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Space Cowboys Essay

… Space Cowboys

Myths about aging: Space Cowboys (2000)

Astronauts are members of an elite profession: they need to have 'the right stuff' required to risk their lives for the service of their country and for science. As well as being physically fit, astronauts must also possess deep reserves of intelligence and perseverance. The film Space Cowboys attempts to challenge conventional assumptions about aging by portraying several older men who show that they still have the proverbial 'right stuff' necessary to go into space. In fact, they demonstrate that in many ways they have qualities even many younger men do not possess. The history they have seen has given them grit and defiance in the face of adversary, and little tolerance of bureaucracy and red tape…. [read more]

America West How We Value it Based on Stegner's American West as Living Space Research Proposal

… ¶ … American West as Living Space by Wallace Stegner, Stegner discusses the West with many different angles, but always as an arid area that must be contended with. No, Stegner's book is not a prophecy of doom; it is a realistic and quite correct assessment of the "arid" West, as he calls it. The entire region does depend on water, and many of his prophecies are indeed coming true, as in the evaporation of Lake Mead and Lake Powell, the change of habitat and ecosystems along the Colorado River, and the gradual decline of the availability of Colorado River water. This is forcing all those communities who depend on it to seek water from other sources (i.e. Las Vegas wants to pump water from…. [read more]

Turning a Hobby Essay

… "IFRS favors a control model whereas U.S. GAAP prefers a risk-and-rewards model. Some entities consolidated in accordance with FIN 46(R) may have to be shown separately under IFRS" (Forgeas, 2008). Moreover, "under, IFRS, extraordinary items are not segregated in the income statement, while, under U.S. GAAP, they are shown below the net income" (Forgeas, 2008). Moreover, IFRS does not allow LIFO for inventory calculations (Forgeas, 2008). Finally, the IFRS earning-per-share calculation is different from the GAAP earning-per-share calculation (Forgeas, 2008). While these differences may seem to make IFRS incompatible with a U.S. run business that may have to explain accounting principles to partners and other businesses, the main differences between IFRS and GAAP do not seem as if they will impact this business, because of…. [read more]

Strategic Planning for Effective Sport Managers Essay

… Sport Management

Identify and discuss the most important elements of strategic planning that sport managers need to know in order to be effective.

Strategic planning, evaluation and feedback are essential components to any sport manager within a business function. As sporting franchises continue to expand their reach in emerging markets, strategic planning will have a more profound role in the daily operations of these firms. Many firms including the Dallas Cowboys, the New England Patriots, and Manchester United are valued at over a billion dollars. Those teams based in developed nations, such as America or Europe, will have a strong foundation in which to evaluate strategic business initiatives as they attempt to gain international market share. As such, it is very important for individuals to…. [read more]

American Civil War/Sioux Indians Cowboys Term Paper

… They, wisely, feared the worst. Yet, despite their refusal to sign the treaty, Red Cloud went to Washington "wearing a big top hat" and shook hands with Grant, ratifying the treaty into law.

As this was happening, and important ties between tribes were being circumvented for relationship and power transfers with the insurgent governance from Washington, Michael Blake ignored the growing tension in his screenplay, whose struggle to present an accurate picture in three hours meant a necessary temporal departure from correctness.

"There were some very poetic and nature-loving Indians all over the place," Seals postured, "and the beautiful white babe who had been captured as a pioneer child, her whole family butchered by them sneaky Pawnees, but nowhere were there ay of the complex…. [read more]

History of the Texas Cattle Trade Term Paper

… History Of the Texas Range Cattle

Arrival of Cattle in the Americas:

A) History of Beef Cattle:

Today, there are numerous breeds of cattle, all over the world, but the fact is that all these breeds have one single ancestor, and that is the 'auroch'. There is a widespread belief that cattle were first tamed and domesticated during the Stone Ages, and that this was done in Europe and in Asia, and, in fact, the remains of domesticated cattle dating back to 6,500 BC have been found in certain places like, for example, Turkey, and in other areas in the Eastern part of the world. In 55 B.C., there is a record in history that Romans happened to spot 'red cattle' in Southwestern England, and…. [read more]

American Cinema Term Paper

… American Cinema

Patterns of sexual behavior in selected films

Changing attitudes towards sex in contemporary society is often reflected and mirrored in the media and particularly in film. Modern cinema is an extremely powerful medium which not only reflects but can also influence our perceptions and views on life. "It should also be remembered that film is the single most complete means of mass communication, boasting images, sound... And other emotionally-charged components."

