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Feasibility Study for Shades of Green Resort Orlando Florida Term Paper

… Shades of Green

This project will explore a myriad of factors associated with the Shades of Green Resort in Orlando Florida. These factors include the type of business it is and financial information.

The primary purpose of this project is to provide a feasibility study that investigates the price an investor will pay to purchase the Shades of Green Resort in Orlando, Florida.

The Shades of Green Resort opened in 1994 and was formerly known as the Golf Resort, and The Disney Inn (The Shades of Green).

The previous resort was considered to be a Deluxe or Premium resort. The resort was leased by the U.S. government for use by military personnel on Rest and Relaxation in February of 1994 (The Shades of Green). On…. [read more]

Ford Motor Company Case Study

… In one specific area, Ford leads all other companies around the world, not just its industry. Social networking is a force that has become the newest marketing possibility. While introducing the all new Fiesta, Ford decided to make a bold step. They decided not to waste any money on traditional marketing. The company held a contest with members of social media sites (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) to find 100 people who would drive the car for six months, then blog and place comments on social media networks about the experience (Bullas, 2010). The program had over 11 million total hits over the six months of the program, and they had over 15,000 inquiries about the car (97% of whom had never owned another Ford product) (Bullas,…. [read more]

Adidas Strategic Report Adidas Illustrated Essay

… According to them, "Adidas clearly positions itself as a top-notched brand in all market with a well defined and segmented distribution approach and a premium price strategy" (Mason 1999, pp.402-418).

Adidas is also known all over the world for the provider of the world cups and also have prestige through a price strategy that Adidas sponsored to the Olympic. Adidas also creates fashion, style and aspiration reference group affiliation through high endorsement athletics of utilizing pricing strategy. As Stella McCartney bring fashion and sports together "balanced where the design does not compromise the performance aspect" (Mason 1999, pp.402-418

Promotion and place

There are over 4200 products available and hundreds of Adidas stores are sited worldwide. Their products are also available in other stores and majority…. [read more]

Military Assistance Funding for Indonesia Term Paper

… U.S. Military Assistance Funding to Indonesia

The Causative People, Events, and Factors

{Class identifiers here}

{Date, location, and so on, as required}

This case study examines the issues surrounding the influence, intervention, sanctions, and programs applied toward Indonesia support. Key to this study will be the individual people, groups, and institutions surrounding the successes and failures in this assistance and the motivations, perceptions, and agendas involved.

Historical Overview of Indonesia and United States' National Security Interests

According to the U.S. Department of State's Bureau of East Asian and Pacific Affairs

, Indonesia is a strategic key to our National Security interests. Located strategically alongside several important international maritime crossroads, ingress to the United States from the sea must be managed from such strategic locations.

The…. [read more]

Ethical Entity the Profiled Organization Case Study

… Microsoft looks forward to being a lifelong supporter of Youth Lifeline America!

YLA has the objective of assisting youth and facilitating a positive experience for said youth where YLA has operations. This ethical approach to serving the youth has garnered major attention to the organization for its efforts in this area. The ethical issues faced by the organization include, whether they are serving the most at-risk youth, or those that require their services the most. The lack of financial regulation, a checks and balances, is an ethical issue as there can be mismanagement of funds with no oversight to determine if there is fraud occurring. Outside auditing may not reveal this activity as the books can be fixed by the culprit to hide this activity.…. [read more]

Job Application Term Paper

… In the website's program description, one individual noted, "my best memories of FMP come from my training seminars. Every couple of months, you meet FMP's from other businesses for classes, tests and presentations. The seminars gave me the opportunity to visit many European cities plus make friends all over Europe.... "

The international environment that I crave, the intense emphasis on personal and intellectual learning, as well as the social environment of the financial world makes the program ideal to combine my currently strong grounding in the world of engineering, my social and expansive interest in international communication, and deploy these combined interests into the world of high finance.

GE's working environment is very dynamic and requires individuals to strive to achieve their stretch objectives.…. [read more]

Johnny Jones Background Term Paper

… Johnny Jones Case Study

Background- Johnny Jones, 27, is married with two children. He has 4 years police experience and is excited to transfer to the high-profile narcotics unit. Tony Denardo, who is assigned to work with Johnny during his training period with narcotics, is 32, twice divorced, lives with an ex-erotic dancer, has 6 years' experience in the unit, and has received several commendations as well as minor complaints that remain unsubstantiated.

