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Slavery the Southern States: Stowe Versus Term Paper

… Slavery

The Southern States: Stowe versus "The Blessings of the Slave"

According to conventional wisdom today, 'everyone' knows that slavery is wrong, a human atrocity. But what seems obvious to us today as a moral and inhuman atrocity was not nearly so obvious to the eyes of individuals living in the Southern United States of 19th century America. In fact, anti-slavery activists such as Harriet Beecher Stowe had to write in active defense against Southern voices who would uphold the supposed "Blessings" of a slave, to work in bondage without a care for his or her own freedom. How could this seismic change in the intellectual consciousness of a nation occur so rapidly, from assuming Stowe to be correct in her berating of the blessings…. [read more]

Representations of Women Essay

… Like Uncle Tom's Cabin, the book took off like wildfire in the pro-abolitionist North -- as well as Europe, and by 1860 had sold almost 30,000 copies, unheard of at this time (Matlack). The book, accentuated by material from William Lloyd Garrison, a journalist and social reformer who wrote the preface for the original book, can really be considered a classic rhetorical essay and call to arms against slavery on moral, religious, judicial, and scientific grounds. What is particularly insightful, though, is the way the book often uses the moral and ethical tenets of Christianity as the major source of its anti-slavery context, as well as the manner in which it portrays the slave, the slave owner, and the institution of slavery in rather harsh…. [read more]

History Analogy Essay

… History Analogy

There were two sets of conflicts that revolved around freedom. One was the freedom of the United States from her colonial masters and another was the freedom of the slaves and the non-whites in the U.S. Within that there are three distinct periods that are relevant to this day. Taking the rights of the colored people as the basis of research, the struggle of the recognition of their rights came from the presidency of Lincoln. Before that slavery was the way of life, and the southern states that depended heavily on agriculture had to depend on slaves for almost free labor. Thus the freedom from slavery - abolition of slavery prompted the civil war. That was the first occurrence of conflict which we…. [read more]

Civil War Would the Union Thesis

… The Border States only helped to facilitate the North's advantages. The Border States did not create them. In addition, the south because of their reliance on commodities and crops were primarily farmers before the war. This was a distinct disadvantage as the south had to train farmers into soldiers in a very small amount of time. These farmers ultimately could not compete with the more polished northern soldiers. Furthermore, because the south relied extensively on cotton exports, the north had the ability to halt economic development through its superior navy (Surdam, 2001). The north with its industrialized economy used a blockade to stifle economic development in the region. As such, the south could not export many of its products to other neighboring countries such as…. [read more]

Misrepresentations of African-Americans in Film From the Birth of a Nation Onward Essay

… All serious moviegoers must sooner or later arrive at a point where they see a film for what it is, and not simply for what they feel about it. The Birth of a Nation is not a bad film because it argues for evil. Like Riefenstahl's The Triumph of the Will, it is a great film that argues for evil. To understand how it does so is to learn a great deal about film, and even something about evil.

A film, Ebert argues, can be a cinematic masterpiece and its ideology can still be evil. Although it is no longer watched today very much except in film history classes, it had a positive impact upon many aspects of how modern cinema is produced. However, its…. [read more]

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