Sexuality is an important part of the human condition and as such film makers employ it to explore life and reality. Sex and sexuality act as powerful catalysts for ideas, themes and visions, and as indicators of social and individual motivation. One could not imagine the interpretation of a play like "A Streetcar…. [read more]

D'arcy Jones Design Essay

… Architecture

House: The Jones house

The Jones house certainly questions the familiar. It is an unadorned two story gray block of a building with no visible windows or apertures. It is a single-family dwelling that offers a contrast between the greenery surrounding it and the conventional suburban cottages.

It appears robust and heavy on the one hand, and yet, possibly light and minimal on the other with its contrast of the slender wood pillars that cut into it and serve for entrances.

As Dubbledam and Sheppard (2009) remark it "is carefully composed around the inventive use of common materials." Solid gray brick manifest its matter, and the entire is constructed in three rectangular square and solid blocks that complement each other, with barely visible panes…. [read more]

Vaqueros in Some Sense Vaqueros Embodied Term Paper

… Vaqueros

In some sense Vaqueros embodied both the cowboy and the Indian. What do I mean by this, and given their multicultural roots, how do you think cowboy identity transformed into what it is today?

Vaquero culture fused Spanish, Mexican, Indian, and finally Anglo influences. Franciscan missionaries had trained mission Indians and half-Indians in Spanish herding tactics (Iber, 2000). Many of these Indians used their knowledge to operate outside the law and "preyed upon unbranded cattle that roamed the vast estates of northern Mexico" (Jackson, 2000). According to historian Jorge Iber, by the 16th century in the Southwest, the proliferation of livestock enabled these horsemen, now known as Vaqueros to make considerable profits from these unbranded animals, legally and illegally. Thus, the legend of the…. [read more]

Blue Hotel by Stephen Crane Term Paper

… Crane

When Stephen Crane wrote TheBlue Hotel, several themes were popular in literature. One of these was naturalism, or the belief that natural forces, such as heredity, environment and physical and emotional drives motivate people to act as they do. The characters often have to face challenging environments or circumstances and retrogress until the fateful ending of despair or death. This story, written in 1899, includes a number of examples of how a person's inner nature impacts behavior -- for the good or bad.

The Blue Hotel takes place at an ominous inn in Fort Romper, Nebraska, where a Swedish tailor takes a room run by Pat Scully. A noisy cowboy and a quiet Easterner named Blanc are also there. A game of card starts…. [read more]

African-American History- Christian Denominational Involvement Essay

… The establishment of the St. Thomas Episcopal Church by Absalom Jones (in 1794) in Philadelphia was the very first, and there have been many to follow. The Union of Black Episcopalians now has 55 chapters in the U.S., Canada, Africa, and Latin America (

The African Methodist Episcopal Church (AME) has a mission of ministering to the "spiritual, intellectual, physical, emotional, and environmental needs of all people by spreading Christ's liberating gospel through word and deed" ( In fact the AME is and was unique because it was the "first major religious denomination in the Western world that has its origin… [in the form of rejection of] negative theological interpretations, which rendered persons of African descent second class citizens" (

The black cowboy "…found no…. [read more]

Cormac Mccarthy, All the Pretty Essay

… At that time there were still indians camped on the western plains and late in the day he passed in his riding a scattered group of the wickiups propped upon that scoured and trembling waste…They had no curiosity about him at all. As if they knew all that they needed to know. They stood and watched him pass and watched him vanish upon that landscape solely because he was passing. Solely because he would vanish. (301)

The old cattle-ranching culture of Texas is here likened to the cultures of the Southwestern Indians as something that is "passing," but to a certain degree McCarthy seems to want us to remember that history itself is mediated through the creation of narratives just as surely as John Grady…. [read more]

