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Social Worker Australian Term Paper

… Australian Social Workers

The objective of this work is to research and examine service provision to Aboriginal children with intellectuality disability, possibly a more culturally-appropriate service and specifically "Early Intervention" or children under the age of six years old. This work will examine the department of human services for information as well as the Aboriginal community co-op that provides services. This work will identify a problem which suggests a gap in service provision and will then develop a proposal for a needs assessment. How the problem will be addressed will be examined in relation to changes needed in existing services or the development of new services.

Social work in Australia, specifically in relation to intellectually disabled children under the age of six years old is…. [read more]

Social Work Theory: Australia Term Paper

… According to Seno A. Cornely and Denise D. Bruno (1997), it is noteworthy to emphasize the general trend toward autonomy from the mainstream influence, the need to produce indigenous teaching materials, the urgency of editing social workers' researches and studies, and the political commitment to the working class taking place in the world today.


Professional social workers are dedicated to the service for the welfare and self-fulfillment of all human beings. They are also required to be committed to the development and disciplined use of scientific knowledge regarding human and societal behavior; to the development of resources to meet individual, group, national and international needs and aspirations; and to the achievement of social justice (International Federation of Social Workers 1976). The successful application of…. [read more]

Nursing Roles in Primary Health Essay

… Only qualified nurses, with relevant skills in various elements of health care, should be considered for recruitment by the hospital management. The innovation brought about by the nurses in the team will ensure attainment of transformation of the health facility to a new level. The looming changes projected by this innovation include an increase in the number of patients handled by the facility, improving the quality of services, and promoting good working conditions. This will facilitate faster service delivery (Marquis & Huston, 2009).

The nurses will also support initiatives geared towards providing conducive climate for work and maintaining effective communication within the hospital departments. Besides, the nurses would root for initiatives that would see implementation of 24 hours of monitoring and reporting of incidences in…. [read more]

Diversity in Social Work Term Paper

… Diversity in Social Work

In my personal statement, I described my own upbringing in a rather xenophobic culture and my struggles to overcome these biases not only professionally, but in my own life as well. In this essay I will examine more thoroughly how I plan to ensure that I remain aware of the potential for these previous belief systems to influence my work and exactly how I will deal with any of these former cultural biases, should they appear.

First, however, I will briefly explain why I think this is such an important skill to develop in preparing for a social work career. I stated in my prior paper that my upbringing had reinforced Matras's feelings of separateness and, in turn, superiority when confronted…. [read more]

Life Stage of Late Adulthood Term Paper

… ¶ … Old

The Very Late Old: Sociologist Daniel Levinson described eight stages of adulthood (e.g., Levinson, 1986). The last stage of adulthood, late adulthood, occurs at age 65 and beyond. Levinson's theory was originally described many years ago and as medical advances continue the late adulthood stage of Levinson's been expanded considerably (Hutchinson, 2011). The oldest of the old or very late adulthood describes individuals 85 years old or older. This is the fastest growing segment of the population in the United States, women in this segment outnumber men by ratio of 3 to 2, men in this age group tend to be married whereas women are more likely to be single, and this particular age group represents a challenge for family, healthcare professionals,…. [read more]

Social Work Assessment

… Social Work

Describe some of the early childhood messages or rules you remember hearing as you were growing up. Which of these do you still believe? Which have you now discounted?

When I was growing up there were only a couple of messages or rules that were enforced in my household. The first was to never get into a car with strangers. The second was to always respect your elders and the third was always eat your vegetables. I still believe that it is not safe to get into cars with strangers. On second thought it is almost not safe to even speak to strangers anymore. I also still believe that the right thing to do is always respect your elders. Older people should always…. [read more]

Australian Legal System Essay

… Australian Legal System

Migrant women constitute a growing proportion of the childbearing population in many high-income countries (McLachlan and Waldenstrom, 2005). Migrant women are often classified as unskilled, and they constitute the largest and most vulnerable category among migrants (Piper, 2004). Women who do not belong to the dominant culture, or who are different because of their race, sexual orientation or disability, continue to confront marginalization in the policymaking process and require different strategies to integrate their agendas into the public policy process (Rankin and Vickers, 2001).

