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Social Work Policy Analysis Term Paper

… Social Work Policy Analysis

The accepted social policies of our present day are based on the themes, values and goals that citizens support for humane changes in policy toward a renaissance of government activism. In the words of David Gil, "Through lobbying, communities or citizens can often effect changes and new developments to social policy, which meet their needs on both the community level and the individual level (Gil, 1992)." In the past few years the topic of physician-assisted suicide and the right to die statutes have emerged as a growing concern among medical professionals, citizens, and government officials alike. One such statute, the Oregon Death with Dignity Act, which allows physicians to write prescriptions for a lethal dosage of medication to people with illness,…. [read more]

Policy Analysis Compassion Fatigue Research Paper

… 2 ALT. As an alternative or adjunct to this policy the organization will develop human resources practices that are better able to screen those who do not possess the personality traits that will make them resistant to caregiver fatigue.

3. The organization will provide programs including counseling, support groups, and other programs designed to help educate nursing staff about the perils of caregiver fatigue and help to avoid its development.

3 ALT. As an alternative the facility will point the nurses to programs in the community that could help them to develop the coping skills that they need.

4. The organization will provide training for supervisors to help them recognize the symptoms of caregiver fatigue among their staff members. It will also provide them the…. [read more]

Policy Analysis Critique Rationale Essay

… The requirement of precautionary public health approach cannot be ignored simply in the face of this fact statement. Intensive farming, housing and transportation of large amount of poultry actually leads to the propagation of avian influenza outbreaks. These factors are actually regarded as vectors when considering the terminology for disease transmission and involve high risks levels pertaining to bird-to-human transmission (Owen and Yui, 2010).

One can consider the use of avian vaccines in a bird's farm as a very useful measure, but one remains doubtful about the efficiency of these vaccines (Owen and Yui, 2010).

Dense populations of birds and humans

The warnings that have been expressed by the government in this regard are quite true. This new disease is a result of increasing population…. [read more]

Policy Analysis -- Gang Activity Research Paper

… Researchers reached to three conclusions at the end of this exercise. Firstly, approximately 8 out of each 10 cities had been noted to experience gang homicide cases on a frequent basis. Secondly, the pattern of gang homicide cases in these cities was experiencing an increasing curve allowing the problem to grow further and getting into the roots of the city. Thirdly, around 20-40% of all homicide cases pertained to gang killing in the two largest cities. These cities comprised 70% of the total population selected for the analysis (Howell et al., 2011).

The study revealed that gang activity has prevailed throughout the nation. It was not just confined to the State of New York. The presence of gangs in these regions raises doubts over the…. [read more]

Policy Analysis on the Oregon Death With Dignity Act Term Paper

… Policy Analysis of Oregon's Death With Dignity Act

David Gil's writings have helped the public understand the true scope of the new Oregon Assisted Suicide law, and as a result, the percentage of Americans who say that doctors should be allowed to help with suicide when the patient and the patient's family request it has doubled to 70%.

The fact that Oregon's law was a citizen's initiative that passed and other facts concerning physician-assisted suicides that have surfaced recently signal a renaissance of activism on the part of citizens who wish to change existing law on that topic. Even with the new Oregon law, it is not easy to participate, as there are requirements that make it difficult to obtain permission.

David Gil's Policy Analysis…. [read more]

Policy Analysis Family Impact Analysis Principle Essay

… Policy Analysis

Family Impact Analysis

Principle 1: Family support and responsibilities

Support and supplement parents? And other family members? ability to carry out their responsibilities?

