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Sociology of Families Making Families in the New Millennium Term Paper

… Sociology of Families: Making Families in the New Millennium

There is little doubt that the nature, shape and form of the modern family has changed and is still changing in new and radical ways. The family has in the last few hundred years changed from the traditional and extended structure to the nuclear family unit and into various permutations and variations in the postmodern world.

There are also many theorists and researchers who have already announced the end or demise of the family as a relevant structure in contemporary society. Others on the other hand assert that in the spite of compromises and experimentation, there has been resurgence among many cultures towards the maintenance of the family as a viable and essential part of the…. [read more]

Sociology of Women Family Essay

… A fat woman would be highly criticized for her plump figure whereas a man would not be ridiculed quite as much.

This is another assertion of the patriarchal society that we have come to live in. Women in our society are programmed to look a certain way and be extra careful about their weight and their looks. The fear of becoming an outcast drives women to conform to these requirements. Feminists have now raised arguments and tried to gain some stance as far as the looks of women and their decisions go. They argue that getting an abortion is the choice of the mother and it should be made accessible to rich and poor women, both. They also argue that women should not be forced…. [read more]

Women and Men Research Paper

… G. And Pennington B., 2004).

The success of the process of development to be a woman or man determines what society refers one as -- a woman or a man. According to (Darwin C., 1859) the process of development is clear to show that the making part of it is through cohesive action of the agent of socialization. These agents despite having a little effect of the final outcome influence the decision taken once "self" is recognized (Bessant J. And Watts R., 2007).

I agree that women and men are made since the society plays a critical role in helping on to recognize self. It is also clear to see that the self would be lost should the development process be shunned. Self-worth of an…. [read more]

Women in Management and the Glass Ceiling Has it Been Shattered Models and Best Practices Research Paper

… Women in Management and the Glass Ceiling

In the last 20 years, women have shattered the glass ceiling that once kept them out of senior management positions in business, politics, and the military. In the current modern world, women have attained more career opportunities and legal rights than men have. Throughout the history of women, motherhood and wifehood was regarded as the most significant profession of women. However, in the 20th Century, women in the U.S. won the legal right of voting and increasing their job and educational opportunities. Women in the 20th century fought to a large degree accomplishing to re-evaluate perceptions towards the role of women in the society (Persons, 1915).


During the colonial period, women earned a living by working at…. [read more]

Sociology: Changing Societies Book Report

… A union leader in Washington, D.C., isn't a miner, but miner's groups are his reference group because he identifies so strongly with their needs and aspirations.

Primary groups refer to groups where a person received his or her first important lessons about life and social realities - most often, a typical primary group is the family. Individuals develop their self-concepts and their sense of themselves in a primary group. In a secondary group, such as the HR department at work, a person is less emotionally connected, and feels less totally included in the group's values and actions. A secondary group allows for roles to be played in order to carry out that group's utilitarian functions, whereas in a primary group, one's role is pretty much…. [read more]

Sociology Portfolio the Social Experience Essay

… S.'s credibility as the "global economic kingpin," as international financial institution, International Monetary Fund, has called for questioning the soundness of the foundation of America's financial system. As the government scrambled for solutions to keep the economy afloat, American society struggled with sudden fluidity of socioeconomic mobility, as individuals slipped from a higher income class to a much lower class. As this crisis accelerated and its effects felt both in the developed and developing world, refusal of the American people particularly those who are in the position to instigate systemic changes has further driven American society from the world's most affluent nation to one that is enslaved by materialism that continues to pervade the U.S.

Nehru, V. (2004). "Third World debt relief: indebtedness just a…. [read more]

Sociology According to Peter Berger Term Paper

… 3. What is the main research question?

a. Should we all live together?

4. Which research method was used to test the hypothesis?

a. The researchers got a lot of past research together an analyzed them for patterns rather than conducting additional tests.

5. List five characteristics of those who chose cohabitations.

a. Unmarried

b. Those who are not financially independent

c. Engaging in premarital sex

d. Companionship

e. Distrustful of marriage

6. Give me your opinion of the methods and outcome of the study? Is the information useful?

a. I think the information is useful in that they joined together a lot of past research and that makes it so the present researcher does not have to read through the same materials to reach…. [read more]

Family Sociological Theories Essay

… Family and Marriage

Finding the Ideal Mate

What spurs our attraction for others? How do we choose who we love and who we will marry? Such questions have founded many theoretical conceits within the realm of classic and modern sociology. Theories citing the role of marital exchange help explain our well-defined gender roles, many of which revolve around the subservient position of the females within particular patriarchal societies. In more modern times, particular subcultures have created specific limitations which define the proper field of choosing a compatible mate. Along with this, modern sociology posits the concept of a "filter" theory, where individuals strain potential mates through various filters of acceptance. Finally, this paper explores the practical type of lover -- the pragma lover.