During 1989-1990, women made up just over 40% of those classified as principal applicants for settlement in Australia. The eligibility of these people to immigrate was looked at, and if successful, other members of their immediate family were…. [read more]

Suicide: Duty of Care Essay

… However, there is real need for the expertise of healthcare providers in response to pandemics and disasters. No other segment of society can substitute for them. These healthcare professionals are expected to be well aware of the very high demand and very high-risk levels required of them in their specialty professions. This awareness, though, does not discount the need for them to care for themselves. Hospitals and other institutions where they work are also obliged to provide them safe working environments and conditions. But in times of disasters, resources run short. In many cases, these healthcare providers take in more risks than usual. They must choose between caring for others in adverse situations and their families or friends. They need to strike a balance and…. [read more]

Australian Laws for Alcohol Use Thesis

… To be exonerated from this punishment, the adult should prove that he or she was not the minor's responsible adult at the time of the offense.

Consumption of alcohol in public places is governed by the Summary Offences Act, 1988 and under this act, it is an offense for the minor to buy or consume alcohol in public places. This can attract on the spot fines up to a maximum of $20. This is negligible and many minors would prefer to pay $20 and drink in public places rather than abstain from them. Also, there are no rules related to consuming alcohol in private places including residences and other private properties of individuals. This leads to many binge drinking house parties with or without the…. [read more]

How Does the Australian Criminal Justice System Respond to White Collar and Corporate Crime? Essay

… ¶ … Australian Criminal Justice System respond to white collar and corporate crime?

Crimes are breach of the law. Criminal law as in the common law differentiates between crimes that mala per se' that is crimes that are repugnant to humankind for example, murder, robbery and so on which forms the basis of the penal code. There are crimes that are caused by activities that the state prohibits or by social customs called 'mala prohibitia'. While the activity may not be repugnant to human kind, it becomes a crime on account of statute. Some examples include the bar on persons below a stipulated age to drive motor vehicles. Although a teenager at the wheel of a car is dangerous, it is not a crime that…. [read more]

Theory and Social Policy Essay

… ¶ … Social Policy: KiwiSaver as a Social Policy

A vitally important social / economic policy that the New Zealand Government launched - thanks in part to the progressive influences of the Labour Alliance Coalition and cooperation from private providers and employers - is called KiwiSaver ("Poua he Oranga"). KiwiSaver is a kind of savings program to help all citizens prepare financially for their retirement, or whatever their future plans happen to be. The benefits are many, and the program is flexible. This program was certainly not designed with Maori needs in mind exclusively, but indeed KiwiSaver offers returns to individuals - if they take advantage of it - that may not be as well off financially as they would like to be in terms…. [read more]

Code of Ethics Critically Analyse Essay

… Social work "promotes justice and social fairness, by acting to reduce barriers and to expand choice and potential for all persons, with special regard for those who are disadvantaged, vulnerable, oppressed or have exceptional needs" (13). The Code stresses that it is the social worker's, not the client's responsibility to set boundaries regarding what constitutes professional behavior, including ones that relate to physical contact (22).

However, while the statements are affirmative of culturally diverse attitudes in words, how precisely the social worker should put these ideas into practice is vague. There are certain practical statements which seem sensible, like having a translator on hand when dealing with members of tribes who do not speak English and to only make referrals to competent persons (21). There…. [read more]

Corporate Social Responsibility Literature Review Essay

… According to the authors of Milton (2011), it is more worth for the society to learn and know of the realities that face them rather than simply believe in their impossibilities to solve. For instance, Milton (2011) takes an example that when a citizen takes to the stage and demonstrates what is supposed to be done to curb certain problems, people thus find it easy, and they move forward into putting it in practice. The present society is made up of individual people whose focus is to embrace individualistic social norms whose future trends result in tribal alienations, collapse of military units, and sporting systems in the world.

