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Organizational Management Models Change Essay

… The fifth step it to empower the employees to execute the change; by creating short-term goals, we assist the employees to accept the change by showing them progress. Rewards are very important at this step also. The seventh step is about persistence because we should influence more change even after the short-term goals are met or the original plan for change will cease and die. The final step is to make the change permanent by moving fitting it into the company's culture and practices, such as promotion.

Using Kotter's 8-Step Change Model

The Kotter's 8-step change model can be successfully used by an organization to manage the change process. For this model, the organization should make the employees aware that the change is essential for…. [read more]

Organizational Change in the Public Capstone Project

… These eight factors affect the outcome of results of change organizational levels during the change process.

This discussion also considers each factor as potentially leading to the successful implementation of change or improving implementation process. Conclusively, in spite of what some researchers might view as the coherent nature of these determinants and suggestions (Saarinen & Tinnila, 2002).

Factor 1: Need for change

It is the role of managerial leaders to authenticate and convincingly address the need for change. Research shows that the discharge of intended change usually requires that leaders confirm the need for change and plead with other members of the organization and significant external stakeholders that it is indispensable (Richards & Rodrigues, 1993; Middlemist & Hitt, 1988, Walters, 1990; Abramson & Paul, 2001).…. [read more]

Change Management and Organizational Transformation Thesis

… Change Management & Organizational Transformation


The objective of this work is to examine changes in organizations, management and how management and technology are more frequently becoming factors for consideration. This work will select a company and analyze the status of organizational transformation and change management, and identify key organizational transformation and change management issues currently facing the organization, providing recommendations as to how the company should address these change management issues. Selected for the purpose of this study are Federal U.S. Agencies and the Organizational Transformation initiative reported by the Government Accounting Office and specifically relating to the implementation of Chief Operating Officer/Chief Management Officer Positions in Federal Agencies.


It was reported in 2007 in the report GAO-08-34, a…. [read more]

Organizational Change Anywhere Essay

… Reasons for the change (internal plus external factors)

The company decided that they must do what it takes to make sure that they remain in the leading independent media company and a key voice in their markets. The benefit The SMH and The Age have is that dissimilar than most of their colleagues they have interpreted a healthy print audience into a much bigger and even better digital audience. Among their mastheads every month they were attracting somewhere around 7 million high-quality unique users. That put them up to 25 per cent in 5 years. Some 65 per cent of all SMH and Age readers now have access to the journalism through things such as the digital means -- online, smartphone or smart TV tablet,.…. [read more]

Change Project Essay

… Members must be talented leaders with realistic sense of own to avoid egos, and avoid those that slither and destroy the union in form of snakes.

The third step is the development of a strategy and visions for the specific change. This implies the creation of a well-defined vision and strategy especially in the buy-in step when the project manager uses the expertise and leadership of other coalition members to create a vision and strategy for the project (Cameron & Green, 2012). Vision and strategic plans can arise from active participation of coalition members as they provide value to the decision-making process and from their sense of ownership. For vision to be created, change managers must lead the coalition team to adopt characteristics like desirability,…. [read more]

Organizational Change Management Plan Essay

… Both Six Sigma and SERVQUAL

are essential for measuring patient outcomes and also defining the overall level of patient satisfaction achieved. The defining of performance benchmarks for these systems must be a shared task or responsibility throughout the company if these two approaches to elevating performance are to succeed (Beaubien, 2013). Finally the integration of Six Sigma and SERVQUAL results to evaluate both the overall performance of the treatment programs and IT systems performance areas must also be included in the change management program to reflect the information needs of the employees and healthcare professionals using them as well (Lam, 1997).


Beaubien, L. (2013). Technology, change, and management control: A temporal perspective. Accounting, Auditing & Accountability Journal, 26(1), 48-74.

