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Social, Cultural, and Political Influence Research Paper

… S. (Crinson, 2009).

An alternate factor in the health care access issue is recognized in instances of urban poor. Information from urban slums shows that newborn and under-five death rates for the poorest forty percent of the urban populace are as high as the remote ranges (Crinson, 2009). Urban inhabitants are extremely powerless to macroeconomic stuns that undermine their earning limit and expedite substitution towards cheaper and less nutritious foods. Individuals in urban slums are especially influenced because of poor sanitation, absence of appropriate housing, fit sanitation, and legitimate education (Wilkerson, 2008). Financially, they lack reserve funds, extensive sustenance stocks that they can draw down over the long haul. Urban slums are also home to a wide display of irresistible illnesses like HIV / AIDS,…. [read more]

Social Class and Inequality Term Paper

… Social Class And Inequality

Social class is one of the more interesting concepts in sociology, in part because it is dependent upon circumstances. Social class has to do with standard of living, income, educational access, health care, and a number of other measurable factors, but, since these factors vary from country to country, and even from region to region within a single country, social class is a variable concept. Society generally thinks in terms of three social classes: upper class, middle class, and lower class. However, this three-class view of social class is somewhat limited. The upper class contains high-income people, but also includes those people in the wealthiest 1% and there is a tremendous difference in power between those groups. Likewise, the middle class…. [read more]

Social Organization of Work and Inequality Term Paper

… Social Organization of Work and Inequality

This study addresses the socio-historical conditions linking work and inequality from the industrial period to today. Over the past 200 years, changes in social and economic policies have orchestrated to the rise in social and economic inequalities across the world. Research findings have repeatedly indicated that such inequalities have had adverse impacts on social and health outcomes. Recent surveys found that citizens all over the globe are prepared to work hard to improve their living standards. However, global governments are committed to induce polices that seek to reduce the underlying working conditions and inequalities to attain a more equitable society (Wharton 21).


Socio-historical conditions have been acknowledged in a wider aspect as vital determinants of social and health…. [read more]

Inequality Between the Genders Term Paper

… Inequality Between the Genders

Today a number of scientists who represent different anthropological and sociological schools agree that gender inequalities were basically created by physical factors (differences in anatomy of man and woman) and by economical factors. Psychological factors and others played an important role as they contributed to these two. In the primitive societies there existed formal equality between genders as there were no personal or private interests, inequality was mainly expressed by the fact that man was stronger than woman. In such society there existed no personal interests, the main interest was collective survival as human was unable to survive individually under conditions of wild nature.

With the development of human society there appered gender roles division, which became more obvious in hunting…. [read more]

Social Work Framework Term Paper

… Some children may need foster place or adoption services to be able to live in safe homes. Counseling, anger, and behavioral services will also need to be provided for abused children in placement services. Sometimes services are provided to the whole family to help them make changes in the home where children can be safe at home with their families.

It is also necessary for a social worker to understand the different programs that social work provides and the population of people they are provided to. There are counseling programs that meet different needs of different populations, such as family counseling, abuse counseling, behavior counseling, addiction programs, or anger management groups. For instance, if a child has been abused, they could be full of anger…. [read more]

Identify and Resolve an Existing Form of Inequality That Exists in Classrooms Essay

… Inequality can often be observed in classrooms in the contemporary society and it is difficult for educational institutes to devise strategies that can effectively combat this particular problem. When looking at matters from the perspective of a person considering the conflict theory, one is probable to get a better understanding of why inequality exists in classrooms. Individuals supporting this theory consider that education is actually meant to promote social inequality and to support individuals who control the social order. The conflict theory virtually claims that education is meant to keep the lower classes from experiencing success and to support the upper classes in gaining significant benefits that can assist them in maintaining their social status.

Conflict theorists are not necessarily determined to demonstrate that education…. [read more]

Social Class System Term Paper

… The poor and the disadvantaged in the U.S. are barred from rising to higher social status with the help of insidious devices including "racism, sexism, classism, jingoism, and anti-Semitism" (Dugger, 1998). The desire to maintain inequality negates the American Dream and its numerous promises. Dugger (1998) further adds, "... our persistent pursuit of the folly of inequality through has blinded us to realities and to the existence of real alternatives. We pursue folly by pushing down the nutrition, clothing, and housing standards, health care, education, and career opportunities of African- Americans, women, workers, and foreigners. Institutionalists, Marxists, and Keynesians have all pointed out that this is not the way to raise future productivity."

It is through the use of various devices mentioned above that America…. [read more]

Social Economic Inequality When People Term Paper

… The prevailing idea is that by providing every person with a level playing field, everyone would have equal access to the privileges associated with status and wealth.

