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Sleep Deprivation the Effects it Has on Adolescent Obesity Research Paper

… Sleep Deprivation: Effects on Adolescent Obesity

The Harvard School of Public Health reports that "dozens of studies spanning five continents have looked at the link between sleep duration and obesity in children." (2013, p.1) Key to maintaining good health is a good night's rest and while this is widely acknowledged researchers are demonstrating that individuals who get too little sleep are at a higher risk for gaining weight and obesity than those individuals who sleep seven to eight hours each night.

Purpose Statement

The purpose of this study is to examine the issue of adolescent obesity and to determine is sleep deprivation effects adolescents in a manner that results in them having obesity. Obesity among adolescents is growing at an alarming rate.

Research Questions

The…. [read more]

Sleep Deprivation and Adolescent Obesity Term Paper

… In general, craved or highly palatable foods will activate the AMY regardless of sated state (Hinton et al. 2004)" (Liu et al. 2010). If adolescents are staying up late at night and watching television saturated with food advertisements for unhealthy products or they are staying up with close proximity to a refrigerator filled with unhealthy snacks, weight gain is a likely side effect.

Late hours in adolescents may also be associated with a number of potentially negative lifestyle habits, including drug and alcohol addiction, which are correlated with a high preference for sweet foods. "Contemporary research has shown that a high number of alcohol-dependent and other drug-dependent individuals have a sweet preference, specifically for foods with a high sucrose concentration. Moreover, both human and animal…. [read more]

Program Project Design Grant Proposal Term Paper

… Obesity Proposal

There is a serious problem facing the citizens of America today that could lead to a variety of problems down the road, health problems that could further strain the health care industry and ultimately affect the future economic viability of the United States. That problem is the percentage of obese individuals and the ensuing diseases and health issues that come along with it.

Many health care professionals realize the seriousness of this problem and many state and national agencies have created programs designed to address this important issue. Much of the educational instruction being espoused by this proposed project will be in conjunction with those types of programs, though smaller in scale, of course. This project will focus on the citizens residing in…. [read more]

Social Network and Its Effects Research Paper

… The greatest proof analyzing how personal computer use influences kids' constructs on the researches of TV revolves around physical results and violent or aggressive material. The proof on physical impacts connects the inactive nature of computer use to an enhanced threat of weight problems and medical concerns caused due to the reactions in the brain. Kids need to restrict their time with media and need to be instructed to utilize computer systems securely to stay clear of the kinds of eye, back, and wrist injuries that have actually afflicted grownup users. In addition, the proof on violent or aggressive material links exposure to violent or aggressive video game to the development of enhanced aggressive habits. More powerful actions are required by policymakers and software application…. [read more]

Nutrition for Adolescent Term Paper

… Nutrition, Health and Adolescence

There are one billion adolescents world-wide, and how effectively they cope with the perils of growing up will be a crucial element in whether humanity can surmount the challenge of the next Century." UNICEF. (Nutrition in adolescence - Issues and Challenges for the Health Sector.)

The nutritional requirements for adolescents and the concern that this has created in society, has prompted numerous studies and research articles on the topic. One of the many reason for the focus on nutrition and the adolescent is the increasing danger of obesity in contemporary society. America has reached what some critics claim to be a critical stage with obesity and obesity related health issues - especially with regards to the youth. Another reason for the…. [read more]

Chronic Sleep Deprivation and Health Brody, J Term Paper

… Chronic Sleep Deprivation and Health

Brody, J.E. Personal Health: At Every Age, Feeling the Effects of Too Little Sleep; the New York Times. (October 23, 2007).

All mammalian species have a need for regular sleep and while it is clear that sleep provides a restorative function, scientists do not yet understand its precise biological function (Siegel, 2005). Numerous prior research studies have established the link between sleep deprivation and impaired attention and daytime mental acuity, but more recent evidence has suggested that chronic sleep deprivation is directly related to heart disease, diabetes, and obesity, in addition to playing a role in depression and behavioral difficulties (Brody, 2007). Combined with the fact that chronic sleep deprivation is considered a social epidemic throughout modern American society, the…. [read more]

Childhood Hunger and Structional Functionalism Essay

… The Structural-Functionalism Theory and Childhood Hunger

According to the structural-functionalism theory, society is consisted of institutions that are organized in order to meet the needs of the society. This theory puts emphasis on the notion that all sections of the society are harmonized with characteristics of solidity, compromise, mutual aid and steadiness. The social system of a society that has various parts is there to complement each other by cooperating and assisting each other. The proponents of the structural-functionalism theory explain stratification by proposing that "the roles filled by the upper classes -- governance, economic innovation, investment and management -- are essential for a cohesive and smoothly running society; hence, the upper class is rewarded in proportion to their value to the social order" (Andersen…. [read more]

Family Violence and Health Issues Domestic Term Paper

… Family Violence and Health Issues

Domestic violence is one of the most unreported and insidious forms of violence in our society. The complex nature of this violence and the fact that it takes place in the privacy of the home often complicates and problematizes reporting of the issue and intervention strategies.

This factor also hampers the development and implementation of solutions to this widespread problem. Research and studies also show that domestic violence has a profound effect on society and has serious implications in terms of psychological and community health and well-being.

Family violence can include a wide variety of factors that lead to morbidity and health issues. These issues can include child abuse and the increasing prevalence of IPV or intimate partner violence. Central…. [read more]

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