Benamati, J., & Lederer, A.L.…. [read more]

Change Management Theory Case Study

… However, the theory and approach of contingency caused me to think otherwise. This approach challenges my personal perspective and view that there is "one best way" of going about organizational change management. The contingency approach indicates that the style of change varies in view of the scale of change and the reception that the organizational members have towards the change. Therefore, in view of this approach, I learnt that there is no particulate way of managing change to the effectiveness of all organizations and companies. The approach specified that the change is only equal to the uniqueness of the situation in question. This is true as the managerial or other change that a company that deals in the manufacturing process is not similar to that…. [read more]

Change Improving Hospice Urinary Infection Essay

… Apart from this, resistance also can be reduced by good, open communication throughout the process of change. These changes that are to be undertaken, example who are to be involved and in what role and how these changes will directly or indirectly affect everybody in the organization which must be ensured by the changer to be shared by all staffs.

To evaluate the change, besides distributing a checklist to nursing staff to assess their performance, verbal feedback will be obtained from all the senior staffs nurses whom have been assigned to keep the new staffs under observation. Besides, outcomes evaluation as according to Urden and Walston (2001) can also be obtained through the satisfaction of the physicians concerning the progress of this staff during this…. [read more]

Organizational Developement Plan to Improve Communications Thesis

… Organizational Developement Plan to Improve Communications Between Senior Navy Leadership and Junior Personnel at Mobile Mine Assembly Group


Mobile Mine Assembly group

A course paper presented to the School for Arts and Sciences and Distance Learning

Anticipating the Need to Change, Problem and Area for Improvement

Impact of Organization's Culture

Client and Practitioner Considerations

Diagnostic Process and Data Collection

Overcoming Resistance to Change

Institutionalization Action Plan and Timeline

Action Plans, Strategies, and Techniques

Specific Intervention Analysis

Today's managers are complex individuals, who must possess vast skills and expertise in order to develop the best courses of action, through which companies respond to the emergent challenges. Examples of challenges to which the modern day leaders must respond to include the intensifying forces of…. [read more]

Organization Behavior "Performance Management Essay

… In order to fill the gap between training and development needs and the organizational requirements, the Management must institute an effective people performance management system for all categories of its workforce (Boselie, Dietz, & Boon 2005).

Goal Setting:

Managers are assigned different short-term and long-term targets which they have to achieve through their subordinates within specified deadlines and allocated resources. In order to accomplish these targets in an effective and efficient fashion, the managers need to get the work done through their subordinates in a well-organized fashion. The Performance Management model by Michael Armstrong gives a special focus on goal setting for the achievement of organizational objectives in a cost-efficient way. Armstrong believes that managers can divide their big targets into small targets and assign…. [read more]

Change Management Fabrication International Case Study

… Such a fixation would prevent capital investment projects that the firm desperately needs to develop its capacity to meet the demands for cost, quality and reliability from its customers. According to Reid & Smith (2008), long-term investors accept a maximum payback period of six years while short-term investors demand a payback period of around one to two and a half years. It is apparent from the board's handling of the CWS project that it failed to deliver on all these counts to its customers, making it even more uncompetitive due to its flawed appraisal process.

Q. 1. (ii) Major Mistakes with the CWS Adoption

The faulty appraisal process and unrealistic assumptions of the board of directors were primarily responsible for the faulty adoption of the…. [read more]

Motivation Employee Motivation Managers Term Paper

… Managers and workers must agree to the terms of the goal-setting contract. Goal-setting is an opportunity for consensus building within the organization (Ray).

Increasing Employee Motivation and Morale

There are more effective methods of doing this than just giving money rewards (Larmore 2013). Monetary rewards are always welcome but money does not always increase motivation or life employee morale. Raising employee morale and increasing motivation lead to a more positive and productive work environment and reduce work errors. Concrete examples can be mentioned. Managers and supervisors should frequently and public acknowledge employee accomplishments. Those who hear and see this will also try hard to receive the same recognition and praise. Managers and supervisors should meet with employees individually about his or her individual goals and…. [read more]

