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Space Race at the End of World Term Paper

… Space Race

At the end of World War II, the Soviet Union and the United States were locked into a bitter battle of military positioning and propaganda known as the Cold War. Stemming from this, as technology advancements showed the world the military capabilities of space exploration, the two nations became engaged in a "Space Race," as both attempted to conquer the space beyond the Earth. From the first satellite launched into space by the Soviet Union, to the first animals in space, to space probes, lunar landings, and humans in space, the Soviet Union appeared to rule the race. However, in 1969, the United States launched Apollo 11, which allowed the first human being to walk on the moon, essentially ending much of the…. [read more]

Travel Agents Analysis Term Paper

… Travel Agents Analysis

The following pages will focus on providing an outlook on the situation of the U.K. tourism in general, and of travel agents in particular. The main aspects brought under discussion by this research paper regard the differences between traditional travel agents, on the one hand, and of e-tourism, on the other hand. Also, future trends in the field are presented, together with recommendations designed for improving travel agents' activity.

The introduction presents the importance of the problem and its implications. Also, the introduction provides a brief presentation of the research methodology used in this paper.

The following section focuses on establishing the hypotheses and the objectives of the research, as the starting point of any research. This is a very important section…. [read more]

Space Travel Proposal Developing Research Proposal

… The next portion of the essay will examine the current status of space travel and view the pros and cons of these companies and technologies to better understand the environment in which the problem exists. Space tourism companies such as Virgin, SpaceX, Robinson Industries, JPL 2 and others will be compared and contrasted for their current and foreseeable contributions to this idea of business of space vehicle production.

The next portion of the essay will attempt to grasp the leadership issues dealing with the research and development. The travel to space cannot simply be restricted to anyone, but cooperation at some level and appropriate regulation must be synthesized when possible. The roles of international governments and their space agencies, such as NASA, will also be…. [read more]

Hangar Space a Physical Plant Term Paper

… Hangar Space - a Physical Plant

Hangar Space

Airport Facilities - Planning Hangar construction

The airports and the concepts regarding airport planning and construction have undergone vast changes. These relate to changes in technology, changes in demand, type of aircraft, passenger requirement, and service requirements and so on. A change in the wing span of an aircraft requires remodeling many things, from runways to hangars and equipments. On account of the competitive nature of the industry and the changing ways of usage, the planning of airports and facilities has undergone vast changes to suit the times. For example design of an airport to day has become more approach oriented that is the accessibility of the passengers to the airport is the critical issue. Developing airports…. [read more]

Model to Develop Sustainable Marine Tourism in Similan Island Thailand Methodology Chapter

… ¶ … sustainable marine tourism in Similan Island, Thailand

Thailand is located in the South-East Asia between the countries of Laos and Cambodia to the East, Burma (Republic of Myanmar) to the West, and Malaysia to the South around the Gulf of Thailand (Chien and Fitzgerald, 2006). Thailand moreover is a wonderful kingdom, where the country is combines with the good characteristic of Buddhist temples, exotic wildlife and amazing islands. Together with an interesting history and a unique culture that includes enjoyable Thai food and Thai massage. Furthermore, Thailand is considered as a modern capital city, and friendly people who epitomize Thailand's "land of smiles" reputation (Tourism Authority of Thailand, 2011). Therefore, there are more than ten million of foreign tourists visiting each year (Ministry…. [read more]

Proposal to Cross Training Employees Research Proposal

… Business Management -- Employee Cross Training Proposal

Cover Letter

Cross-Training Employees

Enclosed please find my proposal for cross-training employees of this organization. My independent research has disclosed that there are undeniable benefits to organizations that promote cross-training of their workforces and without any corresponding risks or detriments. In particular, cross-training of employees is associated directly with multiple sources of cost savings, improved operational efficiency, decreased susceptibility to delays and to negative the consequences of individual unavailability, in addition to improving employee morale, interpersonal rapport and collaboration, and even individual performance.