The Act (2006) offers parents and other family members support that goes above and beyond simply taking children out of troubled homes and putting them in foster care. Removing children from homes can be necessary in some cases, but there is much more to the Act (2006) than that. Making sure that families get what they need and that they are able to keep children together with their parents is highly important and should be considered over and above foster care where it is safe for the children to remain in the home. It is also vital that families who…. [read more]

Policy Analysis Child Protective Service Term Paper

… Adjustments can be made to make the system beneficial. Adjustments have to be made with the policies in order to help and protect children and families more efficiently. Current policies tell caseworkers only to follow, monitor, adjust, and evaluate the case plan when providing services, with no further explanation. The policy that exists is somewhat more specific for children placed out of their homes than for those left in their homes. The policy regarding monitoring children in placement requires "minimum monthly contact in person when possible." For children in their homes, however, there is no explicit expectation set in policy that caseworkers should see them, or how frequently. Also workers are not given standardized list of questions to ask during the intake interview which is…. [read more]

Social Work in Alaska Parents and Intervention Research Paper

… Social Work in Alaska


Social Work

Child protection primarily requires the cooperation of parents in the care of their children. Intervention comes in only when parents fail and the child must be rescued. Intervention can only be as effective as the perception of parents.

Child Maltreatment in Alaska

Recent hospitalization and death rates show that infants subjected to abuse are common (DHSS, 2008). Many of those who survive are sent to foster care and stand serious risk of developing severe long-term effects of child abuse. These include higher likelihood of criminal behavior, unintended pregnancies, substance use, suicide and sexually transmitted diseases. These high rates also reflect a 40% substantiated maltreatment among children of Alaska at 40%. This is higher than both the…. [read more]

Social Work With Children Term Paper

… Social Work With Children

In an analysis of the non-secure group home system in the United States, one needs to look at the foster care system in New York City and the Juvenile Justice group home system in California.

Administration for Child Services in New York

In New York City, when a child is put into foster care and encounters problems, they re-enter the program at a rate of 8.8%. Administration for Child Services (ACS) has committed to reducing this re-entry rate through better training of foster parents and caregivers to provide safe homes for children in foster care. ACS certifies foster parents and has a program to provide homes for children in need of care. Foster parents receive funding to care for the foster…. [read more]

Policy Analysis Development Is to State Term Paper

… ¶ … policy analysis development is to state what the problem or, in the Waterville case, problems are. In this case, the overlying problem is, as the citizens see it, a deteriation of the social structure of the city where the once historic traditions are being replaced by a new tradition of crime. At the heart of this problem is the increase in teenage drug use and meth houses. This is the most public issue and that in which the public is focusing on as what needs to be solved. Their reasoning is that if the drug problem is solved, then there will no longer be any problems.

However, there are also other trends occurring in Waterville, either complimentary to or subsequent to the drug…. [read more]

Homelessness Intervention Social Work Universally Term Paper

… The four components appear to be critical for the ability of the program to achieve its stated objective: Stable employment for formerly homeless people. Three of the four components differentiate highly successful job training programs from less successful job training services. Recruitment and selection procedures ensure that individuals selected for the program do not intractable problems and that they are currently in a place in their lives to actively engage in and benefit from the program. The two follow-up components require a richer funding base than is required of a typical employment placement program or job training services. This type of support is often seen when developing jobs in community settings for people with developmental disabilities, but it is rare for policy makers to provide…. [read more]

Role of Research in Social Essay

… 8. Were the conclusions consistent with the findings? Are the findings generalizable beyond the study? Why or why not?

The conclusion of the research study is consistent with the findings of the experiment as illustrated by the author. In the conclusion of the experiment, the researcher notes on the explicable variation of the forces affecting the growth and development of the children in the context of gay and lesbian marriages. Some of the factors in line with the findings of the experiment include lack of social support, stress exposure thus persistent stigma, and absence of the legal security for the parental and relationship statuses. These are representative of the findings of the research. It is also essential to note on the concept of generalization of…. [read more]

Social Services Entity Social Work Term Paper

… Although these numbers are impressive, child abuse cases will continue. A direct relationship exists between economic factors and level of abused in the home; hence, maltreatment will persist. Moreover, this illustrates the criticality of the social worker's role within the Child Protective Services Agency. Emphasis is placed on parents' accountability for their actions, with the hope of decreasing child abuse cases. In turn, this will affect the social worker's caseload, and the subsequent associated stress. Such information corroborates the proposed research questions.


