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Data Mining in Healthcare Information Systems Case Study

… Data Mining in Healthcare Information Systems

Case Study of a Veterans' Administration Spinal Cord Injury Population

The business problem that initiated the use of Business Intelligence and the original goal in this case were to reduce the length of stay (LOS) and the associated costs for the hospital administration. Since the cost totals were predicted to be at around $7.2 to $9.5 billion per year for the VHA, thorough analysis for the implementation of BI Software was needed.

The data sources used came from the national database, and local operational databases. The national database was in conjunction with the VA Hospital Information Systems and Technology Architecture (VistA), while the nursing and personal information were derived from the hospitals local operations.

The type of data repository…. [read more]

Space Race at the End of World Term Paper

… Space Race

At the end of World War II, the Soviet Union and the United States were locked into a bitter battle of military positioning and propaganda known as the Cold War. Stemming from this, as technology advancements showed the world the military capabilities of space exploration, the two nations became engaged in a "Space Race," as both attempted to conquer the space beyond the Earth. From the first satellite launched into space by the Soviet Union, to the first animals in space, to space probes, lunar landings, and humans in space, the Soviet Union appeared to rule the race. However, in 1969, the United States launched Apollo 11, which allowed the first human being to walk on the moon, essentially ending much of the…. [read more]

Space Data While Technological Advances Case Study

… Space Data

While technological advances have helped and assisted mankind in nearly all of his endeavors, the burdens associated with its applications cannot be ignored or misinterpreted. This problem is glaring in the case of Astronomy and its ability to use technology to gather enormous amounts of data. This stockpile of nearly 60 petabytes (PB) of data available to these scientists have revealed that humanity cannot keep up with the pace of acquiring data.

The purpose of this essay is to discuss the issues with data collection and performance degradation in the subject of astronomy. The essay will first examine how data is collected and how this process has led us to this problem. The next section discussed in this essay will address the emerging…. [read more]

SOA How R.L Case Study

… The project, from inception to roll-out, took roughly 18 months.

The new system, according to Vasconi, has delivered on Polk's expectations. It is more cost effective to maintain -- close to the company's original goal of cutting maintenance costs by 50% and faster at processing data, although Vasconi couldn't provide specific metrics to back up that claim. The initial acquisition costs for hardware and software were 40% lower than buying a comparable amount of IBM mainframe processing power, although he wouldn't disclose actual costs. Plus, Polk's ongoing maintenance fees -- to vendors including Dell, Tibco, Oracle, Informatica and DataFlux -- will be less than what it has paid to IBM.

An even bigger area of savings for the company: The Data Factory has let the…. [read more]

Growing Company Specializing in Transferring Case Study

… Dasci, & Laporte (2005) support this argument by pointing out that location choice of firm facility is very critical for firm survival, and location choice has a direct impact on the level of demand for product and service. When a facility is very close to customers, the firm is sure to achieve a success. The authors further argue that power buyer index is also important in the facility location. When a firm has a facility that has higher proximity to market, the business is sure enjoy higher competitive advantage.

Based on the argument of the literatures reviewed, it is revealed that facility 3 is closer to the market that other facilities identified and it has the potential to enhance Jeff productivity. Typically, "the better the…. [read more]

CRM Using Data Warehousing at First American Corporation Case Study

… CRM Using Data Warehousing at First American Corporation

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The transformation of First American Corporation (FAC) from a $60M loss in 1990 to $211M in 1998 can be attributed to the greater levels of effort and high priority placed on putting the customer and their needs at the center of the business. The many investments in Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems, analytics platforms, integration of marketing, sales and financial reporting systems which combined to form the VISION data warehouse are pivotal to the ongoing efforts at attaining profitability and performance. As FAC has been able to achieve significant results using the Tailored Client Solutions (TCS) strategy, the most critical success factors of this framework can all be attributed to how they…. [read more]

Zoning and Development Case Study

… An Economic Feasibility Study;

b. An Amendment to the North County, South County and Downtown City General Plans;

c. An Environmental Impact Report;

d. Annexation;

e. Financing.