Specifically, cross-training employees allows organizations to save money both directly an indirectly. Direct cost savings are those attributable to the reduction in personnel that are often made possible through multiple-role capabilities. Indirect cost savings include…. [read more]

Grant Proposal for Maximizing Parenting Potential Program Grant Proposal

… ¶ … program include physical space, supplies, and equipment. With regards to physical space, the program will be conducted in Mbrace agency's conference room while equipments will entail using the organization's computers, printers, projectors, and televisions for the educational sessions. For the advertisements, the agency will use its public address system for announcements in schools and neighborhood stores. The agency will acquire the curriculum from Parenting Education Program, Metropolitan Family Services, and Parenting Fundamentals. Supplies like printing papers, books, ring binders, and articles will be acquired.

The facilitators of the program will be mental health professionals trained in the field of counseling, psychotherapy, and case management. These professionals will work in collaboration with social workers and professionals from the National Parenting Education Network. These professionals…. [read more]

Appalachian Trail Conservancy Grant Grant Proposal

… The Conservancy looks to these members for input, while maintaining an independent role and seeking to advance practices and strategies that best align with and support our mission. Therefore, to assess the extent to which the proposed project remedies the problems noted above, it will be necessary to quantify the results to measure the project's effectiveness. The following are the project objectives;

1. The employees and clients will learn about the Conservancy's pioneering efforts to value and invest in nature, mitigate related business risks and realize new opportunities for their own companies. Hikers will benefit from the Conservancy's core competencies in conservation planning, site-based conservation, habitat management, community outreach and capacity building, and conservation finance.

2. Network with peers from a variety of industries and…. [read more]

Grant Program Proposal Thesis

… IDSA Grant Proposal

International Development for Social Awareness (IDSA), in San Juan, Texas has the ultimate goal of developing a program that will allow a limited number of participants each year to travel to a sponsor nation to help the nation/region and the individual to gain knowledge and experience regarding social issues and to help advocate for social change in an international setting.

The program is affiliated with the University of Texas-Pan American, supporting overall Values and Vision, with adjunct participation from several key departments at UTPA interested in increasing global awareness, including currently members of staff faculty and students in the International Studies Department, the Social Work, Nursing and Business Departments, as well as several collaborative community groups, business sponsors, interested community members and…. [read more]

Population Groups Served This Services Grant Proposal

… H. Personnel Manager -- This position cost $21,000 $, but only 16,000 will be paid for by this Grant plus $4,000 in fringe benefits, this will be paid by the Grant.

I. Housekeeping -- The Four housekeeping positions cost $10,000 each plus $2,500 in fringe benefits, this will be paid by the Grant.

J. Maintenance- The Two positions cost $10,000 each plus fringe benefits of $2,500, this will be paid by the Grant.

K. The Fringe benefits are estimated at 25% these include: FICA, ESC, workers compensation Insurance, Health Insurance and 401(K)


$1,900 will be paid from the Primary Grant award

A. The Director will attend the annual Regional Conference hosted by DHSS. Air travel will cost $350, meals will cost $120 and $180…. [read more]

Cyberfeminist Project Proposal Term Paper

… Cyberfeminist Project Proposal

The cyborg is a condensed image of both imagination and material reality, the two joined centres structuring any possibility of historical transformation. In the traditions of 'Western' science and politics -- the tradition of racist, male-dominant capitalism; the tradition of progress; the tradition of the appropriation of nature as resource for the productions of culture; the tradition of reproduction of the self from the reflections of the other - the relation between organism and machine has been a border war. The stakes in the border war have been the territories of production, reproduction, and imagination.

Donna Haraway, (1991, pg 151)

Cyberfeminism is not founded in the idea that as a group cyberfeminists or feminist must band together to fight the inequalities, disembodiment…. [read more]

Training Program Designed Research Proposal

… The timing agenda proposed at this meeting will be influential in ensuring that the formulated checklists meet demands on aggregate. Before the commencement of the training program, the needs of the training will be communicated a month earlier before the actual training days. This will be imperative since it enables employees to focus on the agenda deeply. In addition, employees will be research vital considerations that will be examined on the training. This proposes the dates of the training program to be on Monday, March 3, 2014, Monday, March 17, 2014, Friday, April 4, 2014, and Saturday April 5, 2014. The following table is a replica of the agenda meeting that will be expected on that date (See Appendix, Two).


