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Social Science Research Growing Up Term Paper

… Social Science Research

Growing up as a child of parents who have immigrated can be a very challenging experience to the child. The child gets intense pressure from the parents to succeed in the new country which can be viewed as a better country in terms of opportunities as compared to their native country. More often than not the children of immigrant families face intense challenges because of the difference between their cultural background and the community that they are trying to fit into; all of these put together with the pains of growing up make the situation more awkward and complicated for the children.

Children of the immigrant families face a lot of social and cultural challenges within the new setting within the schools…. [read more]

Quality of Life Among Tawau Research Paper

… In a study that was conducted under the PraxArt project, it was found that OA has a negative effect on the quality of life of patients. The study also reveals that when a patient-centered intervention that allows for longer follow-up is not applied, the quality of life of patients which is measured by their satisfaction, presence of comorbidities and levels of stress and depression deteriorates Rosemann et al., 2005: 77



Jinks et al. (2007: 59)

also provide amodel for examining the quality of life of patients suffering from knee pain that may be associated with OA. Their study used a multi-method approach over a 12-month period and found that knee OA results to difficulties in conducting normal activities such…. [read more]

Quality of Life the Impact of Social Essay

… Quality of Life

The impact of social support on persons who are healthy both mentally and physically -- and those who are struggling with mental problems -- is profoundly important. This paper reviews the reasons why social support is so vitally important, and delves into the subject of age-related theories that help provide clarity for the human need to adapt to life at an advancing age. Moreover, the concept of child-parent bonding, gender roles and ethnicity issues -- and how they relate to social support resources -- will be covered.

Social Support for One's Quality of Life

A good test of how important social support is for people was the topic when China experienced a massive, 8.0 earthquake struck on May 12, 2008. The earthquake…. [read more]

Social, Cultural, and Political Influence Research Paper

… S. (Crinson, 2009).

An alternate factor in the health care access issue is recognized in instances of urban poor. Information from urban slums shows that newborn and under-five death rates for the poorest forty percent of the urban populace are as high as the remote ranges (Crinson, 2009). Urban inhabitants are extremely powerless to macroeconomic stuns that undermine their earning limit and expedite substitution towards cheaper and less nutritious foods. Individuals in urban slums are especially influenced because of poor sanitation, absence of appropriate housing, fit sanitation, and legitimate education (Wilkerson, 2008). Financially, they lack reserve funds, extensive sustenance stocks that they can draw down over the long haul. Urban slums are also home to a wide display of irresistible illnesses like HIV / AIDS,…. [read more]

Factors That Affect Social Workers Perceptions About End Stage Dementia Patients Research Proposal

… Social Workers' Perceptions revised

Social Workers Perception About End-Stage Dementia

Social Workers and Gerontological Patients

Therapeutic Nihilism

Impacts of Dementia

Role of Hospice Social Workers

Interaction between the Social Worker & Dementia Patients

Limitations in Earlier Studies

Research Question No.1

Research Question No.

Research Question No.

Research Question No.

Research Question No.

The healthcare sector is facing scarcity of medical professionals and healthcare workers globally. Alongside other fields of health care, the field of social work is also facing asimilar problem. Researchers have proved that there is visible reduction in the number of social workers interested in treating elderly patients (gerontological field of social work). The ratio of healthcare workers dealing with elderly patients having cognitive impairment is even lower. A similar case is observed…. [read more]

Social Network and Its Effects Research Paper

… The greatest proof analyzing how personal computer use influences kids' constructs on the researches of TV revolves around physical results and violent or aggressive material. The proof on physical impacts connects the inactive nature of computer use to an enhanced threat of weight problems and medical concerns caused due to the reactions in the brain. Kids need to restrict their time with media and need to be instructed to utilize computer systems securely to stay clear of the kinds of eye, back, and wrist injuries that have actually afflicted grownup users. In addition, the proof on violent or aggressive material links exposure to violent or aggressive video game to the development of enhanced aggressive habits. More powerful actions are required by policymakers and software application…. [read more]

Quality of Life Among Tawau Research Paper

… On the other hand, the tibia has two sockets (slightly cup-shaped) to meet the femoral condyles. A healthy knee alignment has femoral condyles that rest evenly on the tibia as well as applying evenly to both sides. However, knee deformity could lead to asymmetrical force distributions. A valgus (knock-kneed) deformity occurs when the knees closer together than normal. These deformities could lead to asymmetrical degeneration of the knee cartilage leading to osteoarthritic knee.