Attempted development of the Natomas Joint Vision Project Area gave rise to competing interests among County North, County South, Downtown City, FEMA, Advocacy groups such as the HCP Conservancy, landowners, airport planners and developers. With the recommended Win-Win method of conflict resolution and applying the Charrette method, economic equity can be provided to all stakeholders through drafting an MOU among County South, County North and Downtown City, and implementation of an economic feasibility study, amendment to the general plans of North County, South County and Downtown City, an Environmental Impact Report, appropriate annexation and appropriate financing.

Works…. [read more]

Searching and Understanding a Case Case Study

… That plan might be a BIM unit or some other plan which will be included using the 3-D model. Currently, many of these project management applications as well as the 3-D designs have been created in seclusion. Obligation for the precision as well as co-ordination of price and also time setting information should be contractually resolved (Azhar, Hein and Sketo, 2008).

BIM Potential Issues

The efficiency and financial advantages of BIM towards the AEC business happen to be broadly recognized as well as progressively well grasped. Additionally, the science to apply BIM is easily accessible and quickly developing. However, BIM ownership is a lot sluggish than predicted (Azhar, Hein and Sketo, 2008). There happen to be two major reasons, technical along with managerial.

The technical…. [read more]

Lehman Brothers Case Study

… Just as noted before, the external auditor cannot twist the company's arm and make them not do something, but if it's clear that the firm being served by the auditor is using the transactions to hide losses or shoddy profits, then the auditing firm should insist that they report things honestly and thus refuse to portray the actual fiscal results for anything more than what they actually are (Ernst & Young, 2013).

This answer comes back to the "intent doesn't matter" question above. If it is clear that the intent is fairly clear, even if the executor of the transaction says otherwise, and especially if it's seen as a means to fool investors or analysts, the results will be far from good and any external…. [read more]

Computer Forensics Computers Data Analysis Chapter

… Computer Forensics

Computers and the associated dimension and craft of computer forensics has allowed for the collection for of direct and circumstantial evidence that was not possible or realizable before. However, now that the technical revolution is upon us, the evidence that can be extracted, even from things like damaged hard drives that people tried to destroy and the email/traffic logs of internet service providers (ISP's) has made it more and more difficult for people, criminals or not, to cover their tracks in the digital world. Two cases that exemplified the upsides and downsides of using digitally made and collected evidence were the trials of Casey Anthony and John Deutch. While the world of digital forensics works in great favor of the police and prosecuting…. [read more]

Child: The Story Manuel Rodriguez Case Study

… Child Case Study: The Story Manuel Rodriguez

The arena of children's language development is one that really does incorporate a choice of distinctive theoretical viewpoints. The theoretical subject that has prevailed over all the others in this part for the last twenty-five years or more is that of the amount to which children are pre-planned for the detailed mission of language learning. An associated problem is that of whether language is autonomous of other extents of perception, or is it reliant on upon more all-purpose cognitive aptitudes. With that said, this is a case study of a 7th grade student named Manuel. Manuel is a new arrival -- he or for 8 months, he has been living in the United States. His family comes in…. [read more]

Pirate Steel Ethics Case Case Study

… The right of virtue attains solution through honesty and accountability traits of the employees. The formal leadership will also obtain accurate information on purchases of the company. This enables the formal leadership to enjoy the theory of rights prescriptions.