This proposal has established…. [read more]

Perception of Objects in Infants Grant Proposal

… In addition, numerous differences in the way infants perform have something to do with differences in the processing speed, or the capacity to remember and compare information. The most popular explanation is central to the speed of processing information and perceiving things. However, why the speed of processing, which is the core during the perceiving of objects or social cognition, should have a relation to adolescent IQ remains an open question (Colombo and Mitchell, 1990). Some recent studies have revealed that infancy measures have a correlation with "speed of perceiving objects" at later ages even when there was controlled IQ (Rose and Feldman, 1995). Research also suggests that owing to the information-processing approach, the correlations with adulthood intelligence happen because the infant tasks are tapping…. [read more]

Kaho Olawe Hawaii Destination Development Essay

… Hawaii

Sustain and develop the island

Limit impact on the environment (Sustainability)

Development does not need to conflict with the goals of environmentalism. Hawaii has a long history of suitable environmental custodianship, which can and should be extended to developments on Kaho'olawe. In fact, sustainable tourism programs were in place on Hawaii before the term "sustainable tourism" was popularized, over twenty years ago ("Sustainability"). Hawaii's tradition of sustainability stems deep into history, as "our culture has a historic reverence for sustainability as the lessons of our elders (Kupuna) continue to enrich our lives and protect and perpetuate our traditions and environment," ("Sustainability").

Currently, there are no formal systems in place whereby development on Kaho'olawe will remain measurably sustainable. It is therefore important to have distinct…. [read more]

Program Evaluation Home and Community-Based Waiver Services Essay

… Program Evaluation

Home And Community-Based Waiver Services (HCBS) program is an assistance that allows reimbursement for certain chronically ill, disable and elderly people who are not otherwise covered by the Medical aid program. The debate over the rising costs of the institutional healthcare has led to the passage of Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act (OBRA) of 1981. (Miller, 1992). Under the HCBS program, people remain in their homes and communities, and the waivers allow people to receive services that are not covered under the traditional Medicaid program. Since 1981, states have used the autonomy of Section 1915(c) under Social Security Act to establish home and community-based waiver programs. Under this program, the states provide wide range of services to the participants, and the legislation allow states…. [read more]

Report proposing a strategic alliance between EbonyLife TV and Discovery Networks Business Proposal

… While EbonyLife may already be widely syndicated, and programme sharing, block swaps, and coproduction offers a number of lucrative opportunities, it is believed there remains a gap in the market for new channels offering both scripted and entertainment programmes, targeting the African dysphoria, those with African heritage, and appealing to the wider market. Discovery Network have a similar range of core competencies in terms of programme creation and distribution, with additional competencies in terms of management of multiple channels in the international environment. A joint venture between EbonyLife and Discovery Network is a good fit due to the complementary nature of the core competencies. A joint venture will minimise risks for both partners, while expanding the channel programming offering, as well as generating new revenue…. [read more]

AME's Travel Matrix Research Paper

… ¶ … overarching objectives and background and the solution that was developed in response to the problem.

The background of this project concerns a federal contractor, ABC Services ("the company"), which has been in operation since September 1993. The company provides business-driven solutions to government as well as small and medium-sized businesses (ABC Services, 2003). The company currently provides contracting services for the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) at the Johnson Space Center (JSC) in Houston as well as the Ames Research Center in Moffett Field, California, the latter being the focus of this study. Ames was established on December 20, 1939, as the second in a line of ten field centers for NASA; the center was established as an aeronautics research laboratory and…. [read more]

Aeronautics Degree Program as Enrolled Thesis

… ¶ … Aeronautics degree program as enrolled in by the student who wrote this report. There were several topics looked at for this project including increased visual intraocular pressure and other impairments during human spacefl9ight, the effects on space travel of the increase commercialization of the space programs around the world, the utilization of flight simulators by NASA and the pros and cons therein, the effects of transient vibrations and/or shock loads on spacecraft engines as well as with the structural integrity and the effect of space weather phenomenon such as geomagnetic storms, radiation blasts from the Sun and other radiation-giving bodies on NASA missions and aviation missions around the country in general. Relating to the last of those topics, how the data from the…. [read more]