There are…. [read more]

Women and Sociology the Sociological Imagination Term Paper

… Women and Sociology

The Sociological Imagination

In the year 1959, the American sociologist C. Wright Mills created the term "sociological imagination" as a means of describing a person's ability to connect personal aspects of one's individual life to larger historical forces. The implication of the sociological imagination is that people should strive to recognize that their personal problems are oftentimes a part of a larger social issue. By connecting one's personal life with the larger workings of society, you can often see how and why certain things in the society need to be changed. What is more, the sociological imagination helps individuals determine whether they are having a personal problem, or whether their problems are part of larger public issues. Those individuals struggling with poverty,…. [read more]

Sociology: Philosophy and Practice United Term Paper

… Sociology: Philosophy and Practice United: The Life, Work, And Writings of Three Great Social Activists

Practice what you preach.' This simple phrase, however cliched, could sum up the life and works of Harriett Martineau, Jane Addams and W.E.B Dubois. All three authors dedicated their life and writings, not simply to improving the philosophy of social involvement in a particular socially disadvantaged community, but to achieving practical social action through their own lives, personal acts of defiance, and public acts of engaged social upheaval.

Harriet Martineau was born at the beginning of the 19th century into a large, upper middle class English family. However, she was quickly orphaned by the death of her father and abandoned by her husband, Unlike most women of her station, Harriet…. [read more]

Sociology Family Issues Divorce, Property and Women Term Paper

… Sociology Family Issues

Divorce, Property & Women's Rights

Throughout history the inequality of the experience lived by men and women have been quiet different in terms of equality. Although it may appear that women are on equal standing with men in some areas, a closer look, especially historically speaking, tells a completely different story. The purpose of this work is to research and examine women's rights in divorce issues in terms of property and children as well as the historical movement and shifts in those rights.

nineteenth-century rights movement group made up of women claimed that wives had the right to share joint rights and ownership in property and assets of the marital household because of the labor they contributed to the household. Next came…. [read more]

Family Values in Urban America Term Paper

… These ideologies have been mixed with propagandas, which have weakened the urban America's conscience and this has resulted to creation of an environment in which there is breakdown of the traditional family values.

Referring to studies done by (Michael 143-154)[footnoteRef:10] they listed some of the ideologies that have been brought about by the secular culture and they include; God, religion, and questions of morality are matters of personal opinion which have little or no relevance to social problems; Human being are highly evolved animals; value is relative as there is no absolute standards; the nuclear family is a product of social evolution and is just one of a number of possible forms of social organization; problems in the urban America society can be solved by…. [read more]

Family and Sociology of Marriage Essay

… While stress about financial concerns may lead to both an increase in spousal hostility and a decrease in spousal "warmth" (Freeman, Carlson, & Sperry. 1993, p. 325), it is important to note that such stress can influence cognitive, emotional and behavioral responses among married couples (Dakin and Wampler, 2008). While financial concerns certainly affect the quality of marriage, Rogers (2004) suggests that money worries may exacerbate an already deficient relationship. In other words, money isn't the only reason couples squabble and divorce; it's only the icing on the cake. With the increases in divorce rates, it is important to consider not only the factors that contribute to divorces, but, perhaps even more importantly, what factors are associated with successful marriages.

Contributing factors to successful marriages…. [read more]

Sociology Family Violence Unfortunately, in Our Society Term Paper

… Sociology

Family Violence

Unfortunately, in our society there are many different types of family violence, from Battered Child Syndrome (BCS) to dating violence and domestic violence. Family violence also includes neglect, abuse, and even parental abuse of aged parents. Perhaps the most important thing to remember about family violence is that it affects the entire family, not just the people involved in the violence. One researcher writes, "It not only affects the victims, it touches the lives of their parents, children, co-workers, and friends. It emotionally and physically influences so much more than we ever thought" (Dalpiaz xv). Thus, when a family is involved in family violence, the ripples from that violence spread farther than many people recognize or acknowledge.

Family violence may be defined…. [read more]

Family Homelessness Has Emerged Term Paper

… As the homeless population continues to grow, so does the need for shelters and assistance, due to the lack of social policies that address these types of problems effectively (Washington Pp). Current programs serving the homeless population use the systems approach that focuses on the person-in -- the situation (Washington Pp). These programs are known as transitional housing programs and "seek to empower individuals through comprehensive services, such as education, job development, leadership skills, resources, and referrals" (Washington Pp).