Organizational Behavior and Change the Current State Thesis

… Organizational Behavior and Change

The current state of organizational behavior and change

While many situations have existed in which the practitioners' field and the field of the academicians have failed to agree entirely upon a subject, the gap between the two domains is becoming narrower in terms of organizational behavior issues. The concept of organizational behavior is extremely complex and refers to virtually all aspects of the company's interaction with its stakeholders -- customers, staff members, share owners, the general public, purveyors and so on. The academic field has early on recognized the necessity of creating a favorable working environment and interacting with the stakeholders in a means that created more value to the entity. Theoretical emphasis would be placed on elements such as the…. [read more]

Change Management Essay

… How have past events contributed to the current situation? This was all part of establishing relationships through the presentation of our identities, but Billy was clearly far more successful at performing in front of colleagues than Kim was and Billy was the kiss of death, to put it mildly. And it took far too long for Kim to realize that Billy was "a natural malcontent." And if Billy wasn't called on the carpet -- or stopped some way -- "he could seriously disrupt the working relationships that had been built up over the years," according to Kim. Reading through this case, one wonders why it took Kim so long to see that Billy was poison, that he had his own agenda, that he was just…. [read more]

Organizational Diagnosis Burke and Litwin Model Essay

… Organizational Diagnosis

Burke & Litwin Model

There is a linkage that has been suggested by the Burke & Litwin Model or the Causal Model of Organizational Performance and Change. Hypothesis has been given by this link on how the external and the internal factors can and do effect the performance. A framework has been provided by this model which helps in the assessment of environmental and organizational dimensions which are very important in order to being about a successful change. This framework also helps in understanding how these environmental and organizational dimensions should be linked together in a casual manner that would enable a change in the performance as well.

The things that have been found and understood from research and theory have been linked…. [read more]

Organizational Behavior Organizational Behaviour the Contemporaneous Business Term Paper

… Organizational Behavior

Organizational Behaviour

The contemporaneous business community is being constantly marker by new features which generate change and force companies to develop along and adapt. One such change is the increased focus on the human resource, which is no longer seen as the force operating the machines, but has become the company's most valuable asset on their path to organizational success. Given this understanding of the staff, the company increases its efforts to offering a maximum satisfaction on the job and motivating employees. And to such extent has this motivational strategy been used, that some initial incentives are now a constant in the life of an employee, in the meaning that they are given, not expected and regarded as incentives. Such an example is…. [read more]

Facilitating Organizational Change in Organizations Essay

… People learn from direct experience, through taking action and seeing the consequences of that action. However, the consequences of many of the important decisions made by organizations are not readily apparent. They are either too distant in the future, or in a distant part of the system from which they are generated. In these cases it is impossible to learn from direct experience, the results are beyond the learning horizon. The most critical decisions made in organizations have system wide consequences that stretch over years (Senge 1990, p.23).

Organizations are traditionally broken up into compartments in order to deal with the difficulty of coping with the breath and impact of the consequences of these long-term decisions. They institute functional hierarchies that are easier for people…. [read more]

Business Management Motivation and Communication at Work Term Paper

… Business Management

Motivation and Communication at work; Performance management; Management Change; Influencing Skills; Time Management; Groups and Teams; Leadership styles.

Introduction company should come to realize it is in trouble when, in order to squeeze out a profit, staff turnover has been increased "dramatically" - higher than 40% in some departments - and turnover has been accompanied by a sense of "reduced motivation." That company's management should be acutely aware of its need to immediately address a falling-off in performance by employees, and a "mistrust of senior management" as well.