On the other hand, knee OA could occur due to the problem with the backbone.

Backbone of an individual is made of combination of bone structure. The backbone is generally referred as vertebral column that supports the body weight, and 33 vertebrae bone are made up of vertebra column. Apart from the…. [read more]

Quality of Life Indicators Research Paper

… A ranking ratio estimation procedure resulted in two weights being assigned: A weight to each sample person record and a weight to each sample housing unit record.

Level of Aggregation -- Reports are released for specified geographic areas, and all the same set of statistical, legal, and administrative entities as those addressed in previously published Census long form, including the nation, the states, counties, minor civil divisions, incorporated places, census tracts, and American Indian and Alaska Native (AIAN) areas, among others.

Data Collection Period -- Data collection is continuous. Reports are released annually rather than every decade as with most reports produced by the U.S. Census Bureau.

Date Reports -- 2000 to 2011 -- The ACS publishes data on the U.S. Census Bureau's American FactFinder…. [read more]

Social Commerce in Saudi Arabia Research Proposal

… The chaos that finished out a 30-year-old dominant system in Egypt ensued from the social media's bonding the youth, assisting them to establish and coordinate objections in contrast to the government. Currently, Syrian videos showed on social sites have kept individuals united and aware of what is taking place inside that nation. It is clear that the social media has taken people into a new era of legislations with the possibility of uniting a large amount of individuals all over the world (Eid, 2011). The said externalities are existent in the technical level of the agent and are able to guide to organization failures for instance low investment traps, corruption and crime. The underdevelopment trap, it was proposed, could be something that is owing to…. [read more]

Social Promotion or School Retention Research Proposal

… Social Promotion or School Retention

The school years of a student are what determine their academic future. This is the reason why there has been a good deal of debate on the issue of social promotion and school retention. When the students are unable to pass their final exams, for whatever reason, it always creates a problem for the administration and the teachers because they have to make the decision of promoting the student to the next grade or retaining him or her in the same one. Apart from promotion based on performance, the culture of "socially" promoting the student is also becoming prevalent. Promotion as well as retention both can have negative impacts on a failing student pertaining to his future academic performance and…. [read more]

Social Class and Health Research Paper

… When unmarried, she was subjected to her father or brother. If married, she was subject to her husband. Her daily activities were also determined by her social class or status. She supported and supervised the activities and needs of the household. She led a comfortable life (Maier).

A noble lady lived a similarly privileged and comfortable life. Her day began at dawn when she said prayers and heard Mass (Maier, 2011). Her daily activities depended on the preferences of her husband. When he was away, she supervised the expenses of the manor and the estates and the collection of rents. She also handled the operations of the farms and the settling of disputes. Her leisure included embroidery, dance and conversations about games, marriage, poetry and…. [read more]

Social Phobia in Children Research Paper

… Social phobia is quite different from shyness as the people who are shy do not completely avoid the situations that make them uncomfortable, whereas, those suffering from social phobia have a tendency to completely avoid social encounters and keep themselves aloof. The children suffering from social phobia have a disrupted normal life as this disorder deteriorates their school and social relationships. (the Child Anxiety Network, 2013)

The children and adolescents suffering from social anxiety disorder confront a number of feared situations. These situations include crowds and parties; initiating a conversation or getting indulged in one; talking to a large audience; expressing opinions and points-of-view; making someone new; shaking hands with people; using public washrooms; shopping for stuff; talking to the seniors or higher authorities; being…. [read more]