Homelessness continues to be a major social issue facing the United States and depending on the criteria used to define homelessness, the national incidence of the problem has been estimated 300,000 to 3.5 million homeless persons (Fischer Pp). It is estimated that thirty-four percent of homeless…. [read more]

Family Break Up Term Paper

… The inevitability of crisis in the family life cannot be avoided; however, the effective efforts of strong families include facing of the crisis as effectively as possible in order to have a minimum harm simultaneously focusing on the growth avenues. The strong families are distinguished from the mode of their addressing to the crisis and magnitude of the attained success in the area. The renowned economist, philosopher, general system theorist, Kenneth Boulding emphasized on continuous individual and collective efforts for attainment of the basic objective of betterment of human life. (Conger; Harold; Fincham; Osborne, 247)

Betterment is being viewed as a continuous transformation in the system which can be assessed as continuous improvement. The objective is enhancement of the ultimate object which is evaluated to…. [read more]

Family Life and Divorce Term Paper

… Web sites such as and have information and resources about divorce, including information on both sides of the issue. Some information and resources is based on helping people divorce, while other information is based on preventing people from divorcing. This could have two different effects, depending on the individual. The woman unhappy in her relationship could find the strength to divorce her husband or the woman unhappy in her relationship could find the information that helps her decide that divorce is not the best option. Overall, the result is that all individuals are capable of making more informed decisions. Just as divorce is easier, finding out about divorce is also easier. This allows people the opportunity to really look into their options and…. [read more]

Family Ecology Term Paper

… Family Ecology

The family is considered the basic unit of the society. It is where a person acquires his/her basic characteristics and habits. They say that the personality of an individual is very much affected by the family background. Since ancient times, the family has been an important organization in the society. The family, among the oldest and most fundamental of human institutions, consists of a man and a woman, who are generally expected to produce children, care for them, and help train them in the ways of their culture. This simple family, known as the conjugal, elementary, or nuclear family, is present in virtually all known societies (Lexicon Universal Encyclopedia, 1994). The precise definition of "family" is difficult to attain. Once classical definition is…. [read more]

Murdock Functions Family) Paragraph Essay

… The principle distinction between their conception of the function of the family and that of Marxists is that the former attributed all of the ills of this function to the paternal order of male dominance in place, as opposed to capitalism. Whereas Marxists believed that the bourgeoisie and capitalist exploiters were the ones to benefit from the family functions, radical feminists believed that men were by capitalizing on women's free domestic labor, as well as their sexual 'work'. This viewpoint of the function of the family contends that essentially the family functions merely to exploit and capitalize off of women and their labor (Delphy & Leonard 1988). This theory was supported by virtually all aspects of the lives of women, such as the fact that…. [read more]

Sociology of the Workplace Annotated Annotated Bibliography

… She has only collected qualitative data and discussed the issue of sex and race inequality at work organizations along with providing directions of the areas that need further attention.

Pini, B. (2005). Interviewing Men: Gender and the Collection and Interpretation of Qualitative Data. Journal of Sociology, 41(2), 201+. Retrieved March 28, 2012, from Questia database:

This article written by Barbara Pini is actually related to the agricultural organzaitions but it does provide important information about how men respond about gender issues during interviews. She has written this article on a study of an Australian organization, in which 15 male leaders were interviewed to find out why these gendered entities were dominant in the setting. This article can be a useful literature for research as…. [read more]

Sociology- Social Work Aboriginal Term Paper

… 3. Why are Aboriginal women pushed from reserves and pulled into Metropolitan areas?

Aboriginal women are often pushed from reserves and pulled into Metropolitan areas because the male partner's power over the residence becomes challenging if a woman is battered and calls for safeguard in the shape of a restraining order limiting the man's right of entry to the marital home. The assault charge will be dealt with as a criminal issue, but if she wishes to have sole possession of the marital home, the woman must also open a civil action in another court. If the marital home is on a reserve, the provincial court is not capable to deal with the case because it falls inside federal jurisdiction, yet federal legislation to deal…. [read more]

Cohabitation Non-Traditional Form of Family Research Paper

… Cohabitation

Non-traditional form of family has become more and more dominant in the society. Conventionally, it was a custom for young persons in the society to get married before having children. However, people in the contemporary world form their own families in different ways. Among the noticeable non-traditional form of family is the one headed by a female. Particularly, families led by unmarried females have been subject of social controversy regarding welfare dependency. Another noticeable trend is the decline in legal marriages and a rise in non-legal unions otherwise referred to as cohabitation.

Cohabitation refers to the condition or state of living together as wife and husband without being legally married. Shepard, an author, defines cohabitation as the condition of people living together in a…. [read more]

Women's Roles the Changing Research Paper

… Therefore, there is a dire need to address this issue responsibly whereby the first step is to implement the written laws which promise a higher status of women. To achieve this, the world needs a fair and an accountable law enforcing body which not only entertains female participation in different realms of life but also take the responsibility of the security and fair and equal treatment of women in these facets of life. Such steps along with several other changes would then play an important role in combating the existent sexism in the world.


