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Solar Panel (Energy) in Saudi Research Paper

… Solar Panel (Energy) in Saudi Arabia

Solar panels in Saudi Arabia

Solar Panel Energy in Saudi Arabia

Solar energy has been generally known as energy that is produced by the sun heat and its collection is done in a flat plate collector known as solar panels. Then the energy undergoes conversion to come up with electricity in most cases. For a longtime Saudi Arabia has kept on struggling with small scale power projects since the 1970s. In the 1980s the Solar Village Project, a 350 kW concentrated PV project, was intended to provide power within remote villages. A solar powered seawater desalination pilot plant was established around Yanbu in 1984, under the SOLERAS program; however it came to be shut down following technical and economic…. [read more]

Energy Planning Assessment

… Energy Planning -- Main Goals

"We are addicted to foreign oil and we have to wean ourselves off it."

Over the last twenty years or more, the American public has heard a similar refrain about energy use issues from just about every politician that has run for office and certainly from every politician that gets elected and takes a stand on energy use. That platitudinous catchphrase is so often used it's almost redundant and the problem is for many Americans it is so familiar it has become nothing more than a political slogan. What is being alluded to here is the concept that it is past time when America needs to become energy self-sufficient. How to go about being energy independent is the question. This…. [read more]

Solar Energy for Thermal Desalination Research Proposal

… (Blanco, 2008) The method of water desalination that appears to be the most effective and economical is the desalination process known as the 'Multi-Effect' desalination process. The Multi-Effect desalination process is a thermal distillation process in which the feed water "is sprayed or otherwise distributed onto the surface of the evaporator surface of different changes in a thin film to promote evaporation after it has been preheated in the upper section of each chamber." (Review of CSP and Desalination Technology, nd) The evaporator tubes are then steam heated using steam extraction from a powercycle or boiler with the steam produced. It is reported that the surfaces of the other effects receive heat by the steam from the preceding effect and that each effect is required…. [read more]

Hyperboloid Solar Concentrator Literature Review

… Hyperboloid Solar Concentrator

Following is a review of the literature associated with an analysis of hyperboloid solar concentrators. The structure of said review begins with a broad look at both the topics of water desalination and solar power, a more focused discussion of solar concentrators in general, and, finally, a look at the literature regarding hyperboloid solar concentrators.

Condensed History

The history of solar use goes back the "7th century B.C." (DOE). At that time ancient people used glass and crystals to concentrate the sun's rays and start fires. From the first to the fourth century, Romans used large windows to heat the baths and warm the rooms that people bathed in. From those beginnings the modern usage of solar power followed.

Moving forward to…. [read more]

Renewable Energy Sources Today Research Paper

… Currently, the vast majority of wind turbine capacity is located in only a few countries, including Germany, Spain, Japan, Italy, and the United States.


Almost without exception, all living matter derives most of its energy from the sun and stores it through carbon fixation. Traditional methods of converting solar energy into a useable form include the burning of firewood, straw, and animal dung for cooking and warmth, which still represents a major energy sourced in undeveloped countries. In developed countries the sources of biomass include agricultural and forestry residues, and municipal waste. Although still an important source of energy in developed economies, biomass provides a much smaller share of the energy consumed when compared to third world economies. The global energy contribution of biomass…. [read more]

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