Life Experience of Personal Care Research Proposal

… Diabetes is reported as "twice as common in American Indian and Alaska Native communities as in the general population (15.3% compared with 7.3%), and it is steadily increasing." (NIAMS, 2006 in: National Association of Chronic Disease Directors, 2012, p.3)


The study conducted is to be a qualitative phenomenological study. Lester (2009) states "The purpose of the phenomenological approach is to illuminate the specific, to identify phenomena through how they are perceived by the actors in a situation. In the human sphere, this normally translates into gathering 'deep' information and perceptions through inductive, qualitative methods such as interviews, discussions and participant observation, and representing it from the perspective of the research participant(s). Phenomenology is concerned with the study of experience from the perspective of the…. [read more]

Business Strategy Role of Work/Life Research Paper

… The availability of exercising and gym facilities provides additional support to maintain health of the employees. These are offered either at the offices or through third party contracts with gyms. The skills of the employees are improved through trainings related to work and other related programs. The skills related to life management and educational support is also a significant in improving employee performance. The programs are also offered to enhance health and parenting skills. The organizations offer financial management and retirement benefits through human resources policies. Professional and personal counseling is also an integral part of the organizational policy (Tariq et al., 2012).

Organizational Culture:

The organizational culture provides notable support to employees in relation to their non-work obligations. The attitude of supervisors and coworkers…. [read more]

Social Responsibilty Strategy for Community Research Paper

… For outside governments, it should make good connections with the community by producing actions to support or help society for instance giving money into communication methods or refining society in order for people to have a much more comfortable life.

Corporate Compliance Program

Alexandria Hospital plans on developing and then implementing a Corporate Compliance in the near future. These compliance efforts will be designed to enable the detection, prevention, and resolve of instances of conduct that are previously not conforming to state and federal law and federal, state, and private payer healthcare necessities, in addition to the Hospital's business and ethical policies (Rohini & Mahadevappa, 2010). The components of the Alexandria Hospital compliance program will comprise of things such as development of policies, oversight, and…. [read more]

Social Construction of Technology &#8230 Term Paper

… SCOT is more than a supposition, it is a theory grounded in specific methodologies and techniques. Farlano explains:

The social construction of technology (SCOT) is a particular way of conceptualizing and understanding the social shaping of technology as well as, in turn, the technological shaping of society. This perspective can be understood to include the interplay between socio-economic, political, cultural and environmental factors in the process of technological development…This viewpoint is in stark contrast to the perspective of technological determinism or realism, which stresses the inherent properties of technologies and their impacts on society. (Farlano, 2012)

SCOT argues that there is a fluctuating and semiotic relationship between technology and social reality. Those who agree with SCOT would say that just as art imitates life and…. [read more]

Consultation and Social Justice Advocacy Research Paper

… Even though Brian advanced academically and has even exposed excellent creative abilities, the team thought that he needed to be put in a more limited setting. Belinda replied furiously at this reference and swore that she would never contemplate that kind of placement. She swiftly communicated the community agency for consultation, as suggested by the school's counselor.

A close inspection of her home life with Brian brought up that her frustration and sadness inhibited with her capability to be a parent. Especially, she had a propensity to blame Brian for all of the difficulties that she was having. Each time problems came up in her private and specialized life, she would become angry at Brian. This sequence led to her incapability to cultivate Brian and…. [read more]

Social Work and Burnout Research Proposal

… Workers who are vulnerable to burnout create a demised organizational potential "with all its ramifications from personal trauma to deterioration in quality of services" (Ullmann, Goos, Davis, & Mushinski, 1971).

Research methods.

This study will be a two part cross over study, and will select a cross section of professionals from social work professions to interview regarding their personal experiences with burn out. The research will break the surveyed population into groups by age and gender demographics, and attempt to identity common experiences, factors and perceptions which affect the appearance of burn out in the professional's career path.

