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Leadership Essay

… Organizational commitment can be attributed as employees' loyalty and faithfulness towards organization and his intensions to be the part of that organization. Organizational commitment has significant importance because committed workers have less intension to quit the job, less often absent and highly motivated to perform at advanced level (Packard, n.d.).


Leadership is frequently seen as an important variable affecting organizational performance. While the idea has been extensively studied, there is still much to be discovered regarding how leadership affects variables such as organizational culture, climate, and performance. Leadership is frequently seen as a key factor in coordinating and aligning organizational processes. As with any facet of organizational functioning, it should focus on organizational performance, and most important, effectiveness in achieving desired outcomes. Leadership is…. [read more]

South African Leadership Morality Term Paper

… Nonetheless, significant progress has been made as South Africa evolves from a closeted society to one where the rights of the gay community are openly championed[footnoteRef:12]. [12: Dixson Pushparagavan, "The History of LGBT Legislation," South African History.]

A great number of South Africans are becoming sympathetic to the plight of the gay community. LGBTQ violence which has included corrective rapes and the killing of a lesbian couple has been met with uproar from the general public as they become more aware of issues that the LGBTQ community faces in South Africa. While tolerance towards the gay community has been growing, it is still noteworthy that there are tremendous risks associated with being part of the LGBTQ community in South Africa that stands…. [read more]

Leadership Styles Among Male Term Paper

… Synthesists do not generally look for compromises, consensus or agreement on the best solution to a problem or situation. They will however look for a solution that will connect and assimilate the random and contradictory views to arrive at a best-fit solution.

A b) The Idealist

The idealist style focuses on process, values and aspirations. Idealists are people who like to take a broad view of things. They also tend to be future-oriented and to think about goals and missions to be accomplished. Idealists are much attuned to the needs of others and for the betterment of society as a whole. They will evaluate the impact of any personal decision on the society. They respect and believe in the social values and morals dictated by…. [read more]

African-American History What Was the Philosophy Term Paper

… African-American History

What was the philosophy that informed African-American campaign and why was it so effective?

The American Civil Rights Movement was the movement which was started by the African-Americans in the South for gaining equality. The movement symbolizes a crucial episode in world history. The constructive modifications it brought to voting and civil rights are being experienced across the U.S. And a major part of the globe. (on Violence and Nonviolence: The Civil Rights Movement in Mississippi) the Civil Rights Movement points to the political, social, and economic fight back of the African-American to benefit from complete citizenship and ethnic equality. (the Civil Rights Movement in 1955) Leaders belonging to the crusade embarked upon addressing a particular nature of domination - racism paying attention…. [read more]

Communication and Leadership Term Paper

… This does not in any way mean that he was not a man of principle. But men - and women - of principle act in different ways in different generations and cultures because they are constrained in different ways, and King learned to be (and was) a leader in a very specific historical context.

Part of what he learned through the process of dialogue that he carried on both in the African-American community and in the larger community of the South was that non-violence was an ideal strategy. It not only accorded with his own personal beliefs (based in large measure on Christian doctrine) but it was an effective strategy. By choosing to be non-violent when his opposition might well be violent, King knew that…. [read more]

African-American History Sharecropping Was Not a Direct Term Paper

… African-American History


Sharecropping was not a direct effort by whites to keep blacks in a submissive position, but rather was a phenomenon that developed after the Civil War as the South tried to rebuild its economy (Riddle 1995). Southern white landowners did not like sharecropping, however they needed a means of labor to work their land, and ex-slaves had limited employment options as freedmen, thus sharecropping was essentially a necessary alternative, a compromise (Riddle 1995).

At the end of the War, freedmen owned no property, and most were illiterate, and the few skills they did possess related to agriculture production, thus the majority roamed the countryside seeking out family relations, while others congregated in shantytowns around Southern cities and towns (Riddle 1995).

Only about…. [read more]

Dr. Kings Leadership Style Research Paper

… Dr. King's Leadership Style

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., has an enduring legacy in American history as a passionate preacher who was also a very effective Civil Rights leader. He is well-known for his stirring oratory and for his powerful advocacy for justice, and two of his most famous presentations are critiqued and evaluated in this paper: his "Letter from Birmingham Jail" and his rousing "I Have a Dream" speech in Washington, D.C,. Those two presentations are perfect examples of the kind of leadership King demonstrated, and they are ideal examples for this paper.