Part of this failure of liberal policy to eliminate discrimination lies in its inability to address the deeper roots of social inequity. For example, liberal policies that allow women access to university education and employment have not resulted in concomitant changes in the division of labor at home. Thus, even when they have greater access to education and employment, many women feel the double burden of being breadwinners and caregivers.

In response to the weaknesses of a liberal approach to social inequity, some groups have called for more radical solutions to social inequity. Marxists, for example, advocate the…. [read more]

Social Order and Inequalities Essay

… Expression of masculinity has been linked to ideas regarding work and citizenship. Some of the patriarchal states have been involved in scaling and clawing back their social policies relative to the women's disadvantage. Therefore women remain to face resistance into meaningful positions of power within administrations, institutions, as well as in the political system and communities.

Social class between ethnic groups in a society has brought racial inequality. It comes in different ways such as because of the individual's place of origin or culture, skin color and other physical characteristics. Unequal opportunities and treatment between racial formations tend to be the reasons why some ethnic groups feel that they are superior to the rest of the people. Since Jane is from lower social class she…. [read more]

Social Justice Children Thesis

… Social Justice and Children

Social Justice

Social justice can be a difficult concept to explain becomes it encompasses such broad principles. "Social justice is the view that everyone deserves equal economic, political and social rights and opportunities. Social workers aim to open the doors of access and opportunity for everyone, particularly those in greatest need." (National Association of Social Workers, 2008). Social justice encompasses every aspect of social life. That means that social justice pertains to goods including health, welfare, safety and education programs and the distribution of these goods to all members of society. Social justice goes beyond the distribution of material goods. It also includes societal beliefs and behavior regarding others in society (Longues & Scanlon, 2001). One of the most significant aspects…. [read more]

Social and Cultural Theory Study Essay

… The phrase 'looking-glass self' was used by Cooley to present the idea that "what we think of ourselves depends on what we think others think of us" ("Charles Horton Cooley,").

The human beings are living in groups, both large and small. The concern shown by the members of the groups towards each other differentiates the primary and secondary groups. Thus, a primary group is one in which the members share personal relationships that are permanent and long-term and family being the most important one. This group of prime importance plays a significant role in the life of an individual. Members of this group spend a lot of time with each other, display real concern for each other's welfare and understand each other really well. It…. [read more]

Social Stratification Indicate the Determinants Case Study

… Social Stratification

Indicate the determinants of social status and class in the United States

The three primary determinants of social status and class in the United States are money, power, and culture. Of course, while these three qualities are often interrelated, and possessed by the same individuals, they are not necessarily synonymous. For example, Wall Street investment bankers may have money, and political lobbying power, but they do not possess the same level of power as a Senator or Congressperson. While many politicians have used their affluence to catapult them to the higher echelons of power in the U.S., few have the wealth of a Warren Buffett. Conversely, some figures (such as Lady Gaga or John Stewart) might not have formal power or the greatest…. [read more]

Social Justice Theoretical Constructs Term Paper

… Because each of us is in a constant state of growing and evolution, it is incumbent upon us to develop this 'positionality,' a capability to perceive theories with pragmatism, scrutiny and intellectual curiosity. The text by Finn & Jacobson indicates that "as engaged human beings we bring our histories and experiences with us as we act in and make sense of the world. Our positionalities are shaped through ongoing processes of identification. By this we mean that as social actors, people are at once claiming identities, being labeled by others, and experiencing the world in terms of those multiple identities such as race, gender, age, class, citizenship, ethnicity, and sexual orientation." (p. 173) By employing these positionalities, each of us becomes capable of devising our…. [read more]

Social Contradiction Essay

… Social Contradiction

The contradiction between America's promise of opportunity and freedom on the one hand and its inherently unjust capitalism system on the other plays itself out in literature, both fiction and non-fiction, as a seemingly unbridgeable divide between the two sides of any capitalist endeavor, namely, management and labor. This divide appears so insurmountable precisely because the moral and political legitimacy of one side (management) ultimately depends upon an insistence that such a divide does not exist. Because there is no way to justify the inherent exploitation of capitalism without an appeal to some kind of divine right on the part of the privileged, capitalism and its representatives in management have simply been forced to pretend that no such exploitation actually exists. Both the…. [read more]

Social Issue Alcohol Drugs Essay

… Society teaches young people act in 'deviant' ways (Goode 2006: 420). For example, the lack of opportunities offered to young people in poor, urban communities increase the incentives to be involved in the drug trade, given the limited venues for self-improvement outside of drugs. A lack of positive role models in the community; family members who abuse drugs; and peer influences can all increase the likelihood of abuse and 'teach' young people to find refuge in substance abuse.

