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Education Research Paper

… The parents or family do not give support to the students hence they lack motivation. They thrive in the farming, industrial and other service sectors leaving their children with the televisions and video games as the babysitters without development. Their poor background also holds them at home due to lack of the costs that come with education. Most immigrants are not able to cope with the urban fast life and so they are in the rural areas where education has not been fully implemented. The schools are far and sometimes they lack transport due to the poor infrastructure (Ullman 4).

Alcohol and drugs is a problem among the poor because this is how they pass time. These children from the addicted families are exposed to…. [read more]

Special Ed Philosophy a Special Education Term Paper

… Special Ed Philosophy

A Special Education Philosophy Driven by Epistemology and Axiology

It is sometimes taken for granted the Special Education philosophy generally revolves on the demand of providing an education for the disabled which is commensurate to the education available in mainstream settings. However, the philosophical principles of placement, policy and approach are quite a bit more complex than this assumption suggests. It is thus that the discussion hereafter proceeds to delineate a particular philosophical understanding of special education.

Special Education Philosophy:

Much research on special education philosophy points to epistemology as a crucial element of the profession. Certainly, it is reasonable to argue that a versed understanding of the way that knowledge is obtained, formulated, recalled and utilized is essential to pedagogy in…. [read more]

Education Assessment Term Paper

… Special Education

Education Assessment

Assessment has played a pivotal role in the development of special education for many years now. Historically, this task was directed towards categorizing and segregating children with disabilities and learning difficulties in order to identify and label children who would not benefit from mainstream schooling. Various tests and screening procedures, such as I.Q. tests were developed for this purpose. This enabled decisions to be made about placement and provision for special children. The reason for such assessment was to decide on eligibility for special education. These approaches were concerned with looking for deficits in children and they emphasized the difference between the so called special and normal populations. Furthermore, professionals have employed a variety of diagnostic methods of assessment in order…. [read more]

Education Disparity in America Essay

… Actually, well-funded school districts are unwilling to share money with the poorer school districts because of the realization that money is not the fix for poorer performing school districts. The ideal way for resolving the disparity is by focusing on adequate funding as well such as effective supervision, strong curriculum, quality teaching, and relevant student programs.

Analysis of Observations:

The observations regarding education disparity in America are contradictory because of the ironical nature of the problem and probable solution. The contradictory aspect of these observations originates from the fact that the disparity is mainly brought by lack of adequate funds, but increase in funding does not solve it. Actually, it is evident that funding of public schools worsens the inequalities in the education system. These…. [read more]

Education and Sociology Essay

… These changes will take place based upon new information that is presented, the opinions of others (such as: a boss or colleague) and the situations they are dealing with. It is at this point when these challenges can lead to dramatic transformations, which are resulting in a continuing reevaluation of social beliefs. (Kendal)

Clearly, education plays a central role in determining social attitudes and insights. From an early age, the experiences and concepts will provide the individual with a sense of who they are and how to interact with the world around them. As time goes by, these views will change based upon new ideas that are presented from other educators and the way they interact with different social groups.

What Kendal determined, is that…. [read more]

Immigrant Education Essay

… Based on the American society, it is easy to understand the so-called "Americanization" of immigrants to create a society that falls the established rules and behavior. Moreover, the talented individuals are identified and given special opportunities by the education system as opposed to countries like Japan where all students work towards the benefit if the group rather than themselves.

There are other unknown aspects of education that require more research. One such aspect is the impact of the environment at home and the influence of stronger and weaker siblings. A more relevant area that needs more research is the impact of divorce on the abilities of individuals to perform better. In other words, do children belonging to single parents have the same mindset as those…. [read more]

Education Advocacy Issues Massive Institutional Research Paper

… • Developing a strong democracy through a truly innovative and progressive curriculum that will empower the students and assist more of them in moving on to higher education. This curriculum will emphasize civics and active participation of citizens in political and economic life, as well as the history and contemporary struggles of the poor, minorities and the working class.

• Changes in pedagogy that will move-away from the teacher-centered to the student-centered classroom and more active participation of students and parents in the learning process, as well as the school administration and the development of the curriculum.

• Seek more state, federal and private funding for improved textbooks and other learning resources, computers, school supplies and laboratory equipment.