Almost immediately, Tony lets Johnny know his philosophy about the police force, the narcotics unit, supervisors, and criminals. Tony tells Johnny that rules are for "regular guys," not the narcotics unit, supervisors are fools who want numbers, the job is thankless without support from supervisors or the community, and a series of…. [read more]

Discourses of World Politics Thesis

… ¶ … e-Government Initiatives on a Nation's Citizenry

This paper examines the increasingly application of computer-based online technologies that are used to deliver governmental services to a country's citizenry in ways that have traditionally required face-to-face or mail transactions in general and in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) in particular. With almost three million Internet users in the country, the UAE is especially well situated to take advantage of e-government initiatives today and in the future. Unlike many of its neighbors, the UAE has a sophisticated telecommunications infrastructure and a relatively free society where personal computers and Internet access are widely available. According to Hundley, Anderson, Bikson and Neu (2003), "With a few notable exceptions, information technology penetration is low (i.e., below world averages) in…. [read more]

Personal Development Careers Essay

… My mine main area of improvement was in the ability to write both clearly and in a concise manner. I also wanted to develop my ability to summarize relevant information in a succinct manner. Through my personal and career development, I have however, made significant strides in regards to many of these aspects. I continue to make progress by utilizing various grammar and punctuation tools available both online and in person. The use of personal feedback has also proved invaluable in critiquing my grammar. All of the above mentioned techniques have aided immensely in my development.

Another opportunity that had a very profound impact on my development was that of the transition into the tourism and travel industry. This skill is very useful in navigating…. [read more]

Environmental Hazards as a Consequence Term Paper

… Data gathering and Analysis

Overview of the issues of environmental protection

In recent times, the need to protect and save the environment is growing. Most scientists and climatologists working with data related to the climate and the weather believe that the earth's temperature is rising. This is often attributed to the depletion of the ozone layer and the increase in the greenhouse gases. Temperature-rises have resulted in rising sea levels. Many islands in the Pacific Ocean are in danger of being submerged. These changes will influence the lives of the average citizen. More money will have to be spent on healthcare and preventive medicine. Health Services will be burdened due to rising pollution levels, depletion of the ozone layer and contamination of fresh water, the…. [read more]

Promotional Practice Report Objectives Essay

… On the other hand, posters can be used in schools, business premises and the streets. They need to be attractive in order to capture the customers' attention. The suitability of this method in the campaign was that it captured the attention of many prospective customers who responded by purchasing the drinks. This led to increased sales (McMillan, 2008, p. 162-165).

Costa Coffee also used electronic media in its promotional campaign. An example of this media that it used was the internet. The internet is for marketing communication by many businesses. Ads about new and existing products and services are on a business's website that is posted on the internet. This allows for easy access of the information by prospective customers due to the development in…. [read more]

Accounting Policy Setting Using Ex-Ante Term Paper

… The team likes this form of efficiency, especially if they are from a small market, because it gives them some cost control with players who may cost too much to retain if they wait too long to sign a contract.

For any type of contract there are going to be transaction costs. With the example above, the player will possibly lose some money in the long-term and the team could pay the price of a permanently injured player. Artz and Norman (2002) say that "transaction costs' can include both the ex-ante costs of initially establishing the contract, and the ex-post costs of periodically renegotiating and adjusting existing contracts" (Artz & Norman). For the example mentioned above, the ex-post transaction costs are minimized if the team…. [read more]

Curriculum Analysis Is Conducted on Lyons Township Term Paper

… ¶ … Curriculum Analysis is conducted on Lyons Township High School (LTHS) (LaGrange, Illinois); District 204.

LTHS crafts its philosophical beliefs as making "meaningful learning and dedicated teaching in a student-centered environment its highest priority" ( Its motto is Vita Plena, the quest for the fulfilling life. In this manner, the school pledges, "to foster the full intellectual, physical, moral, and aesthetic growth of all students" (ibid.).

The school's diverse and comprehensive curriculum consists of the following subjects: Adult education; alternative school; applied technology; art; business education; driver education; family and consumer sciences; science; music; mathematics; physical welfare; language arts; and world languages. The school boasts modern-day library / discovery center facilities. It provides its students with career and counseling services as well as with…. [read more]

Wal-Mart Analysis Industry Information in Completing Thesis

… Wal-Mart Analysis

Industry Information

In completing an analysis of the Big Box Retailing industry of which Wal-Mart is the most dominant participate, the key factors of the industry's growth potential, industry profitability, degrees of risk in the industry's future, and how this industry is confronting the current economic challenges in the retailing environment. As an industry, Big Box Retailing is considered to be in the mature phase of its product lifecycle (Sampson, 2008). Many research firms and the Department of Commerce consider the Big Box Retailing industry one of three industries that comprise the U.S. General Merchandise Stores Sector. According to industry analysts real sector revenue increased 14.1% over the last five years. Of the three industries that comprise this sector, the Big Box Retailing…. [read more]

New Computer System Term Paper

… The adoption of public folders has substantially streamlined the development of business initiatives and has helped to create a technology that allows any problems in the company to be explored more fully and freely. (Although, of course, no technology will convince employees to be perfectly honest about their bosses). Information that employees and executives need now exists in a centralized place and - because information is now written instead of oral - it is less likely to be lost.