When employees mistrust their employer's leadership, that mistrust is a certain sign of a cancer within the company; and the problem, in a large number of instances, results from an apparent lack of leadership skills…. [read more]

Job Motivation and Job Satisfaction Term Paper

… Job Motivation and Job Satisfaction

Benefits of Job motivation and job satisfaction

Management Theories that Support Motivation and Job Satisfaction

Classical Management Theory

System Theories

Human Relations and Neo-Human Relations Theories

Job Motivation and Job Satisfaction: The Subjective Nature

Cultural Influences and Job Motivation and Satisfaction

Individual Circumstances, Job Motivation, and Job Satisfaction

Job motivation and job satisfaction

Job satisfaction is a significant phenomenon in all organizations. This is because it represents, among other positive aspects, a practical summary quantifier of efficacy at work (Bockerman & Ilmakunnas, 2012, p. 244). When discussions over this feature crops up, the factor of job motivation, in many instances appears considering the relationship that the two phenomena have and the imperative roles they play in organizational settings. Business entities…. [read more]

Organizational Motivation Leadership Effective Essay

… In such a situation, the organization is not overly dependent on the CEO for the effective performance and can have a sustainable growth and momentum. Therefore the intrinsic rewards are obtained through a creation of environment that is suitable for such and the rewards are sense of Choice, Sense of Competence, sense of meaningfulness and of Progress within the employee (CEO Flow, 2008). A good example here is the manager entrusting the project that is critical into the hands of an employee and not imposing supervision. This theory applies best in our case here is the intrinsic motivation theory since the day acre center may not find enough resources to keep inducing the extrinsic motivation and reward system. The intrinsic motivation will ensure that the…. [read more]

HRM Organizational Behavior, Theories Essay

… " (2007) In the rest of this section, I consider how the various high-performance work practices are logically consistent with the ideas from an organizational behavior perspective."(Pfeffer, 2007) Jangla (nd) states:" An organizational goal is the desired state of affairs." (nd) The framework of organizational behavior forms a construct upon which the entire organizational culture, mind-think, principles, mission, vision, goals and outcomes rests upon and this dictates the behavioral characteristics of the organization in such a manner that is spread throughout the various and diverse layers of the organization. For example, Wal-Mart has become a price leader by concentrating on the bottom line for the customer and the organization which is quite simply getting the most for the money or the biggest bang for the…. [read more]

Dealing Effectively With Organizational Change Research Proposal

… Dealing Effectively With Organizational Change

This study seeks to investigate how effectively individuals deal with organizational change. This literature will show how changes within organizations can be a stressful event that effects the emotions of employees, thus having implications on the degree of support and attitudes towards change when various strategies and tactics are utilized. A sample of 69 respondents; both military and civilian responded to an employee satisfaction / organizational change survey. Participants of this study consisted of 52 active duty military personnel and 17 civilian government employees; all with diverse backgrounds. All 69 personnel are affiliated with two separate Medical Readiness organizations.

Dealing Effectively With Organizational Change


Organizational change is a growing area of importance for modern organizations' strategic development. Effective organizational…. [read more]

Learning Organization Critically Essay

… It is imperative that organizations appreciate the importance of better and quick learning, but technology-driven learning is not always a solution. However, organizations need to understand the subsystems that drive learning in the organization. According to Serrat (2010), these subsystems are organization, people, technology, and knowledge with each supporting others in amplifying learning as it infuses across the system. A learning organization utilizes all these subsystems to enhance learning from internal and external experiences. The procurement can apply these subsystems in supporting each other to enhance learning within and without the organization.

According to Serrat (2010), the management organ of a learning organization is should be committed to the importance of learning and commits their time to communicate to the employees that learning is vital…. [read more]

Organizational Change by Using Tesco Essay

… The control of organizational behavior as well as the adoption of cultural conflict management strategies are the key to the success and survival of organizations (Kirton & Green, 2005).

Conflict is defined by Mullins (2010) as the behavior that is intended to cause an obstruction to the management of people's goals. Mullins went on to indicate that conflict is as a result of the incompatibility of the organizational and individual goals and arises due to the people's opposition of behaviors that are noted to arise at the individual, group as well the organizational level.