Dr. King and his Efforts for Justice

The middle-to-late 1950s and early 1960s was a time of great social upheaval in the United States. Without going into great detail vis-a-vis the…. [read more]

Ethical Issues of South Africa's Black Economic Empowerment Program Term Paper

… Ethical issues of South Africa's Black Economic Empowerment Program (BEE)

Across the formerly colonized African territory, South Africa's turbulent history and multifaceted makeup is not unique. However, the country remains unique in light of the particulars. First, the nation has a direct experience with the leading violent eras across African history. My interest to cover this topic has emerged from this context of the subject matter. The history of South Africa is unique hence shaping the analysis. Therefore, I have provided readers with a unique case study established by the guidelines of social science qualitative methodologies. My work has clanged on the academia utilizing one single case analysis to obtain universally applicable lessons and generalizations. This study provides suitable and detailed insights concerning the issue…. [read more]

Urbanization and Foreign Aid Africa Term Paper

… Entities such as the South African Local Economic Development Network of Africa pour foreign funds into the country and assist with its economic situation. Lastly, the influence of foreign aid and urbanization has helped South Africa to become recognized at the international level.

One of the most severe problems caused by urbanization in South Africa is the high unemployment rate. As of October of 2013, the unemployment rate in the country was at nearly 25% (van Vyck, 2013). However, it is worth noting that this rate represented a decline in unemployment. This decline in unemployment can be attributed to the efforts of foreign investors in programs such as the Local Economic Development Network (LED) of South Africa, which established funds into local businesses to help…. [read more]

African-American History the Reconstruction Era Term Paper

… African-American History

The Reconstruction Era after the Civil War is one of the most divisive periods in American history. Healing the wounds between the victorious North and the conquered South caused rifts from the smallest farm all the way to Congress and the Presidency. Had the results of the Reconstruction Era brought about a fair and productive division of land in the South following the Civil War, it may have had long-lasting and far-reaching effects. Giving newly freed citizens a share of the spoils of war might have given them a greater chance at an equal footing in society and could have headed off years of racial and economic oppression. Such a division did not occur on any meaningful level because of the lingering resentment…. [read more]

African-American Women and Womanist Theology Research Paper

… African-American Women and Womanist Theology

Religion has been a strong part of the black culture since the beginning of time. Upon migration to the United States, religion and the church was a source of survival, especially for black women. Black women theologians practiced throughout the Civil Rights Movement, the responsibility to exercise racial uplift and social responsibility as the core of the religion life.

As womanist theology emerged, it criticized the black male theologians for ignoring the treatment of black women and their ideas with respect to black theology. It criticized white women for excluding the experiences of black women and the racism of white men.

Black women theologians felt that the experience endured by slavery was the basis for moving towards freedom.

Education, poverty…. [read more]

African-Americans and Western Expansion Research Paper

… This was why it was prepared to secede in 1850, had Congress adopted the Proviso of David Wilmot banning slavery in all the territories annexed from Mexico in the recent war. In 1848, a new Free Soil Party organized to oppose any further expansion of slavery in the West had garnered enough support to cost the Democrats the election in the North, and many Free Soil supporters later joined the Republican Party after 1854. Henry Clay's Compromise held the Union together for another ten years by allowing the decision about slavery in Utah, New Mexico, Nevada and the other remaining territories in the Mexican Cession to be left to the "popular sovereignty" of the settlers, but in reality slavery never became significant in any of…. [read more]

Servant Leadership in a Conflicted Church Thesis

Applying Servant Leadership within a Conflicted Church: The Project as an Act of Ministry

My church, the South Iowa Chapel, like many modern churches, is a church in conflict. Conflicted churches are problematic because they drive parishioners away from the church, and, possibly, away from Christ. Conflict in a church can also be a difficult situation to remedy, because of the different personality types and leadership styles of people involved in the church. However, I feel that a significant part of the problem is that people are using traditional leadership styles in church. Jesus Christ was not a traditional leader. On the contrary, He was the epitome of a servant leader, one who leads through service to others. Obviously, He did a wonderful job leading…. [read more]

Submitted, the Ivory Coast Research Paper

… A search of the Internet brings up accusations -- unproven -- included claims that in some polling areas Ouattara had more votes than exist registered voters, and that most members of the CEI are from the north and therefore sympathetic to Ouattara. There is speculation among members of the public that Ouattara could not have taken such a sizeable portion of Bedie's supporters, as he typically feuded with Ouattara in the past and generally supported ivoirite policies (Africa Speaks, 2011). Such accusations may not comprise the official Gbagbo line, but they represent the views of some of his supporters.