Initiatives are sent to a public folder for that department so the entire group can share information and work on the initiative together. If someone needs information quickly, its available electronically in the public folder. People at the national offices can also look at the status…. [read more]

Hitting the Wall Nike and International Labor Practices Case Study

… Nike Case

Synopsis of the Situation

It appeared that Nike was nearing total market domination in the athletic footwear and casual sports wear markets of the U.S. During the 1990s Nike was nearing the pinnacle of success with its outsourced manufacturing business model to low cost laborers. Nike did not participate in more than a cursory role in monitoring the suppliers and manufacturers that produced products with their brand. This was a gross error according to Jeff Ballinger, a labor activist was a key player who was determined to bring to light the plight of workers in low wage countries (Spar, 2002). He was adamant in publishing work place exploitation in developing countries at the hands of their own governments in cahoots with large corporations.…. [read more]

Securities Regulation Securities Regularizations Thesis

… To get a clearer idea, it becomes important to consider some of the institutes which form a part of these NPO's. These, therefore, includes, "Schools, Hospitals, Charitable Institutions, welfare societies, clubs, public libraries, resident welfare association, sports club, etc.." [footnoteRef:15] [15: ]

They are increasingly becoming alternatives to the provision of facilities and activities as the Government continues to fail in many sectors due to the growing economic pressures and the impact of recession. In such conditions, NPO's as appeared as platforms that can help in catering to the many needs of the individuals in the society, including food, Education, Housing, and it is the provision of these needs that become the main purpose of these Organizations and is their defining line, which helps them…. [read more]

Economic Social Ethical and Environmental Sustainability Thesis

… ¶ … Chocolate Value Chain

Analyzing the Chocolate Industry Value Chain

The chocolate industry value chain is one of the most global in scope, encompassing the growing and harvesting of cocoa beans throughout Africa, Asia, South and North America, with processing centers in over 100 different countries of the world (Delfosse, 2009). To the extent that industry's value chain is tightly synchronized across all suppliers and there is a minimum acceptable level of quality, the entire industry can continue growth. It appears from the results this industry has been able to accomplish in terms of growth over the last twenty four months that the industry appears to be recession-resistant (Delfosse, 2009). According to DataMonitor global market research estimates, the global chocolate industry grew at an…. [read more]

Delphi Study: Influence of Environmental Literature Review

… Green IT and energy costs

Although IT devices consume energy, you can use them to control energy, particularly electricity consumption.

You can use IT systems to take care of building management. For example, using movement sensors, thermostats can be adjusted, lights switched on and off, and computers switched off out of hours and reawakened for software upgrades.

One of the biggest challenges in reducing electricity consumption is ensuring that electricity users can monitor their own consumption. What gets measured gets managed -- once people are aware of their consumption, they can go about reducing it. This isn't yet common practice, even in data centers. But, with new smart metering technologies, organizations could monitor the electricity usage of individual departments. Departments could be charged for usage,…. [read more]

Ethics in Management Research Proposal

… Ethics and Management

Management and Ethics

In this paper, the author investigates the ethics of business management. After reviewing the literature to determine the concerns mentioned by business ethicists, the author compares those concerns with the concerns of a small business man, as revealed in a case study. The first part of the case study involves a covert participant observation of the ethical practices of a privately-run small business. The second part of the case study consisted of an interview with the small business owner, to determine whether or not he perceived ethical conflicts in the course of his business, and the nature of any ethical conflicts that he perceived. Finally, the author compared the ethical concerns described by the business scholars and commentators to…. [read more]

Self-Disclosure Communication Term Paper

… Self-Disclosure


Self-Disclosure Communication

Self-disclosure refers to both the conscious and unconscious revelation of one's thoughts, feelings, experiences and other personal matters (Sprecher 1987). Self-disclosure begins from the time one person meets another. It continues as their relationship develops. As two persons get to know each other, they tend to reveal themselves more and more. But if one of them refuses to open up, the other tends to do the same. In counseling, the patient needs to self-disclose or open up. The therapist listens and helps the patient see things in different angles. The therapist's interpretation enables the patient to better assess his options. This, in turn, provides him with greater sense of power to make better decisions in his life…. [read more]