Brokeback Mountain the Western Term Paper

… ¶ … Brokeback Mountain

The Western "Brokeback Mountain" takes the traditional masculine cinematic setting of the American West and transforms it into a love story -- between two male cowboys. According to Stephen Holden's 2005 review in the New York Times, "Brokeback Mountain" is "the first Hollywood movie to unmask the homoerotic strain in American culture [of] an unconscious romantic attachment shared by two they flee the more constraining and civilizing domain of women" (Holden 2006). Director Ang Lee specifically chooses the American West as a place that is usually depicted as absent of women, or as hostile to femininity, and uses the trope of the hyper-masculine cowboy to explain the two men's attraction. The central characters of Jake and Ennis are ranch hands…. [read more]

Native American Art Term Paper

… Native American Art

Post-War Native American Art

To evaluate the impact that Native American art has had on the evolution of late Modernism - and vice versa - is not an easy task. It was only in the 1930s that art critics and historians began paying attention to Native American art and that it began to be exhibited in respectable galleries, and it was not until the 1960s that trained art historians began teaching Native American art in American universities. Yet, despite its historical slandering by the art historical canon, art has played a vital role in documenting the Native American experience. While art inarguably has served different purposes for various Native American tribes over time, in the 20th century, many Native artists working in…. [read more]

Digital Video Editing Term Paper

… Digital Video Editing

Production Analysis of Film Trailer for "A Touch of Evil -- the Strangest Vengeance Ever Planned!"

According to Gary Arnold (1998), "A Touch of Evil" is "a lurid but stylish crime thriller cherished by numerous movie freaks as Orson Welles' trashiest masterpiece" (p. 3). The movie was ultimately directed by Orson Welles after some negotiations with the studio, with screenplay also by Welles. Jeff Shannon reports that this movie is widely regarded to be "the greatest B. movie ever made, the original-release version of Orson Welles's film noir masterpiece Touch of Evil was, ironically, never intended as a B. movie at all -- it merely suffered that fate after it was taken away from writer-director Welles, then reedited and released in 1958…. [read more]

Religion Is Truly a Lived Term Paper

… But that is where the Haitian Vodou religion actually is more adaptable than many mainstream religions practiced in America. Christianity, Judaism and Catholicism all tie their practitioners down to certain restricting activities: whether it is going to church on Sundays, refusing to eat pork, or other historical cornerstones of the religion.

Vodou simply is like the wind, simply follows the practitioner wherever he or she may go, and allows flexibility in its practice.

Mama Lola surely does not feel restricted by the religion of Vodou; rather, she feels empowered and secure in her belief and, more importantly, in her future well-being.

But at the same time, Brown's interpretation of Vodou's everyday practice does not erode the historical significance of the Haitians' spirituality: Vodou, after all,…. [read more]

Paradise and Power: Robert Kagan Author Book Review

… ¶ … Paradise and Power: Robert Kagan

Author Robert Kagan borrows from the title of a pop culture book -- Women are from Venus, Men are from Mars -- to illustrate the great difference in the 21st Century between Europe and the U.S. On the third page of his book (Of Paradise and Power) he asserts that "Americans are from Mars and Europeans are from Venus" (Kagan, 2003, p. 3). By that the author means that when it comes to national priorities, legitimate threats, foreign and defense policies, the U.S. And Europe "have parted ways" (Kagan, p. 4). Kagan goes on to make a list of the ways in which Europe and the U.S. are different and have grown apart. He claims that Europeans see…. [read more]

Cattle Drive Our Role Play Essay

… The drive itself had its own style of organization. The recruiter at the meeting remarks that he needs twenty experienced cowboys who can handle 3000 cattle along the trail to Abilene, Kansas. One less experienced understudy can be hired to handle the extra horses. The horse seller at the meeting is tasked with providing three horses for every cowboy and enough oxen and replacements for the chuck wagon outfit. The cooks interviewed will be become highly respected and prestigious members of the crew as they will have to feed this large group of men and keep them healthy on the move to Abilene the recruits at the meeting are told what they already know: cattle drives strike a balance between weight of the cattle and…. [read more]