Computers Internet Computer Technology Term Paper

… Internet


Proposal & Implementation Plan

For Refurbishment of Former Factory Building

Proposal & Implementation Plan

For Refurbishment of Former Factory Building

As part of the proposed refurbishment of the former factory building, this proposal addresses the potential networking and Voice over Internet (VoIP) requirements for up to 50 apartments, 30 small retail stores, 2 or more full-service restaurants, a breakfast cafe, and office space. The business environment of the twenty-first century has become a more technologically advanced global spectrum that will remain extremely dependent on real time capabilities and seamless streams of information. The fact of the matter is that even small to midsized companies of today require the ability to fully utilize an available global communications infrastructure.

Historically, advantages were actually cost prohibitive…. [read more]

Berger and Adolph's ) Research Indicates Research Proposal

… Berger and Adolph's (2003) research indicates how infants use handrails to navigate their surroundings and to expand their immediate environmental travels. They conclude with the observation that:

As Campos and colleagues (2000) so aptly pointed out, infants' travels

May help to broaden their minds; reciprocally, we have tried to show that infants' minds may enrich their travels (120).

It would be intriguing to find out whether a mutual relationship or association exists between the two, in other words whether infants who were exposed to wider environments and more scope for travel would be inclined to use handrails to navigate their passage, as opposed to those who grow up in more confined and restrained surroundings and are, consequently, less inclined to navigate them.

The implications of…. [read more]

Marketing Communications Management for New Brand of Low Cost Airline in Thailand Research Proposal

… Marketing Communications Management for New Brand of Low Cost Airline in Thailand

Low Cost Airline Marketing Communications Management

Opening a new company is always a risky decision, especially during the crisis or in an industry like the airlines industry. But the correct assessment of business opportunities and threats and the correct allocation of financial resources can help counteract these risks raised by the business environment. Therefore, it is important to conduct a thorough market study before addressing the airlines industry in Thailand.

The market entry strategy should be based on the characteristics of the industry sector addressed by the business owners, and on the needs of the targeted customer segments. The airlines industry in Thailand presents certain characteristics that allow for new companies to enter…. [read more]

Recreation Proposed Quantitative Research: Outdoor Research Proposal

… Recreation

Proposed Quantitative Research: Outdoor Recreation and Academic Performance

The background of outdoor activity as an aspect of education parallels the relative history of progressive education in the United States. During the 19th century, as formal ideas regarding education had begun to give way to a broader discourse on the opportunities available to our children, so too did it become clear that the child benefits considerably from an environment which balances structure and recreational freedom sufficiently. The concept of 'outdoor activity' is based on the understanding that the host of benefits which are affiliated with physical activity, socialization, rule-making and the formulation of a healthy lifestyle are best implanted at an early age in children. These recreational opportunities can help to form the types of…. [read more]

Boeing 787 Dream Liner Nightmare Research Paper

… ¶ … Production delays results in delivery delays

The plan for 2007

The plan for 2008

The plan for 2009

The plan for 2010

The plan for 2011

Is this project feasible?

Critical factors contributing to the delays in the 787

Why did these delays occur?

Has the 787 program met its stated objectives?

Can the 787 program meet its objectives?

Is the program feasible?