The other solution is to employ external auditor to conduct extensive evaluation of the financial status of the organization. This action will unveil true and accurate financial level of the company. The management of the organization and investors will obtain the vital financial information in relation to the company in time. Honesty should prevail through accumulation of rewards from the company. This award should go to employees who uphold transparency criteria in the organization. This will reduce the cost of production within the company in a…. [read more]

Consensual Relationship Agreement Case Study

… Consensual Relationship Agreement Case Study

This study seeks to conceptualize the idea of Consensual Relationship Agreements at the place of work. For this reason, this case study will give an analysis on the aforementioned as it focuses on non-ethical ramifications. Consensual Relationship Agreements are used to define love and romance of people working in the same place. People have come up with differing views in relation to Consensual Relationship Agreements. Some people argue that all employees must sign this agreement. It should be effective to the organization and the performance of employees. Alternatively, others are of the view that romance and love relationships between workmates should be handled as their personal matter and should not be an issue to be observed by the organization (Cropper,…. [read more]

Elderly Care Discharging Case Study

… In the facility he will be in a position to access food at the appropriate time and all the food that he is required to take according to his condition. In the facility there is a surety that he will take all his medications as required since he will be under strict supervision.

There will also be regular checkups that are appropriate to ensure that he is in the path for recovery. There he will also be other patients in the facility that will keep him company and hence he will not feel isolated or bored. The environment will be relaxing and they can even be activities that they can take part in like indoor games. This will ensure a quick recovery for Mr. Trosack.(…. [read more]

Ford Pinto -- Case Analysis Case Study

… This represents a pretty extreme example of unethical behavior however it is reasonable to suspect that these types of decisions occur regularly in the business world.

Such cases as these highlight the need for formal systems to take a utilitarian approach to engineering systems. When something is unclear about how much to dedicate to a monetary value, as with the case of the Ford fuel system, and alternate or contingent value must be used to try to find a value for the model (Baron, 2006). However, under such a circumstance the values that are entered into the model are often distorted. These models are complicated in their own right let alone the estimates of the values that are entered into them. Some have even equated…. [read more]

Data Review on Prisoners Data Analysis Chapter

… Economic History_Prisoner Data

The issue of crime and requisite punishment has been a part of human society for millennia. It seems that given the human condition a certain percentage of any population tends towards deviance from laws and regulations designed to allow society to prosper. Crime is defined as a breach, or breaking, of laws that a governing authority has put in place to order that society. Because society and culture evolve so rapidly, laws and legal and ethical standards vary from both a geographic and chronological point. Indeed, so does the punishment aspect -- what might seem a minor infraction in one society is a capital crime in another. Indeed, one way of conceptualizing the history of humankind is to study the relationship between…. [read more]

Space Physiology Love of Extremes Research Paper

… In total, 11 Apollo flights were, then sent into space between the period 1968 and 1972. Twelve astronauts proceeded to work on the moon following Neil Armstrong's first walk on the lunar surface that happened on 20 July 1969, in the 11th Apollo mission. The missions demonstrated that indeed astronauts could do very productive work on the lunar surface that had only a sixth of the Earth's gravity. While these missions entailed simple observations on physiological adjustments within the spaceflight, doctors conducted an in depth examination of crewmembers primarily prior as well as upon completion of their missions. During these flights, the crewmembers described some minor physiological changes like space motion sickness (SMS). Nevertheless, human beings were now able to exist as well as do…. [read more]

Space Shuttle Challenger Disaster Took Essay

… (Butler, Bezant-Niblett, & Caine, 2011 p 245) In this case, the launch did not have to be on the assigned date. There was an option of delaying it until the matters had settled. When they were impatient and wanting to launch, all they pictured was the government, military, scientific society and the overall public in general applauding their actions of sending yet another shuttle into the space. Studies have shown that positive emotions and moods lead to the negotiator being cooperative and ending at a result which would over all benefit both the parties. On the other hand, negative moods such as anger or stress just like NASA was leads to uncooperative decision making and thus flawed results in the end.

A plan of action…. [read more]

Health Insurer Using Business Analytics Case Study

… " (p. 3) The executive would compare this strategy to the one proven successful by Progressive Insurance, in which the company offered auto drivers the opportunity to place monitoring devices in their vehicles in order to customize premiums according to the safety of one's driving habits.