States paid about 50% of the budgets…. [read more]

Education in Third World Countries Term Paper

… Education in Third World Countries

Education has been recognized as a basic human right in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, adopted by the United Nation's General Assembly in 1948. Since then, numerous other international conventions and declarations have reasserted the importance of this right. Achieving universal education and ensuring that "all boys and girls complete a full course of primary education" is one of UN's 8 Millennium Development Goals agreed to in 2000 by all the world's countries and the world's leading development institutions. Although some progress has been made in increasing the level of education in most countries, a number of third world countries have fallen behind in their effort and are unlikely to achieve the goal by the target date of 2015.…. [read more]

Special Education Goetze and Walker ) Found Term Paper

… Special Education

Goetze and Walker (2004) found that students who are most at risk of academic failure are those who lack reading skills. They found that use of technology enhanced literary capabilities of students who have special needs (Goetze and Walker, 2004). In fact, technology and literacy have a very strong link and scholars have been keenly interested in discovering various aspects of their relationship. Fisher and Molebash (2003) in their study wrote that the Digital Divide is as a cause of concern for many educators who believe that technology has a great role to play in education. They point out that despite the fact that many non-profit organizations have devoted more and more time and effort into constructing a sound and efficient technical setup…. [read more]

Special Education - Inclusion the Transition Term Paper

… Special Education - Inclusion

The transition from a middle school setting to a high school setting can be daunting for the best of students, but this transition may be particularly problematic for many special needs students that are transitioning from a program of instruction specifically designed for them to a more inclusive regular classroom setting. Unfortunately, there is a growing recognition among educators and policymakers alike that students with special needs are not receiving the level of educational services they need to succeed academically and professionally. Complicating the administration of special needs programs at the outset is a constellation of federal mandates that guide how individualized education programs must be provided for public school students with disabilities today. Advocates of full inclusion programs maintain that…. [read more]

Special Education Teacher Roles in Inclusion Research Paper

… More care also needs to be taken to ensure that differently abled students adapt seamlessly to their new environments. Lastly, the ideal regular teacher will need to balance their attention between the differently abled students and the abled students to ensure that the education of the regular students does not suffer. As is evident in the statements made above, teachers will need to retrain to get the new values, skills, knowledge, and attitude needed to successfully carry out their new duties and responsibilities.


Inclusive education can be a game changer in our educational system. It gives an opportunity to disabled learners and special needs learners to get the same kind of education their abled counterparts have been getting. It also enables them…. [read more]

Special Education Teacher Burnout Research Paper

… Special Education Teacher Burnout

High levels of stress are dangerous for all professions. In the field of special education it is responsible for much of the symptoms associated with variant levels of burnout. When teachers begin to experience burnout it is important for administrators to engage in remedial steps that reduce the individual and wider professional effect of burnout. Failing to successfully address this issue will increase attrition rates amongst special educators, thus making it more difficult for the persons who have decided to make it a vocation.

Teacher burnout is defined as a condition caused by depersonalization, exhaustion and a diminished sense of accomplishment (Schwab et al. 1986). The individual sees themselves as a cog in the larger machine and that their contribution is…. [read more]

Special Education Is Presided Admission Essay

… An IEP comprises the disability under which the child qualifies for Special Education Services, the specific services the team has determined that the school will supply, the child's yearly goals and objectives and any accommodations that must be made in order to help them in their learning. The IEP must also contain a statement of the special education and related services and supplementary aids and services that are to be provided to the child (Hallahan, Kauffman, & Pullen, 2011).

The IEP is designed to help children reach their educational goals more easily than they otherwise would. In all cases the IEP must be customized to the individual student's needs as identified by the IEP evaluation process, and must particularly help teachers and related service providers,…. [read more]

Special Education: Collaboration Between Teachers Essay

… General education teachers can, then, request extra help as it is needed for various projects, tests, or any classwork the student is struggling with.

Teachers should remember that IEP goals and stipulations should be monitored on an ongoing basis; so short-term goals should be continuously evaluated and adjusted as needed. If, for example, a student is making faster progress than expected in a math class or English class, the special education teacher should visit the classroom and work with the teacher to adjust the modifications. This type of on-going communication and collaboration ensures that the student can make the most progress possible, and it can be accomplished without requiring a full and formal IEP meeting with an entire team.

Research shows that teachers can collaborate…. [read more]

Special Education the Role Term Paper

… Special Education

The Role of Special Education in Dealing with Students with Impairments and a Critical Insight over Preparing for Collaborative Team Teaching

Special education refers to the mode of education given to the students with impairments in order to meet their unique educational needs. The programs designed under the curriculum of special education are intended for capacitating the students in terms of educational, vocational and social potentials. There are several types of impairments that are identified as imposing interference with the conventional mode of education. The present study will limit its discussion with autism spectrum disorder, physical and health disabilities, deaf culture, speech and language disorder, emotional and behavior disorder and cognitive impairment. In addition, the study will focus on the required modifications in…. [read more]

Special Education Teacher's Impressions of High Stakes Term Paper

… Special Education Teacher's Impressions Of High Stakes Testing And How That May Impact Preparing Their Students To Take Those Tests



This objective of this work is to understand how special education teachers' attitudes, preparation, background and so forth may be contributing to the low scores of special education students as mandated by the NCLB. The focus in on LD and BD students who have to take the regular exams not the small percentage of special education students who qualify for alternative assessments. The topic involves the conundrum of the current climate of data driven decision making (because of NCLB) and its impact on special education…. [read more]

Promotion of More Inclusive Education Research Paper

… The final area is the learning environment, which can be changed physically or in regards to learning in order to support the needs of all individuals within the classroom (Ernest et al., 2011).

