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History in the Making: Fight Essay

… Asia has also had its share of activism for human rights and shaped the history of the world significantly. These range from accusations of president of Afghanistan Hamid Karzai being accused by the women fighting for their rights for failing to protect the right of women in a run-up to the 2009 August elections. It was also under his watch that a law allowing men to starve their wives for denying them sex was passed and hotly contested by the human rights groups (BBC News, 2009).

Biharis and Urdu speakers in Bangladesh are part of the same struggle for their rights. These were victims of the East Pakistan partitioning in 1947. The Biharis pitted a bitter fight that saw the court rule in 2008 in…. [read more]

History of John Adams and His Role With the Declaration of Independence Term Paper

… History of John Adams and his role with the Declaration of Independence.

John Adams and his role in the Declaration of Independence

John Adams was the second President of the United States after George Washington and is also remembered in our history for the important role that he played in the Declaration of Independence. He was a participant in the majority the events leading to the founding of the new nation from the Seven Years War until to the end of the 18th century. (McCullough) as one commentator states, the anniversary of the Declaration of Independence that Americans celebrate would not be possible "... If it weren't for the actions of a frequently ignored Founding Father?

John Adams" (Leopold).

Historically we know a great deal…. [read more]

Natural Disaster Term Paper

… Natural Disasters

Hurricane Katrina destroyed one of America's most vibrant, unique, and historic cities: New Orleans. Rebuilding New Orleans is requiring colossal efforts on the part of public and private organizations and individuals. Not only did the hurricane cause substantive property damage and loss of life but Katrina also led to the displacement of thousands of residents. The poor were the hardest hit for many reasons: they had the fewest resources with which to mobilize their evacuations and their homes were among the least structurally sound. Katrina left an aftermath of looting, which added to the property damage suffered by local residents and business owners. The hurricane had major repercussions on the city of New Orleans not just by destroying its physical infrastructure and historic…. [read more]

History as Myth Essay

… This is seen in many national civil wars, which are often particularly bloody affairs, given how well the opponents know one another, and the level of hatred and animosity between the two sides.

This was certainly true of America's own Civil War. Many of the generals on both sides had been educated at the same schools. They all had similar backgrounds, yet North and South were as bitterly divided as Atreus and Thyestes, and would do anything to win the conflict. The battles were particularly bloody and acrimonious: "In two days at Shiloh, on the banks of the Tennessee River, more American men fell than in all the previous American wars combined. At Cold Harbor, some 7,000 Americans fell in twenty minutes" (The war: The…. [read more]

History of Cambodia, Including the Pol Pot Term Paper

… ¶ … history of Cambodia, including the Pol Pot Regime and Angkor Wat. Cambodia is an Asian country located between Vietnam and Thailand with a coastline on the Gulf of Thailand. In the 1860s, it became a colony of France, and it became a free nation in 1953. Cambodia's modern history revolves around the notorious Pol Pot Regime in the 1970s, and tourism and textiles today.

Cambodia may be most known for the horrendous Pol Pot Regime of the Khmer Rouge in the 1970s, a period when at least 1.7 million Cambodians were systematically executed by the Regime. However, Cambodia's history goes back centuries, to a land that supported bands of hunter-gatherers who eventually settled in areas and began farming the rich lands. The first…. [read more]

Japanese History and Chinese Fixation Term Paper

… There are similarities and differences in the practices and beliefs of Buddhism in China and Japan. Currently, Japan is the largest Buddhist nation across the globe. This diversity relates to the adoption of best Buddhism practices and beliefs from Korea, India, and China by Japan towards the development of this religion as a form of their own art.


There is great relationship between the historical development of Japan and China. This makes it difficult or impossible to examine or study the history of Japan without elaborating the crucial role by China in the development of the modern nation in the Asia Continent. Chinese fixation is an essential concept in relation to examination of the history or characteristics of historical development of Japan in a…. [read more]

History in the 19th Century Essay

… History In the 19th Century:

It's impossible to understand the course of the United States in the 19th Century without understanding the cause and consequences of the Civil War. The United States Civil War was one of the most significant and defining incidents in the country's history. This is primarily because by the end of the conflict, many people had been wounded and killed, slavery had come to an end, and the very concept of America had been altered forever. Generally, the American Civil in the 19th Century was not only the most deadly but also the most significant event in the country's history. Unlike other major events that affected the United States, the war had significant effects that fundamentally changed the American society. Some…. [read more]

History of Free Blacks Essay

… History Of Free Blacks as Compared to Slaves in the Late Antebellum South

A common aphorism states that history is written by the victors, making it clear that disadvantaged or misused groups rarely have an opportunity to shape written histories. That was certainly the case for American history, which neglected the stories of black Americans until a few decades ago. That neglect was unfortunate, because African-Americans made huge contributions to American society. Moreover, when American history began to reflect the historical antebellum black experience, it did so in a way that equated all American blacks with slaves. That characterization is inaccurate and fails to fully describe the role that African-Americans played in shaping America. While, as a group, it is true that antebellum free blacks…. [read more]

History of Meiji Empire and the Consequent Term Paper

… ¶ … history of Meiji Empire and the consequent role and influence that Meiji regime had on succeeding government and their policies. The article also supports Sugimoto's thesis on presence of cultural fragmentation and diversity within Japanese society, the western influence on the social, political and economic growth is also discussed. The role of Kata Factor and its adoption by the Japanese society are also discussed.

