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African-Americans and Western Expansion Research Paper

… This was why it was prepared to secede in 1850, had Congress adopted the Proviso of David Wilmot banning slavery in all the territories annexed from Mexico in the recent war. In 1848, a new Free Soil Party organized to oppose any further expansion of slavery in the West had garnered enough support to cost the Democrats the election in the North, and many Free Soil supporters later joined the Republican Party after 1854. Henry Clay's Compromise held the Union together for another ten years by allowing the decision about slavery in Utah, New Mexico, Nevada and the other remaining territories in the Mexican Cession to be left to the "popular sovereignty" of the settlers, but in reality slavery never became significant in any of…. [read more]

Slavery Today, an African-American Man Is Running Essay

… Slavery

Today, an African-American man is running for presidential office under the umbrella of the Democratic Party. Fifty years ago, the Democratic Party was the party of slavery and segregation -- how things have changed. Yet the attitudes that validated racial injustice still tragically linger on in our national consciousness. Recently, supporters at a John McCain rally gleefully uttered racial epitaphs in support of their candidate. In the striving of Obama, one might say, we can see the legacy of King pressing America on to change realized. Who would have thought the current presidential contest would have been possible only ten years ago -- but that does not mean the legacy of slavery is still not present in the economic and social disparities evident between…. [read more]

Slavery and the Slave Economy Thesis

… Slavery in Colonial America

Slavery and the Slave Economy

Modern observers likely know in general terms that many Africans were enslaved through the 17th to 19th Centuries, but few probably know the extent of suffering that newly enslaved Africans endured from the outset, nor do many modern observers likely know the legal sources that were used to justify and legitimize the practice in the Old and New Worlds. In fact, some authorities argue that it was not until the end of the 17th Century that racial divisions had become sufficiently codified to protect the 'peculiar institution' of slavery in the New World. Given the impact that slavery has had on American society, gaining a better understanding of the origins of the slave economy and its…. [read more]

Abolitionist Movement Black Africans Helped Research Paper

… However, in 1830 black leaders differed on the best strategies that they were to use in struggling against slavery and discrimination after they started meeting frequently in national conventions. A section like Henry Highland Garnet and David Walker were for the idea of slaves to revolt and overthrow their masters while Paul Cuffe and Russwurm were for the idea that a major modern black within Africa. But through the support of the white American Colonization Society in 1822, black Americans were able to establish Liberia in West Africa, (Morgan, Edmund, 2003). But as time passed by black leaders considered themselves as American and they had a feeling that their problems could be solved through more struggle while they were at home.

When slavery was extended…. [read more]

African-American Literature the Implications Term Paper

… These African-Americans write to not only to express themselves, but to express feelings and thoughts that seem to collectively belong to a group of people, tied together by struggles in the past and in ethnicity that they are still working to overcome, even in present-day society. But the works of literature that have been produced by African-Americans indicate that, at least in the literary field, they have caught up to and oftentimes surpassed their Caucasian literary counterparts.

The Implications of African-American Literature

There are many implications for African-American literature. It has affected this country socially, economically, environmentally, culturally, and historically. In this section, each one of these specific implications will be examined, in order to have a clearer understanding of the full impact that African-American…. [read more]

Legacy of African-American Slavery Term Paper

… Legacy of African-American Slavery in the United States

The era of African-American slavery in the United States was relatively short-lived and yet it has produced an enduring and lasting legacy. As labor systems go, one of the most inefficient of systems is a forced labor system, as individuals engaged in it gain no benefit from their labor and the vested interest is held only by those in power.

Slavery as it existed from the late 1700s to the end of the Civil War is a clear example of such a system.

Due to the infrastructure of the system there were many examples of both active and passive resistance and defenses exhibited by the slave as well as many examples of methods of control exhibited by…. [read more]

African-American Fixation and Modern Superiority Term Paper

… Many see sports as a good exit out of poverty and dumps. Even the poorest of individuals play sports such as football and basketball. A good number of high school dropouts' caused by inequalities in the school system would eventually increase the level of poverty. Hence those who are talented in their sports use it as a way to enter a much better financial class.

Besides the Black Americans, many White Americans are also good in the profession of sports. They exemplify in weight lifting and wrestling mainly because of their better torsos. Both Blacks and White are equally good in their sport's career but since sports is a passion to the Blacks they are more dedicated (Jon Entine. Debate and Chat).

Jesse Jackson once…. [read more]

Current Recession Thesis

… Recession and African-Americans in the Metropolitan Area



"Researchers use the scholarly literature in a study to present results of similar studies, to relate the present study to an ongoing dialogue in the literature and to provide a framework for comparing results of a study with other studies"

John W. Creswell (2008, p. 45).