It was suggested by Ernest et al. (2011) in their case study of a teacher implementing differentiated instruction within a special education context that there are barriers to this implementation. The most prominent barrier observed by the researchers was the common perception among teachers and the public that differentiated education is just another passing fad. The researchers expressed the necessity for a shift in classroom models from the tradition deductive view that teaching strategies that work for most should work for all, to a more inductive approach that understands and respects the…. [read more]

Behavior Management in Special Education Essay

… The teacher will have to rely on multiple resources to effect a change in the maladaptive behavior. Knowing which special reinforcers will truly assist at a critical moment will truly be an asset to any Special Education teacher, or any teacher at all, and even to parents and guardians.

There are two types of reinforcement. There is positive reinforcement. There is negative reinforcement. Positive reinforcement occurs when the Special Education teacher or specialist working with the student presents a reinforcer, likely listed in the students IEP (Individualized Education Program). The student receives a reinforcer after the student demonstrates a target behavior or a target skill. Reinforcers can be many objects and what is most effective will really depend on each child. Examples of reinforcers include…. [read more]

Special Ed Most of the Frustrations Vented Essay

… Special Ed

Most of the frustrations vented at the special education process are directed at regulations. Regulations vary from state to state and in some cases, district to district. Yet the No Child Left Behind (NCLB) Act mandates that all students be assessed using the same set of tests. This leaves many educators stranded, wondering how they can reconcile a specially-designed Individual Education Plan (IEP) with the rigors of NCLB. What's more, the students receiving the IEP are not reading at their grade level. Their special education status flags these students as being in need of lesson adaptations and special attention but they are still expected to pass the same exams as classmates. Many regular educators would like to see alternative means of assessment for…. [read more]

Education for All Handicapped Children Act of 1975 Thesis

… Special Education

Until 1975, disabled children were segregated in public schools and did not enjoy equal access to the resources, activities, and curriculum offered to children without disabilities. The Civil Rights movement raised awareness about the rights of non-white minorities and women in the educational system. However, the Civil Rights movement was slower to embrace the constitutional rights of mentally and physically challenged children. The United States Rehabilitation Act was passed in 1973, one of the first significant pieces of legislation that addressed educational and workplace discrimination against disabled persons. The U.S. Rehabilitation Act of 1973 prohibited discrimination against the disabled in any federally funded institution including public schools. The 1973 legislation did not focus on educational issues or the needs of handicapped children. However,…. [read more]

Special Education Section 504 of the Vocational Term Paper

… Special Education

Section 504 of the Vocational Rehabilitation Act of 1973 addresses nondiscrimination under federal grants and programs. This means that no person who is disabled, but otherwise qualified may for this reason be excluded from programs or activities receiving Federal financial assistance, or from the activities of Executive agencies or the United States Postal Service. Agencies are required to amend their regulations to adhere to the requirement of inclusive activities, and any altered regulations need to be submitted and approved by the appropriate authorities.

The Section explicates the terms "program" and "activity" as pertaining to the operations of the following entities:

State departments, agencies, special purpose districts, or other governmental institutions;

State or local government entities that distribute or receive Federal assistance;

Colleges, Universities,…. [read more]

Education in Law Article Critique

… Education in Law

Litigation and Education: What Educators Really Think of the Lawsuit

The access to equal and fair education is extremely important. Recent efforts to ensure this have ended in litigation, legally testing the ability of this nation to protect the basic rights of all of its students. Yet, not all educators favor litigation so highly. A recent study conducted by Johnson & Duffett (2003) tests how litigation is perceived by educators and administrators.

The study examines the real beliefs of modern day educators. According to the study itself, "Lawsuits were instrumental in ending segregation and extending public education to children with disabilities," (Johnson & Duffett 2003:2). State and federal courts have regulated over education for years, trying to ensure that every child receives…. [read more]

Special Education Essay

… In this way, Eric can then be provided with a way to connect the letters on paper with the sounds that he hears. The teacher should be careful to adjust the pace of learning according to Eric's needs. The help of the parents will be vital in this regard. Eric's frustrations levels should be monitored at all times, as these have the inherent danger of defeating the purpose of the technology.