A similar program should be considered, not just from IFA's perspective, but also from that of Shop-Sense. The supermarket has an obligation to its customers to inform them of the sale of their data to a health insurer, to provide them with access to information on how that data will be used and to give them the opportunity to continue to enjoy the benefits of Shop-Sense analytics whether they opt in or out of the sale of their information.…. [read more]

Nuclear Decommissioning Authority Case Study

… S. Army Corps of Engineers, 2006) Two -- dimensional and hydraulic and sediment transport models have the ability t o model the variation of hydraulic and sediment properties across the reservoir cross section" as well as modeling the failure of the reservoir banks. (U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, 2006, paraphrased) Processes that are not well represented in sediment transport models include those of:

(1) Headcut migration through cohesive material;

(2) Bank erosion;

(3) Large width changes; and (4) Stratified bed sediment. (U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, 2006 )

Thesis statement

Decommissioning of the Hoover Dam will be a process that requires a span of several years to ensure proper and effective safe decommissioning.

Materials and methods

This work in writing addresses system engineering (SE) concepts…. [read more]

Waterford Wedgwood Case Study

… Waterford Wedgwood Case Study

Waterford Wedgwood plc is a designer, manufacturer and marketer of branded luxury home products including: high-end crystal, fine bone china, fine porcelain, earthenware, and premium cookware. Employing nearly 10,000 people, Waterford Wedgwood is headquartered in Dublin, Ireland. Their primary operations, other than Ireland, include the United Kingdom, Indonesia, Germany, and Asia.

The company's primary brands include: Waterford Crystal, Wedgwood China, and Royal Doulton.

The three brands have come together to form one of the premier lifestyle product manufacturers in the world. This paper gives an analysis of Waterford Wedgwood, its internal and external environment and their strategies.

Waterford Wedgwood Case Study

Executive Summary:

Waterford Wedgwood plc is a designer, manufacturer and marketer of branded luxury home products including: high-end crystal, fine…. [read more]

Schon Dark Secret in Unit Case Study

… This psychological problem would most likely expand to other segments of society as well. Computers and technology would change the landscape of education and politics as well causing more uncertainty and change. This psychological problem is most likely to cause great turmoil and disruption.

7. What was the "Dark Secret of Hendrik Shon"?

The dark secret of Hendrik Schon was that he could not replicate his findings within his experiments. In other words, he cheated. Shon's behavior seems more excusable however than his peers. This secret demonstrated to me that the scientific community is not very responsible. The film exposed the most prominent scientific journals as being extremely irresponsible for publishing Schon's work without proper vetting. Scientists appear to have too much power in terms…. [read more]

Case Analysis Brazil Leading the BRIC HBS Case Study

… Brazil:Leading the BRICs? (HBS Case)

Before moving on to answer the question posed in the case study, there are several remarks to be made in relation to the role of Brazil in the world economy and in the international trade framework in the last decades, as well to the characteristics of the Brazilian economy during this period of time.

First of all, from the case study, one learns that the primary contribution that Brazil made to the development of the World Trade Organization was not necessarily focused on ways in which the organization could be made more adapted to the challenges of the 21st century, but rather on the defensive role of ensuring that some of the previous clauses that seemed to favor developed countries…. [read more]

SWOT and Porter Case Study

… Novartis: A Case Study on HRIS Implementation


The greatest strengths for Novartis rest in the companies expansive availability of resources. As the company profile and case discussion demonstrate, Novartis is among the largest pharmaceutical firms in the world. As such, it has no shortage of financial capital available to execute its HR and it visions. The case discussion notes that the company has been given full economic support and latitude by its board of global directors to implement such visions. Accordingly, the case reports that "the eight-member ECN (Executive Committee Novartis) had approved the CHF 78 million (Swiss Francs) capital appropriation request for the global HRIS project in September 2002, and the effort to create a computer-based system had begun." (p. 1)


Ironically,…. [read more]

Ethics Case Study

… This is the identity of the company and a mark of its excellence as well. The company has been known to produce products that have helped businesses reduce their pollution levels. The company can use this as social capital against arguments that it supports industries that increase environmental pollution. The company can then diversify into other products based on its research and development competency. The company can argue for its environmentally responsible goals by stressing scientific evidence from its research and development efforts. Letting go of a key market and core competency would damage the credibility and reputation of the company as it would be perceived as erratic and marred by knee-jerk responses to ethical challenges.