This is not the tale of a real social corporate social responsibility. The reason behind this notion…. [read more]

Distribution and Social Justice Essay

… Distribution and Social Justice

Mark Peel's book the Lowest Rung paints a paradoxical picture of desolation and hope for those living in poverty in some of Australia's outer working-class suburbs. Highlighting the hardship and insecurity of their lives, his ethnographic history gives voice to people whose lives are shaped by chronic unemployment, stigma, and legends of heroism. His principal concern is to stress the political decisions that made these towns this way, thus challenging the notions that poor people are either disempowered victims of inevitable circumstance or immoral perpetrators who deserve their own fate. He writes, "In order to do justice we must reject the fantasy that poverty is deserved" (Peel 2003, p. 10). His fundamental premise is that poverty is not self-inflicted but results…. [read more]

Aboriginals and Social Work Term Paper

… Other problems that are common to aboriginal youth and youths from low socio-economic classes include drug and alcohol abuse. Problems like these can easily be addressed by prevention and education strategies when combined with "mind, body, spirit" approaches that focus on total wellness rather than focusing on problem-solving techniques alone.

I think a common theme throughout the course of the study program was establishing a sense of identity particularly among Aboriginal themes. Any youth or young adult must establish a strong sense of identity to succeed. If one thinks about, low self-esteem is often the cause of many different types of psychological problems, including major depression, social anxiety disorders and suicidal ideation. This is true in aboriginal populations as much as any other population. In…. [read more]

Supervision of Clinical Work in Mental Health Research Paper

… Social Work

Supervision of Clinical Work in Mental Health

Mental health nurses along with other practitioners, often work in an ever changing and challenging environment. Because of this there is a continuing need for support. It is often thought that this support helps to increase morale, decrease strain and burnout, and encourage self-awareness and self-expression. Clinical supervision often addresses all these issues and improves the quality of care for patients (Rice, Cullen, McKenna, Kelly, Keeney and Richey, 2007).

Clinical Supervision is a competency-based approach that is often used to train and supervise mental health practitioners. For a long time supervision has been central to training psychologists and other mental health professionals who work in clinical settings. There was a time when there was little or…. [read more]

Social Issues Surrounding Migrants in Australia Assessment

… Social Issues Surrounding Migrants in Australia

The immigrant population of Australia has grown rapidly over the past decade, more so than since the huge growth spurt following World War II. With this influx, numerous cultural and social issues arise. Despite the tax on the system, Australia takes its liberal immigration policy very seriously, allowing for about 150,000 new individuals per annum. Preference, of course, is given to those who already have employment in the country, or students who are able to pass the English language tests.

The Australian government, in fact, is so concerned about this new population segment, particularly in light of the global economic crisis in which resources are thinned out, that in 2006 a new Ministerial Department was created specifically to track…. [read more]

Australian Healthcare Workers & Climate Change Essay

… Climate change events such as heatwaves and are bound to cause increased mortality and morbidity due to pre-existing respiratory and cardiovascular illnesses, more so in the low socioeconomic groups and vulnerable populations like the elderly and also children. Low socioeconomic groups also lack access to sufficient and quality sources of water. Climate change aspects such as increased rainfall cause a greater rise in the entry of animals and humans into waterways. This is expected to cause an increase in waterborne and foodborne illnesses such as typhoid, diarrhea, cholera, and salmonella (Parise, 2018).

According to Sweet (2019), these harmful effects are overblown in remote locations and contribute to poor health in these remote Aboriginal communities in numerous ways. Individuals are unable to afford healthy meals,…. [read more]

Selling Australian Wine to Overseas Essay

… Because of this, it becomes difficult to project the financial gains of the company. This also reduces the capability of the company to work on appropriate measures to improve the condition.