Conflict-based theories of abuse stress the role of poverty exacerbating the problem of drug addiction. "Conflict theory argues that inequality is the root cause of drug use, at least the heavy, chronic abuse of and dependence on 'hard' drugs such as crack cocaine and heroin" (Goode 2006:…. [read more]

Social Media's Massive Influence Essay

… Everyone should understand that what they watch on TV or in the films are there to help them alter their mindsets regarding given viewpoints or opinions. This is a matter of social control since the society in the contemporary era has most of its affairs implicated upon by the media. In the current epoch of globalization, everyone must be conscious of the diverse features that apply in the production of TV programs and films and their connotation on the diverse ethnicities and divisions of the society. The media civilization of current times incline to promote numerous entrepreneurial principles, by damaging the marginal interests, and depicts a profound effort that exists among diverse races, social classes, sex, and societal groups. People should appreciate and understand the…. [read more]

Social Equity Is a Key White Paper

… In addition, public administration has the duty of burdening the responsibility of creating and maintaining a commonwealth. However, in practice the relationship between citizenry and administrators is complex, making matters of government operation, citizen engagement, and design in administration complex (Candler & Dumont, 2010). This is the result of a global phenomenon, which has led to the creation of the concept of direct citizenry engagement. The need for local responsibility is a challenge for the administrator to create citizenry engagement for some administrative functions, like security. However, these remains a challenge for leaders as national integrated systems of administration are in the way of future governance.

2.2 Analysis of Theories of the Conference

2.2.1 Public Administration Leadership

Leadership in public administration entails the "exercise of…. [read more]

Social Justice in the Book Research Paper

… From the book of Micah we see how the people behaved and lived. Their actions all go against God's will and the covenant with them; the covenant was conditional which implied that God will directly bless those who obey him and curse those who disobey him. In the book of Micah there are reminders of the conditions that had been set by God when he made promises to Abraham, the directions he had given to Israel through Moses and finally the fact that God requires them to fear him, walk in his ways as well as serve him. Therefore their actions are a direct disobedience to what was expected to them by God (Garcia, 2011).

An individual's relationship with God directly impacts one's treatment of…. [read more]

Dimensions of Social Inequality Race Essay

… Women with a high school diploma or less, and who are out of wedlock have higher birth rates at 40%, and which continually increasing each year. These studies indicate that children or persons raised in a family set up other than the traditional family are at a disadvantage (Kathryn & Joanna, 2005). They results of their research is used to indicate that a person raised in a home with deprived economic power, single parent, and an absence of a consistent male guide suffer uncertainty and disorderliness (Wax, 2007). These persons are more likely to end up in the same situation as their parents with life-long repercussions like school dropout, have children out-of-wedlock, lower education and job attainment, mental health and family instability.

On the other…. [read more]

Inequality Measured? Do Causal Relationships Essay

… In other words, inequality is decreased among elite and exploited, but increases among the exploited, which transform from a homogenous group into a heterogeneous group. This situation would further develop into the creation of new social classes, with other features and relationships of inequality, pointing again to the existence of a causal relationship between classes at the level of inequality.

5. Conclusions

In a fast developing society, more emphasis is coming to be placed on the generation of social gains, alongside with the economic gains. In such a setting, efforts are made in the direction of inequality reduction. The concept of inequality is differently approached within the literature, with the differences being given by the field in which inequality is assessed, such as economy or…. [read more]

Inequality in Condo Advertising the Research Theme Essay

… Inequality in Condo Advertising

The research theme for this paper is two-fold: it considers inequality as a social phenomenon, and secondly how this relates to Condo advertising in newspapers. Inequality is an extremely important research issue in today's sociological environment, especially as it concerns basic needs such as housing. Advertising provides an extra dimension to the study of such issues: the findings of inequality in such advertising will provide important indications of preconceived notions regarding persons who would be in need of condominium type housing. The question of how the concept of inequality relates to condo advertising will be the focus of this paper. The reason for the investigation is that I have noticed instances of inequality when considering condo advertisements in newspapers. I have…. [read more]

Class Inequalities Impact on Our Lives Education Equal Opportunity Essay

… ¶ … Inequalities: Impact on our Lives; Education; Equal Opportunity

Class Inequalities: Their Impact on Our Lives, Education and Equal Opportunity

Inequalities will always exist in society regardless of the nature of the form of government upon which that society is formed. Nevertheless, it is incumbent upon any democratic society for the government to provide equal educational opportunities and to create jobs for their citizens. It is the duty of government to encourage people to become involved in the educational system and to provide students with the resources and tools necessary to facilitate a better society. A robust educational system prepares a nation's citizens with the academic training and skills needed to enter the job market. This does not ensure that an individual with an…. [read more]

Inequality Is an Issue Term Paper

… In addition the postmodern city is not characterized by a single way of life, which makes it quite different from traditional cities. According to Brym postmodern cities contribute to inequality because they provide fewer and fewer public places available for people to come together to socialize. The author also explains that post modern cities have a negative impact on minority groups because of cultural norms that dictate certain types of socialization. In other words, within the context of the postmodern city, minority groups no longer have access to the resources (public spaces) through which their cultural identities thrive.