Part One

Likert scale-based survey of 20 questions will be created that focus on the participant's personal beliefs regarding locus of control, personal efficacy, and burn out.…. [read more]

Numerical Research That Can Be Analyzed Essay

… ¶ … numerical research that can be analyzed in a statistical fashion. Quantitative research frequently -- although not exclusively -- deploys the scientific method whereby a hypothesis is tested in a controlled fashion. One group, the experimental group, is subjected to an intervention known as the independent variable while another, otherwise similar group, is designated the control group and not subjected to that variable. The dependent variable is the change or lack of change that results from the intervention, and the results prove or disprove the initial hypothesis. Quantitative research can also take the form of a survey or other instrument designed to collect raw data about a particular population.

In contrast, qualitative research is designed to explore the evolution of a particular phenomenon in…. [read more]

Social Change Research Paper

… China One Child Policy

Social Change One Child Policy

Economic reform has brought many changes to China's rural economy in the past two decades, as reflected in a combination of rapid economic growth, rural industrialization, structural change, and sharp reductions in fertility. This dissertation evaluates the possible consequences of these changes on women's labor force participation.

The first essay explores the impact of China's "one-child policy" on female work patterns through its possible effects on fertility. Early studies that took fertility behavior to be exogenous to female labor supply tended to find that fertility has a negative impact on female labor supply.

This ignores a potential selection problem inherent in the estimation of the fertility-female labor supply relation, namely, that women who prefer to work…. [read more]

Quality of Life of Menopause Women Research Proposal

… Quality of Life of Menopause Women

Over the last several years, the issue of menopause has been increasingly brought to the forefront. Part of the reason for this, is because a growing number of women are beginning to enter the age range for the condition (40 to 59 years old) with this affecting 37.5 million Americans. The reason why this is taking place is because; during this time a woman's body will undergo a significant amount of changes. As, her ovaries will begin to shut down in the production of estrogen and progesterone. This will often lead to adverse consequences that will have impact on the quality of life for many women. Where, it will have an impact on their well-being including: hot flashes, night…. [read more]

Social Entrepreneurship Our Nation Is Built Research Paper

… Social Entrepreneurship

Our nation is built on the use of both entrepreneurship and capitalism to provide a steady means of improvement in the quality of life for society. The same concepts that have allowed America to prosper over the past two hundred years are still alive today. America has a meritocracy that allows the best people to be placed in the best opportunities that are equal with their skills and abilities. America has a market economy which provides goods and services to the individuals who demand them. By providing goods to those who demand them, redundancies are eliminated. Finally, America has capitalism which generates innovations that benefit society in return for a satisfactory profit for the entrepreneur for undertaking that particular risk. All woven together,…. [read more]

Emotional and Social Effects of Food Allergies in Children and Teenagers Research Paper

… Emotional and Social Effects of Food Allergies in Children and Teenagers

In case, a child has food allergies there are emotional repercussions that affect both the child and the mother. By definition, an allergy occurs when the immune system of the body is reacting against food substances, which it considers harmful to the body (Bursztyn 6-7). As a result, the immune system can cause harsh symptoms, which could be fatal. Some of these symptoms range from abdominal and rushes which can affect breathing system and ultimately cause anaphylactic shock. Food allergy can also affect a child's social life because a child will find it difficult to attend birthday parties, eat out at hotels and restaurants or even eat friends' homes (Bursztyn 6-7).

Food allergy also…. [read more]

Social Network Sites on Relationships Research Paper

… People that have experienced romantic love over the internet will give the most appropriate information on how to handle relationships on the internet (Levy & Pescosolido, 2002). The study conducted when mature people volunteer to give more details concerning the experiences of their own lives. The information from the people recorded and presented for future references to advise the young generation. The method of extracting information from the adults with experience can be using the recording devices.

The information retrieved from people saved as in cassettes in video format to ensure that it will be accessible later. The best way to retrieve information is through asking questions and obtaining direct answers from the specified candidates. According to the information retrieved from the personal experience, the…. [read more]

Behavior Social Influences Research Paper

… , 2010; Voncken et al., 2010). Severe cases of the disorder lead to a complete shut-down of social interactions, with behavioral changes in the way people hold themselves, make eye contact, speak, and even think, all based on a social context of unfamiliarity or in encountering unknown people, or simply a lack of control (Kashdan et al., 2010; Voncken et al., 2010).