Even though the "literature" the researcher utilizes in literature review constitutes any collection of materials relating to a topic; not automatically the world's great literary texts, as Literature Reviews (2007) asserts, for this study's literature review, the researcher, as John W. Creswell (2008) notes in his book, In Research Design, primarily utilizes the scholarly literature for this segment's framework.

Along with serving as the…. [read more]

American History Final Exam Stages Term Paper

… Turner lived at a time before a large middle class existed or the U.S. had become a consumer society, so he naturally thought of pioneers as farmers and ranchers who moved the agricultural frontier to the West. In his era, even though the country was rapidly industrializing, the majority of people still lived on farms and in small towns. For this reason and was always the main goal of Manifest Destiny, while industrial capitalism required a different type of imperialism that acquired markets and raw materials overseas rather than colonies. Eastern capitalists since the time of Alexander Hamilton and the early Federalists and Whigs had always had a very limited interest in expanding the agrarian frontier, and even less in the expansion of slavery. They…. [read more]

Native Americans Essay

… The Trail of Tears refers to the path that the Cherokee were forced to take after leaving their land and heading to Oklahoma in the brutal winters of 1838 and 1839 (2010). It is reported that about 5,000 Cherokee Indians lost their lives out the approximately 18,000 that were forced to go on this trip that was over 800 miles long (2010).

Marriage between Cherokee and Europeans were common in the 19th century; however, a well-know figure in Cherokee history is a man named Sequoyah who was of French-Cherokee heritage who came a generation before it intermarriage was common between white and Indian individuals (Waddington 2006). He is the only person who ever came up with a writing system for any indigenous North American language…. [read more]

Revolutionary the American Term Paper

… The Proclamation Act in 1763 was issued due to the Pontiac's rebellion whereby the Indian conflicts with the settler's took place in the Ohio Valley and Great Lakes region. This issue is important for us to discuss at this point because this Act prohibited settlements in the area beyond the Appalachian Mountains, just creating unnecessary problems. The London Government had no intentions of suppressing the colonials, their aim was to work out the Indian problems fairly and prevent an uprising similar to the uprising of the Pontiac's. Still the Americans were aggravated and disappointed because to them, the land was their birthright. This disapproval led to horrid wars. The colonists disapproved the Proclamation Act of 1763. Later In 1765, in North Carolina, the American Pioneers…. [read more]

Enslaved Africans. A Discussion of Mercantilism Essay

… ¶ … enslaved Africans. A discussion of mercantilism and triangular trade.

Africa would never be the same after the early sixteenth century, with Europeans poring in and kidnapping large numbers of people. White people intended to use the slaves as a working force on the newly found continent. At the time, black people had been considered to be inferior to whites, unholy and thus undeserving equal treatment.

The passage from the African Continent to the New World had been a living hell for the black people fortunate enough to get there alive. Their torment would not stop at their arrival and, once having landed on the American continent, black people had to go through a series of dehumanizing events.

Europeans had accidentally stumbled on the…. [read more]

Civil Rights Movement in America the Struggle Term Paper

… Civil Rights Movement in America

The struggle for the Civil Rights of the African-Americans have their roots in the slave trade era and the resulting pressure to let go the slaves in the southern states increasing every passing year during the emancipation of slaves period. The movement can be traced to as early as 1800 when Absalom Jones and several other blacks living in Philadelphia petitioned Congress against the notion of enslavement and slave trade and challenging the Fugitive Slave Act of 1793.

The heat for recognition of civil rights took centre stage with the Court ruling that the Civil Rights Act of 1875 which sought to give "all full and equal enjoyment of the accommodations, advantages, facilities, and privileges of inns, public conveyances on…. [read more]

Reconstruction 1863-1877 Term Paper

… American History

The Defeated South

The confederacy was confronted by the defeat set upon them. This was a time to come to grips with the idea of a democracy and what it meant. Now was a time of uncertainty, no one was quite sure of how the now defeated states of the Confederacy would blend cohesively into the union preserving and maintaining the unity and power of America. Significant numbers of lives were lost, two-thirds of the region's wealth had been destroyed, and the slaves who counted for one third of the population were now free.

Inquires began to build regarding how could the North feel confident that it could reestablish a working independence dealing with citizens that could end up being defiant due to…. [read more]

Bury the Chains Term Paper

… Abolition of Slavery

Abolition of European Empires' Slaves

From sixteenth to early nineteenth century, European imperial powers practiced slavery as if it was a normal way of running business. The institution of slavery for many powerful entities in Europe was essential for maintaining their positions of political and economic power. Slavery helped Europeans to enrich themselves and increase their military power, gaining military edge over their rivals, and played a significant role in strengthening Europe's overall position in world affairs. While Europeans enslaved many people around the world, the crucial to Europe was the Atlantic slave trade and sugar plantations in the Caribbean. And whereas slave owners and slave traders often received the blessings of their political as well as religious leaders, many people increasingly…. [read more]