Character Sketch Term Paper

… Character Sketch of Joe Provenzano had never met Joe Provenzano before, but my husband Jerry had since Joe used to be his boss back in the early '90's. I had heard much about him this particular evening when we were having dinner at a restaurant near Los Angeles because my husband was to have an interview with Joe the next day. Although I had never met Joe, my mental image of him was beginning to form as my husband described Joe as a middle aged Italian engineer, who worked for the Jet Propulsion Laboratories as a Program Manager on an Army simulation contract. I assumed he would be a bit nerdy and intelligent looking. According to my husband, Joe had published his own philosophy book…. [read more]

Stanley Kubrick Term Paper

… Stanley Kubrick

The Madness of Stanley Kubrick: An Avante Garde Analysis

In every enterprise, someone has to be first and in the case of modern science fiction motion pictures, the "first" is widely acclaimed to be Stanley Kubrick's masterpiece, 2001: A Space Odyssey. While this movie is perhaps Kubrick's most well-known production, he has a number of other documentary works that date back to the 1950s and several global hits such as the Full Metal Jacket and a Clockwork Orange to his credit as well. This paper provides an avante garde analysis of Stanley Kubrick that includes some of his most important works, such as 2001: A Space Odyssey and a Clockwork Orange. To this end, a biographical assessment of Kubrick is followed by a…. [read more]

Pulp Fiction: Mia Wallace Essay

… What is significant is that during the dance the two form a connection and Vince relaxes, however briefly, the defenses he has put up against Marcellus' wife. While dancing, neither character is wearing shoes, suggesting a kind of 'foreplay' aspect to their dance.

The shot which establishes that Mia is a cocaine addict becomes significant in the next scene. Back at Marcellus' home, Mia mistakes Vince's heroin for cocaine, snorts it, and immediately overdoses. Vince's attraction to Mia is replaced with sudden, abject terror when he realizes that he is likely to be killed if he accidently lets his boss' wife die because his back was turned. Vince cannot take Mia to a hospital -- instead, he takes her to some of his friends who…. [read more]

Raiders of the Lost Ark Directors Steven Film Review

… ¶ … Raiders of the Lost Ark

Directors Steven Spieldberg and George Lucas teamed to bring the audience Raiders of the Lost Ark, the first action adventure of a series of Indiana Jones movies. For anyone who has not seen the series, Indiana Jones is an archeologist who works to retrieve lost artifacts from thieves and others who would use the power of the artifact in question to harm the world. This is the case of the Ark of the Covenant; that Biblical chest having once belonged to the Hebrews, from whom it was stolen by an Egyptian pharaoh and secreted away in a burial site.

In this first adventure Indiana is on a mission on behalf of the U.S. Government to get the ark…. [read more]

Artwork Piece at a Museum Essay

… Another thing that impresses is the way in which the water is perceived by its properties of reflection, and not by colour. The lilies seem to float peacefully across a tranquil surface of water that captures a detailed rendition of the surrounding trees and bushes. Their color is in contrast with the deep greens of the landscape, making their presence an event worth capturing on canvas.

Because of the colors used, the atmosphere of the painting is not so exuberant, but it doesn't seem sad either. It seems tranquil, and lush in all its greenness, even wild. The greens and browns tone down the joyfulness of the painting, and the eye-catching elements are the brighter colours of the flowers, which present themselves as spikes of…. [read more]

Utopias Explored: The Time Machine Essay

… Deckard travels to Seattle to interview Rachel, who eventually fails his test. This is explained to Deckard as Rachel lacks normal empathy because of being raised in space. Later, Deckard verifies that Rachel is indeed an android -- a Nexus Six, or top of the line model. This, and his own feelings of self-doubt about the humanity of "retiring" another being, cause him to philosophize about the morality of his era. Interwoven with Deckard's doubt is the store of J.R. Isidore, a genetically -- damaged individual who lives alone. Pris, an idential twin to Rachel, moves into the building and J.R. befriends her. Pris and her friends attempt to use J.R. To trap Deckard, but Deckard asks Rachel for help and confesses that he is…. [read more]