The precursors of true social anxiety disorder can vary greatly, though many cases are brought on by histories of specific instances of trauma or ongoing environmental forces that lead to a reduced ability to make and maintain social connections or simply engage in social interactions (Kashdan et al., 2010). Consequences of social anxiety disorder, on the other hand, are fairly well documented, with…. [read more]

Social Science Research Thesis

… Type of Research -- Use of disablement models and clinical outcomes to qualitatively and quantitatively plot conceptual models of clinical outcomes and assessment measurement tools. Essentially this is an evaluation and treatment model that is based on a specific impairment, functional loss, and attainable quality of life rather than medical diagnosis. Thus the authors use quantitative data to define a specific impairment, qualitative data combined with quantitative data for functional loss (measurable effects combined with perception of effect), and qualitative data on quality of life assessments.

Design Appropriateness- The study design, at least in this initial part, is more of a broader-based clinical research review than actual data collection. The data used was based on clinician records and statistically compared with clinical outcome data from…. [read more]

Social Media and Its Negative Impacts Research Paper

… .. I see people on their phones, and I just want to take these cookies and throw them. It's like 'Get off your f***ing phone, and get a life!'" (Scheffler, 2010). What these anecdotes describe is how social media can bully others, particularly celebrities. It can spread rumors, gossip, negativity and it can disintegrate the privacy of famous people who work very hard and want time to themselves.


Social media opens up a door for negativity that few people could have anticipated and that many people wrongly underestimate. Social media allows tensions to fester and grow between people, sometimes resulting in violent encounters. Social media can sometimes exploit cracks in relationships, putting them under undue stress. Social media can create skewed and unhealthy images…. [read more]

Social Institutions and African-American Research Paper

… In other words, the society must maintain cultures; policies and structures that make everyone feel safe, nurtured and respected. The society should formulate policies that only permits acceptable behavior and which delineates from causing chaos in the society. Therefore, the society must adopt codes of behaviors and policies that address uncouth behavior. Even with laws and policies, that prohibits the perpetration stereotyping, the implicit bias and racism in the society, the problem is still on the rise discipline (Balderrama, Mary & Elsa, 2004).

In other words, social institutions play a larger role in determining the social status and privileges of every person in the society. Therefore, in developing these policies, social institutions must take great caution and evaluate the severity of racism and its consequences…. [read more]

Social Responsibility Strategy Veolia Transportation Research Proposal

… It is a recommendation that Veolia carries out an environmental impact analysis on its operations. The company should develop environmentally friendly tickets, have a recycling plant, the company maintain machinery frequently to limit smoke emissions and a park designed to meeting needs of the community.

"Move as one / sustainability"

Veolia has an impact on the community, and their cooperation is particularly essential. These strategies also ensure the company remains profitable. The company can get involved with the community if it incorporates various practices, for example, Instituting fair employment practices that include minority groups, providing educational facilities for families, Subsidizing public transport fees and in supporting development programs at the community level. For sustainability, Veolia needs to practice energy efficiency strategies. Technologically advanced energy management…. [read more]

Social Network Forensics Approach to Social Network Evidence Recovery Research Proposal

… Social Network Forensics: Approach to Social Network Evidence Recovery

The introduction of social networking sites in recent years caused an explosion in interest and these sites now attract hundreds of millions of users from around the world. Likewise, blogs and wikis are increasingly popular Web 2.0 venues that can evolve into formal communities of interest, providing significant knowledge-sharing and learning opportunities. Used appropriately, these venues therefore represent a valuable resource. Unfortunately, because a majority of the users of these sites are young people, they also tend to attract online predators and others who would exploit these sites, making the use of effective forensic tools an important and timely enterprise.


It would seem that the introduction of social networking sites tapped into a long-repressed desire…. [read more]

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