The effectiveness of social workers within the Child Protective Services (CPS) Agency warrants much attention. With increased caseloads, social workers may not meet the needs of its constituents. Furthermore, decision-making and judgment may be impaired due to the associated level of stress…. [read more]

Interview With Social Worker Term Paper

… Social Worker

Social work:

Introduction to the profession and applications in an agency setting

Social work has traditionally been defined as one of the 'caring' professions. Social workers can serve clients in a variety of settings, spanning from government agencies to private organizations. The profession draws upon psychological and interpersonal skills. It also requires biological knowledge of the processes of aging and mental and physical illnesses. The National Association of Social Workers defines the profession's duties as restoring the individual client to a state of mutually beneficial interaction with society, satisfying human needs, and bolstering human strengths.

Social work is a practical profession, even though it is based around abstract ideals of service. For example, social workers would largely agree that all human beings have…. [read more]

Policy Analysis: IT Policy Thailand Advancement Essay

… Policy Analysis: IT Policy Thailand

Advancement in science and technology in articulation in the field of information and communication technology (ICT) has a very important role all through the world. Currently science and technology are being applied in every sector that include education, health, industry, politics, society and military etc. (Petrides, 2000) Some important and significant developments in ICT were deeply observed in the past decades that ICT has an increasing effect on economic and social activities in the world. ICT has had a significant role in the economic growth for developed and developing countries in the recent years. Many development strategies have mostly focused on pursuing economic strategies and policies that seek to promote a more attractive environment for the ICT industry. Development strategies…. [read more]

Historical Perspective of Social Work Term Paper

… ¶ … Social Work

The objective of this work is to trace and critically evaluate the relationship of social work to social justice through the lens of the fact that social work has a record of inclusion or exclusion of oppressed or marginalized groups. This work will explore this through a contemporary social work practice issue.

In understanding the historical perspective of social work in the United States one must first gain an understanding of the basis of the formation of the United States in its' thought and rationale of order within a governmental system. In a speech on social work Ruth G. Dean from the Simmons School of Social Work stated that: "Social work, it seems, now content spending more time doing paperwork than…. [read more]

Social Work Is a Field That Requires Term Paper

… Social work is a field that requires some special abilities from the one that chooses this profession. These abilities, like compassion, empathy, sensibility, are obviously the attributes of a woman; this being the base of the idea that social work is more suitable a job for women.

However, not only women choose to become social workers, men do too. I will try to clarify why some men choose to become social workers while others think this is a completely wrong profession for men.

For this matter, I will elaborate a qualitative study, based on a qualitative interview with an experienced male psychiatric social worker. I chose these methods because they are in my opinion the most relevant for dealing with this subject.

The results of…. [read more]

Choosing Social Work Over Other Careers Term Paper

… ¶ … Social Work over other careers

Interesting Reason Why Students Choose a Career in Social Work

Do modern-day social work students have different career objectives and goals than the early 20th century social workers?

There are those who measure social work idealism and other factors that influence BSW and MSW students. The study's instrument covered a broad range of ideals to determine levels of idealism as well as influential factors like altruism, professional concerns, and influence of others. Csikai et al. (1997) Other studies produced unclear findings but their focus was different as well. Varley (1963, 1968) measured student's attitudes on specific social work issues. The Wagner (1989) study measured social workers commitment to social idealism and social change. The Abell and Mcdonell (1990)…. [read more]

Implications for Social Protection Policy and Programs in Africa Essay

… Political parties are increasingly vying for power: mandates like social protection are top in their agenda. This has increased the size of populations covered and served by the state. Research shows that the lack social protection is a costly economic and political nightmare (Cook & Kabeer, 2009)

State-citizen relations

Multiple researches have been done to establish the relationship between the state and its citizen. The state wants maximum power and authority while citizens want maximum liberty. This is impossible some form of compromise must be made. Reasonable authority and power should be made available to the government for smooth functioning. Citizens should be accorded reasonable liberty for the best development of their personality. It is thus evident that both the states and citizens are made…. [read more]

Current Economic and Social Welfare Policies Article Review

… In the article, "Peace and Social Justice," several important factors are listed that affect peace and social justice. Select one of the factors and discuss how social workers can create positive change towards addressing that factor.