Following the election, Ouattara declared himself the elected President (Nossiter, 2010). He set up in the Golf Hotel in the capital Abidjan and had the hotel…. [read more]

Leadership Comparison Term Paper

… Political Science

Comparison of Leadership Styles and Philosophies

Politics and social history are dominated by the views of those who shape movements and events. These views include not only the basic assumptions of leaders in regard to ideas of human and civil rights, religious values and beliefs, and thoughts on right conduct and appropriate moral behavior, but also the attitudes of those leaders toward how such goals should be attained.

Some leaders espouse only the most peaceful of paths, while others advocate violence. For still others, the pragmatic offers the only solution - they hold in contempt those who cling to high ideals at all costs. Leadership can be gained in numerous ways. It is earned and it is inherited. It is acknowledged only after…. [read more]

Slavery Today, an African-American Man Is Running Essay

… Slavery

Today, an African-American man is running for presidential office under the umbrella of the Democratic Party. Fifty years ago, the Democratic Party was the party of slavery and segregation -- how things have changed. Yet the attitudes that validated racial injustice still tragically linger on in our national consciousness. Recently, supporters at a John McCain rally gleefully uttered racial epitaphs in support of their candidate. In the striving of Obama, one might say, we can see the legacy of King pressing America on to change realized. Who would have thought the current presidential contest would have been possible only ten years ago -- but that does not mean the legacy of slavery is still not present in the economic and social disparities evident between…. [read more]

Level-Six Leader Research Paper

… ¶ … Level-Six Leader

Are you a level six leader

Based on the work of Jean Piaget, Lawrence Kohberg, and Robert Kegan there are six levels of leadership. These levels are Sociopath, Opportunist, Chameleon, Achiever, Builder, and Transcendent. The goal of this paper is to explore each of these levels as they may relate to business and management, and answer the question "Are You a Level-Six Leader?"

Level One Sociopath

In a business situation dealing with a sociopath can be very difficult. It is said to take whatever a sociopath says with a grain of salt due to the fact they can be chronic liars. If the sociopath is in management it could prove to be disastrous for any co-workers as well as the whole…. [read more]

Political Leadership Inspired by the Theme Essay

… Lincoln

The Civil War was the bloodiest in American history, and yet President Abraham Lincoln pursued and persisted in a just cause. It could have been considered politically expedient to allow the slave states to cede, avoiding the conflict but permitting the institution of slavery to continue unchallenged, unhindered, and unresolved. Instead, Lincoln did the difficult thing: he invested human and financial resources in a deadly and costly conflict that lasted years. Lincoln is recognized as one of the world's greatest leaders because of his vision, determination, and trust in his fellow Americans. The Union won the war because of Lincoln's leadership, which was unwavering. Lincoln understood that slavery went against the moral fabric of the nation as well as the principles embedded in the…. [read more]

Reducing Risky Behavior for African-American Research Proposal

… The disproportionately high HIV incidence among African-American female teens convincingly defines the term 'health disparity.' A possible intervention has been explored by Aronowitz and Agbeshie (2012) and Aronowitz and Eche (2013) using qualitative study designs. Working under the assumption that mothers are the primary sex educators for daughters, they investigated the interactions that took place between inner-city African-American mother-daughter dyads during discussions about intimate sexual issues. The goal of these studies were to define the main communication and parenting strategies employed, thereby providing valuable, culturally-sensitive information that could help clinicians reduce health disparities for African-American female youth.