Chakrapani C. 1994. Changing status and role of women in Indian society. M.D. Publications. Retrieved 8th December, 2011 (

EOWA statistics. 2011. Labor Market Statistics. Australia.

Freedman J. 2001. Feminism.…. [read more]

Non-Traditional Families in the United States Thesis

… Sociology

Family Relations: The Role of Non-Traditional Families

The family is central to human culture, yet the family, like so much else in modern society is changing. In times past, the family could be easily defined. It consisted of a married father, mother, and their children. Sometimes the definition allowed for the remnants of that same grouping - a widow or widower and the children of the marriage, plus any stepchildren or wards. Still others would have included among the family, a married couple living alone, their children either grown - an "empty" nest" - or a childless couple growing old together. Families performed both economic and social functions. Through much of history, and probably prehistory too, marriage was a kind of economic arrangement. Property…. [read more]

Women A-Level Coursework

… Women

Prior to taking this course, I assumed, naturally, that women's studies were mainly about women. It turned out that women's studies is actually about all human beings. The goal of women's studies is in part to expose and rectify the problems with patriarchy, including the tendency for sociologists to presume masculine identities and points-of-view as normative. Feminism and women's studies offers balance. Furthermore, we have learned that because women have been systematically oppressed almost universally, women's studies are about human rights and social justice. Women's studies are about race, class, and power as well as gender. In fact, we have learned that women of color were ironically excluded from scholarly discourse on gender until the third wave of feminism (Hurdis). A cross-disciplinary investigation of…. [read more]

Women Throughout Chinese History Term Paper

… " (Watson & Ebrey, 1991, 235). The girl split from her first family with the understanding that she was never going back to them nor even allowed to communicate with them unless she had the permission of the man. On the surface the procedure is very much like a father marrying off his daughter, making the same arrangements as if it was a legal marriage. However there were a few things that distinguished the wife's status over that of the concubine. Legally, a Chinese man can only have one wife but could possess innumerable concubines. So the status of wife was more special than that of the concubines. Wives were also allocated property upon their marriage while concubines were not. Concubines did not have dowries…. [read more]

Women and Social Security Retirement Term Paper

… Women and SS Retirement

Since its inception in 1935, in the midst of the great depression, Social Security has been debated and frequently reformed, usually on a fiscal level, rather than on a level that better meets the needs of the changing population. (Kingson & Berkowitz, 1993, p. 27) (Shlaes, 1999, p. 38) in the past the arguments about social security in regards to women and where they fit into it, is that the labor of women is largely unpaid, in the sense that women frequently stayed home and labored for the good of the family, and social security is based on the idea of replacing at least a part of the financial earnings of an individual when they can no longer work.

The loss…. [read more]

Canada's Missing Women From 1964 Essay

… It is done by the prevailing party in a government through outlets including legislation and the media. This trend was historically seen in Germany with the Jews and the United States with African-Americans. In Canada, the victims of this practice are the native people, especially women.

Democratic racism began its inception into Canadian culture when the native people were forced off their land and into the cities to "integrate." In fact, this integration was really the creation of a lower working order to provide employees for the wealthy. This evidence can especially be seen in the many socioeconomic reports published about Canada. The bottom race regarding total income and employment has consistently been natives.

The effects of democratic racism in Canada can be summed up…. [read more]

Family in the UK Essay

… Childless families

There are other families that pose to challenge the idea of having children in a queer family. They are contra-culture queers who differ with the idea of having a lot of emphasis put on importance of having children in a queer family. They argue that the queer family will lose meaning if it will be deemed to gain recognition only if it imitates or looks somehow like the straight family.

In a nutshell, the social scientists have strived to show that families work out no matter what shape they take, as long as the relationship is followed with commitments. The examples and cases above serve to prove that the social scientists have perpetually demystified and redefined the notion of a family being consisted…. [read more]

Women and Violence Research Proposal

… Women and Violence

Natural Born Killer

The article relies on the presentation of a judged and classified murder case, whose protagonists, both the victim and the aggressors, were young people in their early teens.

Stefanie Rengel was only 14 years old on the 1st of January 2008, when she was stabbed six times and then left to die in a snowbank in front of her house, by 18-year-old David Bagshaw. The reasons which led Bagshaw to such an action regarded not even a personal feeling of dislike towards the little girl; he seems to have been only a tool with the necessary physical strength for his current girlfriend, Melissa Todorovic, who simply found Stefanie "annoying." The article further presents the sentence of the Court, which…. [read more]

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