Income inequality can have a serious, negative impact upon peace and social justice: it can cause discontent amongst people who feel they are excluded from what others have access to by virtue of position rather than merit. Also, social inequality can be a self-perpetuating cycle, whereby wealth gives the 'haves' access to education and healthcare that excludes the 'have-nots' from opportunities for social mobility -- social workers play a key role in helping the poor gain assistance so they have greater access to such tools to better their condition…. [read more]

Railroad Policy Analysis the National Term Paper

… At that time, many in the trucking industry invested heavily in piggyback's promise, including less-than-truckload haulers, truckload carriers like J.B. Hunt Transport and Schneider National, and package express giant United Parcel Service. Rail inter-modal transport was more cost effective for long-haul traffic. It also seemed to be a viable answer to the dwindling supply of truck drivers willing to spend weeks at a time away from home making cross-country trips.

The enthusiasm drained away, however, during the widespread rail service failures in the wake of the mergers of Burlington Northern and Santa Fe, Union Pacific and Southern Pacific, and the split up of Conrail between CSX and Norfolk Southern.

Rail inter-modal loads began to edge back up in 1999 and 2000, according to the most…. [read more]

Health Policy Analysis: Nursing and Medicaid Term Paper


Medicaid Policy Analysis

The Plight of the Poor and Medicaid Policy Framework

Visible and Vocal Advocate

Inherent Inequality in American Democracy

Eligibility, Physician Behavior and Low-Income Population Access to Care

Questions Addressed in this Study

Analysis & Evaluation


The objective of the following work in writing is to examine Medicaid policy and to answer questions including those of: (1) What necessitated or facilitated the creation of the policy? (2) What was the policy attempting to accomplish? (3) Who had input into the development of the policy? (4) Was public comment solicited prior to the finalization of the policy? (5) for Whom Does the Policy Advocate? (6) What Purpose Does the Policy Serve in…. [read more]

Social Justice Action and Accompaniment Term Paper

… A social worker playing a role of an animator should exhibit an attitude which not only makes his learning curve steep but also encourages the group to build his skills.

During jury meetings, a lot of jury members face boredom. A social worker in this scenario may come up with innovative ideas to make the sessions more lively and full of spark.

3. How would you define popular education? How would you apply the principles of popular education in your social work practice?

Popular Education is a form of educational practice that aims to work in collaboration with people and communities that are disadvantaged, exploited, oppressed in a way which contributes to their own process of identifying the causes of the problems they face and…. [read more]

Policy Analysis in Health Care Literature Review

… Policy Analysis

Issues in Healthcare Policy Analysis: Current Standings, Theoretical Implications, and Impacts on Care: A Literature Review

An issue of increasing public attention and governmental concern for all nations in the modern era is healthcare policy -- how healthcare should be distributed, regulated, and paid for, to be specific. While the central issues of healthcare policy can be stated quite simply, though, actually contending with these issues and creating effective healthcare policy that properly cares for the needs of a given nation's citizens is a far more complex and difficult task. The many different considerations of finances, health outcomes, and ethical principles along with the ever-present problem of how to provide the best balance of services using limited resources make for heated debates and…. [read more]

Social Equity Is a Key White Paper

… In addition, public administration has the duty of burdening the responsibility of creating and maintaining a commonwealth. However, in practice the relationship between citizenry and administrators is complex, making matters of government operation, citizen engagement, and design in administration complex (Candler & Dumont, 2010). This is the result of a global phenomenon, which has led to the creation of the concept of direct citizenry engagement. The need for local responsibility is a challenge for the administrator to create citizenry engagement for some administrative functions, like security. However, these remains a challenge for leaders as national integrated systems of administration are in the way of future governance.

