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Specific Architectural Ornamentation by Louis Sullivan Research Paper

… Louis Sullivan

"Form Follows Function" in Sullivan's Guaranty Building

"It is the pervading law of all things…that form ever follows function," Louis Sullivan stated in "The Tall Office Building Artistically Considered."

Once upon a time recognized as the "father of skyscrapers," Sullivan and his influence would indeed leave their stamp on the next generation of architects like Frank Lloyd Wright.

However, unlike the brutalism of Marcel Breuer, Sullivan's facades carried with them a distinct ornamentation -- or, in other words, the Sullivan signature -- distinguishing them from other modern works of architecture of the 20th century. For while Sullivan acknowledged that "form followed function," he never forgot that ornamentation also has function -- just as leaves of a tree have function. This paper will show…. [read more]

Machine Age the Five Architectural Projects Reviewed Essay

… Machine Age

The five architectural projects reviewed in this section represent the pinnacle of a confluence of a number of different factors that pertain to the early half of the 20th century. For the first time, man focused on erecting structures with an unparalleled degree of height and functionality that suited a variety of purposes. Yet as a review of the following pages indicates, the process by which the technology, craftsmanship, and managerial principles necessary for this type of efficiency elucidates some of the most salient aspects of the Machine Age.

It is far from coincidental that some of the most well-known architects during this epoch originated from Germany, particularly when one considers the impact Germany had on the first part of the 20th century…. [read more]

Architecture Modernism Dissertation

… Architecture

Modernism in architecture came about in the 20th century as it introduced completely innovative ways of thinking. The way that "designers, architects and engineers conceptualized, fabricated, and evaluated these environments has been the subject of very intense debate" (Doordan 2003, p x). The maxim created by Louis Sullivan, "form follows function," was one of the most central points of debate and will be contemplated in Chapter One of this paper.

Form follows function is often credited as the main principle of modern architecture; however, there are a slew of modern architects who would disagree with this tenet, one of those architects was Frank Lloyd Wright, a former assistant of Sullivan. Adolf Loos is another important designer of the 20th century who spoke passionately about…. [read more]

International Style of Architecture Annotated Bibliography

… In art of all forms from the new jazz and musicals filling the air and radios to the great books produced and architecture, it was transformed into an extreme with one end looking overly optimistic with insight and hope to the other end of the spectrum seeking escapism from the plight. In architecture we saw the grandest buildings constructed like the Chrysler Building and the Empire State Building which helped citizens to maintain their faith in the American system in a time desperation was conquering. It helped give us an identity as a nation with many new styles of art from music, photography, fine art, literature, sculpting or architecture.


Encyclopedia Britanica. "International Style." Encyclopaedia Britannica. 2011. 1105-1108.

The authors of Encyclopedia Britanica provide details…. [read more]

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