Meiji Era began after the 265-year-old feudalistic rule of Tokugawa Shogunate.

The Era was termed as 'enlightened rule', with the commitment towards giving maximum possible autonomy to the people of Japan.

The introductory reform was the proclamation of FIVE OATH CHARTER in 1868; the chartered was based on the concept of western state. The charter was the key towards…. [read more]

History of Zionism Term Paper

… Zionism did come into conflict with the Israeli administration when Israel's first Prime Minister, Ben-Gurion, insisted to keep Zionist leaders from influencing Israel's policy decisions.

Zionism has of course been vehemently denounced by the Arab nations and the UN even adopted a resolution in 1975, equating Zionism with racism. Zionists have, however, continued to work towards their objectives relentlessly -- the safety of the state of Israel and the right of any Jew to settle there

-- they have been successful on both counts to date.


Cohen, Michael Joseph. "Zionism." Article in Encyclopedia Encarta, CD-ROM Version, 2002

Edelheit, Abfaham J. And H. Edelheit. "History of Zionism: A Handbook and Dictionary."

Westview Press, 2000

Spiro, Rabbi Ken. "Crash Course in Jewish History Part 62 -…. [read more]

Museum Displays of "Non-Western" Art Essay

… The Benin room is one of the most remarkable in the Africa, Oceania, and Americas set of galleries because of lighting. Each of the statues is encased in protective climate-controlled glass and the light refracts on the floor to create a unique viewing experience. The experience adds an interesting and interactive dimension to encountering the statues, but the curators could have provided the viewer with more information about the cultural context.

Moreover, the curators could have unfolded and displayed proudly the ceremonial paintings from Papua New Guinea. Ideally those cloths, which did have a significant religious and cultural function, would have enjoyed a display against a natural background. It is important to view such works of art in context, if viewing them in situ is…. [read more]

History of Native Americans Essay

… 3. What is the Indian Reorganization Act or "Indian New Deal"?

The Indian New Deal or the Indian Reorganization Act could be recognized as the only dazzling mark by which the United States' administration treated the minorities elegantly (Roberts).

The Indian New Deal terminated the Allotment Act and reconsolidate the reservation lands for Native Americans so that they could be restored to the communal society. The next step that was taken was the organization of the Native American tribes as a corporation. This New Deal also reformed the education for the minorities. The federal government was asked to allocate more funds to schools for the accommodation of a higher number of native children. The encouragement of Native Americans' traditional art and craft was also a…. [read more]

History of the Modern Middle East Term Paper

… History Of the Modern Middle East

As a result of the Industrial Revolution, during the 19th and the 20th centuries, the Western world as grew more dependent upon the advancement of technology, in every facet of daily existence. As an unintentional result of this economic revolution, the major commercial powers grew more dependent upon the non-renewable resource of oil. The state that controlled oil, in the form of trade routes, or oil-producing colonies, could dominate the other major nation-states. Ironically, as a result of technological advancement, the states that had formerly dismissed the Middle East as backward or significant only in terms of its historical role in the development of Christianity grew progressively more dependant upon the region to sustain a modern economy.

Initially, Britain…. [read more]

History of China's Importance Research Paper

… The international political scene at this time is not dominated by a great power, nor should it be. Seeing how great powers manifest themselves in terms of political influence, it is basically impossible for a state to exercise the political dominance over the enormous amount of different political forces that are present in the countries around the world. Indeed, most states have engaged in democratic political processes; however, there are important actors on the international scene, such as China, Russia, Iran who refuse to accept the Western style of politics and therefore its influence.