Boeing has been a leader in the aerospace industry for years, however not all of its projects have seen the same level of success. Boeing's latest development is the Boeing 797 Dreamliner. Boeing's hope was that the Dreamliner would allow it to reclaim industry dominance by revolutionizing air travel. Unfortunately, the Dreamliner project has been plagued with significant problems that…. [read more]

Environment Science Education Research Proposal

… Scope and Limitations

The scope of the research is to discover the satisfaction of students with the course materials at college level. The study will also assess whether these programs are effective as regards the students practical approach towards environment and environmental issues. Those students who have completed their one year of college education will be approached and will be requested to participate in the research. Though the researcher wants to ultimately present a strategy for interdisciplinary education yet the research has scope for engaging all the field like "life sciences, environmental sciences, and a variety of biology courses." Beyond this proposal and research I myself feel it interesting to explore parts of the curriculum that are proving barriers in the effectiveness of the college…. [read more]

Global Change Science the Negative Effects Research Proposal

… Global Change Science

The negative effects of road surfaces on local, regional, and national ecosystems is empirically evidenced and a large contributing factor to the increasingly large carbon footprint of developed nations (Switalski, et al. 2004). The use of primarily asphalt and tar-based paving techniques though providing an effective road surface is damaging not only in the retention of solar radiation which raises the internal temperature of the earth, but also in the associated chemical run off, and necessary disruption of existing vegetation and animal life (Forman, 1999). The impact of human manufacturing and agricultural business on the climate is seemingly an inevitability of civilization. However, there are areas of waste which can be limited or repurposed granted initially at an expense, but ultimately beneficial…. [read more]

Business Proposal Mission Statement Vision Business Proposal

… IT professionals will have the capacity and authority to determine what aspects of the system need improvement, therefore there will be constant improvements to the system.

Through their expertise IT professionals will also have the ability to assist mangers in making information systems decisions that are conducive to creating the optimal management environment for the company while also increasing revenues.

2. Hardware resources- the hardware necessary to ensure that Eagle flight runs efficiently will be inclusive of desktop computers which will be used to store customer and school databases, maintain inventories and record daily sales. IT professionals will also be given laptops to ensure that they can gain access to the company's network even when they are absent from the actual facility. The network will…. [read more]

Pervasive Video Games as Public Art Research Proposal

… Even though computer games were in their infancy in 1982, Crawford saw the potential of video games even in treatises like Pac-Man, Tempest, Space Invaders, Missile Command and Super Breakout. The latter of that series is screen-captured in the first appendix. However, Crawford asserted that even though the games of that era were crude, he held the view that they were a form of art and that over the years they would become more present and ubiquitous in the lexicon and activities of daily life and artistic expression. Indeed, he was precisely right

Crawford goes on to elucidate and explain that game design is both an artistic process as well as a technical process at the same time. Even while a game programmer tweaks and…. [read more]

Angel Medical Portable Dialysis Device - Business Business Proposal

… Angel Medical Portable Dialysis Device - Business Plan

Dialysis Market

Patient Switching Between Peritoneal Dialysis and Hemodialysis

Description of the Portable Dialysis Device Product Line

Advantages of the Portable Dialysis Device, vs. Hemodialysis

Manufacturing Costs, Product Pricing, and Medicare Reimbursement


Competitive Outlook

Potential Business Risks

Potential Technical Risks

Potential Risks During Use

Product Development for an Animal Study

Company Milestones


Company Board and Ownership

Curriculum Vitae of Key Personnel


Author's Opinion of this Business Proposal

Angel Medical is an unincorporated startup firm in Manteca, California. The company was created to develop and market a novel Portable Dialysis Device. A prototype demonstration device has successfully been developed. While the prototype is about three times larger and heavier than the final device will be,…. [read more]

Grant Proposal for Computers and Software Term Paper

… ¶ … Reading Comprehension Among Middle School Students (Grades K6-K8) in Title I Programs - Grant Proposal

Project Summary/Introduction

The purpose of this project is to increase reading comprehension among middle school students (grades K6-K8) in Title I programs at XYZ SCHOOL by providing high quality, engaging content through a mini classroom lab using interactive software from Plato Learning. These Title I students face challenges in developing vocabulary, locating and recalling information and reading for meaning and critical analysis.

Many research reviews have found evidence of a positive association between use of discrete educational software (DES) products and student achievement in reading (Murphy, Penuel, Means, Korbak & Whaley, 2001; Kulik & Kulik, 1991; Kulik, 1994; Fletcher-Flinn & Gravatt, 1995; Ryan, 1991). These findings reveal that…. [read more]

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