The price for the wine is highly dependent on the area with the market. Therefore, some markets will tend to have a higher price attached to the wine than other markets because of the relative cost of export in the country. In addition, the government policies and rules governing the export of wines has a massive influence on the price of the commodity. The demand for the wine also has an influence on the price with areas that do not have a vast demand having a lower price to act as an incentive…. [read more]

Social Work a Practice Framework for Child Assessment

… Social Work

A Practice Framework for Child Protective Services

Social Work is an extremely broad and encompassing field of practice. For those of us engaged in the profession, communities, neighborhood, families and other such contained contexts will serve as the framework for programs, practices and personnel dispatched to improve lives. Often, this improvement must come through the highly difficult engagement of dysfunction. This is a focus of our practice framework, which is driven by the understanding that in certain socioeconomic, cultural and geographical settings, children may be at a much higher risk for experiencing the brunt of this dysfunction. This may take the form of physical abuse, exposure to domestic violence, neglect or simply the maintenance of a home which is unfit for child inhabitation.…. [read more]

Echo Valley Council Case Report Case Study

… Doe. Assuming sufficient home-based support can be provided, Mr. Doe can effect meaningful improvements through bed rest. In addition, should best rest be insufficient, Echo Valley's hospital has 12 general ward beds and a 20-bed nursing home that could provide the hospital care needed for Mr. Doe's rehabilitation.

Early stage dementia

Generally, dementia is comprised of a constellation of symptoms that indicate chronic and widespread dysfunction (Nazarko, 2008). The global impairment of cognitive capacities is the essential defining characteristic of dementia which presents as difficulty with memory, attention, reasoning, language and comprehension; however, other mental functions, such as marked changes in mood, personality, judgment, and social behavior, are also frequently involved (Nazarko, 2008). The primary goals of the intervention for elderly Australians with early stage…. [read more]

Social Exclusion on the Health Term Paper

… ¶ … social exclusion on the health of the Sudanese refugee community in Australia?

In this paper, we investigate the concept of social exclusion and its effect on the provision of health care services the Sudanese refugee community in Australia. Our specific focus is on the assessment of the impact of social exclusion on the health of the Sudanese community and to investigate how social exclusion of the Sudanese refugees affects them. A recommendation then follows on how the situation can be mitigated in order to provide the Sudanese refugees with equal health services.

The existence of social exclusion against refugees in different parts of the world is a fact which demands thorough investigation. Several scholars have dedicated their work in creating an understanding as…. [read more]

Diabetes Amongst Indigenous Australians Research Paper

… , 2007).

Knowledge: It's supremely essential to supply precisely maintained records of an the patient, which include each and every tiniest element such as how the person is been looked after, in context to the predetermined standard of diabetes care. Important points to think about whilst documenting particulars are, it should be according to facts, ought to be accurate, crystal clear, legible and simple to comprehend, it ought to be dated as well as signed, it ought to be kept classified as well as shouldn't be revealed or distributed except inside the designated chief staff. Risky elements ought to be high-lighted and layout of the individual record should be demarcated. Observations regarding progress or deteriorating indicators and signs should be obligatorily recorded with date (Randall…. [read more]

Corporate Governance and Social Responsibility Adoption Case Study

… Corporate Governance and Social Responsibility

Adoption of Corporate Governance Principles

Evaluations & Recommendations

Adoption of Corporate Social Responsibility Initiatives

In the United States, corporate governance legislation was initiated mainly directed at listed enterprises requiring executives to confirm financial statements as accurate and requiring increased oversight of boards and auditors. Private unlisted enterprise though, remains free from such regulatory control and protection.

Adoption of Corporate Governance Principles

Evaluations & Recommendations

I would recommend the following Corporate Governance principles; gleaned from the Sarbanes-Oxley Act (2002), OECD (2004), Combined Code (2003) and the Australian Securities Exchange (2007).