Close Reading of a Dime Novel Seminar Paper

… Dime novel has a specific literary meaning, but has generally become term used to mean several different late 19th and early 20th century popular U.S. fictional stories that were true "dime novels" (costing a dime), story papers, 5- and 10-cent weekly libraries and early pulp magazines. The term was even used as late as the World War II era with a relatively unsuccessful resurgence of the pulp Western Dime Novels. In spirit, though, dime novels are the precursor to contemporary comics, graphic novels, paperbacks, and even popular television and movies based on this genre. The modern usage of the term, however, tends to mean a quickly written, less plot oriented potboiler (true crime, sensational actions, etc.), and is not particularly well regarded in a literary…. [read more]

Secret Life of Bees -- Sue Monk Term Paper

… Secret Life of Bees -- Sue Monk Kidd

Sue Monk Kidd's novel is a skillful blend of recent American history and well-honed fiction embracing well-developed characters. The history of the Civil Rights Movement in the South -- exploding with hostility, intolerance and blatant racism -- is interwoven throughout the novel. Among the powerful fictional elements in this novel: a) the psychological affect that racism has on a society from the point-of-view of a motherless child with an unkind father; b) the symbolism of bees, honey and religion in a world spoiled by hatred and violence. Lily is a young white girl growing up in the South during the tumultuous, violent Sixties and ironically a friend she runs away with is an older African-American housekeeper. Hence…. [read more]

Influence of Economic and Social Changes to Illustration Thesis

… History Of Illustration

Illustration and the Influence of Social Change and the Economy

Illustrators provide their audience with a glimpse into the workings of the society in which they live. Whether they choose satire or take a serious approach to the world around them, illustrators reflect the economic and social climate in which they live. The work of illustrators reaches the mass market through newspapers, magazines and illustrated book that are consumed by vast numbers of readers. Illustration is more than a picture, it gives voice to the ideals that underlie society and higher conscious thought. Throughout the years, the technology and mediums available to illustrators has changed, but their connection to societal and economic times has not. This research will explore the history of…. [read more]

Physiognomy: False Impressions Essay

… In the online magazine of the Getty Museum (a well-known museum in Los Angeles) the author of an article on physiognomy, Sarah Waldorf, explains that physiognomy dates back to 500 B.C. Aristotle believed that "…large-headed people were mean…small faces were steadfast, broad faces reflected stupidity, and round faces signaled courage" (Waldorf, 2012). And again in the 16th century, external appearances indicated one's potential to become a doctor, or professor, Waldorf writes.

What I saw and felt

The first thing I noticed was that people on the street did not want to make eye contact with me. The well-dressed woman on her way to work (I went out between 8:00 A.M. And roughly 10:20 A.M.) quickly looked the other way when she caught me looking at…. [read more]

Advertising Old Navy Case Study

… " The videos will be distributed on YouTube and Facebook, while print ads will run in publications including Maxim. Mobile elements will include a game, style-finder, video gallery, store locator and coupons. A third video shilling "Jack Ash" leisurewear hasn't been completed but could launch this fall.

By poking fun at these characters Old Navy can promote their more mainstream appeal to reach their target demographic.

Despite the particulars of the current campaign, one of the interesting aspects in reaching this demographic is the delivery platform. The 79 million Millennials in the U.S. have an estimated purchasing power of $170 billion dollars per year, making them a highly attractive segment for brands to target, according to comScore vice president Bert Miklosi (TechJournal, 2014). However, to…. [read more]

Health Advocacy Campaign Essay

… Leg one is the formal lobbying effort which is provided by the independent paid individuals. Leg two is known as the grassroots leg while, leg three is the political leg, this is the one that continuously tries to have an influence on the outcome of the elections.

Leg One: Professional Lobbyists

Lobbying is basically the act through which you persuade a government entity to achieve some specific outcome or legislative. There is no bill that can be made into a law without the input from a lobbyist. Although anyone can become a lobby but most of the time the lobbyist are associated with particular parties or groups. The lobbyists are looked at by the lawmakers as the experts of various issues and are usually contacted…. [read more]

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