2.2 Analysis of Theories of the Conference

2.2.1 Public Administration Leadership

Leadership in public administration entails the "exercise of…. [read more]

Policy Analysis Policies Are Sometimes Ineffective Essay

… Policy Analysis

Policies are sometimes ineffective, have unintended side effects, or allow or exacerbate negative market externalities. Critically analyze current or previous policies that have been critiqued as dysfunctional or ineffective in addressing the problems they seek to address. How do they fail to effectively "solve" the problem or make the problem worse? What options exist to improve them?

The recently repealed "Don't Ask, Don't Tell," (DADT) policy of the United States military demonstrates in amazing style how an adopted policy can not only fail to solve a problem but also actually acerbate it (Files, 2003). The policy, adopted as a compromise by the Clinton administration in its failed attempt to allow the entrance of gays, lesbians, bisexuals into the military, served to illustrate how…. [read more]

Policy Studies Term Paper

… For developing consistent policies, it is also important to relate them to general principles of evaluation. In order to develop policies with maximum possible output, tradeoffs between conflicting aspects have to be made. Such tradeoffs can often be made by means of a cost-benefit analysis.

The knowledge pertaining to policy analysis is primarily drawn from the social sciences. However, the knowledge necessary for effective policy analysis is not derived from any particular discipline of social science. It draws its problems from the realm of actions, rather than the questions asked by particular disciplines. (Duncan) This is the reason that the process of policy analysis involves various disciplines rather than a single logical subject. The disciplines considered while conducting a policy analysis might include economics, political…. [read more]

Social and Social Policies Research Paper

… It is easy to see that the spirit of the authors went well with notions of social capital, grounded civic society, participatory democracy, inter-organizational synchronization, and collective effectiveness (Reisch, & Andrews, 2014). As is often the case with such notions, details about the structure of the community center, inter-service coordination, assumptions about community solidarity and evidence of effectiveness of collective intervention are sketchy. In all these fronts, a variety of concrete precedents could be explored to move the author's ideal model closer to one that is open to experimentation.

The authors have set themselves an ambitious challenge in producing a book that focuses on various social theorists. They seek to examine the relevance of these social theorists in social work as a professional practice, academic…. [read more]

Social Media Retailing Applications: Opportunities Dissertation

… For instance, social media sites Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and others are wrongly regarded by marketing executives as being mere "chat rooms" for adolescent socializing and nothing more (Keifer 2010). In reality, though, business is booming on social media networks. Indeed, since 2003, the number of social media site users has nearly doubled, and the time spent visiting and navigating these sites has grown by a staggering 883%! (Kunz & Hackworth 2011). According to Kunz and Hackworth (2011, p. 2), "In 2008 alone, the amount of time spent on social networking sites increased 73%. A large percentage (85%) of social media networking users want companies to interact with them using social media applications."

Today, sixty times a minute, every hour, 24 hours a day, social media…. [read more]

Privacy Issues Raised by Social Networking Essay

… Social Networking Privacy

Online privacy has been a prominent topic around the modern world since the Internet came to prominence. However, with the advent of social sites and networks like Facebook, Twitter and the like, the amount of horror stories, privacy violations and very misadvised user behavior has skyrocketed exponentially. People that have been victimized, either by bad security policies or by users' own silly or stupid behavior, range from average everyday people to prominent national figures such as executives and politicians. The companies behind social networks do have a duty to close and prevent security holes and lapses but users need to arm themselves as well. The internet is a vast echo chamber that spans the entire world. Once certain things are done or…. [read more]

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