According to Allan & Turner (2000), in the context of sociology postmodernism is "a critical form of theorizing that is concerned with the unique problems that are…. [read more]

Social Darwinism and the Gospel of Wealth Essay

… Social Darwinism and the Gospel of Wealth

How did the industrial and religious leaders as well as the government justify accumulation of wealth and resources according to Social Darwinism and the Gospel of Wealth during the late nineteenth century?

The age of industrialization and economic growth in America during the nineteenth century is known as the 'gilded age'. This was a time when industrial growth and the accumulation of wealth were combined with the ideals of American individualism and the development of democratic deals. In brief, the dominant social philosophy and worldview of the time was one that favored independence and entrepreneurship. The ethos of the accumulation of wealth must therefore be seen against the background of the emerging ideologies that were to form the…. [read more]

Class and Identity Essay

… ¶ … Identity

Class has been an enduring social concept used to explain the nature of inequalities within different societies. While there is disagreement within the different sociological paradigms as to the construction of class, modern social theorizing elucidated a clear link between class and individual identity. This link once considered to be ossified and concrete has come under heavy scrutiny from post-modern theorist. The extent of the critique has been to the point of suggesting that class is dead, and thus the class identity link is now defunct. This essay posits that, while class is an inadequate and limited conceptualization, it is still a useful theoretical tool for social explanation. The discussion will commence with a definition and description of the salient elements of…. [read more]

Social Inequality in Canada Thesis

… Social Inequality in Canada

Prejudice and Inequality

The most common definition of prejudice used in academic circles is one given by Glover (1999) which states that prejudice is "thinking ill of others without sufficient warrant." Webster's Dictionary states that prejudice is an opinion that is formed without fair examination of the facts. Literally, it means prejudging people or not liking them because they are different, without knowing anything about them personally (Canada & the World Backgrounder, 1996). Two closely related terms are discrimination and racism. Discrimination means acting and behaving in a negative way toward members of some distinct group for the sole reason that they belong to that group (Canada & the World Backgrounder, 1996).

This may include refusing to hire someone for a…. [read more]

Social Inequality in India Caste System 1450-2007 Term Paper

… Social Inequality in India; "Caste System" (1450-2007)

Social Inequality in India: the "Caste System."

Social inequality is a social aspect that is found in every nation and country in the world.

However India is unique in that it has a socially ingrained and structured system that inculcates and perpetuates differences and inequality. As one commentator states; "...nowhere else in the world has inequality been so elaborately constructed as in the Indian institution of caste." (India Caste system, ancient India Caste System)

This inequality within the society still persists to a certain extent today in some areas and, while there are many reports of the dismantling of this system of inequality, yet, "Caste has undergone significant change since independence, but it still involves hundreds of millions…. [read more]

Inequality Describe the Overall Perspective Essay

… Inequality

Describe the overall perspective provided on income distribution inequalities including the issues of poverty, racial inequality as well as the "class ceiling" problem.

Since the end of World War II the social and economic disparities in America have become more severe. Throughout the 1950s and into 1960s, there were tremendous amounts of growth. However, from the 1970s onward, these divisions began to adversely change. As the economy was dramatically growing, but there was no real increase in wages or income equality. This was occurring from an economic, racial and gender perspective. (Kolby, n.d.) (Page, 2009)

Evidence of the can be seen in the below tables (which are highlighting these disparities during this time).

Share of Net Worth between the Upper and Lower Class from…. [read more]

Social Inequality and Minorities in the United States Thesis

… Social Inequality and Minorities in the U.S.

There are many types of inequalities in our societal structural: racial, wealth, structural, economic, and social. Most of these are linked in one way or another, particularly social and economic inequality. And within social inequality lie several distinct areas such as property rights, freedom of speech, levels of health care, education, and voting rights.

Social inequality then is simply an area or areas of society where certain groups do not have equal access or equal status. Social and economic inequality are closely linked because it is often lack of financial capability that causes inequities in the other areas mentioned above. In other words, it may be strictly economic or financial factors that cause social inequalities in the area…. [read more]

Social Inequality Marx Weber Durkheim Grabb Term Paper

… Social Inequality

One hundred years ago, Henry George's Progress and Poverty was more widely read than any other work on economics, including Marx's Capital (Smiley pp). Both George and Marx proposed radical solutions to the general problem of achieving economic growth with social equity (Smiley pp). Marxism conquered half of the world and left a heavy imprint on the other half, while Georgism exists today mainly in the history of economic thought and to a limited degree still affects local government revenue practices (Smiley pp). Some economists regarded land rent as ethically and economically quite different from profit and interest in that rent was socially, not privately created (Smiley pp). George argued that land monopoly was the main cause of poverty, however, his remedy was…. [read more]

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