Impact of the Epistle of Paul to Philemon on Slavery Dissertation

… ¶ … Epistle of Paul to Philemon on Slavery

This paper will be focused on the Impact of the Epistle of Paul to Philemon on Slavery. The paper will start off (chapter 1: introduction) with an overview of the historical context in which slavery has existed over the years in the world. The historical context will be taken from the Americas, the Roman Empire as well as the theological and religious content available. The purpose of the introduction being designed this way is to provide the reader with a general idea of how slavery was structured during the time Apostle Paul had written to Philemon. The second chapter will be the literature review where the first few pages will give more insight on slavery as…. [read more]

Abraham Lincoln Past President of United States Term Paper

… Abraham Lincoln past president of United States of America, played a significant role during the American Civil War. He was recognized for his leadership and determination by many historians and laymen not only as American President but also the greatest American of all time. He started with little formal education but this never regarded him to be inferior among his fellowmen. His determination and perseverance put him to be a frontier lawyer and held the nation together through the worst crisis in its history (Abraham Lincoln, 2006a). There is no other president in American history faced the kind of problems that Abraham Lincoln faced upon taking his term. Immediately after his election, Southern states seceded from the Union to form the Confederate States of America…. [read more]

Illegal Immigrants in the U.S Term Paper

… ¶ … illegal immigrants in the U.S. And the possibility of legalizing their status. The article shows: how illegal immigration is currently being dealt with, the views of people on the issue and the flexibility being exhibited by the government. The author makes it clear that while illegal immigration has always been a problem for the country and most people feel country must be protected against such immigration, still illegal entrance into the U.S. should not be criminalized. Very few, if any, percentage of people interviewed supported felony status, the rest felt that while it was not correct to let illegal immigration prosper, there was also no particular need for categorized it as a crime or serious offence.

Illegal immigration is a problem, which the…. [read more]

Black Politicians Term Paper

… Black Politicians: Racial, Cultural and Situational Realities and Challenges few years back, the black female novelist Toni Morrison, the first African-American writer ever to win the Nobel Prize for literature, wrote an essay describing "Clinton as the first black president" (New Yorker, October 1998). Morrison's reasons for describing then-President Bill Clinton in this way included the following:

Clinton displays almost every trope of blackness: single-parent household, born poor, working-class, saxophone-playing, McDonald's-and-junk-food- loving boy from Arkansas. And when virtually all the African-American Clinton appointees began, one by one, to disappear, when the President's body, his privacy, his unpoliced [sic] sexuality became the focus of the persecution, when he was metaphorically seized and bodysearched [sic],... The message was clear "No matter how smart you are, how hard…. [read more]

United States Were Fraught With Danger Essay

… ¶ … United States were fraught with danger and problems. From colonization to how women were treated to slavery, there were many issues that were faced. Over time, many things changed and developed. However, during that period in history where the issues faced were strong and significant, there were many ways in which individuals depicted those issues. One of the most popular ways of indicating what was taking place during a particular historical period was through art. Paintings such as The Old Plantation (Rose, 1785-1795) were ways in which people who lived in the time of slavery could depict the types of things that took place in everyday life. The Old Plantation is particularly interesting for several reasons. First, it only shows the slaves. Most…. [read more]

Progressive Movement: Big Social Changes in America Essay

… What benefit did the progressive movement bring to Americans? To what extent was the nation altered by their proposals? An article in the Public Broadcast Service (PBS) explains that leaders like Eleanor Roosevelt provided a good example of progressivism; assist hospitals, be kind to the poor, don't neglect philanthropic duties, accept change and try to limit the power of big business (PBS). Women were still for the most part prevented from entering politics or getting corporate jobs, but they were being educated by new women's colleges and they used their education to engage in "association building" (they formed the Women's Trade Union League; the Women's Christian Temperance Union; and the National Consumers League). They also launched "settlement houses" which helped to teach immigrants "proper housekeeping,"…. [read more]

Historiography of Four Different Authors Works Term Paper

… ¶ … historiography on four works written by four different authors. Each of these works depicts a time and place in the history of American slavery, and each makes unique and valid points regarding this "peculiar" institution. Each of them uses strong research and writing to make their points, but their points differ greatly and indicate how different people can view the diverse aspects of slavery in far different ways. In the end, John W. Blassingame's work seems to be the most interesting, well-researched, and factual account of slave life, it creates a balanced view of the community of slaves and how important that community was to their overall survival.