The second alternative for The Lubrizol Corporation is to…. [read more]

Space Data Case Term Paper

… Space Data: A business strategy out of control?

The nature of entrepreneurial management

Space Data founders Eric Frische and Jerry Knoblach offered the advantages of two complementary yet contrasting methods of entrepreneurial management. Both were friends and roommates at MIT, technological 'geeks' interested in the economic potential of new communications. However, Frische was excited by hands-on customized technology, while Knoblach was more excited by the prospect of offering technology to a wide range of people (MacCormack 2002:2). The initial business model and services offered by the Space Data Corporation seemed to combine their respective strengths of thinking big but deploying the potential of small and relatively inexpensive and customized technology.

Recognizing and defining an opportunity

To these executives of the new Space Data Corporation, the…. [read more]

Data Warehousing Data Warehouse Technology Term Paper

… Quite often companies that have a data warehouse sell this information that has been acquired about a consumer to other organizations who then solicit the business of the consumer.

Many consumers find that this is an irritating encounter, they often get a great deal of email or phone calls from the organization that purchased their information. This is often viewed as an invasion of privacy and can cause great alarm on the part of the consumer.

That is why it is vitally important that before an organization sells information to another organization they make it clear to the consumer and let them know that they may be solicited by other companies.

When an organization fails to make this known the consumer can suffer greatly and…. [read more]

Space Telescopes Term Paper

… Space Telescopes

Ever since its launch in 1990, the Hubble telescope has been orbiting the Earth at 600 kilometers above, bringing valuable information and photos from space. Its history goes back to 1977, when the Congress approved the project funds. However, operations didn't take off until 1981, when the Space Telescope Science Institute was founded, designed especially for the production and research of the Hubble Space Telescope.

In 1990, on April, 25th, the telescope was deployed into orbit. Several problems appeared during the first years of use. An aberration in one of the mirrors was soon discovered and needed to be changed later in 1993. A new computer was installed in 1999 and the telescope was placed in "safe mode" after "the failure of a…. [read more]

Data Mining Thesis

… Data Mining

Evaluating Data Mining as a Strategic Technology

The ability to quickly gain insights from a diverse and often incompatibles set of databases and data sets are possible when data mining techniques are used. Data mining is the process by which very large datasets are analyzed for trends, patterns, insights and intelligence not discernable from a cursory analysis of the data sets themselves through manual means (Osei-bryson, Rayward-smith, 2009). Data mining is the study of how to glean insights and intelligence from data sets which are often not integrated with each other in a common database, further adding a level of abstraction to the analysis, making its interpretation even more difficult (Buddhakulsomsiri, Zakarian, 2009). There is an exceptional level of insights that can be…. [read more]

Post Office Square Park Case Term Paper

… The revenues derived from the project for the city would be substantial, and public opinion began to turn against the initial park. What was the value of a purely aesthetic park and a rather moderate office structure, as proposed by the Friends of the Post Office Square, versus the more lucrative venture of Claremont? The city of Boston was 'hurting' and desperately needed revenue. Also, many Bostonians desperately needed affordable housing, which the Claremont Development could theoretically make more of a feasible reality, given the provision of linkage payments derived from the more financially sustainable office complex.

Supporters of Claremont noted that the proposal would still allow for a park structure to be created, albeit not as large as the original Friends proposal. In Europe,…. [read more]

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