Tesco for instance has a diverse range of workplace characteristics that is characterized by people of various ages, races, professions, religions, sexual orientations, lifestyles, positions, geographic origin as well as tenure.…. [read more]

Staff Motivation Model of Organizational Change Understanding Literature Review

… Staff Motivation

Model of Organizational Change

Understanding individual motivation begins the discussion of the relationship between that motivation, performance, and organizational change. From that inception point however, a framework by which to understand how organizational change unfolds and its effects on the individual is necessary for a full understanding of the dynamic. While there are multiple models of organizational change: 7-S, 3-stage Lewin, and Burke- Litwin, the best analysis tool is the Kotter-eight step model comprised of: establish a sense of urgency, form a guiding coalition, create a vision, communicate the vision, empower others to act, plan for and create short-term wins, consolidate improvements and produce more change, and institutionalize new approaches (Gilley, a. Gilley, J. & McMillian, H. 2009. pp 4/78). Using this framework…. [read more]

Organizational Behavior the Group Essay

… Cory understood her objection on this point and accepted Alice's requirement that any proposal should not overburden any one librarian since the point of having the software was to empower the reference librarians to more quickly and efficiently create customized guides for individual courses without production bottlenecks that would slow down customer access to these resources. She, however, did like the other two ideas Cory presented, and she scheduled a meeting of the work group to discuss these proposals in more detail and to assign specific member duties.

Alice and Cory attended the first meeting. Bernie was nowhere to be found. Nonetheless, Chang and Jackson further discussed the ideas they'd talked about a week earlier, decided on the features of the new course guide arrangement…. [read more]

Organizational Motivation and Leadership Term Paper

… They would likewise like, if provided the choice, to leave the companies where they are working. Such mindsets and habits are not unusual. They have a direct link to the problem of motivation at work (Bartol et al., 2001).

Managers should make use of advanced understanding of individual motivations to affect human habits in the right instructions. Managers are constantly anticipated to acquire greater levels of efficiency and performance from the workers. They are anticipated to guarantee that workers are dedicated and devoted to their work. Inspiring staff members is, for that reason, a crucial obligation for managers and their efficiency is carefully related to the concern of motivation (Bartol et al., 2001).

For that reason, comprehending and handling motivation is of interest to managers…. [read more]

Change Management Change Is One Thing Term Paper

… Change Management

Change is one thing, progress is another.

Change' is scientific, 'progress' is ethical; change is indubitable, whereas progress is a matter of controversy."

Bertrand Russell (1872-1970) (Columbia)


While change has always constituted a concern issue in management, it currently constitutes as a vital issue. "Change is a relatively recent management topic everywhere in the world.

The number of books and articles on change management has increased more than 100 times since the 1960s."

As organizations try (and sometimes fail) and/or make costly and repeated mistakes to implement complex and organization-wide initiative, costs related to change failures reportedly rise. Repeated surveys routinely note change management to be at the top of the list of executive concerns. Contemporary changes may include:

reengineering, diversity awareness,…. [read more]

Organizational Behaviour Organizational Behavior Term Paper

… By educating himself about the various backgrounds of the teams, a manager can create a positive impact within the workplace."

2. Organizational impact of diversity

2.1. Diversity, productivity and the bottom line organization

At a general level, workforce diversity -- when adequately implemented -- can create positive impacts on bottom line and productivity. And this is the result of a more skilled and better capable team, which performs at higher standards and as such generates higher productivity and bottom line.

As Major Ben Brooks points out, the bottom line operations and results are strictly linked to the people, who are managed with the aid of diversity policies and decisions. And these strategies ensure that all human resources are adequately utilized to enhance productivity and also…. [read more]

Organizational Culture and Leadership Research Paper

… Org Culture Leadership

Leadership, Learning and the Dimensions of Organizational Culture

Organizational theory and academic business discourse examine, amongst a host of other key organizational principles, the formal idea that leadership is an essential part of effective management, or, for that matter, an essential part of comprising an effective contribution to any working team. However, like many academic concepts which do not easily make the leap into real world applicability, this theoretical conception of leadership is just that, and in practice, this type of educational content and perspective is actually quite a bit less relevant than the curricula of formal education might argue. (Koskella, 2002; 1) While leadership is unquestionably an inborn talent that can be honed and improved, it is nonetheless an individualized talent…. [read more]

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