Corporate Governance and Managerial Compensation

Being a mining company in today's economic climate, a major responsibility as far as corporate governance goes is for the board of directors is to determine…. [read more]

Human Services, Chaim Zins Does an Adequate Essay

… ¶ … Human Services, Chaim Zins does an adequate job of describing the field of human services. Zins begins by acknowledging that human services is a constantly evolving field, so that the omission of any parts of the field that any individual, including me, thinks are important does not really hinder his description of the field. However, one area that I believe is missing in Zins article is the provision of human services to people in penal settings such as jails and prisons. In the United States as well as in many other Western nations, a significant segment of the population, particularly financially disadvantaged minority males, spend some part of their lives in penal institutions. These institutions are about punishment, with rehabilitation being a secondary…. [read more]

Integrated Social Work Process and Assessment Today Assessment

… ¶ … Integrated Social Work Process and Assessment

Today, social workers are confronted with a flood of guidance from governmental agencies concerning how to conduct assessments using various checklists for different types of healthcare consumers with little overall attention being paid to a set of best practices that can be followed (Milner & O'Bryne 2002). Many practitioners are also concerned about increasing government control of family life and worry about the effect of such governmental standardisation on the relationship between social workers and their clientele (Parton & O'Byrne 2000). Moreover, rather than being a static, one-time affair, accurate clinical assessment remains an ongoing requirement that may not be routinely satisfied by many social workers (Milner & O'Bryne 2002).

Social workers run the risk of overlooking…. [read more]

Sex Workers in Thailand ("Land Term Paper

… So much for the supply side of the causes behind prostitution in Thailand; now for the demand-side reasons:

Publicity and Tourism

When the U.S. soldiers descended on Bangkok as part of the official "R&R" deal between the governments of Thailand and the United States during the Vietnam War, they not only contributed directly to the development of the sex trade in Thailand but also laid the grounds for its continuance in the post-war era. This was done through enormous publicity about the licentious nightlife in Bangkok, and its glamorization as the "City of Angels," and "the sex capital of the orient." The stereotyped perception of the Thai women as "exotic and docile," "elegant and shy," and as "masters of the art of making love," were…. [read more]

Boudon 2001 Theories of Social Thesis

… Boudon 2001: Theories of Social

Does the author present a view of society?

Although he does not present his own view of society, the author presents several different views of society, espoused by leading theorists. These theorists do not have one prominent view of society, nor does the author suggest which view he finds the most valid, therefore, it is difficult, if not impossible, to determine the author's view of society.

How does the author discuss the relationship between individual and society?

The author discusses the relationship between the individual and society by discussing the perspectives that different theorists have taken on this relationship. According to the author, Weber believes that sociology needs to be individualistic in its methodology, like economics. In fact, he espoused…. [read more]

Impacting a Manager's Role: Social Contract Term Paper

… ¶ … Impacting a Manager's Role: Social Contract and Corporate Social Responsibility

In today's increasingly competitive and globalized world, managers face an increasing number of challenges. One of the contemporary challenges impacting a manager's role is the need to uphold a social contract, through the implementation of corporate social responsibility. Today's public trust in the corporate world has significantly faltered over the last generation.

And, as such, corporate loyalty has faltered with many customers as well as investors. The future manager's challenge will be to rebuild societal faith in their organization specifically and the corporate world in general.

The Social Contract and the Breakdown of Societal Trust:

An organization's social contract can be described as the obligations and expectations that society and organizations mutually have…. [read more]

Aboriginal Activism in Australia Term Paper

… It was these agitation's and activism which brought a number of changes for the Aboriginal people; these radical groups were successful in their strategy to adopt extreme form of protest and agitation's. The reforms brought about by these radical groups included the availability of commonwealth child endowment payments to Aboriginal families, after two years this reform was extended to those on missions or government reserves. In 1942 the old age pension began to be paid to those Aborigines outside the operations of the Aboriginal acts. Though these reforms were very crucial they did not bring about a radical change, there was a massive discrimination still going against the Aboriginal people. The government implemented the Aborigines act but it had a certain criteria as to who…. [read more]

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