A slightly more advanced piece of technology such as speech synthesizers or screen readers can also be implemented at a slightly later time, when Eric begins to make good progress with the initial audio book program. Speech synthesizers are systems that can display and read computer text aloud. Such text includes information that has…. [read more]

Special Education Transitions Transition Planning Essay

… One of the services that that CESA provides is assistance with transition planning (CESA, 2011). In addition, the Wisconsin Statewide Transition Initiative (WSTI) receives grant funding from the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction (DPI) to help school districts with the transition requirements of IDEA 2004 (CESA, 2011).

Transition Between Programs: From Zero-to-Three to Three-to-Six Years

Transition activities at this program and age level (Part C to Part D in federal policy nomenclature) deal primarily with building familiarity and enhancing communication (CESA, 2011). By the time a child has been in an infant program and is headed for a pre-school setting, the child's parents and teachers have learned quite a bit about the child (CESA, 2011). Ideas about how the child is best supported for learning…. [read more]

Special Education During My Time Case Study

… Special Education Case Study

During my time as a special education teacher there were many students who posed challenges when it came to school, but there was one boy who was by far the worst and most challenging case I had ever experienced. The boy was diagnosed with ADHD at a young age. By the time I encountered him in high school, he had used his diagnosis as an excuse to avoid any substantial work. The problem was that at his high school his English teacher saw through his laziness and with the approval of his guardian decided to press the child for better work. I was left with the task of working with him and keeping him on task.

The central problem with this…. [read more]

Education in the Community Essay

… This too is exactly the same as it was back in the farming period. We use individuals until they provide no further economic benefit. We see this in almost every industry. We see this with veteran basketball players who have spent their entire career with a particular team and are subsequently traded because their stats are declining. We see it with Wall Street executives who took advantage of individual's ignorance and provided subprime loans to individuals who they know would not pay in the future. With these subprime loans, they package them up, and subsequently sold faulty mortgages to the entire world. Now three years after this collapse human capital retention and unemployment are at there highest rates since the great depression. Why, because in…. [read more]

Education Theories Knowledge of Learning Styles Term Paper

… Education Theories

Knowledge of Learning Styles, Learning Theories, Approaches to Education

There is a great deal of worthwhile information for today's instructional professionals related to styles of learning psychological approaches to learning, to be found in contemporary literature. This paper will present a review and analysis of the literature, reflecting a diversity of ideas and techniques for the learning process.


In a scholarly article published by the journal Higher Education the author suggests there is a need " redefine the aims, goals, and ethics of research and instruction from a new perspective" (Tynjala, et al. 2003). In particular, the article proposes that the relationship between higher education and the professional working experience genre "...should be examined from at least four perspectives";…. [read more]

Education for Diversity Thesis

… Education for Diversity

Were you surprised at the categories he chose to ground his discussion of diversity?

No, not really, the categories Spenser chose seem to be some of the most important and relevant categories of diversity in adult education, and some of them, as he notes, have been ignored for far too long. Women are an important element of adult education, often because they must continue their education while working and caring for a family, and so distance and adult education courses help them manage their time more effectively. It is interesting that women were some of the first targets for adult education, and that their options were so limited in the past, even though they were often the instructors, as well as the…. [read more]

Education Need for Study Roles Term Paper

… The top ten duties and responsibilities of the assistant principal that they identified were: discipline, attendance, student activities, community agencies, master schedules, teacher substitutes, building operations, budget and communications, respectively ranked. Duties associated with instructional learning did not make the list of the seventeen job functions that the authors included in the study.

And, studies show that assistant principals are dissatisfied with their jobs as a direct result of their lack of meaningful responsibilities. A 1987 study of 2,300 secondary school administrators in the U.S. Office of Education illustrated their discontent. The study confirmed the discipline and clerical duties of assistant principals and discovered that they felt powerless and suffered a significantly higher degree of alienation than do principals.

Scoggin's and Bishop's review of the…. [read more]

Education Literature Review Literature Review

… By fostering an environment in which students are encouraged to engage with the educational process, as well as with one another in an effort to reduce bullying and school violence, teachers and administrators can improve the safety climate of their campus before student performance can be adversely affected (Jones, 2012). Confirmation of this fact comes on an annual basis, in the form of student achievement scores and standardized test results gathered from schools across the nation, as the gap between urban and suburban academic performance continues to grow. Multiple studies have shown that "increasing academic performance, enhancing social and emotional skills, and even retaining quality teachers are all related to positive school climate," (Keiser & Schulte, 2009) and schools located in urban settings consistently return…. [read more]

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