2010 World Cup South Africa Essay

… In order to analyze the socio economic dynamics of South Africa let us compare it with China, an economy seeing fresh but rapid growth. The primary reason behind choosing China is the fact that the country hosted the international summer Olympic Games around the same time when FIFA was hosted in South Africa. At the On contrary to that, China is a transition economy which has a history of belonging to the communist bloc. Before the Chinese revolution, China had one of the least developed and slowest growing economy with a very low standard of living. This was due to a very high population in China, combined with economic inefficiency as the country was run on the lines of command economy system. However, after China…. [read more]

Public Sector Accountability Term Paper

… Public Sector Accountability

In the recent years the top management of public sector organizations has come to realize that they are required to be eventually accountability to the community in which they exist. Moreover, presently, it is pertinent for this accountability to be exercised in a manner that supports rather than stalls the efficient management of the agency. The urgency for greater public sector accountability perceptibly arise from the actuality that most agencies have a defined mission and objectives which are actualized in programs; to put it differently they exist and are given resources so as to provide value to the community in particular ways. The community in its part have a right to be assured that the schemes and programs on which their monies…. [read more]

Career Orientation of Bank Managers in Pakistan a Private Public Sector Comparison Term Paper

… ¶ … benchmark regarding bank manager careers in Pakistan. Islamic banking is a growing feature of banking in the region, and Pakistan as a nation has expressed interest in being the banker of that region. That being so, it is instructive to note that the managers who worked under the old regime are significantly less optimistic than the newer, younger managers working in the growth industry of Islamic banking. They also seem, if not satisfied with their career paths, at least resigned to their fate and accepting that maintaining their jobs and what vestiges of ethical behaviour they could was sufficient. On the other hand, bank managers who had experience banking in nations in which banking had less tumultuous history, as well as those who…. [read more]

Organization Behavior Nike Marketing Analysis Essay

… These forces also impact the same marketing decisions of the company, but a much larger scale. For example, the economic conditions, political stability, governmental behavior, and legal infrastructure in a country, the cultural beliefs and earning and spending patterns of the general public, and technological advancements are the major forces which directly impact the marketing decisions and strategies of Nike at local and international level.


Nike manufactures a wide range of footwear, apparels, and equipments for all kinds of sports activities. Nike products are available in all the corners of the world, but the customers in every region possess different consumption attributes. Therefore, Nike has to segment its target markets according to these attributes. First of all, it looks up…. [read more]

International Regulation of Tourism Term Paper

… "

Lake Vostok has since become one of the few causes of disagreement between the international college of nations with interests in Antarctica; the Lake Vostok problems will be outlined later in this report. It is notable, however, even before the controversy and scientific quandaries that have vexed scientists and nations the past few years. Not since 1858, when Africa explore John Speke first stood on the banks of Lake Victoria, the headwaters of the Nile, has a formerly undiscovered body of water of such magnitude been added to the map of the globe. (In the case of Lake Victoria, however, it was only a 'discovery' to Europeans and Americans and those of other continents; Africans had known of it all along. The same cannot…. [read more]

Going Concern Thesis

… ¶ … practitioner economists and business men with a wide series of advice on how to succeed at their professional endeavors. They tell them how to organize their internal processes, how to treat and attract customers or how to motivate and retain staff members. It also teaches them how to identify those business partners, such as customers or purveyors, which are more likely to succeed in their own business efforts and as such sustain mutually fruitful long-term relationships. The aim of this paper is to present the concept of a going concern, provide examples and offer pointers on how going concerns could be identified.

Definition and Explanation of Going Concerns

The specialized literature presents the reader with a multitude of definitions for the concept of…. [read more]

Job Portal Security Term Paper

… Job Portal Security

The objective of this work is to conduct a case study for the purpose of developing a job portal identification method or technique for authentication of the users. This is to be implemented by networking a job site with colleges across the world. The portal entry will begin from their student college web account and will connect securely with a job site. Such a system is described in the document entitled: "Oracle Open World" the design proposed herein is a system that would be compatible with the one instituted by Oracle for the Higher Education reported in the work of Matthew (2005) and reported in the document entitled: "Oracle Open World: An Enterprise Portal in 90 Days - Critical Factors Behind a…. [read more]

Integrated Marketing Communication Term Paper

… Integrated Marketing Communications

The 5- step consumer decision-making model is very important in marketing. You just saw an ad that told you that you could purchase an energy efficient major appliance before 4/30 & receive a rebate from the government. It reminded you that you have been thinking about needing a new stove. With this being the 1st step, describe what the consumer is doing in each subsequent step & identify what marketers can do in each of the 5 steps to influence the consumer. Have at least two non-traditional marketing & two sales promotion elements that the marketer could use.

Decision Making Process

Problem recognition -- (Consumer) Current stove is almost 20 years old, and while it is working it is not very energy…. [read more]

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