From a military perspective, the existence of a major power cannot be considered to be viable for various reasons. First, terrorist groups have become worthy actors of the international relations, as…. [read more]

History of Understanding the Science Term Paper

… In the Field Guide to Meteors and Meteorites (Norton, et al., 2008, p. 20) the authors claim that in November, 1799, a German naturalist, Alexander von Humboldt, and a French botanist, Aime Bonpland, had taken a five-year scientific expedition to South America when "unexpectedly just before dawn on the morning of November 11 the sky lit up with thousands of meteors." The meteors appeared to originate in the constellation Leo, Norton explains; research conducted with local inhabitants revealed that the meteor showers came about every 33 years or so. This was the first time, Norton asserts, that scientists understood there was a periodicity (other than annual) attached to a specific raining down of meteors. Indeed, in November, 1833, the meteor showers reappeared, Norton continues (20).…. [read more]

History Slavery North Atlantic British Essay

… Furthermore, the culture which developed among the Northern sector of the U.S. was also not necessarily conducive to slavery. The development of industry in these areas created a means of urbanization in which economic livelihood would be based upon common professions such as mariners, merchants, dockworkers and shopkeepers -- none of which have much use for slave labor. In general, the economy of the North (which was largely supported by the efforts of New England) was maritime-based, which is one of the primary reasons that slavery, which once existed in the North, eventually died out.

The surrounding conditions in the South, however, were primed for slavery because they were regarded as being less specialized than those in the North and exceedingly more labor intensive. Interestingly…. [read more]

American Revolution New American History Research Paper

… 3 Wood, The American Revolution, 126

Equality and the fact that 'all men are created equal' were stressed a lot in the Declaration of Independence.

The founders of the nation itself did not go on to act on the words that they had written. In the end, the ultimate result was that people realized that they were not slaves and they were also citizens of the country. Therefore, another reason why American Revolution was important is that it provided the basis on which racial segregation was removed.

The American Revolution also gave rise to a cultural and social awareness for the people. It is clear that the people did not want to belong to the British empire. America originally had always been considered a free…. [read more]

History of Pharaoh and Hatshepsut Research Paper

… " She supported her assertion that identified her as her father's designated successor evidenced from inscriptions from her mortuary temple's wall: Then his majesty said to them: "This daughter of mine, Khnumetamun Hatshepsut -- may she live! -- I have appointed as my successor upon my throne she shall direct the people in every sphere of the palace; it is she indeed. Obey her words, unite yourselves at her command."

Hatshepsut was commonly described as fairly conventional pharaoh in every other aspect. Majority recognized her as a peace loving pharaoh partly following her gender. Even though there were a number of military expeditions, they turned out to be dissent from Egypt's neighbors, (Tyldesley, Joyce, 1996). Hatshepsut managed to expand the temple complex at Karnak, expanded…. [read more]

History of Building Construction Research Paper

… Finally, due to numerous firefighters' deaths in the towers' collapse, we are looking into systems that can predict the possibilities of a structure's collapse (Pennwell Corporation, 2003) before firefighters enter the structure.

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Office of the Vice President for University…. [read more]

History: Some Websites Are Better Than Others Essay

… org site offers plenty of items for sale, including posters of the Declaration of Independence and the Bill of Rights. Three large "Parchment Documents" (Declaration of Independence; Constitution; and Bill of Rights) are available for $35.88 online.

Comparing this site with the other three: this site zeros in on the colonial period, the revolution, the civil war and on everything of any significance that happened in Philadelphia (where the IHA is located). The rest of American history is omitted. This site also is advocating that the National Archives and Records Administration not close its Philadelphia office, and the site urges visitors to send emails in support of keeping that office open. The world civilization class has far more information about history than this site, albeit…. [read more]

U.S. History Background Report Essay

… U.S. History Background report

The United States history dates back to the era of the voyage made by Christopher Columbus in the year 1492 during the prehistory of the native citizens. The involved aspects in the relative history of the United States considered a common increment following the elapsing of decades. The U.S. has grown prosperously with a rapid and development in the autonomous legal and apolitical systems

Its territory has experienced an expansion westward displacing the Native American populations across the continent. It has grown to become the most influential industrial power following the outburst of progressive entrepreneurship with the inclusion of workforce of the 20th century

. The dissatisfaction with the traditional politics and corruption also stimulated the progressiveness of the U.S. with…. [read more]

Truman Show: The Failure Research Paper

… His life is controlled by others who tell him lies. Without the confines of the show, Truman's life is uncertain, but he comes to embrace that uncertainty because in uncertainty there is truth. The happiness of simply having enough to eat and a roof over one's head is not enough. Truman desires a sense of real, deeper feeling and truth that no actors playing his friends and no actress playing his wife can bring him.

The determination of Truman to find truth beyond the soundstage should resonate in the hearts of all Americans who desire to find truth beyond the surface realities that suggest that America is an equal country. King wrote in 1965: "every Negro in the United States of America is an untouchable"…. [read more]

History Between 1800 and 1850 Essay

… ¶ … history between 1800 and 1850, and how it affected Indians, Blacks, Whites, and Mexicans. Eighteen-hundred through 1850 was a crucial time in American history. The fledgling nation was going through the painful process of defining itself, creating a workable government and refining it, and learning how to function as a democracy.