Ulrich Bonnell Phillips "American Negro Slavery" is clearly written with a bias toward the white…. [read more]

Frederick Douglass Research Proposal

… Frederick Douglass was one of the most prominent figures of American civil rights struggle. He was born into slavery around 1818. He escaped from slavery in 1838, in his early thirties. Apart from his influential career as a writer, Douglass - who had no formal education or training - became a diplomat, a counselor to four presidents, and a respected orator. He advocated racial equality, and his influence is present in the works of political activists and African-American writers who followed. However, his inspiration was not restricted to African-Americans. Douglass's "Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass, an American Slave" which tackles issues such as oppression, the struggle for freedom, as well as the search for identity, has resonated with all people regardless of their…. [read more]

Phillis Wheatley and Slavery Term Paper

… ¶ … Slavery:

Seen Through the Eyes of Phillis Wheatley

Sometimes the best advocates for causes are those individuals that rise from the pit of despair and can say "I have done it and you can, too." Phillis Wheatley took this to heart and put herself in the public eye discussing one of the most passionate and painful aspects of her community. While would many would be happy to complain behind closed doors, Wheatley wrote openly about the horrors of slavery and the bravery of hope. She executed something that many people cannot do: she tackled a topic of which she is passionate and tempered it with wisdom and hope. Many may call her "just a poet" but Wheatley was brave beyond words, addressing slavery,…. [read more]

Political Representation of African-Americans Term Paper

… It also set the race back to square one and made them start over again. This is a fundamental element of the current problem with under representation of Blacks in the southern political arena.

Each time that they had to start over they were set back as white leaders continued to build on the momentum that they had been doing for over a century. To liken it to something tangible one can compare it to a foot race. If two runners begin running at the same time and are headed for the same goal it is anybody's guess who would win. However if one runner was allowed to run as fast as possible without interference while the second racer was constantly being told to go…. [read more]

Louisiana: Race Relations During Reconstruction Term Paper

… On September 14, 1974, the White League, a coalition of citizen club members, took control of the Louisiana government by force in New Orleans and replaced the Republican governor with their own (Steedman, 2009). The White League was a White Supremacist organization with ties to the Democratic Party. According to the Ouachita Telegraph, the raid on the capital was triggered by the New Orleans Police attempting to seize an arms shipment making its way to the White League. The police raid was led by the former Confederate General P.G.T. Beauregard, which suggests that not all Southern white conservatives agreed with the use of violence to reestablish white rule (Steedman, 2009). Fifty white and black leaders formed the Louisiana Unification Movement for the purpose of drawing…. [read more]

Fresia's Contention Term Paper

… Slavery is a mark of shame upon the United States not for its existence, because almost all nations have known slavery, but because of the extent that slavery permeated American life. For example, at the time of the Revolution, there were certain safeguards protecting slaves from heightened levels of violence by their owners; by the time of the Civil War, these protections had completely eroded and been replaced by laws explicitly giving owners the right to kill their slaves.

Of course, Fresia does not stop his Empire argument with the information that America was a slaveholding land; he goes on to describe how post Civil-War America continued the vestiges of slavery. American imperialism was barely even slowed down by the abolition of slavery. Fresia indicates…. [read more]

Brent Staples, Called Black Men and Public Essay

… ¶ … Brent Staples, called "Black men and public spaces" in which he analyzes the impact of gender and race in the contemporary American society. In order to better illustrate the thesis which Brent makes upon the today's racist America we will be also bringing into discussion "The color purple" written by Alice Walker.

The main argument that Staples is trying to build is that despite the efforts which have been pursued in order to make sure that all the American citizens will be treated equally, race is still a major source of discrimination. Although everybody benefits from the same rights, the manner in which white people perceive the black ones is more than unjust.

The author tells several stories in which white people were…. [read more]

Slave Life in the South and North Thesis

… ¶ … slave life in the South and North colonies/states from the 1680's to the Civil War. A great wealth of slave narratives exist in print today, a legacy of the slaves' experience in both the North and South in America. Reading them gives a graphic introduction into the lives of early African-Americans, from what they suffered to how they maintained their dignity, hope, and wishes for freedom even in their darkest and most miserable hours.

A got Mother Wit instead of an education. Lots of colored people in offices and school don't seem to know what Mother Wit is. Well, it's like this: I got a wit to teach me what's wrong. I got a wit to not make me a mischief-maker. I got…. [read more]

Comparative Book Review Stephanie Mckenzie the Black Book Review

… Comparative Book Review
Stephanie Mckenzie
The Black Experience
November 22,2009

The Black Experience
The issue of race in the United States is a deeply complex morass of
political, economic, psychological and cultural impressions all tangled
together by a history of deep hatred and oppression. Thus, the fact that
an African American man was elected to the presidency in 2008 is a
critically important moment in American history and one that appears as a
sudden departure from centuries of inequality. However it is more accurate
to contend that this moment came about neither suddenly nor with the
totality of impact suggested. Instead, the texts of Gwen Ifill (2009) and
Alex Haley (1964) both proceed from the perspective that the struggle for
racial equality in the…. [read more]

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