Aronowitze and Agbeshie (2012) used a focus group strategy within a grounded theory study design. They limited the daughter's age to between 11- and 14-years of age, under…. [read more]

International Protection of Human Rights Term Paper

… Human Rights Violations in Nigeria: An Assessment of the Procedures and Strategies for the International Protection of Human Rights

As the world moves towards a global conscience, it is becoming increasingly clear that those nations that would abuse the doctrines of human rights as acknowledged in the international arenas, and by most of today's nation-states, and certainly by world public opinion will soon be forced to the answer to the global conscience. That is, they will at some future date consistent with the expression of global public opinion be held accountable for acts of aggression arising out of political or religious or economic expansionism. Already the response to these acts of aggression by the international communities in the various forums of the United Nations (UN),…. [read more]

Mis-Education of the Negro Carter Term Paper

… Obviously, though, the attitude was a two-edged sword in that a reaction built in which those who saw the moral wrong of slavery and who considered themselves morally superior had to fight against the institution and all it represented.

Attitudes of superiority were used to control the slave population. Some historians paint a picture of a slave population made submissive by the conditions that existed as the slaves had their African heritage destroyed and were made into helpless dependents in the New World. Historians more recently have found a different picture. Considering the harsh punishments meted out to slaves attempting to escape, the vast number that did try and even succeeded shows a rebelliousness at odds with the picture of a submissive population. Fear of…. [read more]

Martin Luther King, Jr Essay

… This was also evident in "I Have a Dream," where he repeatedly mentions the same phrase of "I have a dream" to emphasize the importance of each and every line he spoke after the statement, that people would "one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character" ("I Have a Dream").

The speeches, letters, and sermons delivered by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. are still quoted and alluded to today. His contributions to African-American history and fight toward civil rights have led this man to be further honored in the country. Without King's leadership, who knows where the United States would have gone in the way of segregation and…. [read more]

C.O.R.E. and Its Role Case Study

… The old value-system - a grudging acceptance of their lot as second-class citizens - would have to be replaced by a new understanding of the role of Blacks in American society. As Miss Jane Pittman, the centenarian former slave and title character of the Autobiography of Miss Jane Pitman put it, "Nothing out there now but white hate and nigger fear, and the fear is the only way to keep going. One day they must realize fear is worse than any death. When that time come they will be ready to move...." And perhaps even more to the point, "Freedom here is able to make a little living and have the white folks say you is good." (King, 1992) African-Americans must come to realize that…. [read more]

Age of Segregation Essay

… Age of Segregation

White supremacy shaped African-Americans in the South in several ways. But also provided the motivation for blacks to struggle harder and fight back against the racism. This paper will identify through sources issues and challenges that African-Americans faced during the Jim Crown period of social segregation, in particular in the Southern states.

Racial segregation was in fact legitimized and institutionalized by the U.S. Government in many instances during the age of segregation. As late as 1930, more than four of five African-Americans lived in the South, and according to author David Kennedy, "Tortuously" struggled through...the Jim Crow system, an "antiquated and grotesquely burdensome character" (Kennedy, 1999, p. 19). The bottom line, Kennedy writes, is that blacks "could not vote" and they had…. [read more]

How Nelson Mandela Influence on Apartheid Research Paper

… ¶ … macro sociological issue being addressed?

what theory did he or she use?

did the article have a social impact- positive or negative?

what did you learn?

what are suggested if any? do you see them as feasible?

develop a survey that is no more that 10 questions. A. The survey must be administered to at least 40 people. B. The survey results will provide data for your research paper. The questions will address your research question.

Harrell, Willie, J. Ethnicity and Race in a Changing World: A Review Journal

Vol 1 Issue 1 -- January 2009

Found online at

Nelson Mandela's South Africa

Born to walk in the steps of ancestors past

Across plush fields where once we hunted and gathered

San,…. [read more]

United States and Nigeria Thesis

… United States and Nigeria

Prior to the 1990s, there was very little "relationship" between the U.S. And Nigeria. This is mainly because of the lack of democracy, human right violations, and Nigeria's military backed dictatorship type of government. It obtained its independence from Great Britain in 1960, and for the first 30 years of its existence as an independent nation has suffered through political corruption and uncountable military coups.

Governor Nelson Rockefeller's presence, representing President Eisenhower, at the Nigerian independence ceremonies on October 1, 1960, was the first time the U.S. had official representation with that country. With the beginning of the Cold War, soon after, our policy regarding Nigeria revolved around two points: providing aid and strengthening economic ties including purchase of Nigerian oil;…. [read more]

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