This was also a time when America was expanding its borders. The Lewis and Clark Expedition in the early part of the century identified land all the way to the Pacific Ocean, and with the Louisiana Purchase, the United States doubled in size. People were moving west, and as they moved, they displaced the Native Americans along the way. The polices about the Natives at the time were mainly to round them…. [read more]

II the History of Wireless Technology in China Term Paper

… ¶ … History of Wireless Tech. In China

China Before the Wireless

Before the wireless technology was introduced, China had been among the many countries whose economy depends on the manufacturing industry. With a great population and a low-cost labor, China is involved in the manufacture of different goods and items particularly the parts and components of various electronic devices and computers.

The effect of culture on the introduction of wireless to China

Before the revolution of the wireless technology, China was known to have a conservative and simple culture. Most of the families in China live a simple life, with not much of the technology that progressive countries were already enjoying. Although China lives this way, they are not however unaware of new technologies.…. [read more]

History Western Civilization a Book Essay

… Wages for workers were able to increase because of the plague's devastating effects, and the plague is also responsible for allowing Europe to develop from an economic standpoint, in response to its lack of laborers.


The city of Istanbul has a fairly lengthy history that has played a significant role in the formulation and foundation of Westernized society. It was originally known as Constantinople, and was at various times the capital of the Holy Raman Empire as well as the capital of the Eastern Roman Empire. When it was the capital of the latter empire, it was known as Byzantium, largely due to the fact that the eastern aspect of the Roman Empire was also referred to as the Byzantine Empire. Because of where…. [read more]

Museum Methods Term Paper

… Although I agree with the basic structure of this definition, I would prefer more emphasis on the level of required professional standards necessary to designate an institution as a museum. Many non-profit institutions are established to enrich our society including, schools, libraries and community social and cultural organizations. Many of these institutions are essential in the preservation of values and identity and education of our citizens. The term museum should not be generally applied to these entities simply because they offer public enrichment under a non-profit designation. Museums should also be very clear in determining the scope of the institution; their role should be defined with clarity and selectivity, and with a recognition of wider social and cultural purpose. Attracting individuals with comparable interests to…. [read more]

Museum Comparison Term Paper

… Museum Comparison

The two private art museums I am comparing are the High Museum of Art in Atlanta and the Textile Museum of Canada.

The High Museum was founded in 1905 based on a donation from Mrs. Joseph M. High and has continued to grow over the years with the financial help of various donors and philanthropists. Recently, the High further increased its size by over 300,000 square feet with three new buildings, built by the Italian architect Renzo Piano. According to the High's director, "Renzo Piano's 2005 expansion takes the High to a new level as one of the nation's great museums of the twenty-first century." (Shapiro, 2005)

The additions have allowed for an increased number of more eclectic exhibitions including three brand new…. [read more]

Museum Comparison Art Museums Term Paper

… It is particularly focused upon its educational mission to teach children about the natural world.[footnoteRef:9] Although the Museum itself is rather new, it reflects the mission of the original natural history conglomerate of museums at Harvard in the way it addresses "cutting-edge research, addresses contemporary issues, and offers creative educational experience in a unique, intimate setting."[footnoteRef:10] As well as offering school visits and educational programs on the weekend, this Harvard-funded museum also offers educational expeditions to the general public (which also offers an additional source of revenue). The Museum primarily receives funding through Harvard University. Although Harvard has experienced some financial difficulties in recent years, thanks to the economic downturn,[footnoteRef:11] overall its solvency has been superior to those of other universities and university museums. This…. [read more]

Museums Term Paper

… The many different Native American artists featured in this museum present a different light upon Native Americans by exploring their groups artistic side instead of just how they went about their daily business. While both subjects are interesting, their differences are represented by these two museums interpretations of Native American life.

Question 2

The relationship between these two museums is defined by its subject matter, Native Americans. It is quite obvious after observing the different exhibits from both of these places that they have a different interpretation of Native American life. Besides the differences in scope and size that these examples provide, there is also a different tone of respect and celebration as well. The NMAI seems to have fully dedicated itself to the Native…. [read more]

Museum Budget Cuts One-Page Memo to Staff Term Paper

… Museum Budget Cuts

One-Page Memo to Staff Members Indicating Where Cuts Will Impact the Museum:


My fellow employees, the Montana Museum of Native American Art is facing a financial crisis. Unfortunately, with the loss of the major funding sources, the museum is now facing a 40% cutback. As you may have already heard, we will be making necessary cuts in staff and services in order to allow the museum to survive and eventually thrive again. Although we must make these cuts because of financial reasons, we hope that you will remain with us in spirit as we seek to continue serving the public and eventually return to full staffing and services. We do not know how long this may…. [read more]

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