School Sports Impact on Student Academics Thesis

… But the NCAA reserves the right to overrule principals' decisions. The NCAA's modest response followed meetings with national education groups, including AASA. The Minnesota Association of School Administrators has submitted to AASA for consideration a resolution that states it is not the NCAA's role to dictate course content to high schools.

The U.S. Department of Justice also has challenged the NCAA for automatically rejecting courses involving special education services. Some students who had attained acceptable college entrance test scores despite their disability were not allowed to participate as freshmen because they had taken high school courses involving special education assistance. The NCAA argued in several court cases that it does not have to follow the Americans with Disabilities Act. After months of…. [read more]

Great Gatsby: A Novel Research Paper

… It's also the fact that he has lost her to Tom Buchannan, someone who originates from a vastly high social strata. "The main action [of the novel] is Gatsby's five-year quest for the Holy Grail, an adolescent ambition miserably immolated at the high noon of its achievement. That enterprise demands that he turn back the clock and recapture his dream of a woman, his pre-war lover Daisy Fay, and so prove her marriage to Tom Buchannan a fiction. Only by triumphing over old money in its own house -- by showing the dream of desire belongs to him and not Tom -- can he bring to an accomplishment his original project, conceived well before he encountered Daisy. That is the creation of Jay Gatsby out…. [read more]

Freedom's Challenge Term Paper

… Freedom's Challenge

Wright Mills so famously wrote, "Freedom is not merely the opportunity to do as one pleases; neither is it merely the opportunity to choose between set alternatives. Freedom is, first of all, the chance to formulate the available choices, to argue over them - and then the opportunity to choose."

As Americans today, we live in a world of choices. Our homes, a motley assortment of tenements, mansions, apartments, and average two-story houses like mine, line streets from the Atlantic to the Pacific with the promise of freedom, the security of protection, and the responsibilities of liberty. Paved of the convictions and hard work of generations that have come before, these streets are full of more than just gravel and rocks and cement…. [read more]

World Cup Unifying the Globe Research Paper

… Sports

World Cup: Unifying the Globe

In almost every country of the world, the way that the national pastime is played is seen as a guide to national character and identity. For nearly 100 years, soccer has united a divided world. Soccer was invented in England in the mid-19th century, and rapidly spread to Europe and South America. Soccer's world cup draws an audience larger than that for the Olympics. According to Franklin Foer's How Soccer Explains the World (2004), American hostility toward soccer is attributed to globalization, feared by many because it forces us to accept other people's cultures (Szymanski and Zimbalist, 2005

In every sport it is easy to find a player, a team or a nation that is on the edge of…. [read more]

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